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Up Against The Wall [a Barry Allen smut]

Request: Could I request an imagine where Barry (e1) is super duper stressed out and one night he just loses it and breaks something and like for some reason you think it’s super hot when he’s mad at then the naughty things happen?? Please and thanks!

a/n: oh boy dom!Barry is…yes


Fuck everything. When Barry enters the apartment, that’s what’s going through his head. With heavy breaths, the speedster paces back and forth in the hallway; hands clasped around his thin neck. His light green button down flows at his slender waist and a low growl escapes his lips, knocking over the vase that’s on the table.

You hear a few crashes come from the living room, startling you. Putting your phone on the nightstand, you creep out of the bedroom, looking at the scene in front of you. Barry huffs, face bright red, standing over a pile of shards. “Barr? Are you okay, sweetheart?” you bite your lip, rubbing your thighs together to create some sort of friction. Honestly, seeing your boyfriend this mad, is really turning you on.

Suddenly, Barry speeds in front of you, gripping your waist; plump pink lips attacking your neck animal like. Your back hits the wall forcefully and you pant, arms wrapping around his head, fingers tangling in his hair. He claws at your purple t-shirt, ripping it off your body, smirking when you gasp. “You.” his voice is muffled by your skin. “Are.” he licks your neck, “Mine.”

His teeth bite down, making you hiss, jumping up and hooking your legs around his tiny torso, grabbing onto his light brown locks harder. Barry flashes off your and his clothes, pinning you to the wall like a work of art, growling. A bold moan drops from your lips and you grind down on him, silently pleading for something.

Smirking, the speedster inserts his dick into your pussy, without warning. You groan, moving your hands down his amazing body, nails leaving scratch marks on his muscled back. “Oh god, Barry!” you breathe when he pounds into you. “W-what got into you?” you mumble, sucking on his impeccable jawline, breasts jiggling from his deep thrusts.

Instead of giving you a real answer, he takes one of your nipples in his mouth, swirling his tongue, causing you to gasp, taking him deeper. Panting, you gulp, rocking your hips with his perfectly. He vibrates his finger on your clit, sucking on your boob, messy hair tickling your collarbone. Shouting his name, you feel your stomach tighten and bite down on your lip.

“Close, babygirl?” Barry asks, detaching his lips from your breast, voice lower than it usually is. Nodding, you watch his eyelashes flutter; hazel eyes now a lovely dark green color. “Cum on then.” he bites, thrusting into you harshly, cutting off your throaty moan with an opened mouth kiss.

Your legs quiver when you cum, nails digging into his back, making him hiss. In a second, Barry cums inside the condom, breathing into your mouth. He pants, pushing your hair out of your face to stare at you. “Sorry, I just… I got mad and I…” he shakes his head.

Pecking his lips, you grin at him. “Seeing you mad is a turn on, honestly.” you shrug.

“I’ll keep that in mind.” he winks. Cheeky bastard.

friendly competition [sam wilson/bucky barnes]

bucky and sam argue over who’s the better kisser. you’ll be the judge of that.

tagging: @redgillan, @mattymattymerduck, @avengerofyourheart, @wakandasoldier, @darlingbuchanan, @bemystucky, @idorkish, @iwillbeinmynest, @aubzylynn, @angryschnauzer, @almondbuttercup

warnings: light suggestive content

additional notes: i’m back! i’ve had this idea in my head for a little over a week, and i hope yall like it :) thanks for sticking around and i hope to post more fics soon.

They were bickering when you entered the kitchen for lunch that afternoon.

“It’s gotta be me. I’ve had the most practice.”

“When’s the last time you even kissed someone?”

“When’s the last time you did, old man? The thirties?”

You rolled your eyes as you made your way to the fridge, hoping to find sufficient ingredients for a bagel sandwich. Listening to Sam and Bucky argue was the last thing you wanted to do after an hour-long workout, but you couldn’t help but be curious. “Should I even ask what you two are arguing about?” you asked, flashing Sam and Bucky a withering look over your shoulder.

Bucky defended himself immediately. “Sam here thinks he’s the better kisser. I’m trying to tell him why he’s wrong.”

Sam shook his head. “Nuh-uh, there is no way Snowflake here is better than me. He can run, he can lift, he can fight, but I draw the line at kissing. Help me out, Y/N.”

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to fall in lust

“Noona, sleep with me.”

You startle at his words, the pen slipping out of your hands as you manage a feeble yelp. You turn to gawk at him. “What?

In which you really need to study for finals, but Jungkook really just wants to get laid and possibly get you as his girlfriend as well.

tags: college!au, oral sex

word count: 2,920

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On Set || Conor Maynard

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Requests are currently [ OPEN ]

Masterlist can be found [ HERE ]

Word Count: 1k+

A/N: this is based on the set of grenade, where the reader is playing the part of the ‘grenade’. enjoy!!xo

“These teeth feel horrible.” You mutter as the makeup artist began to shape the fake teeth in your mouth, and a completely different woman began to pack the brightly coloured blush onto the apples of your cheeks. Unable to speak anymore until they were moulded, you begin to think about how you wouldn’t have even considered doing this if it wasn’t for Conor being one of your long time friends in the industry and having been in every single one of his music video’s, it would’ve been wrong to deny the opportunity to be in this one.

Initially, he’d asked you to be the girl he was going after, but after he explained the concept of the entire video, you could think of nothing better than being the ‘grenade’. And you were right in thinking that it’d be fun, it was just the steps it took to get there that sucked ass. But before you knew it, the entire makeup was done, and you were finally allowed to look in the mirror. You had to admit, you were excited to see what the makeup artists had managed to do in the short space of time that they had.

The mirror was held up in front of your face, and you gasp in shock before bursting out into laughter, caressing all of the added features and the hair on the bottom of your chin with wide eyes. “This is incredible!”

You continue to praise the makeup artists for a little while before you smirked to yourself and decided to go and show Conor the finished product. You walk out of the small room and onto the set, glancing around the room for just a moment before you spotted Conor stood over the other side of the room, talking to a few of the producers with a serious look on his face.

You smirk and re-route so that instead of coming up directly in front of him, instead you approached him from behind. You give yourself a little run-up and jump onto his back, wrapping your legs around his waist and your arms around his neck, keeping yourself up until he reached out instinctively and gripped onto your ass, keeping you up securely as he turned his head around to look at you.

His eyes widen and he stares at you as if you were an alien as you giggle and wiggle your eyebrows at him, licking your newly found teeth. “So, whaddya think?”

“You look- you look- just- wow.” He struggles to find the right words as you jump off of his back and he turns around to look down at you with his eyes still widened. “I think I’ve had this nightmare before.”

You roll your eyes and smirk, resting your hands on your hips and winking at Mikey as he walked right past the two of you, obviously not recognizing you at all. You snort, running a hand through your hair and glancing over your shoulder. “Is everything ready for the shoot?”

“Almost.” He nods, furrowing his eyebrows and playing with the bottoms of your hair. “I thought they said that they were putting your hair up?”

“I said no, they called me a drama queen, I laughed.” You shrug, looking down at your hair and fiddling with it. “They can take away my pride, and my white teeth that I’ve worked hard for since I first brushed my tooth when I was two, but they will not take away my hair.”

“Different face, same attitude,” Conor smirks, and you wink up at him playfully, pushing the thick framed glasses up your nose. He looks down at you and smiles slightly. “You should keep the glasses, they suit you.”

