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pairing: jeff atkins / reader

genre: smut (lol someone needs to tape my hands in prayer form bc I NEED IT)

description: jeff wins the championship game and as the great girlfriend that u are… u know..u do some cool tricks…HAHAHAHA

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Punishment (M)

Words: 1358

Jimin X Reader

Warning: Smut (M), Sub!Jimin, Dom!Reader

Based on this request

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Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin

He was late, again. It was the fourth time that week he got home late. He was probably drinking with the boys. It’s not like you didn’t like to see him with them, but his time was already restricted, he used to spend all day in the company, so the period of the night was the only moment he could stay with you, with his girlfriend, and what he did? He didn’t stay with you. Argh! Was it this bad that you wanted your boyfriend to stay with you? Of course not. We would pay for it. You would remember him that you were his lover, not the guys.

 You looked at the clock beside your bed as you heard the front door being opened. It was already 2:48 a.m.

 You weren’t sleeping tho, you were laying waiting for him, reading your book as if the fact he was late again was nothing. You heard him getting upstairs till he opened the bedroom’s door, his eyes widened when he saw you were still awake.

“Was it a good night for you, Jimin?” you asked, raising an eyebrow at him as he slowly took off his jacket. You could feel the smell of alcohol filling up the room.

“Hey, Jagi. I…hm… It was fine. I’m sorry i’m late again, but Namjoon called us all to go to that new bar that opened recently-” he started saying, his words dying as he saw you getting up and walking towards him.

“I waited for you. You promised you wouldn’t be late again and you didn’t keep your promise. That is not nice, Chimchim” you said as you approached your body to his. He stepped back, leaning against the door as your lips made contact with his jaw. You felt his entire body tensing up.

“Are you mad, Jagi?” he asked.

“Yeah, I’m fucking mad. I waited for you on that bed, thinking about what I would let you do to me when you arrived home” you said, your lips placing wet kisses along his jaw as your hands were playing with the waistband of his shirt. He let out a low groan as you ran your fingers through his chest. “But now, I’m the one who is gonna do something” you whispered, “I was so horny… but you didn’t give me what I wanted” You finished your sentence and kissed him. The taste of vodka hit your tongue and you pulled away.

“Drinking vodka? Is that correct?” you teased, lifting up his shirt and taking off.

“N-No” he whispered. Ah, you liked to see him that way. All yours.

“So, you have been a bad boy. Bad boys get punished, don’t they?” you asked, your lips traveling down his chest till you got to your knees and started unzipping his pants. His eyes were locked with yours in an intimate stare. You took off his pants and underwear, licking your lips as you saw his already hardened dick dripping with pre cum.

You gave it a quick lick before standing up and whispering:

“Go lay” you said. He did as you said, and you managed to take off your shirt and pants, so you were in your underwear and bra only. He gasped with the sight of your semi naked body. You opened the drawer, searching for your handcuffs. You fucking loved when you were the one in charge. You loved when he was there, all submissive to you. You could feel your wetness dripping down your legs.

“Don’t complain, or I won’t touch you” you said as you handcuffed him to the bed. He whined a little but stayed quiet.

 You sat on him, your clothed pussy making contact with his pulsing dick. God you wanted him so bad but you couldn’t let that go this easily. You kissed him, licking his bottom lip and then kissing his neck. You traveled down his chest again and when you reached the place he wanted you the most, you stopped. He looked at you, his eyes begging you not to stop.

“Watch me” you said and took off your underwear. You were naked now and he was dying to touch you.

 You sat in front of him with your legs opened, giving him a great view of your soaked pussy.

“See how wet I am? that’s your fault” you said and started rubbing small circles on your clit. You could hear him pulling against the handcuffs. Ah, poor boy.

“Y/N, please…” he said.

 You ignored him and pushed one finger in, and soon another one. You started pumping it in and out of you, arching your back in pleasure and making sure to moan his name as sexily as possible.

 One of your hands started playing with your nipples and you felt your climax already approaching. When you were about to cum, you stopped, only to see Jimin struggling with himself. His dick was almost purple and you thought it must be even painful.

“Y/N!” He groaned. Aw, poor boy.

 You took his erection in your hands and started pumping him really slowly, and he immediately bucked his hips against your hand.

“Don’t do it, unless you want me to stop. You don’t want me to stop, do you?” you said, leaning in and licking his tip, but then pumping again, making eye contact with him.

“Fucking hell, Y/N! Do something, please!” he groaned, begging for your touch. You smirked to yourself at his reaction.

“As you wish, daddy” you said and took him into your mouth. He let out a loud, deep groan as you massaged his length with your tongue, your hands squeezing his balls softly. He bucked his hips up, what made his tip hit your throat and occasionally making you gag. By the way he was twisting his face, you could say he was close so you stopped. He looked at you, silently asking you why had you stopped.

“Now it’s your turn to pleasure me” you said, “If I let you go, will you make it worth the wait? Will you fuck me the way I like, huh?” you tilted your head to the side. The truth was you were dying for his touch. For his dick to be inside you.

“I’m gonna fuck you till you can’t be able to remember your name, now let me go” he groaned. Once the handcuffs were of, he automatically pulled you to lay on your back, he on top of you. He placed himself between your legs and started placing kisses on your neck, sucking your skin.

“Don’t fucking tease me, Jimin. I wanna fuck” you groaned, needy. “Besides, I am in charge here. I say” you said. He smirked and laid on his back.

