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BTS REACTS TO: Their s/o randomly asking for sex

Anon Asked: Can you do a BTS Reaction to their s/o suddenly asking if they could have sex? Like they’re just casually watching a movie, or they’re both on their phone doing whatever, and their s/o randomly turns to them and say they want to fuck

LOLOLOLOLOL same. - Admin Dayna


Laying in bed with Jin while looked over the results of a recent photoshoot, you sat beside him, trying you best to focus on paper you had to write and turn in to your professor come the next three days. You’ve been wracking your brain for this essay, and truthfully a break was long overdue. You took your eyes off the laptop for a while, stealing a glance at Jin with his brows furrowed in deep concentration. You licked your lips, can’t helping yourself from savoring the image before you. You always had a thing for how intense his facial expression became when deep in thought. You slam the laptop shut and leaned closer to him, calling his name;



“Give me a bit of your time, will you?”


“Lets fuck.”

*looks at you honestly shook*

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Favorite Bedtime Story

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Pairing: past Dean x Reader, Sam
Word count: 874
Warnings: Swearing

Never to Be Found

“I found out the day I left.” You told him as you wiped your cheeks. “You had the mark, and were scaring me. I couldn’t let our child be born into that. She was born 8 months later, healthy, and safe.” You watched his jaw clench, your heart breaking. “I’d do it all over again.”

Sam licked his lips, running his hand through his hair. He saw how upset Dean was, but she had a point. Not that he agreed with her entirely. “Y/N, why didn’t you come to me?” He asked. “Just let me know what was going on, let us know you’re alive, and safe?”

You moved to sit in the chair and knew it was going to be a long night. “I was worried, Sam.” You told him honestly. “I was worried that he’d see a text, or answer a call.” Your voice was soft. “Or who knows what. I did what I thought I had to to protect her, Sam. My only thought was her.”

“So, you left, came here, and became a stripper?” Dean snapped.

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BTS:His Reaction to seeing you for the first time

His Reaction to seeing you for the first time

Rap Monster-

He can’t stop smiling because he thinks you are unbelievably beautiful.


He thinks you’re cute and he’s gonna “holla” like how Suga taught him 


He unknowingly licks his lips at you




He thinks your Gorgeous, But he won’t act on it unless you all make eye contact.




He is mesmerized/Speechless because of your beauty 

GOT7 reaction - their GF surprising them with sexy lingerie

As soon as he sees you all undressed and ready for him he’d lick his lips and walk right up to you. He’d looks you up and down before he pushed you brown on the bed and - well… 😉

“You are driving me wild, baby girl.”
He’d sneak his hands around your waist and *almost kiss you. He takes your hand and pulls you to the bedroom for a closer inspection.

He’d pick you up and wrap your legs around his hips right away and start to carry you upstairs, but he’d be too impatient and just take you against the wall then and there

He’d want you to be waiting for him on the bed when he gets home. He’d crawl on top of you and keep the move intense eye contact of your life as he starts stripping you out of the rest of your clothing

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He’d turn a slight pinkish from shock, but would quickly snap out of it. He’d pull you into an embrace and he’d kiss your forehead and say, “Let’s take this somewhere else.” While he leads you to your room.

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Pervert x2000! He could stop staring if he tried. He’d pull you closer by tugging at your panties, trying to get a little peek of what underneath,

“Oh my god, you’re perfect…”

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He’d freeze for a split second and just pick you up. He has never been one for surprises, but he would gladly make an exception.

“You have no idea how difficult it was being at practice when I could have been at home with you like this.”

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“I never want you to leave me, but you always do anyway.”

Luke’s baby blue eyes meet yours, but as soon as he realizes you’re looking at him too, his gaze shifts away. He licks his lips while looking down at his shoelaces, like he always does when he’s nervous. He’s picking non-existent dust of his white shirt, while you’re struggling to find something to say. Luke’s been on your mind for years, but you’ve always viewed him as off limits, besides the friends-with-benefit-thing you have going on. And you had tried to tell yourself that you were alright with that, but you can’t do it anymore. Not when he looks so incredibly cute with his curly hair going in all directions and a sleepy morning gaze scanning your fridge for something to eat. “Hi,” you whisper. “Hi Y/N,” he says while taking a bite of the apple he apparently found throughout the search of something eatable in your kitchen – you’re surprised he even found anything, you’re not sure you could have done it yourself. “Are you leaving?” you ask awkwardly and hope he doesn’t catch the way you look at him. Your friends always tell you that you look like someone ready to swallow him whole, and you’re not sure you’re ready for him to know how much you’re into him. He shrugs, still not looking at you. “I thought you wanted me to.” You swallow a gulp while telling yourself that ‘It’s now or never’. “I never want you to leave me, but you always do anyway.” He finally looks in your direction, and the confusion is clear in his blue irises. You’re pretty sure you can see some pain mixed in too, but that could be your imagination playing with you. You’re waiting for him to say something, but when he doesn’t, you know the game is over. “I thought that maybe, just maybe, things would change when you stayed the night, but I guess I shouldn’t get my hopes up too high; you’re still on your way to sneaking out, after all.” He bites his lower lip while looking you straight in the eyes with an intensity that scares you; you’ve known Luke for many years, but you’ve never seen him look this determined. “I had no idea you felt that way, but I hope I haven’t ruined things after tonight, ‘cause I really want to stay the night, and perhaps the morning after, for the rest of my life.” It takes you a few seconds to realize what he just said, but when his soft lips meet yours, you’re pretty sure you get what he’s trying to tell you. “I think I’d like that.”