You hold your hand over your heart and gasp in a mocking sense of hurt. “And the teeth don’t?”

“They’re not the greatest, I’ve gotta be honest.”

“That’s sad, I was thinking of keeping 'em.” You reply sarcastically, biting your lip and shoving your hands into your back pockets of your skinny jeans with a small chuckle as you look over your shoulder at the camera crew with a breathy laugh. “Con, I hope you understand how incredible this is.”

When you look back, he furrows his brows in confusion. “What do you mean?”

You roll your eyes with a fond smile, gesturing around the room. “Con, this is all for you, granted Jack played a part too, but you know what I mean.” She grins, and Conor can’t help the smile that grows on his lips. “Babe, look around, and think about how much of a small budget you had back when we were brainstorming your first ever music video. You’ve created a world, and I’m so proud of you.”

He smiles softly, reaching out and twiddling with your hair, something he did often when the two of you found yourselves in a situation where you were just stood, talking. “I couldn’t have done any of it without you.”

You snort. “That’s a lie and you know it.”

“No, no it’s not.” He shakes his head, a small frown on his face. “(Y/N), my first music video was a hot mess, but it wouldn’t have even been that if it wasn’t for you, being there reassuring me every step of the way that everything was gonna be okay. I remember that one day you couldn’t come to set because you had a dentist appointment, and honestly, I didn’t do anything but say maybe that day, because I felt like I couldn’t make a decision without you.”

You smile slightly, “Con-”

“No, let me finish.” He interrupts, and you nod slowly, looking up at him through your purposefully clumped eyelashes. “I wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for you. I would’ve backed out of this life the moment I stepped into it, and there’s definitely no way I’d be as happy as I am today, without your goodmorning text with those three hearts that give me the inspiration to get out of bed.”

He exhales softly when he finishes, and you simply stare up at him, chuckling slightly as you began to speak. “If I didn’t look like this right now, I’d kiss you.”

“I get that.” He nods, a mocking serious look on his face before he cracked a smile.

The kiss could wait until you didn’t have miccilanious pieces of false food in-between your false teeth.

Stressed: Hoseok (Tongues Series 1 of 7) [M]

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this is here for when i go back and add the links to other parts… it’ll just make it easier for me…


Warning: Pure filth from start to finish… Like there’s not much of a story line here at all. Cunnilingus. Handcuffs. Multiple orgasms / slight over stimulation. Don’t go any further if you aren’t comfortable reading smut.


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Vernon the Idol

-Vernon Slight Smut-

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He usually took you to the mall. Not particularly because you wanted to go, but because that was all he could do in the time he had squeezed into his busy schedule for you. After their debut the company had started working Vernon and his group more than ever, especially recently, and now your time with him had been cut down to an hour or so a week, but it was worth it, every hour you spent with him was amazing. You understood that being an Idol meant a lot of work, a lot of practice and promotion and planning and creation, but he was tired, you could see it whenever you saw him and in his texts as they came to you at 5 in the morning while he was up working in the studio. He didn’t complain though, so you didn’t say anything even though it hurt you to see his exhaustion and stress. You had met him in his trainee days, when there was still work, but he seemed more relaxed about it. He seemed tenser now, although that might also have to do with the fact that you two hadn’t had sex in a while, because of his schedule and you having to meet him at his studio, and the two of you never found yourself with any alone time, he was either working or surrounded by his group members, there had been no getting him alone for weeks. 

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First Time Watching the Gay Pilot

So I finally got around to watching the Sherlock Pilot for the first time last night (on the eve of their anniversary, hngg)! 

It fucked with me so bad that I had to make a list of the actual irl commentary I made:

-Wow this is probably the greatest title sequence ive ever seen

-Bby lestrade my boy

-Mike Stamford the real mvp

-Why the fuck are they at a fancy restaurant

-This music tho

-Damn he’s young

-This is so gay


-Mrs Hudson owns a fuckin bakery?

-Wow what a gay flat

-Hudders ships it in every universe

-Such gay ambiance

-There’s 5 suicides now?

-Could they have made this more gay

-“oh god yes” sounds gayer every time I hear it

-cab rides are a blessing

-who is this Donovan

-why is Sherlock wearing the biohazard suit thing

-such a young, smol, softe bean

-john Watson please stop looking at sherl like that in public

-wow that’s the gayest thing ive ever seen


-You bet your ass john Watson is wired

-He’s wearing jeans?!!?!

-No John I promise Sherlock isn’t the killer




-You bet your ass there’s a fire in the fireplace

-Straight men who just met don’t walk within 3 centimeters of each other dear god

-Haha gay

-Angelo the real mvp


-You know I really never thought things could be any gayer but here we are

-“I wasn’t asking you out” my ass

-John Watson stop sounding so dejected, Sherlock holmes fucking loves you


-Oh this shit is good


-How the fuck did jeff hope haul sherl’s ass up 2 flights of stairs

-O no is this gonna be sexual again like with magnussen

-O shit please don’t rape him


-His gay eyes

-His gay hair

-Wow I love the princess bride

-Please stop licking your teeth


-“good ole doctor Watson” In fucking deed

-do not dry swallow that shit

-john fucking Watson to the rescue

-oh dear god he has his blood on him

-“dreadful business. Dreadful.” I’LL TELL YOU WHATS FUCKING DREADFUL. TFP. THAT’S WHAT.

-John watson’s gay eyes

-“I’ll sleep fine tonight” hmm what’s this weird lump doing in my throat

-“and only a fool argues with his doctor” im sorry, is this gay or is this gay?

-john Hamish Watson did you just purse your lips

-martin freeman and benedict cumberbatch shouldn’t be allowed to smile at the same time while standing so close to each other


Little Devil

Pairing: Elijah x demon!reader

Warnings: Stripping and Elijah being a tease

Word count: 2,090

Summary: After being without your lover, Elijah, for so long, he comes back into your life by visiting you at your place of work, the strip club.

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The music pounds through the club and the bass can be felt in the sole of the sneakers of those who were still lingering around. But those who will stay here, they would be getting a show, a killer show.

You were the Little Devil but not appropriately dressed as one. You were above their preferences of what they confirmed to be a demon. You were a real flesh one and almost nothing like the pictures and art.

They send me away to find them a fortune
A chest filled with diamonds and gold

You peppered your face with the black eyeliner and the eye shadow that would make you appear more cunning and devious. You were more than that. You hoped that you were above that.

The house was awake, the shadows and monsters
The hallways, they echoed and groaned

You stood up and exited your dressing room. You didn’t want to upset the manager, which would only piss you off. You didn’t want a repeat of what happened in France.

Many people didn’t know what had caused the destruction but you had quickly scurried from the scene to avoid suspicion. The investigation came up with a pipe burst and the resulting explosion destroyed the apartment, killing many.

I sat alone, in bed till the morning
I’m crying, “They’re coming for me”
And I tried to hold these secrets inside me
My mind’s like a deadly disease

You rolled your neck in a sensual manner and gently rubbed the back of your neck with the palms of your hands. You exhaled and opened your eyes.

You were ushered out on stage and you just yourself in the tempo of the music. Your body worked on its own accord and moved with what the music demanded of you.