“So, how are u gonna punish me, huh?” he teased. Ah…

 You got on top of him, leaning in and sucking his lip. “I’m gonna ride you” you said. He grabbed his dick, keeping it and place as you lowered yourself. You let your head fall back, pleasure hitting you by the moment he filled you up. You started bouncing up and down, he let one of his hands grab your boob as the other circled small circles on your clit.

“Ah, fuck” you groaned. A few seconds later, he pulled your down, your chest colliding with his as he held your back. He started moving, your hips meeting his aggressive thrusts. The sound of both your skins slapping against each other mixed with your moans and groans, and you momentarily thought about the possibility that the neighbors maybe could hear you two. But you didn’t care, Jimin pulled you from your thoughts when he slapped your ass cheek.

“Fuck, you’re so good at punishing me” he groaned. He slowed down, his thrusts became erratic and you knew he was as close as you were.

 It didn’t take long your walls to clench around his thick dick, and when it did, he came, you both cumming.

He kept moving, your orgasm washing you over.

 You laid beside him, catching your breath.

“So… you forgive me or want to punish me more?” He asked cockily.

accidental sex tape - danisnotonfire smut

y'all wee thirsty for it so here it goes

“Hello internet! I’m here with my girlfriend y/n” Dan said with a wave, gesturing at you. The two of you were sitting on his bed in front of his camera, filming a girlfriend tag video.

“Hi!” You greeted with a shy wave at the camera. Dan slung his arm around your waist, pulling you closer to his side.

“This lovely girls is, as you guys know, my girlfriend. And since we started dating all you guys have been requesting is a girlfriend tag video. So here we are!“ He explained, doing those cute hand gestures he seemed to naturally do while on camera.

“Okay so first question” Dan said, turning to you. “Where did we meet?”

You tilted your head and thought hard. You and Dan had been dating for a while now. You could remember where your first date was, where you first held hands, where you first told him you loved him. But where you first met? It had slipped right out of your head.

“Fuck” you started, giggling. “I don’t know”

Dan turned to you with mock shock. “You don’t know when we first met?” he repeated, eyes wide.

“No clue” you admitted, laughing at his reactions.

“Vidcon last year? You spilt hot coffee all over me!” He practically shouted, making you laugh harder.

“Ah yes, I remember now. You still owe me that coffee by the way” you said teasingly, making him roll his eyes playfully. “Okay, my turn” you announced, clapping your hands. “Who is my best friend?”

Dan pretended to think, then snapped his fingers like he had had a sudden answer. “Trick question! You don’t have friends”

“Hey, shut up!” You replied, hitting his arm. He simply laughed at you and looked down at his next question.

“Okay here’s an easy one. What’s my favourite thing to eat?” He asked, looking at you.

You thought for a second. Dan was a giant weeb so the obvious answer was Japanese food. But you had to get him back for his last answer. Smiling innocently at him, you answered “Yeah, it is easy! You’re favourite thing to eat is me when you eat me out”.

Dan’s cheeks slightly reddened. “Oh, fuck off y/n” he muttered, making you laugh out loud.

“Okay, here’s my question: when was our first time?” You asked, raising an eyebrow at him.

“First time of what?” he asked, faking cluelessness.

“You know. The first time we fucked”

He snorted at your bluntness , tilting his head to the side. “Valentine’s day, how could I forget? It was the best day ever”

“Really? I thought it was like, a three out of ten” you lied, shrugging your shoulders.

“Why?” Dan asked, taking you seriously. You tried to stifle your laughter as his body tense against you.

“I’ve just had better times, that’s all. There was this one really hot guy when I went on holiday in Spain…” you started, purposely pushing his buttons now.

“That’s it” he growled, grabbing your wrists and taking you by surprise. “ I’m gonna fuck you so good you’ll forget you’ve ever been with anyone else”

He pinned you down to the bed, hands above your head as he towered over you. Seeing Dan this worked up honestly turned you on a lot and you could feel yourself get wetter by the second. He attacked your neck with his lips, sucking and biting harshly at your skin, making you cry out in pleasure. “Dan!” you moaned out, breath becoming heavy. He removed his lips from your skin and tightened his grip on your wrist.

“What did you call me?” He asked, sternness in his voice.

“Sorry Daddy” you whispered, feeling intimidated and excited by Dan’s dominance.

“Last chance baby girl” he warned, before kissing your lips briefly. He let go of your wrists only to tug your shirt off, throwing it God knows where. You weren’t wearing an astonishingly sexy bra but the material was sheer and lacy, which made your hardened nipples very obvious. “Fuck, you’re so hot” Dan moaned before grabbing your wrists again with one hand to lift you up, while unclasping your bra with the other. He roughly pushed the unwanted material off you before unbuttoning your jeans to do the same. He kissed every new inch of skin that was revealed as he pulled your jeans down, placing an especially wet kiss right on your scarcely clothed clit.

“Dan, holy sh-shit” you cursed as he teased you with his tongue through your underwear. He pulled away sharply.

“That’s not my name, princess. I guess you won’t learn without punishment”. With the hand that was still grasping your wrists, he forced you to sit up. He sat down next to you, confusing you slightly. What was he doing? “Bend over Daddy’s crotch” he ordered. Obediently you placed your hands over his legs and your legs on the other side so you were hovering over his legs. He slipped your panties down with one delicate finger, making you shiver.

“Count them out for me” he ordered. You briefly wondered what was about to happen but you soon knew when a harsh slap was given to your ass.

“One” you breathed out, wincing at the sting. But strangely, the pain seemed to turn you on even more.

