lick my pits

You don’t believe me, huh bro? Let me teach you how it’s done.

First you wear nice tight jeans and a tight t shirt.  Then you slouch down in the chair and get a nice “man spread” going. Proceed to raise your flexed ,muscled arm.  And of course you look away with a cocky look on your superior, alpha face.

And before you know it  BOOM!  the faggots by you are dropping to their knees begging to serve and worship you.  Look, I got 3 of them crawling to me right now.  One fag will get the degradation of licking up the coke I spilled on the floor. One faggot will have the extreme pleasure of licking my filthy shoes clean. The third faggot will be humiliated by me forcing him to sniff and lick the sweat from my pits.  And yes bro, all 3 faggots will have to pay me for the honor of putting them in their place. They are now my cash fags in my ever growing stable of faggot slaves.

What’s that bro???  You’re right, I forgot about my crotch sniffing faggot.  Well look at you getting down on your knees bro! Crawl over here to Master with your wallet open and welcome to Master’s crotch.  you learned your lesson well faggot!