I’m bigger than my body
I’m colder than this home
I’m meaner than my demons
I’m bigger than these bones

You were sweeping the crowd of males who were watching you and none of them interested you, despite their status. Status was something that you didn’t care for. All you wanted was a nice man who wouldn’t be freaked out by you being a demon.

You had one lover many years ago that made you feel alive in ways that made you forget the pains of hell, even for a moment. He had his own demons that were chasing him and that was when France happened.

You refused to let him go and that was when your anger got the better of you. That was when you revealed your true self, the wickedness and the danger that lurked beneath a sensual surface.

And all the kids cried out, “Please stop, you’re scaring me”
I can’t help this awful energy
God damn right, you should be scared of me
Who is in control?

You smelled the spicy smell of cologne and you almost hesitated in your steps around the pole. He was here and no matter what your heart said to do, your head had to be the one in control. After all, your heart was what caused France.

You moved your eyes quickly over the crowd, needing to see him, if it was only for a moment. He had been everything to you, despite what you were and what he was. Demons were rather frowned upon in the supernatural world when they came up from hell and came to the surface. All you wanted was to live a somewhat normal life.

I paced around for hours on empty

I jumped at the slightest of sounds

And I couldn’t stand the person inside me
I turned all the mirrors around

After he had left, you didn’t like what you had become. You were a monster, a freak. You almost returned to hell to escape the guilt in exchange for a different kind of pain that would only come out of torture. But you had been too bad, too naughty for hell. You enjoyed causing trouble but didn’t really notice that you only did it to escape the pain you felt inside.

Now, it was back again. Smelling his delicious scent was almost enough to forget everything that had happened between you. You dared to dream about what could happen if you let him back in. Half of your heart wanted him back so that you could feel love and feel alive. The other warned you that he would only cause you pain again because he told you himself that all he did was cause pain, cause chaos.

I’m bigger than my body
I’m colder than this home
I’m meaner than my demons
I’m bigger than these bones

You were better than those thoughts. You needed to think about your movements and not on old heartbreak, old pain. All you had known was this and this was your life, whether you liked it or not. This was everything and no matter what you did, you were trapped. How else were you supposed to attempt to be human?

Being normal is boring, being human is boring. Let’s cause some trouble. You knew what would happen by the voices in your head was far too loud to block out. Right now, you wanted to stir up some trouble. You were going to cause him some trouble.

And all the kids cried out, “Please stop, you’re scaring me”                                 I can’t help this awful energy                                                                          God damn right, you should be scared of me                                                      Who is in control?

With a graceful swagger that was borderline predatory, you sauntered yourself in his direction. You decided to tease him first, let him know what he had been missing out on all these years of leaving you alone. He had been missing out on a killer show.

You draped yourself over some humans first, swaying yourself for a few moments longer than was necessary. He did deserve it and you wanted to make him pay, make him suffer just for a moment. Lucky for you, he was watching you closely, making sure that you were going to come over and grace him with your presence.

You slightly smirked at him, almost unseen in the dim lighting. But you knew he could see and when he let loose a quiet growl, you had him hooked. He’s mine now. Kaylee won’t mind if I skip out for a little rendezvous with an old lover.

I’m well acquainted with villains that live in my head                                             They beg me to write them so they’ll never die when I’m dead                           And I’ve grown familiar with villains that live in my head                                   They beg me to write them so I’ll never die when I’m dead

You licked your teeth at him, slightly mocking him by hissing. You weren’t a vampire and nowhere close to it. But it was fun to imitate him, make him frown. But his face was not meant for frowning. It’s meant for more…sensual things.

After what seemed like an eternity, you glided yourself over to him. He reached out for you but you just glided past him, happy with yourself to make him feel a little frustrated. You did return a few moments later and plopped yourself down on his lap. You gently traced his jawline with your fingers, almost convinced that you could cut yourself on it if you weren’t careful.

“Miss me?” You murmured.

“God, yes.” He growled against the skin of your neck.


The night had faded into the morning and despite the sun rising, you kept yourselves busy in each other. You had missed him so much and how he had made you feel. Nothing else mattered now because he was here, back in your arms and you let yourself dream that he would stay forever.

In the early signs of the morning, you found yourself alone again, fighting the coldness of the bed that surrounded you. It made you wonder if he had ever been there at all.

“God, I could hear you two from down the street.”

You smiled a bit, despite the feeling of loneliness. Kaylee, a fellow demon, and your roommate, had perched herself at the edge of your bed with a mug of coffee. Your nose wrinkled at the smell of it and dug yourself deeper into the covers.

“At least it wasn’t a dream.” You muttered.

“A man that sexy couldn’t have been a dream. Besides, the noises you made couldn’t have been-”

You tossed a pillow, hoping that the train of thought would stop right there. She laughed a bit and you shifted to lie down on your back. You then sighed.

“I didn’t want him to leave.”

“What makes you think he did?”

You sniffed the air. His scent still lingered in the air in your bedroom and you closed your eyes, envisioning that he was still here.

“Because my bed is cold.”

“Doesn’t mean he’s gone.”

A sudden rattling from the kitchen made you jolt and your muscles tightened. Kaylee didn’t seem fazed at all but had a knowing smirk on from the rim of her mug.

“Go on, Little Devil.” She urged.

You instantly shot up out of your bed and it took you a moment to realize that you were naked. It was nothing that Elijah hadn’t seen before but you knew that you had to make yourself somewhat modest. You were still in Kaylee’s presence and you figured that she did not want to see you naked in any form.

You threw on a discarded dress shirt that Elijah’s scent was caked in. He hadn’t left. You put it on and instantly felt more comfortable with his scent hugging you on your torso. You put on a random pair of panties and went downstairs, following Elijah’s scent.

You found him in your shared kitchen with his bare back facing you. You leaned against the wall that led into the living room. You knew that he had sensed your presence but he made no move to make that fact known to you. You preferred to watch him for a few moments before approaching him.

“I forgot about your allergy half way through making breakfast. I left to go get a different mix.”

You smiled and you felt moved. A warmth streamed through your blood and warmed itself into your bones. It was just like how things used to be between you before he left. You were afraid that he was just reliving old memories between you two before he left again.

“Are you going to leave again?” You asked, feeling quite vulnerable.

“No, never again. Klaus had me daggered for some time. It was difficult to find you again.”

You suddenly found the floor rather interesting.

“That was the point. But, then again, you’re you. I left clues for you.”

“I noticed.”

In an instant he was in front of you and your gaze still lingered on the floor beneath you.

“Will you not look at me?” He asked softly.

You did look back up at him and he gently wove his fingers through your hair. Very slowly, he made your back flush with the wall while he lowered his lips to your neck. He would never drink from you, unless you gave permission.


He pressed a few soft kisses to your pulse beating underneath your skin. You unconsciously swiped your bottom lip with your tongue and leaned your head back slightly. His hand landed on your hip, keeping you against the wall and under his control.

“I suppose that I should turn off the stove before I burn the pancakes.”

He parted himself off of your skin and returned himself to the stove. You sighed, annoyed, and you knew what he was doing. He was teasing you, just as you had at the strip club. You would chastise him later for being in there but you knew that he only had eyes for you.

“That wasn’t fair.” You pouted.

“Its payback for what you did.”

“True. But I was the Little Devil then. Now, I’m just (Y/N).”

You went over to the counter and sat yourself on top of it. He plated the food and turned off the stove. He turned his attention to you and kissed you, ever so softly while positioning himself in between your thighs, trapping you on the counter.