He didn’t hesitate to deliver another sharp slap, making you jolt slightly. “Two” you whispered. Dan was getting off to this, you could tell being so dominant was turning him on a lot. You could feel him harden against your stomach, which just made everything ten times more sensual. After one more slap to your ass, he pulled you off him.

“Have you learnt your lesson?” He asked, his eyes dark. You loved the way he looked in times like this, seeing him so serious and turned on drove you crazy.

“Yes Daddy” you replied, not wanting to piss him off further.

“Good. Now be a good girl and suck daddy off” he demanded. You moved off the best and sat on your knees, waiting for him. Soon enough he had moved towards the edge of the bed with his jeans and boxers off, his erection standing tall. You wrapped your hands around his cock, stroking softly. You could hear him exhale as he watched the way your fingers worked on him. Then slowly, teasingly, you want forward him a lay a wet kiss on his tip. You could see him clenching the sheets under him.

“Don’t tease princess” he warned, tugging your hair forward which forced him into your mouth. Obediently, you let as much of him in your mouth as possible and began to bob your head, letting him hit the back of your theist. “Fuck, I’m so close"he warned, grabbing your hair into a ponytail. “You’re gonna swallow it like my good little cockslut?” You went even faster now, your eyes stinging from trying so hard not to gag. “Shit” he cursed and soon enough you could taste his cum shooting down your throat.

“Such a good girl for Daddy” he praised, pulling you up and catching his lips on yours. You moaned into the kiss, pulling him closer to you. When you broke apart from the kiss, he was through you back on to the bed and kissed up your bare thigh. “Let me take care of you babygirl”

It had been a few days since you’d filmed the girlfriend tag video and you were coming home from a day at work. “Hello?” You called out into the house. You were a little confused as all the lights were off and Dan was supposed to be home. No one called back so you locked the door yourself and walked through the corridor, towards Dan’s room. On the way there, you heard noises coming from his room. You froze in your spot, straining your ears to listen clearer.

“Fuck” you heard, faintly through the walls. It sounded like…moaning? Furrowing your eyebrows in confusion, you moved closer. You placed your ear on the door and that’s when you heard it. Not only could you hear Dan moaning but you could also hear a female voice. Was Dan… cheating on you? The thought made your stomach twist and you grabbed the doorknob to his room and pushed the door open, bracing yourself for the worst.

But what you saw was completely unexpected. Dan was lying on his bed with the lights off, the room dimly lit by his laptop. He had one hand a wrapped around his cock, moving expertly fast. His hair was plastered to his forehead with sweat and his face slightly red. He hadn’t head you come in so you took a daring step further to see what was on the screen. To your surprise, you saw the footage he had said he’d deleted from when you guys had gotten carried away during the video you filmed. The female moans were your own as Dan went down on you in the screen. You smiled to yourself, still concealed by the dark. Just the sight of this, the sight of him jerking off to a video of you two was making you wet.

Creeping up towards him, you placed a gentle hand on his shoulder, making him jump. “Y/n!” He exclaimed, shutting the laptop and looking a little embarrassed. “Uh- I can explain”

You shut him up by softly placing your lips on his into a gentle kiss. He kissed you back slightly rougher and pulled you onto the bed with him, dragging you closer. One of his hands was tangled in your hair, the other wandering up your work skirt, slipping into your underwear to rub your clit. You moaned into the kiss, tilting your head back.

You felt Dan’s fingers go up and down your slit, collecting your juices. “So wet already babygirl” he moaned, rubbing your clit faster. You could already feel your high coming as you held onto Dan even tighter, breaking away from the kiss. He slipped a single finger into you and you knew you were done. But before you could cum, Dan pulled his hand out of your underwear, licking his fingers clean.

“Oh no princess, you’re not coming until I’m inside of you.” He whispered, before hitching up your skirt to yank of your underwear. He liked himself up with your entrance, kissing you gently one last time before pushing himself into you. The feel of him filling you up was so satisfactory, it was all you could do not scream out from the pleasure. “You’re so tight, shit” Dan groaned, gripping onto you by the thrust. He thrust into you with no remorse, each time making you jolt, his hands wrapped around your neck.

He was literally choking you but for some reason it made you feel ten times more of the pleasure, moan after moan spilling out of your lips. “Are you close baby?” Dan asked. You couldn’t even talk with his hands around your throats and the ecstasy you were feeling so you just let out a strangled moan. “Cum for me, be daddy’s good little slut, yeah?”

As if on cue you felt your orgasm wash over you as you shook, the pleasure spreading through your whole body. With a few swears, Dan soon came after, throwing his head back. He pulled out of you and lay down next to you, holding you against him. You both were silent for a minute, catching your breath. “You know,” Dan finally said, “we never got to finish that girlfriend tag video”.

“It’s not exactly my fault, you need to stop getting jealous over imaginary guys I make up on the spot” you said, a smile on your face.

“Can’t help it. You’re so perfect and I know that if you wanted to, you could hVe any other guy. But you chose me. And I want to be with you for the rest of my life

With those pleasant words in your mind, you drifted off to sleep, wrapped in Dan’s warm embrace.

On Edge - Part 2 - Request

“Don’t tell John, he’ll kill me if he knows I’m supporting your addiction.” Sherlock turned his cigarette on with a lighter he had on his shirts pockets.

“I feel like my addictions are changing.” He muttered.

(Y/N) shifted slowly, changing the weight of his body from one foot to the other and looked away. Sherlock noticed how bothered she was, yet she looked so sensual, standing there and looking like a stranger. A Greek goddess in a sea of British culture.

She was staring at him, expectantly. Waiting for him to stop smoking in order to pay his full attention back at her.