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7 with bucky?

7. “What’s wrong?” - “I’m pregnant.”

You sat down on the bed, glancing down at Bucky’s sleeping self. His eyes were closed and his face was relaxed. His chest moved rhythmically with each breath and you mentally cursed, you hated having to wake him up from such a peaceful state. 

“Buck?” You shook his shoulder. “I need to tell you something.”

His eyes peeled open and a smile stretched across his lips. He looked so happy, so adorable; he rubbed his eyes to clear his vision. He propped himself up on your elbows and licked his lips, curious as to why you had woken him up at three in the morning. 

As soon as he saw your tear stained cheeks he switched to an upright position. Worry flowed through his veins as he studied your face, he was always one for trying to guess the problem rather than just asking you. When you rolled your eyes and turned your head he placed a hand on your shoulder.

“What’s wrong?” His voice was faint, barely audible as the air conditioning kicked in.

You sighed, not wanting to tell him what was going on. The news would crush him, it would send him running. You weren’t in a serious enough relationship for anything as big as the news was. You had just moved in a week ago and now…

Tears fell from your eyes and you dropped your head into your hands. Bucky rubbed your backed and repeated his question. You brought your head up and met his gaze.

“I’m pregnant.”

To the Train ♡ Joe Sugg One shot/Imagine

You, bundled in a knit scarf and oversized overcoat Caspar gifted you two winters ago, sit in your car.

The heat is running and the radio has been dialed down to a soft whisper.

Joe, whom sits beside you, is rattling on about something your attention is having trouble grasping, something that’s got him all excited. You’ve tried to follow along but it’s proved difficult.

“–and that’s when Zoe got gobbled up by a giant carrot.” Joe finishes.

You furrow your brows and face him, “What?”

“I lost you,” he smiles. “What’s wrong?”

You shake your head, lick your bottom lip. He sets a palm down on your shoulder.

You sigh, “I’m gonna miss you.”

“Aw,” he cooes, “babe–”

“You’re only gonna be gone for three days, but … I’m gonna miss you like mad.”

He leans in so to kiss you sweetly, the hand on your shoulder moving to cup your cheek. When he pulls back, he says, “I’m actually gonna be gone for four.”

You gasp and he laughs.

“I’m joking, I’m kidding.”

“You’re an idiot, ” you say with a smile.

When it’s time, Joe leaves the car for his train, but not before declaring his love for you. You watch as he rounds the front of the car and stops near your door. You roll down the window a crack and ask him what he’s doing.

He kisses you for a final time and then scribbles letters in the fog upon your window

The final result: ‘I love you’. You smirk as your cheeks go warm, “How many times did you have to practice writing backwards?”

He chuckles, “You don’t wanna know.”

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"Oh my god it's... enormous!" you exclaimed as your eyes met with Luke's in astonishment and you licked your lips.

‘Do you maybe want to…?’ he said biting his lip, his voice betraying the confident façade with which he had walked into the room earlier.

Is he self-conscious? you thought, deciding against saying it aloud.

‘Yeah,’ you replied stepping closer to him, a hand coming to rest against his cheek before you kissed him.

He smiled brightly at you, all the doubts he had had evaporating from his mind as you turned around.

‘Who wants some?’ you asked, receiving excited cheers from the rest of the team in response as you started to cut the chocolate cake Luke had bought you for your birthday.

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could you 76 from the drabbles list with Michael where the reader is a tiny bit younger than him and also ryan's sister?

You spread your legs slowly as Michael rushed to get his belt and jeans off. You watched him, licking your lips when a thought came to your mind. “You locked the door right?”

“Of c-”

“Hey have you seen- Oh my god! That’s my sister,” Ryan stared at horror at the both of you. “Michael, please put your penis away.”

You closed your legs, thankful you were turned away from your brother and wearing a skirt. You snorted at the phrasing of his request. You quickly threw a pencil at him, “Ryan, fucking leave.”

Ryan slammed the door shut and you turned back to Michael who was just staring dumbfounded, “Should I put my penis away?”

“God no. Just lock the door first.”