“You two better not be having sex on the counter! I just cleaned.” Kaylee yelled from upstairs.

You parted from each other and you gave him a cheeky smile.

“So, Little Devil, give me your worst.” He challenged and you gladly accepted.

whore-o-ween  asked:

Do you know how much human saliva it would take to kill a bird? I'm pretty good about keeping my bird out of my mouth but every once in a while he'll shove his head in when I'm talking or something.

I hope it’s okay that I post this! Not all of this is directed at you, but is meant to inform bird keepers in general. :) I think it’s super admirable of you to be dedicated to learning more for your bird’s sake! :D

: I don’t know if human saliva has been known to kill pet birds the rapid way cat saliva (or dog, to a somewhat lesser extent) can. The risk from human saliva is from possibly giving them a yeast or bacterial infection if they ingest it, since we have a ton of critters living in our mouths (a bit gross perhaps, but true). Now of course, many birds have had either accidental or intentional exposure to ingesting human saliva over the hundreds of years of keeping pet birds and have lived, but sometimes the bacteria/yeast will take hold due to any number of factors. The bacterial or yeast infections, if left unchecked, can make them very ill and susceptible to other infections, or just outright kill them. Birds with weakened immune systems are most susceptible… but unfortunately birds hide illness so well that we often don’t know anything is going on until they are quite ill and start to show visible signs.

TINY SYMPTOMS ARE A BIG DEAL: As an aside, this is why if you suspect illness in a pet bird, it often means that it’s to the point that it’s serious, and a vet visit is in order. A short story: I have a parrot that I love with every atom in my heart, and this past spring she developed a raging infection (later determined to originate in her esophagus; the likely ate something that scratched it a bit and infection set in opportunistically). She didn’t show a single symptom, and in fact had been in for a complete wellness vet visit only about three months prior… until one evening she started passing blood from her vent. If we didn’t rush her to the emergency vet she surely would have died. It was a near thing, and seemed to have no warning because she hid it so well. She was in a bird ICU (really) for 4 days, followed by two months of medication and follow up tests, and is doing well now. Most birds don’t give an obvious sign such as passing blood; most just start to act a little “off”, sleepy, lethargic, etc. If she had shown any of these other symptoms instead, and I had opted to wait and see how she was doing, she probably would have died. By the way, this was intensely expensive, and why I keep a portion of my savings account dedicated just to vet bills. If you’d told me a week earlier than the Event that I’d be spending outrageous amounts to save my bird’s life the next week I’d have been shocked. This stuff always seems to happen at the least convenient times too!

In closing: Just use care and try to prevent him from like, licking your lips or teeth or something, or sharing food with him that you just bit off of, etc. I used to have a male cockatiel that would immediately and without warning shove his whole gosh dang head in my mouth if I yawned, but fortunately he just wanted the echo chamber to sing into and didn’t go in for a taste and didn’t brush his feathers against my mouth. Boy cockatiels often have a thing for singing into objects!
I won’t even mention the nutty things the caiques I’ve taken care of have done. Caiques are from outer space.

Carl Grimes || My Dad

Originally posted by officialzackcloudhall

You smiled at Carl who was playing with Judith on the porch. “What was it like?” One of the other kids asked standing on the porch and looking at Carl. They were talking about Negan. You hadn’t been there that night but you knew what happened. “It was awful,” Carl said stopping and looking at you. “We lost people we love.” You looked at him and then to the kids. “What was he like?” You looked back to Carl this time. “Awful, he was..he was awful.” You rubbed his hand and he softly smiled at you. “We should get things ready.” Carl said looking over at his dad who was running around. “For Negan?” You asked picking up Judith. “Yeah.” You nodded and took her upstairs to put her down for a nap.

“He’s here,” Rick said looking at you and Carl. “Y/N stay in the house,” Carl said kissing you softly and running out shutting the door behind him. You stood against the wall looking out of the window at the man at the top gate. There he stood tall and proud of what he had done. He was wearing a leather jacket with a red scarf and you watched his movement. He looked familiar but you couldn’t place where you had seen his face before. Negan and a bunch of other men began walking down the hill and going into different houses. “Oh no.” You said noticing them coming to this house. You grabbed the gun and aimed it at them as they walked in the door. “Negan!” They yelled. You kept your gun pointed at them. “You said half of the stuff, half is all out there.” You said looking at Negan who was now in the room. “We take the half we want.” You lowered the gun and the men took it.

Negan was watching you the whole time, you grabbed Judith from the nursery and held her while Men ran through her room grabbing whatever they felt they needed. “Please…Please don’t take that.” You said as they grabbed her cot. “She needs it.” You said looking from the men to Negan. “She needs a cot.” You said not even scared of him. “Put it down.” They nodded and left again. You put Judith back down and went to find Carl who was in the house. “Hey, I’m gonna go check on…Olivia.” You said running out of the door and away from Negan’s men. “Olivia?!” You called out walking into the food room. “Lock the guns away.” You whispered grabbing the keys and going to lock everything. You slipped a small gun into the back of your pants before locking it all.

“Well looks like you’ve been holding out on us.” Negan said grabbing your arm and taking the keys. “Take all the guns.” You looked up at him and struggled in his grip. “Let me go you creep!” You yelled snatching back your arm. You studided his face again. You could have sworn you knew him from somewhere. “D-dad?” You whispered grabbing the photo from your back pocket and walking to Olivia. “You okay?” You shook your head, you had gone a white shade and you felt light headed. “I-I think I need to lay down.” You said trying not to throw up anywhere. You handed her the photo of your dad and then she looked at Negan. “No.” She said looking from the photo to him. “What are you girls staring at?” You ran away going to throw up.

“So you’re my kid huh?” You threw up in the flower bed again while he rubbed your back, you didn’t bother to move away from him. “You grew up.” You wiped your mouth. “Yeah well no thanks to you walking out on us.” You said standing up and looking at him. “Whoa! Your mother kicked me out.” You rolled your eyes and looked over at Carl. “He’s your dad?!” You went to say something but he ran off before you could even get a word out. “Whoops trouble in paradise.” You shook your head. “What do you see in that boy? Ha get it? See?” You shook your head pushing past him but he grabbed you. “Nope, you’re coming with me.” He whistled and two men were by your side. “Take her to the van.” You struggled in their arms. “What?! No! Neagn No!” You yelled kicking at the two men. “Negan?” Rick asked watching you being pulled away. “She’s my daughter Rick.” You were thrown into the back of the van with a guy with a mustashe who was sat next to Daryl. “Daryl?!” You asked crawling to him. “He’s not supposed to talk.” The man said looking at you. “Now, now Simon be nice, it’s Negans daughter.” The man who threw you in said before slamming the doors.

“You’re nothing but a useless sack of Meat.” Sherry said looking at you. “Yeah well at least I’m not married to a serial killer.” You said sitting on the sofa and looking at her. She looked at Negan who was sat next to you. “She has a point.” He said laugh a little. “But sweet heart, your boyfriend is a serial killer and so is your daddy.” You gipped at the sound of him calling himself that. “Can you just either kill me or send me back?” You asked standing up and looking at him. “Sherry go make me a drink.” He said looking at one of his many wives. “You’re to stay here with me.” You shook your head. “No way, I have family back there and a boyfriend.” He chuckled and took his drink from Sherry. “Your family is here now.” You licked your teeth. “Oh you get that from me!” He said with a laugh and you just crossed your arms. “Now I have a little business to attend to. Sherry play nice while I’m out.” He said winking at his wife before leaving the room. “You’re nothing but a bratty child.” You rolled your eyes. “Whatever.” You said sitting down again and looking at him. “What?!” You yelled looking at her. She smashed a bottle on the counter and came towards you with the broken glass. “You’re fucking nuts!” You yelled jumping behind the sofa and looking at her. “Fuck you!” She yelled running towards you, you didn’t even think you just grabbed the closest thing and hit her with it. She fell to the floor and you hit her again in the head.