Sherlock bit his lip at the thought – the memory – of her flustered face buried on his pillows, squirming under his body. “Oh, screw this.” Sherlock mumbled, throwing the cigarette out of the window before pushing (Y/N) to the wall.

He kissed her as if it was the last time he would see her, making sure to put the right pressure between her legs. Feeling how his own body started to react back at her.

“Thank God John’s on holiday.” Sherlock whispered, “We are going to be very busy, my dear.”

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Meet Cute - Chapter 3

Author: SaffreeLove

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader

Warnings: smut, swearing(spoiler: there will always be swearing)

Word Count: 2804

A/N: The dialogue shown in italics are the lyrics from the song “Light My Candle” from RENT by Jonathan Larson. Check it out here. (Extra note: I used the lyrics from the original broadway soundtrack, but this link is for the movie version of the song. It’s only a difference of one line, but original RENT-heads might notice.)

Ch 1 Ch 2

Seb sat down and picked up the remote to see what movies were playing. Suddenly, he turns to you with a gasp. Your head whips back toward him.

“You wouldn’t be a RENT-head, by any chance, would you?” he nearly whispers as he looks at you with those pleading eyes.

Your eyes got huge, “Oh my god! Is it on?? Yes!! Yes! Yes!” You told yourself to not notice that his eyes darted down quickly while you were bouncing on the bed from excitement.

He jumped up to replenish your drinks before starting the movie. You snuggled your butt into the bed getting comfortable. Seb climbed back up on the bed sitting just a little closer than he had earlier. The opening notes of Seasons of Love came through the speakers as the lights on the stage came up, and just like clockwork your eyes began filling with tears. You tried to hide it, because who cries at the beginning of a movie? Well, you do. Don’t you remember sitting in the theater waiting for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2 to start, and then it did and you were practically sobbing as the Warner Brothers logo appeared? Yeah, you are the person that cries at the beginning of movies.

Looking over at you Seb said, “Oh sweetheart, I know. The beginning kills me too. Come here,” as he put his arm around you and pulled you close.

You took the comfort easily because this part really did get to you. All the foreshadowing of Seasons of Love made you smile and cry at the same time. The two of you stayed snuggled together on the bed, each of you singing along to the music. You were on your third beer and much more relaxed with the semi-public singing. Seb’s thumb and fingers had been stroking your upper arm and it was slowing working your senses up into a tizzy.

When Light My Candle came on, Seb immediately took Roger’s part and you, of course took Mimi’s.

“What’d you forget?”

“Got a light?”

“I know you, you’re, you’re shivering.”

“It’s nothing, they turned off my heat. And I’m just a little weak on my feet.”

What had started as singing to the tv quickly evolved into singing to each other. By the way, all those video clips you had watched of him singing didn’t hold a candle to him singing directly to you.

“Would you light my candle? What are you staring at?”

“Nothing. Your hair in the moonlight. You look familiar. Can you make it?” he sang as he reached for your elbows as if you were beginning to fall as Mimi had. You were both fully acting the song out together now. Sexual innuendos and all.

“Just haven’t eaten much today, at least the room stopped spinning anyway. What?”

“Nothing. Your smile reminded me of…”

“I always remind people of… Who is she?”

“She died. Her name was April.”

“It’s out again. Sorry about your friend. Would you light my candle?”


“Yeah? Ow!”

“Oh, the wax, it’s…” Seb held your fingers as if to soothe the burn Mimi had from the candle.

“Dripping! I like it, between my…” you purred while pulling his fingers toward your chest.

“Fingers, I figured,” he chuckled and slipped his hand away at the last second, “Oh, well, goodnight.”

You turned away from Seb as Mimi went to leave Roger’s apartment, then knocked on the night table as Mimi knocked on the door.

“It blew out again?”

“No, I think that I dropped my stash,” you patted your hands around the bed as if looking. Ooh, a Sebastian leg.

“I know I’ve seen you out and about when I used to go out. Your candle’s out.”

“I’m illin’. I had it when I walked in the door. It was pure. Is it on the floor?”

“The floor?”

“They say that I have the best ass below 14th street. Is is true?” you sing with an innocent look on your face.


“You’re staring again,” you smirk.

Seriously, how was this your life? You were heavily flirting with Sebastian Stan via a musical on screen, while in his hotel room, on his bed, inches away from his face.

“Oh no, I mean you do have a nice… I mean, you look familiar.”

“Like your dead girlfriend.”

“Only when you smile, but I’m sure I’ve seen you somewhere else…”

“Do you go to the Cat Scratch Club? That’s where I work, I dance. Help me look.”

“Yes, they used to tie you up.”

“It’s a living,” you shrug.

“I didn’t recognize you without the handcuffs.”

Yup, casually singing about bondage and exotic dancing with Seb. Just another Saturday night in this new life of yours.

“We could light the candle. Oh, won’t you light the candle?”

“Why don’t you forget that stuff? You look like you’re sixteen.”

“I’m nineteen, but I’m old for my age. I’m just born to be bad.”

“I once was born to be bad. I used to shiver like that.”

“I have no heat, I told you.”

“I used to sweat.”

“I got a cold.”

“Uh huh, I used to be a junkie.”

“But now and then I like to feel good.”

“Oh, here it…”

“What’s that?” you lean in closer as if to look.

“It’s a candy bar wrapper.”

“We could light the candle. Oh what’d you do with my candle?”

“That was my last match.”

“Our eyes’ll adjust. Thank God for the moon.”

“Maybe it’s not the moon at all, I hear Spike Lee’s shooting down the street.”

