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Ask my squid kids!

Here are some sort of character developmental question you should totally ask my squiddos!

1. What’s a piece of gear that you think looks really fresh, but doesn’t work with your play style/ outfit?

2. 3 Least favorite pieces of gear.

3. Weapon you hate going up against the most.

4. Any family?

5. What’s your most embarrassing story?

6. Favorite Squid Sister? 

7. What do you like to do outside of battle?

8. List one big secret you keep.

9. Do you have or want any piercings?

10. Biggest regret?

11. 3 Turn ons. 

12. Favorite food?

13. Favorite shop?

14. Sexuality?

15. Got a crush?

16. Do you have a pet? Do you want one?

17. Favorite place to be?

18. Do you have a good relationship with your family?

19. Something you wish for?

20. What do you do to relax?

21. Do you feel guilty about something right now?

22. Can you lick your elbow?

23.  Favorite season?

24. What is your worst nightmare?

25. Biggest fear?

26. What brings out your mean streak?

27. What’s your morning routine?

28. What are you most proud of?

29. What are you most ashamed of?

30.  What’s the last thing you searched for on the internet?

Random Starter Sentences #1

  • “You’re doing it wrong, let me show you.”
  • “Do you want the good news or the bad news?”
  • “Look out!”
  • “We really need to talk about this.”
  • “Would it kill you to do some laundry?”
  • “You’re not getting away with it that easily.”
  • “Nice pants, loser.”
  • “It’s just you, me and this box of wine.”
  • “You look upset, what’s wrong?”
  • “If you don’t like my driving you can always walk.”
  • “Can you do me a favor?”
  • “Did you get dressed in the dark this morning?”
  • “I’m feeling reckless, let’s get matching tattoos!”
  • “Five bucks says you can’t lick your elbow.”
  • “Okay, okay.. just hear me out for a sec.”
  • “It’s three in the morning, what do you want?”
  • “You look like Hot Topic threw up on you.”
  • “Sometimes I think about just leaving this town forever.”
  • “You seriously have no shame, do you?”
  • “That… is disgusting.”
  • “If I have to listen to that song one more time…”

Pidge is totally the type of person who would take advantage of their “genius” persona and start sprouting random facts that are total bullshit but everyone believes it because it’s Pidge surely Pidge knows these things.

Pidge: Did you guys know that you can tell if your ancestors were warriors if you can lick your elbow? It’s a mark of flexibility, which was highly prized in warriors and hunters in ancient times.

Lance: Really? Hey Keith! Bet I can lick my elbow and you can’t!

Keith: You’re on!

Shiro walks in ten minutes later to find Keith, Lance, and Hulk all struggling to lick their elbows while Pidge watches and cackles in manic glee. Allura and Coran are convinced that this is some strange earth ritual, and Shiro barely manages to stop them from trying to join in.

Pidge is grounded, but regrets nothing.

“No but like, have you ever seen anyone do the helicopter dick? It’s fucking hilarious. It’s like if you grabbed a worm and just flung it around your head for no particular reason.” Regina cackled, looking up at the person standing above her while she sat on the floor. “Or try to blow themselves…I mean, I defy you to tell me you’ve ever met a dude that hasn’t at least tried it. It’s like licking your elbow, everyone wants to be the one that manages it.” Her voice was slurred, words stringing together in a garbled fashion, a dopy smile on her face. “Look, if I had a penis, I’d try it.”

jantales  asked:

General, do you want to have sex? Breath for yes Lick your elbow for no 👌👌👌 My pick up lines are on point

I am currently struggling to lick my elbow while holding my breath.

scrushling  asked:

Robin ol' pal. how about 22 and 24?

22. Can you lick your elbow?

“… No? I don’t… truthfully I’m not sure, I don’t believe anyone has ever asked me that before. Um, maybe I guess?” Taking her arm and flailing it a couple of times, Robin attempts to lick her elbow but can never seem to get teh right angle. She turns back around with her cheeks bright blue. “It appears to be harder then it looks, but I will refrain from making myself look like a fool any further and just say no, i can’t”

24. What is your worst nightmare?

“Waking up in the house I managed to escape…”

Imagine Jongin getting incredibly upset at his not being able to lick his elbow. He tries tirelessly twisting and bending his arm to try and reach his elbow with his tongue, while Taemin watches with a worried look on his face. Seeing Jongin upset really doesn’t sit well with Taemin so, in an effort to help Jongin reach his goal, Taemin quickly hops up, grabs Jongin’s arm, and yanks the twisted limb inwards. There is a loud crack and a sharp cry before Jongin falls over, tears welling up and hissing in pain.
“What the fuck, Taemin?!” Jongin gasps out from his fetal position.
Confusion and fear cross over Taemin’s face as he hurriedly kneels beside his best friend, cradling and holding the boy up. “I’m so sorry, Jongin! I just wanted you to be able to lick your elbow!”
The anger and hurt dissipate from Jongin’s eyes as he sits up. He takes his good arm to grab, twist, and pull the other to his mouth. Sticking out his tongue, Jongin finally licks his elbow. A smile blossoms on his face and he turns and hugs Taemin with his one good arm. 
“Thank you so much!” Jongin exclaims excitedly, his broken arm only a dull ache in the background of supreme achievement. 
Taemin embraces Jongin with both of his arms and breathes in real deep. Jongin will always be his favorite. 

Similar to licking your elbow or sneezing while keeping your eyes open, you’re not supposed to be able to tickle yourself. While some of you are busy looking for a feather to test this theory out, science has a diagnosis for those of you who happen to possess the ability to tickle yourself: you might be schizophrenic.

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My baby Sasquatch sister had a theory that, with the right incentive, she could lick her elbow sooooooo using leftover frosting from my birthday cake we put frosting on our elbows and while she’s rolling around on the floor trying to reach her elbow I discovered I can lick my elbow and that’s the story of how I learned I can lick my elbow and she cannot.
Also my mother sang happy birthday to my sister on my birthday. Wut.