You stared at her body on the floor, her head smashed into the floor. You looked at your arm before dropping Lucille and going over to the mirror. You were covered in blood. “Oh wow.” You looked at Negan who was now stood in the doorway looking at his dead wife. “You did a banging job on her.” You looked at her and then to him. “You don’t even care do you?” You didn’t know what to do. “I want to go home.” Was all you said. “You are home sweet cheeks and with a fight like that inside you, you’re where you belong.” You looked at him before out of the window. “I need to go back. I’m not leaving Carl.” He sighed. “Young love, so gross.” You rolled your eyes. “Do I get to go back or what?” You said looking at him. “You love this boy?” You nodded. “He loves you?” You continued nodding. “Fine.” You smirked at looked at Negan. “But I don’t want any funny business and I want to come for a family meal every Friday no arguments.” You nodded and he walked you to a bathroom. “Get cleaned up.”

Part Four: Hollow Fate. (Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid S05E15)

Episode Summary:  Sam, Dean and the reader investigate Bobby’s home town where the dead are rising from the grave but instead of attacking humans, they are happily reuniting with their families.
Gif Credit: frozen-delight.
Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader
Word Count: 2,968.

Previous Part | Supernatural Rewrite Masterlist

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anonymous asked:

L X criminal reader? I can't remember where I saw this but it was a kinda prompt thing. So like L is working on the Kira case and gets this girl who was in prison for hacking this government thing and he gets her hacking lights phone or whatever and in return lessens her sentence. At first he like resents her bc she's a criminal but then falls for her?

(this turned out…quite long. I kinda also did my own thing with it…they’re not really in love at the end but it’s implied that they start a relationship. so..hope that’s not a problem)

Good news. 

That’s how Watari had put it. He had always been far more forgiving in nature towards you than L, but you did not appreciate lies from anyone. 

“What do you mean ‘good news’?” had been your clipped response from behind the icy steel bars, your eyes holding a similar coldness, a similar closed off-ness. Like a messenger he repeated L’s request as if reading off his shopping list. You knew to L you were little more than a tool he could use at his whim, whenever he saw fit to pick from the collection of criminals that he had acquired over a long career. Though the very fact that he needed you was enough to make you feel even just a little smug. It made your skin crawl, as though the detective were now grovelling pitifully at your feet. You knew he would never ever give you the satisfaction of seeing him beg but it almost made you laugh in Watari’s face.

“So. He suddenly wants my help?”


You allowed yourself to slump back against the wall, the bitter concrete biting at the exposed skin of your lower back.

“And he can’t even come to me in person? Shame.”

Watari didn’t respond, instead opting to tighten his lips into a forced half smile rather than roll his eyes.

“What makes him think I’ll comply?” you added, cocking an eyebrow.

“Well. L does not offer work without reward. If you help tap into Yagami’s personal messages, you will receive a reduced sentence. The quality of work will determine the reduction, but I have no doubt you will carry out the job sufficiently. It is definitely within your best interest to comply. You have L’s word on that.”

You chuckled, rubbing your nose bridge in exhaustion. You hadn’t gotten much sleep over the past few months and it was starting to take it’s toll on you. This certainly couldn’t have happened at a better time. All you wanted to do was lie on the stone ground and stare up at the ceiling allowing the regret of letting yourself slip up and fall right into L’s lap consume you. You know. The usual.

“I feel like a misbehaving child being compromised with.”

“That’s a fair comparison.”

You sat up properly, allowing your skeptical smile to fade to a frown.

“If he hates what I did so much, why would he stoop so far down as to hone my skills and use them for benefit?”

“You would be using said skills for good, miss y/n.”

“So L suddenly cares about doing good?”

“Is it a yes or a no?”

A sigh escaped your lips, shaking as it morphed into a bitter laugh. 

“Do I really have much of a choice?”

“Once I open this door, you are under L’s full control. Remember that.”

“I figured that was the case ever since I got caught.”

“Don’t let personal grudges and feelings get in the way of this, miss y/n. I’m sure you are aware of how dangerous Kira is and how serious this investigation is. If you hadn’t been caught by L, Kira would surely have taken care of you by now.”

You licked your teeth, smiling grimly as Watari swung the exit open, the hinges screeching out in agony as the rust crumbled and flaked around his feet. 

“Oh I wouldn’t have let anyone else catch me. That’s a right reserved for him alone. Perhaps this is destiny, hm?”

Watari glared at you in exasperation which you simply returned with a sweet smile.

“Call it what you wish. L is waiting.”

You didn’t really know what you had expected of L’s room, how he would greet you or really how things would transpire from there aside from you working like a slave and him getting off on his little power trip, but it certainly wasn’t what you got.

You were instructed to just walk in once reaching room 303, an odd request given that he supposedly mistrusted you so much. You had figured you would at least need a secret knock or something. Apparently that wasn’t the way L operated. You figured he was just dumber than he’d care to admit.

You were not unfamiliar with L, but the way in which you knew him was not favourable. He visited you several times in your cell, mostly for questioning, sometimes to subtly gloat. Almost every time you wished he would just go and leave you to your destructive thoughts, but sometimes the company didn’t hurt. Even if he did resent you.

You stared around at the cluttered room, empty bowls and sweet wrappers lying on every surface but the ground. You instinctively wanted to turn on your heel and leave but that would certainly not end well for you. Casting your eyes upwards, you recalled the last step was to do as L instructed. That was proving difficult as not only did you not respond very well to orders, but the person who would be giving said orders was nowhere to be seen.

“Uh…hello? Ryuzaki?” a dumb alias. Watari had informed that he would prefer if he were referred to as such and you figured you would be nice for now and do as L wanted.

“Are you even here?” you asked, your voice a little quieter now. You would have felt a bit weird talking to yourself in a strange hotel room but you had gotten plenty of practice doing that to pass the time for the past few months. As you neared the bathroom, you noticed the sound of the water running along with some vague splashing. Was he really showering when he knew you were going to be coming to help him with his investigation? You raised your eyebrows at the door and decided to take advantage of his very comfortable looking sofa. Maybe the sound of his television turning on would motivate him to move a little faster. 

Or maybe not. 

Twenty minutes later, the sound of soft footsteps padding out onto the cream carpet following the click of the bathroom door opening alerted you to sit up a little bit straighter. You kept your back to him, feigning immense interest in your t.v. show.

“Ah. You’re here.” his low voice spoke, replacing the buzz from the t.v. for a moment. You extended your arm with the remote in hand, quickly muting it and stood to face him with a painfully forced smile plastered on your face.                   Said smile faltered slightly when you noticed he was in nothing but a towel. 


He didn’t seem particularly bothered that he was nearly naked in front of you. Perhaps he didn’t have so much shame around low life criminals such as yourself. The arrogance of it all.