“Bah humbug, bah humbug.” You picked up Seb’s left hand and threaded your fingers through his own. His hand tightened around yours as he sang, “Cold hands.”

“Yours too. Big, like my father’s. Do you wanna dance?”

“With you?” he crooned as he pulled you ever so closer.

“No, with my father.”

“I’m Roger,” he leaned his head closer to yours.

“They call me, they call me, Mimi,” you sang breathlessly as he leaned down.

With the last note, Seb’s lips crashed to yours and suddenly all you could hear or smell or feel was him.

Soft lips pressed firmly against yours over and over, opening more and more with each pass, until his tongue finally licked along the seam of your lips asking for entrance. Your lips gave way with a moan that you might have been embarrassed about if you were capable of any sort of rational thought. His hands had shifted around to your back to pull you flush to his chest as his tongue danced with yours.

His right hand slid down your back and over your ass till he had a hold of your thigh. He pulled you over until you were straddling him with his hands at the small of your back. His hands moved down to squeeze your butt through your jeans and with gentle pressure he began to rock you forward onto his lap. Whimpers fell from your mouth as he ground your hot center against his straining cock. You pulled away from his lips with a gasp when you realised just how close you were to coming. He immediately latched onto your neck with kisses and little love nips while he continued his maddening rhythm. His hand slid up to your hair and gave a slight, test tug. The hitched breath that flew out of you caused a deep growl to emanate from Seb’s chest. That growl pushed you right to the edge of your orgasm. You grabbed on tighter to his shoulders and back that you had been clinging to while he rubbed your center against him.

“Seb, please,” you begged.

“Oh, honey, that’s it, you’re almost there,” he said with praise. His hand that hadn’t left your hair tightened and pulled even harder as his voice dipped deep. “Fuck, I want to watch you come. Do it. Now.”

“Oh, fuck, Seb, I’m…”

With his last order, he bit down on your neck and you exploded over the edge, shaking with the force of your orgasm. He kept up his rhythm helping you ride out your high. When you finally came back to yourself, Seb was hands were rubbing your back and his lips were exploring your neck with kisses and slow licks.

“Mmmm, Seb,” you moaned.

“Baby, I have to taste you. You must be so wet right now. I need that,” he pleaded. “Please? Can I?”

“Yes, yes, that’s good, I’m good with that, you can do that, please, fuck, do that,” you babbled.

He rolled the two of you over and suddenly slowed down as he set his hands at your waist and began sliding them up taking your shirt with him. Seb pulled you upright as he swept your shirt over your head. Diving back down, his kisses were covering your skin making their way up towards your breasts. He caressed you over your bra, gently pinching your nipples as he worked the fabric down exposing your soft skin.

In Seb’s enthusiasm to get to you, he pulled a bit too hard and tore your bra apart in the front. “Oh, shit. I’m so sorry. I’ll buy you another,” he breathed out while continuing to kiss your skin. “You’re forgiven,” you panted, “as long as you keep doing, oh, keep doing that.” His hands slid underneath your ruined bra to gently cup your breasts. Now that he finally had full access, Seb took a few long, wandering licks around each breast, finishing up with a nibble and kiss of your nipple.

He continued to suck and kiss your breasts as his hands made their way down to your waist. He flicked open your jeans button and slowly pulled the zipper down. His breath was all that touched you as he moved down your torso. He grasped the top of your jeans and began to pull them down. Once they had joined the void with the rest of your clothes, he came back up with his nose only an inch away from your soaking wet underwear.

“Oh honey, I wasn’t wrong was I? You’re fucking drenched,” he said quietly as his nose just brushed against you causing you to moan. “Shit, I wanna get in there so badly, but dragging this out is tempting as well. Mmmm, next time I’ll have to go so very slow,” he murmured then leaned forward to lick up over your underwear. While you were crying out, he slid your panties over your hips and quickly off your legs. Wasting no time, he flattened his tongue and drew a long strip ending right at your clit. After a few soft licks, his lips began to suck you into his mouth with his tongue still flicking against you. His left hand moved to get a better grip on your upper thigh as his right hand moved between your legs. Seb dragged his index finger up down your slit, coating himself in your wetness before easing his finger deep inside and curling just enough to tease your g-spot.

“Fuck, oh shit Seb, do that again,” you moaned as your back started to arch, but his hand held you place. Your hands flew down to tangle in that incredible hair and hold him close to your pussy. A shiver runs through you as you hear and feel Seb moan into you. You can’t help react to his moan and your fingers tighten in his hair pulling a deep growl from his chest. He eased a second finger inside and increased his pressure on your g-spot while his tongue continued its mission to push you over the edge.

“Oh, shit, that there, yes, that uhh, I’m oh I'm…” Just then you tipped over, cumming so hard that you vision went a touch hazy. Seb continued to gently pet that wonderful, spongy spot inside of you as he helped ease you through your orgasm.

He eased his fingers out of you and brought them right up to his lips, licking them clean. You pulled him down and swiped your tongue through his mouth, “you didn’t give me a taste.” As you lay back down you could see that Seb’s pupils were blown wide with need.

“Don’t go anywhere,” he said as he got up and walked over to his suitcase.

“Yeah, I don’t think that’s gonna be an issue for right now,” you snarked as you lay there just fucking wrecked. Who knew you were a g-spot girl?

Seb made his way over to the nightstand dropping a few condoms on the surface. He was still dressed aside from socks.

“How is it that I’m completely naked and all you are missing are your socks?” you pondered while propping yourself up on your elbows.