“I presume Watari already gave you the basic rundown of what you will be doing.”

“He did, yes…are you…do you need to get dressed?”

L looked down as if he had just realised that no, he wasn’t wearing pants but rather a flimsy looking towel whilst standing in the presence of a woman he had recently arrested. He still didn’t seem too bothered by this though. 

“Hm, I suppose I do. I guess I don’t need to tell you to make yourself comfortable.” he retorted, glancing towards the armchair as if he could still see you slouched over in it.

You glared at the back of his head as it disappeared into the bedroom, folding your arms across your chest. This was not going to be fun.

“So…what you’re telling me is, you have nothing more to go on then a hunch, but you are pretty much convinced that there is no way Light Yagami isn’t Kira?”

“Essentially, yes.”


You stared at the detective in bemused disbelief but he did little to return your gaze. In fact he flat out ignored it. 

“Are you really sure your morals are in check to be hacking into this kid’s personal property based on a hunch?”

“Are you really in any position to lecture me about morals?”

“Well, whatever about that, you’re L! Aren’t you supposed to be the example we should all follow when it comes to justice and what is right?”

He continued staring at your laptop screen as though you were typing, but you had long since stopped.

“I am never wrong about these things.”


You resumed your tapping, your fingers banging the keyboard a little louder than before. 

“You certainly are arrogant.”

“Whatever I am, it is also the truth. I have never been wrong.”

“You often come to visit me to do little more than gloat about beating me. Like a petulant child.”

“I do not gloat.”

“You do. It makes me want to tear my hair out.”

You felt his eyes on you for a brief moment but you didn’t dare to look up from your screen.

“I did beat you anyways. I was right about you too. Many people told me it was a lost cause, that it couldn’t be you but once again, I was right.”

“Fine.” you lifted your hands from your keyboard and turned to look at him properly.

“You got me. You won. Trust me, I know. Can we get on with this now?”

“I never asked you to stop.”

A heavy sigh escaped your lips as you turned back to working, trying to ignore how close he was sitting to you.

“Must you watch me so closely?”

“Unfortunately, yes.”

“Is it your job to annoy me?”

“Depends on how you look at it.”

You couldn’t stand him. You couldn’t stand his apathetic gaze, his rounded shoulders, his indifferent tone. You couldn’t stand that he’d beaten you. That you had lost. That you were in his control. 

“Then I suppose it is.” you snapped.

“I don’t really like how you view things.”


“Is it?”

That’s when you pushed him back by his shoulders, your body itching with frustration. You thought you would feel better after that, but you just felt even more frustrated. You saw a glint in his eyes that faded quickly as he looked down at your hands now typing faster than ever.

“In your view, did you still lose?”

“Shut up.”

“Or is that a truth too difficult to escape?”

“You know, it’s funny how you still needed a loser to help you catch a kid.”

“Hm. I suppose it is.”

“I wonder what that makes you?”

That’s the last thing you remember before his hands were in your hair, your fingers gripping the back of his shirt as your lips were smashed together. It felt both like you were trying to shut each other up and doing something you had desperately wanted to do for a while, you just hadn’t realised it. You both groaned against each others lips, possibly with desire, possibly in disappointment at actually being attracted to each other and yet neither of you felt like you could stop. This was highly unprofessional.

“You know,” L purred between kisses, his hands now holding the back of your neck “I was going to offer that instead of a reduced sentence…you work for me.”

You pulled back slowly, your faces hovering mere centimeters apart.


“Yes, your skills would certainly be useful and, I must admit” he smirked subtly, brushing your lips with his “Over the past few months, I’ve grown to rather enjoy your company.”

You grinned, rolling your eyes.

“Is that you always remind me of who won and gloat about your successes?”

“So is that a yes?”

You stared back at him, your grin widening ever so slightly as you brushed your thumb against his chin.

“Do I really have much of a choice?”

Make You Mine (Part 1) - Taehyung x Jungkook x Reader (smut)

requested by @shudderme - hope you like it :) 

Group : BTS

Member : Kim Taehyung

Genre : FWB!AU, Rough Drunk Sex, NYE Party

Word Count : 1524

Description : You are celebrating NYE together with BTS. After a while, you guys were pretty drunk and the alcohol made you especially needy - it made you kidnapping your best friend Taehyung into an empty, desert room…

nextpart II



Originally posted by jung-koook

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anonymous asked:

Can you do a fanfic/imagine of Dylann roof kidnapping/raping you and being really aggressive, but then realizing what he did and being super sweet and caring. He would tell you everything he loved about you, even though you haven't even met. You'd fall in love and omg😭 (I'm a sinner but oh well)

Honey were all sinners here😇 I hope you like it

Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5

It was a normal day at the gas station trying get to some extra money so you offered to take the night shift. There weren’t any customers so you sat behind the counter watching the news on the small TV above, there had been another shooting this one happening only a couple miles away from you at the Emanuel Church. They showed videos of people crying outside, and the picture of a man popped onto the screen with blue eyes that stared straight through the TV into you, at the bottom of the screen in big letters read “SHOOTER SUSPECT ‘DYLANN ROOF’ WANTED CONTACT IF YOU HAVE ANY TIPS” then it cut to commercial. Jumping when you heard the small ding of the door opening signaling there was a customer, turning around you froze, it looked just like him, Dylann Roof the guy wanted for shooting up that church, but it couldn’t be, could it? You tried not to stare, it was rude, but you were positive it was him, blonde hair peeking over the aisle as he looked at the chip selection. Standing on your tippy toes you tried to get a better look, its as if he knew and looked up his eyes staring into yours. Heart beating fast ready to pound out of your chest, his eyes were the only thing you needed to see to know it was him, but you let out a small smile trying to act normal. The second he looked down you grabbed the phone dialing 911 but before you could press the call button he was already at the counter sitting down his items. He stood there staring, scanning his items your hands visibly shaking “How’s your day been”, you asked as if it was any other customer.

“Good’ his eyes cold watching her like she had him since he walked in. He could tell by the look on her face, the shaking of her hands, and the phone with 911 still dialed into it that she knew who he was, and what he had done. She was cute he had to admit but stupid for making it so fucking obvious and he couldn’t risk it. So when she looked down trembling hand getting his change, he pulled it out his .45 caliber and pointed directly at her face.

Grabbing for his change “Is that a-” looking up you were greeted by the barrel of a gun between your eyes. Dropping the money you lifted your shaking hands up, “smart girl” he said. “You can have the money if that’s what you want I don’t care”, “I don’t want your money, but I do want you to come with me”, he started walking around the counter stalking towards you. “Please I wont tell, I wont tell”, the tears in your eyes made your site blurry but you could tell he was standing in front of you. “Of course you will I can tell just by looking at you, you’re a fucking goody two shoes, there’s no way you wouldn’t” you could feel the metal pressed against your head, “Now your coming with me”, scared you dropped to the floor pulling your knees against your chest and hands covering your head. Sitting like that till you felt yourself being pulled up by your hair “Fucking bitch” and he dragged you around the counter while you were kicking and screaming at the top of your lungs for help. Pulling you up so his eyes could meet yours he yelled in your face, “Shut up, shut the fuck up”, you gathered all the saliva in your mouth and spit on his face hitting him in the eye and slowly dripping down his cheek. “You asked for it” you regreted it the second you saw him pull his gun back connecting the end of it to the side of your head, pistol whipping you into unconsciousness.

Waking up your head throbbed and you felt the dry blood on the side of you face, so it wasn’t a nightmare. Sitting up you opened your mouth to scream but his gun was already pointed back at you, “Don’t you fucking dare”, shutting your mouth you looked around it was still dark outside and you were in the backseat of a car. He did a sharp turn making your head hit the window, “Fuck”, he looked at you through the rearview mirror, “ Wipe that shit off your face” and he threw a napkin at you, scraping the blood off the side of your face you noticed that he pulled into a motel parking lot. He came around and yanked your door open as hard as he could.

“You better not pull any shit”, he put the gun against her chest and forehead against hers, “Got it I wont hesitate to fucking kill you.” He saw her start to cry and knew she would do exactly what he said “Now, you’re gonna go in there and ask for a room, one bed and a minibar.” Smirking when her eyes got wide at one bed, “ Don’t fuck up, now go”, moving slowly she got out and stood there looking at the pavement, it took a shoving in her back for her to start walking. When she walked in you watched her interact with the man, she kept looking out where you were standing in the darkness waiting her fingers tapping against the countertop.

Walking out you had the key to the room, you could see his silhouette in the darkness till you approached, looking down while holding out the key. Ripping the key from your shaking fingers, “Well lets go then.”

The room was absolutely disgusting there were stains on the bed, and it smelt like cigarettes. You just stood there not sure what to do as he pushed passed you almost making you fall, and went to the mini fridge pulling out small various bottles of alcohol. Watching as he opened one and tilted his he’d back drinking one after another, till he turned towards you tossing a small bottle on the bed “Drink it”. You didn’t move staying in the same spot hoping to disappear, becoming impatient he walked towards you gripping your arm and forcing you to sit on the bed. He sat next you grabbing the small bottle of liquor and opening it holding it out, “Drink it, now”, you slowly shook your head no, using a sickly sweet voice “Come on open up, open that pretty little mouth, just a sip”, pressing the cool bottle against your lips. Finally giving up he grabbed your jaw squeezing digging his nails into your skin, forcing your lips to part, pushing the bottle in your mouth pouring the liquid. You kept trying to pull away but his grip was tight, the clear liquid burned your throat and tasted horrible as you started coughing, you could hear him laughing as he pulled the bottle away from your lips. But it was still dripping from your mouth and down your neck. His grip on your jaw never ceasing, forcing your head back licking a trail of alcohol up your neck to your mouth and you felt his wet tongue lick the remaining drops from your lips, “Mmm vodka my favorite”, you looked at him in disgust as he pulled away, wiping his spit off your face with the back of your hand. Suddenly he pushed you back onto the bed crawling his way on top of you. Before you could register the situation he already had his mouth on yours forcing his tongue into your mouth, licking along your teeth. His hands finding there way up your shirt squeezing your breast taking your pink nipple between his calloused fingers pinching the sensitive skin making you cry. Squirming beneath him you pressed your hands flat against his chest pushing as hard as you could trying ot get him off, screaming into his mouth you tried everything, finally he pulled away eyes angry as his fist reared back and came forward, you could feel his knuckles against your jaw instantly tasting metal as blood filled your mouth, you felt as if you couldn’t move your mouth. But he wasn’t done he landed one more hit, your sight went blurry seeing two of him. You weren’t out long, waking up only minutes later due to the fact that you had a cock shoved down your throat limiting air supply, you looked up as blue eyes peered down, “Good morning sleeping beauty”, he pulled himself out while you gasped for breath. Looking down he must of taken your clothes off you were completely naked, but right in front of you was his cock, covered in blood, your blood, from forcing himself into your mouth, you started crying again but you don’t think you ever stopped. “Please dont” and your voice could barley be heard even by yourself, deciding it would be easier to just give up. And you did letting him spread your legs, he had one hand on your hip the other curled around his cock leading it towards your entrance. You took a deep breath then he forced himself in, the only thing helping to ease the pain was your blood lubing up his cock. Everything hurt from the pounding of his cock into your stomach, the bruises forming on your hips where he embedded his fingers into the skin, and your neck where he was currently sucking the skin into his mouth drawing blood to the surface. You laid there silently crying taking it all, every thrust he made moved your body up, the top of your skull repeatedly hitting the headboard, wishing it would knock you out till it was over. His lips came up and met with yours the kiss was surprisingly gentle, but it didn’t take away the pain of his hip bones bruising your cunt. He came pushing himself into you and staying there as he came inside you moaning. And you cried out as he bit down on your lip feeling as if he going to bite it off. He dropped on to you catching his breath before he got up going to the bathroom. Slowly turning onto your side groaning, every muscle hurt, you saw your blood on the pillow, that’s how it got its stains, and you started sobbing

It was getting a little lengthy so if you still want the falling in love part let me know and I’ll do it as soon as possible bby💕💕

49-Shawn and Gus & 17-Spencer Reid

49. “Are you sure you can trust me?”

A knock on the door caused Gus and Shawn to glance up. Gus stood up as Shawn began to gulp down the rest of his cereal. The knocking came a second time.

“I’m coming,” Gus called. He opened the door. “Hello ther-oh!”

Gus was caught off mid-sentence as their visitor tackled him with a hug.

“Gus,” you cheered, “It’s so good to see you!”
He raised a brow. “Y/N? Wow. I haven’t seen you since-”
“Highschool, I know,” you replied while pulling out of the hug, “I was in town and saw that you worked here. May I come in?”
Gus grinned. “Oh, yeah. This way.” You walked with him. “Why are you in town?”
You shrugged. “I needed a vacation, so I decided to take a road trip.”
“Y/N?” Shawn asked as you two entered the office.
You smirked. “Hey Shawnie,” you teased, “You haven’t changed at all.”
“I’ll take that as a compliment,” he replied with a smirk, “Why are you in town?”
You chuckled. “You’re the psychic. Why don’t you tell me?”

Gus giggled while Shawn smirked. He gave a slight nod. He brought his hand to his head and squinted. His eyes flitted from your wrist, to your keys, to your clothing, and back to your face. He smiled.

“You’re having a rough time at work, so you decided to take some time off by seeing some of your high school friends.”
You blinked. “Wow. That was amazing.”
He held up one finger. “And…you came to share a delicious pineapple with your favorite high school friends.”

You chuckled as Shawn held up a pineapple. Gus rolled his eyes. His mouth twitched into a smile as he saw yours. The three of you had been so close in high school. Once you moved, however, it was hard for you guys to connect as much as you would have enjoyed. You moved to sit down at their table, the pair following your lead.

“Sure, but are you sure you can trust me with such a delicious fruit?” you teased.
He smirked. “I see you take this seriously.”
“As serious as Oprah giving stuff away.”
“I hear that.”

You and Gus fist bumped while Shawn chuckled. You really had missed these goofs.

17. “What? What will you do?”

You huffed as you sat across from Spencer Reid. A chess board was in between the two of you. A hesitant hand hovered over a bishop. Spencer smirked ever so slightly.

“I wouldn’t do that, if I were you,” he told you.
You quirked a brow at him. “Well, you aren’t me.”
He shrugged. “Just trying to help.”

You lowered your gaze back to the chessboard and focused. You moved your hand away from the bishop and over to a pawn. You sighed in exasperation as you pulled off one of Spencer’s knights. The second your hand was pulled back, Reid moved his own bishop to capture your last rook. You groaned.