“Well, I guess you better remedy that,” he said leaning down to kiss your lips. “Oooh, yes sir,” and rolled up onto your knees. Your hands slipped underneath his hem and worked his shirt up his chest and over his head.

Fuck. How had you forgotten how ripped he was? You just saw his naked chest an hour and a half ago? Why was it tripping you up now? Oh, right. Cause now you are running your hands over that ripped chest. You looked up at Seb as you hands fell to the waistband of his sweats, and started pushing them down. Apparently, he had felt zero need to put boxers on after his shower. His pants slid to the floor and he stepped out of them back towards you. Quickly, you took a mental picture, because this was going feature heavily in your future solo fantasies.

He pulled you close and the feel of all his hot skin pressing on yours caused your desire to increase tenfold. His mouth captured yours again in a heady kiss as your arms wound around his neck holding him ever closer. He pushed you back until you were lying on the bed. Pulling his body away, he searched your eyes and checked in with you, “Are you still good with this?”

“Yes, Seb, please. I want this. I want you,” you moaned as you pulled him back into contact with your body. You reached over and snagged one of the condoms, tore it open, and rolled it all the way down his cock.

He lined himself up, looked up at you and slowly pushed his way into your heat while his eyes stayed locked on yours, “Shit, baby. You feel so good.” Once he was fully seated within you he gave a little mini thrust causing a gasp to escape your lips. His left hand skimmed down your right hip to hook your leg up over his arm. It brought him that much closer and that much deeper.

Seb began a slow, steady pace that was going to kill you with pleasure. He was giving just enough of a grind on his down thrust to tease your clit, but not quite enough to satisfy. You threaded your hands into his hair and pulled his head down into a kiss, then tightening your fingers around his hair, gave a tug. He froze as a deep growl emanated from his chest and damn near sent you over the edge.

His control now shattered, he started a fierce pace of pounding into you while his right hand rubbed your clit. He raised your hip changing the angle just enough and that was it. You fell right off that cliff screaming his name. Three hard pumps later and the hottest fucking groan came out of his lips as he came. Aftershocks ran through you prompted by the swell of his cock and the sound of his release.

You both lay there for a minute just catching your breath. With a groan, Seb leveraged himself up and went to dispose of the condom in the bathroom. When he came back in he crawled up the bed and snuggled up with you, pulling the covers over you both. You were still in full afterglow with a goofy grin on your face. Three orgasms in a row will do that to you. His head was buried in your neck with his arms wrapped around your chest.

A muffled jumble came from somewhere under that hair, “Mmphay pheeh.”

“Hmm? What? Can’t hear you. No ears in my neck, Seb.”

He pulled back just enough to look into your eyes. Damn, those were some good puppy dog eyes. “Stay. Please. Stay the night.”

With your mouth only slightly agape, you nodded, “Okay.”

Seb turned out the light, snuggled back into your arms and said, “Sorry we didn’t get to the thigh riding, babe. We’ll put it on the list.”

With a little giggle, you finally shut your eyes and fell asleep with a smile on your face.

Chapter 4

baekhyun + bodyworship + praise kink

((how to write bodyworship…??????? how to smut????????????))

 “Are you alright there? Comfortable? Swell?”

“Yes, I’m waiting for you to man the fuck up and work on removing my clothes, Baek. This isn’t our honeymoon, you twat.”

“All in due time, hon.”

“Fuck,” you hiss as he pushes your bra straps off your shoulders, cupping your breasts quite obscenely, thumbing at your nipples.

“Gosh babe, you’re so beautiful,” he gushes.

“Shut up and put that stupid mouth for something useful,” you snap.

“Jesus babe, I would do that for hours without you even asking me, god you’re so perfect,” he groans, licking on the valley between your breasts and lips enclosing on a nipple. He sucks just enough to get a rise out of you, his other hand sneaking inside your shorts and thumbing on your clit over your underwear. The reaction he gets turns him on, for your back arches, pushing your breasts more towards him.

“Fuck, your boobs are perfect, they’re so nice I could bury myself in them all day,” he groans. Baekhyun groans again and moves just a little, his hips rubbing against the bed sheet.

Fuck, Baekhyun was getting off on this. He was grinding the duvet to get himself off on praising you.

“Ah, babe, I can’t…ah,” he says, hand on your underwear shivering.

“You’re so wet, so…ah,” he groans deliriously, rushing to pull your shorts off and settles between your legs comfortably.

“It’s all for me right, ah…babe,” he says, licking over your underwear. You keen in agreement.

“God, your thighs, they’re so perfect, so hot; aren’t you honey?” he asks, his pretty hands smoothing over your thighs, skimming over your underwear.

“Ngh, they feel so nice under my hands, so soft and thick and ah…fuck!” Baekhyun grinds down particularly hard when he pulls the elastic of your underwear, letting it snap onto the junction of your thigh and pelvis, earning a squeak from you.

“Baek- ! ahn-!, stop saying stuff like that-!“

“But I love your body, (y/n), look how wet you are for me,” he swipes a finger down your slit and wiggles it at your face.

“Baek!” you keen, hips stuttering through your first release.

“Nnn…” you groan, feeling tender.

“God babe, that was so fucking hot…” he puffs out a hot breath and his eyes glaze over.

“You’re so good, laid out like this for me, all for me, isn’t it?” he asks rhetorically and uses his tongue to lick the tip of his finger, putting it into his mouth and sucking it.

“Gosh babe, you taste fine, fuck, I want to be inside you so bad.”

“Hurry the fuck up then,” you snap and he laughs.