“I give up,” you muttered, “It was a bad idea to play a genius in the first place.”
“Come on, Y/N. You can’t give up,” he encouraged.
“Why’s that?”
“Because if you don’t then I’ll…” he trailed off as a blush bloomed across his cheeks.
You bit back a chuckle. “What? What will you do, Spence?”
“I, um…Never mind.”
You licked your teeth. “It’s just chess,” you continued, “Or did that mind of yours wonder…elsewhere?”

His blush darkened. You batted your eyes at him, letting him know you weren’t about to let it go. You began to trace a finger along his knuckles and fingers, biting slightly on your lip. Spencer mumbled his reply.

“I’m sorry, what was that?”
“I said, if you didn’t play, I’d kiss you,” he murmured just a bit louder.
“Well, in that case,” you paused to snatch his gaze, “I’m not going to play another game.”

His eyes widened.

Check mate.

Want to Request? : Prompt List (Closed)

Sweet Cheeks

A/N: Inspired by Amy Hazel’s 2016 Pole Theatre Performance. She is my favorite pole artist. (Video obviously includes pole dancing and some stripping, down to pasties. So mature audiences only. You have been warned.) I absolutely love the amount of skill and physical strength that goes into it and how so many people may it look effortless. *Cough* Not me, I’m an uncoordinated, spastic klutz *Cough*

“So, you’re a stripper?” Pietro watched you over his glass.

“Occasionally,” Tony interjected. You chided him, but smiled at your friend/business partner/boss.

You shook out your hair behind you. “I prefer the term pole dancer, but why? Are you interested in a private party?”  

Pairing: Pietro x Reader

Warnings: Language, sexual situations/innuendos/conversations

Words: 1,924

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Request #9 - Look good for you (Dean Winchester x Reader smut)

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princessb92 asked: I keep thinking the Selena Gomez song Good for you would be a good idea and can it be about me and Dean?

You hung up the phone and held your breath for a while. He was coming finale. It had been a month since he had last walked through your door with that smile that made your knees week. A month since you had felt his hands trace your entire body. A month since you had felt his lingering touch as you said your goodbyes. You closed your eyes and pictured his face. His freckles, his green eyes, his lips…. “Dean” you mumbled to yourself before finally opening your eyes. You sprinted to the shower. You had had half an hour to get ready. To make yourself look good for him. So good he wouldn’t wanna leave this time, even though you knew he had to.

After you had showered and dried your hair, you stood in your bedroom. Looking into your closet and you smiled as you found it. You didn’t bother putting on any underwear which you knew he would appreciate later. You felt the white satin dress caress your skin and you smiled as you looked into the mirror and you started braiding your hair collecting it in a loose bun before you did your make-up. Nothing fancy just enough to frame your face. The way he liked it.

Just as you got up stepping into your high heels you heard the door bell and your heart skipped a beat. He must have really pressed the impala for everything it got to get here so fast. You turned around to take another look in the mirror. Something was missing. You quickly sorted through your drawer and found the. Your white diamond earrings. You put them on as you started making your way down the stairs as you call out when the doorbell rang again, “just a second. I’m coming!”

When you reached the door you took a deep breath and ran your hands down your dress before slowly unlocking it and pressing down the handle. “Hey I brought some….” Dean held up a bag but froze when he saw you standing in the doorway. You swear heart stopped beating when you saw him standing there in front of you. Ripped jeans and a light grey Henley under his dark army jacket. His green eyes wandered up and down your body and his jaw was dropped. His look made you smile and Dean slowly shook his head as he dropped the bag on the floor and pressed one hand against your neck and the against your hip. “Never mind,” he mumbled as he pressed you against the wall kicking the door shot as he started kissing you. A few minutes later you finally managed to break free of his kiss, “Hey Dean,” you smiled at him enjoying the look of admiration on his face. You ran your hand over his chest as you squeezed past him. You knew he was already fired up but teasing him a little couldn’t hurt. “What did you bring?” you asked as you bent over to pick up the bag on the floor and at the same time making sure to give him a full view. You felt Dean’s hand on your ass as who got back up and he’s breath was warm against the back of your neck as he spoke, “just some Chinese food but it can…” “I’ll find some plates,” you interrupted him as you twirled around walking through the kitchen. You knew Dean’s eyes followed the sway of your hips as you walked and smiled at the thought.

You put the bag down next to the fridge and started unpacking it as Dean walked through the door. You turned your head and smiled at him, “wanna help?” you asked before returning your attention to the food. Or pretending too. Dean threw his jacket he was now carrying in his hand over one of the chairs at the table. His eyes followed you as you walked across the kitchen to the get the plates. As you reached up Dean’s hand stopped yours. He had moved quietly and you jumped under his touch. “Sorry,” Dean whispered against your neck before starting to kiss it. His hand ran down your arm, down your side around your waist and up your stomach until he reached your breast. He gently started rubbing it as his other hand ran from your hip down your thigh until it reached the edge of your dress. You moaned and leaned into his touch and you squeezed the edge of the kitchen table his hand wandered up your dress. “Naughty,” Dean smiled as he realized you weren’t wearing any panties before stating to suck and bit down on your neck leaving his mark. Dean’s fingers traced your opening in slow circles before he started rubbing your clit you two fingers. You moaned and you reach around digging your fingers into his thigh making him groan before sliding his fingers into your deep, still rubbing your clit with his thumb. “Dean,” you gasped for air as your free hand found his neck you turned your head as you guided him toward you. Dean smiled against your mouth as he started kissing you. His kiss was deep and filed with passion and your whole body started to shiver and quack as who came against his hand.

Dean then suddenly broke the kiss and touch as he took a small step back making you quickly twirl around just in time to see his shirt fall to the ground. You smiled as reached up wrapping your hands around his neck. As you did you danced a few steps so he was now the one standing against the table. “My turn,” you smiled against his mouth before your tongue and lips started making their way down his neck, to his chest and stomach. Taking your time. Kissing him, licking him and letting your teeth run over his skin. As you reached the edge of his pants you started rubbing your face and open mouth against his bump while your hands slowly opened his belt making Dean growl and grip a hold of the table behind him, Squeezing it so hard you thought it might break. “Damnit” Dean moaned as you proceeded to unzip his pants with your teeth before pulling them down along his boxers. You started kissing and softly biting his muscular thighs teasing him until he started begging you and you took him in your mouth. Dean quickly grabbed your hair guiding you towards him and you syncopated your movements to his breathing. After a few minutes Dean ordered you to stop.

You stood up in front of him just out of his reach as you slowly your hands over the straps of the dress, letting them fall down your shoulders, making the dress fall to the floor and you stood naked in front of him. Dean quickly kicked his pants aside and grabbed you by the hips and lifted you into the air before lowering you down onto his throbbing length laying your back down against the dining table behind you. You screamed with pleasure as Dean filled you and you wrapped your legs around his waist pulling his closer into you. Dean dug his fingers into your thigh and traced his other hand up your body until he reached your neck. His bend down and started kissing you. Greedy and roughly as his movements got faster and deeper inside of you. Minutes later he made you come screaming his name as he exploded inside of you. He collapsed him top of you supporting his weigh on his elbows careful not to crush you. He tenderly kissed your neck as he whispered, “damn you look good girl,” into your ear making you laugh and press yourself closer against him with your arms wrapped around his back.