“Fuck, ah, ah, babe, you’re so hot, sucking me in like that,” he moans, pushing into you after slipping on a condom and keens in a high pitched whine when he finally bottoms out.

“You take me so well,” he bucks, fucking into your heat.

“I would like to think so, stop talking, speak with your hips, Byun Baekhyun,” you order.

“Fuck, babe, say my name like that again, ah, fuck…”

“Dude, you’re overdoing it, it isn’t even that…ah fuck!” you yelp when he pushes in and snaps against your hips mercilessly hard, literally plowing deep into you.

“Shit, I want to fuck you so much harder! Babe, please let me, let me-!” he whines, asking you as if you’ve told him to go slow any time before this.

“Fuck me Baekhyun, fuck me hard…!” you look right into his clouded eyes, and something in him snaps, he thrusts into you hard and you yelp, grabbing his hand for balance.

“Ah…(y/n), (y/n)…! Ngh!” he groans, hips snapping harder and harder as he crescendos into a frenzy, hands groping your chest and finally grabbing your neck, slotting his lips onto yours and groaning into a heated, sweaty kiss.

“Baekhyun, why are you such a whiny fuck?” you ask, growling and raking your nails over his barely there biceps.

“Not on the Baekceps dude, never target my children,” he growls, pinching your thigh.

“Fuck…!” you growl back in response, opting to rake your nails down his back, making sure to leave red lines all over.

“Are you going to come for me, (y/n), come,” he coaxes your orgasm out of you and you oblige, letting go with a strangled garble of his name.

Baekhyun follows you, the sight of you falling apart spurring his release from him.

“Fuck, you’re so so fucking-! so- ahngh! I’m coming-! Ah-!!” he growls, pulling out and jacking his dick off in a desperate attempt to prolong his release.

“Come on Baek, come for me, next time you can come on my face,” you slyly tell him, batting your eyelashes at him provocatively.

“Fuck…! Fuck fuck fuck fuck…!” he slumps over in exhaustion.

“God, you can ruin me in a single go, (y/n),” he sighs.

The next morning, Baekhyun wakes up screaming,




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Understudy [Pt. 2]


You moved from behind the door eyes wide. “Please don’t call him back. Do you have any idea what he’ll do to me?!”

Lin watched as you began to list the types of revenge Daveed would bestow on you. He still held onto his pants to keep them from falling. He was wearing nothing but tighty whiteys under them after all. He looked in as you gestured with your hands, a quality he has grown in love with since meeting you.

“And ya know. I wouldn’t be in this predicament if the dance for ‘Say No To This’ didn’t change,” you continued. You were pacing at this point.

You pointed a finger in his direction. “Why did it change?!”

Lin blinked. “Well… I had them change it,” he replied softly.

The anger in your eyes diminished at his answer. “I’m sorry. What?”

Lin moved forward and placed a hand on your cheek. “You’re a really smart girl but when it comes to romance, you’re completely dense.”

Lin stepped closer to you, his dark eyes starting into your own. “I’ve been trying for months to get my feelings across [F/Name].” His voice was just above a whisper. “Stares. Coffee dates. Working one on one with you in secluded places…And then you started to avoid me. And that hurt.”

You stared at him. You had spent months suppressing the feelings you had for him because you strive for professionalism in the workplace. There was always the crush on Lin festering just on the edge of your heart but you believed that the stares, dates, and one on ones were to make sure you stayed on top of your game no matter how much these made you heart beat faster. Avoiding him was a defense mechanism that you automatically set up. You weren’t trying to but to avoid possible heartbreak, you shut him out. No feelings to get in the way. It wasn’t like he had feelings for you anyway. But…

You were so lost in thought that you didn’t realize Lin’s lips were on your neck. His tongue swirled as he tasted the exposed parts of your neck.

“That’s when I gave Jasmine a much needed break,” he said between kisses. His arm wrapped around your back. When your bodies touched, you realized how sweaty you still were.

You let out a stuttered sigh when Lin bit down on your collar bone. “I-I didn’t mean to. It’s just-”

Lin pressed his lips to your cheek while he unlaced the back of your dress. “I wanted to be close to you. Just up pressed against me. You have no idea how crazy you make me on a daily basis, ” he growled. Your corset loosened tremendously and your body was able to breath again.

You leaned back to look into his eyes. They were glazed over with lust and beads of sweat was rolling down his face.

“It broke my heart to see you on Daveed earlier,” he mumbled. He leaned forward, pressing his forehead to yours.

“I didn’t think you held feelings for me,” you said.

Lin smirked before tugging on the sleeves of your dress. “Or you were too stubborn to notice.” You laughed.

“Okay. Maybe that’s true.” You looked into each other’s eyes. His eyes asking the question. You bit your lip, nodding.

His lips captured yours. He ripped the top half of the dress off, leaving you in a black lace bra. “Don’t worry. You won’t be a pastime to me, ” he mumbled against your lips.

You shuddered as his fingers ghosted up and down your back. Your hands found their way to his ruffled shirt and unbuttoned it. You ran your nails over his torso. He let out a breathy moan before latching onto your neck again sucking. Lin quickly undid the buttons to your skirt revealing matching panties.

You pushed his shirt off, letting it hit the floor. You reached a hand to his ponytail hair, pulling the hairband off. His hair feathered around your face And you grabbed a hold of it.

He dropped his pants, stepping out from them and kicked them to the side. Lin stopped his assault on your neck to wrap his arms under you thighs and around his waist.

You pulled his face to capture his lips again. Your lips moved in sync, hands running through his hair. You lifted your hips, pushing your crotch to his. He responded eagerly with a thrust, a low moan escaping his lips. He walked to the couch and dropped you onto it.

Your breath was heavy as he went down on his knees. He looked into your eyes and seeing your own lust filled gaze, lifted your leg and left wet kisses down it. You threw your head back when his kisses reached the seam of your panties. You moaned as Lin licked your covered crotch slowly. He did this several more times each lick getting slower and slower. You could feel the wetness from the teasing growing into a pool.

“Goddammit Lin, ” you growled. He chuckled, pushing his sweat drenched hair away from his face. He pulled your panties to the side exposing swollen lips. With a finger, he swiped up between them. He sucked the precum from his finger with a satisfying hum. He pulled your panties off and placed his mouth over your core.

You bucked your hips forward when his tongue entered your slits. Damn he has a long tongue! You could feel him twisting and flick your clit like a master. His hands pushed down into your hips when you grew eager for release. Your moans were sure to alert others of what was happening but you didn’t care.

You grabbed the back of his head, pressing his mouth as close as you can. He laughed into you and a shiver ran up your spine.

Just when you were to release, he moved back earning a whine from you. He leaned back, rubbing his erection through his underwear. Licking your lips, you pushed Lin down onto his back. You hungrily pulled off the fabric and grabbed the pulsing appendage.

You licked the tip, swirling your tongue around it. You watched his back arch when you took some of him in your mouth. You gave one hard suck.

“FUCK!” Lin screamed and moaned together. You smiled, relaxing you throat to engulf him as best as you could. You bobbed your head up and down, using your hand to simulate what you couldn’t take. You took pride in watching him squirm under you. Sweat glistening his body. Muscles rippling. Moans filling the room.

Lin pulled himself out of your mouth and in one swift movement, got you under him on the floor. With one hand, he squeezed your covered breast. The same hand slid down your sides.

“You know you could’ve said no to this,” he stated.

You rolled your eyes. “Just fuck me Lin.” He leaned down, lips a centimeter from yours.

“I don’t fuck [F/Name]. I can only make love.”

He slowly entered you, your walls clenching his length. You both groaned as he filled you.

He started moving with even thrusts. Each time he pulled out, he made sure he went in harder than before. Your kisses became passionate when he became sloppy with his movements. Lips sucked on your breast while you bit his shoulder as moans racked your body. Hips collided clumsy as you both reached your peak.

White spots blocked out your vision when you came. Lin groaned, leaning forward until your foreheads touched. His wet hair fell onto your face. Too tired to speak, you both rolled onto your sides, holding each other.

Cheerios Practice [a Sebastian Smythe smut]



WARNING: Smut, cheerio!Seb…he’s a warning…

The tan bleachers shift underneath you as music blares through the gym. Sue screams into the megaphone, making the cheerleaders move harder, faster. Your eyes focus on Sebastian, who’s pale arms form at a perfect angle before he does a tumble roll, hoisting another girl up. A pang of jealousy shoots through you and you chew on your bottom lip, toying with the end of your light pink ruffled skirt.

Sound of the whistle blowing and Sue yelling her usual ‘sloppy’, snap you out of your thoughts long enough to see Sebastian pick up a water bottle. His bright green eyes find you, squinting playfully as he drinks. “You, Glee club muppet!” Sue points, startling you. “Get down here so Sebastian can lift you. I’ve got an odd number today.” she mutters. You just blink at her, mouth opening slightly. “Hello?! Are you deaf? Get your fanny down here!”

Deciding not to anger her, you hop down the stairs, converse stomping. Your fuzzy plum purple sweater sways against your stomach and you blush. “Follow my lead.” Sebastian smirks, hoisting your thighs up to his waist. Your eyes widen at him and you wrap your arms around his neck, gulping. “Don’t worry, I got you.” he reassures, strutting to the sidelines. “Ready?” he asks; you nod hesitantly.

His hands latch around your waist, lifting you over his head then dipping down. You try your best to keep up, ignoring Sue’s insults the best you can. When the music stops, the cheerio places you on the solid ground, licking his lips. “Nice underwear.” he winks, making you tug on your skirt. “I need to get some supplies from the closet… help me?” he whispers seductively, walking backwards, motioning for you to follow.

Biting your bottom lip, you scamper towards him, quickly gazing around before ducking into the small storage space. Sebastian instantly presses his hard onto your thigh, long fingers dancing under your fuzzy sweater, clasping onto your breasts. “Sebastian, I… We… Souldn’t… Fuck it.” you hiss, grabbing his neck and pulling him into a kiss.

Moaning, Sebastian’s hand explores your body, finally finding the band of your underwear. Smirking into the kiss, he dips his index finger inside you, tongue taking advantage of your mouth when you gasp. Slowly, his long digit curls in your pussy, making you groan loudly. “If you’re any louder, we’re gonna get caught.” he grumbles, red polyester pants rubbing against your bare skin. “We have five minutes, if we’re lucky…”

Humming, you grind your hips down when another finger enters you. Sebastian pumps in and out, biting your collarbone. “Seb…” you whimper, nails scratching the back of his uniform. Smirking, he speeds up, making your walls clench. Without warning, you cum on his fingers, hiding your face in the crook of his neck to muffle your scream.

Panting, he slowly removes his fingers, admiring how slicked they are before sticking them in his mouth. His eyelids flutter closed as he licks them clean, pulling them out with a pop. “Not so innocent as you look, eh, Y/N?” he muses in his usual cocky tone. All you can do is blush. Maybe you’ll come to cheerios practice more often.