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rimmedlou  asked:

hey gurrl. lemme ask you, what are your fave one shot underage!louis fics? :)

Oh buddy lol. Strap in love :)

Tell Me How Good I Feel

Why Should You Belong To Him

Sweet Dreams

Build God Then We’ll Talk

A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More “Touch Me”

Best Night Ever


Not Enough 

Lick My Lolli, Suck It Down

Best Friends Do Everything Together 

I Want To Break These Walls 

Call Me Daddy, I’ll Call You Mine

Just What The Doctor Ordered

Anything Else Daddy? (Is it rude to rec mine?)

Okay that’s about half of them lol. Enjoy babe xx

Celadon - Willow Green

Summary: Dan lives in a world of black and white, only to be brought to color when one is united with their one soulmate. But Dan found who’s supposed to be his soulmate… two years ago. So why is it that he’s finally seeing all the colors now, when he lays eyes on a boy he doesn’t know?

A/N: A shoutout to holysmokesphan and her wonderful fic Color that you should really read as it has the same exact concept and it’s very very very good.

Genre: Soulmate au, angst, fluff, smut

Warnings: Swearing, suicidal themes, smut in later chapters, representation of homophobia

They call it celadon. The condition I’m in. Everyone learns about it in schools, once you’re old enough to learn about your soulmate, you’re old enough to know about celadon.

“Scandalous.” That’s what they say. “A curse. A sickness.”

I don’t disagree.

The dictionary definition of celadon?

Cel-a-don (n) - 1. the state in which you are an individual’s soulmate, but they, respectively, are not yours.

2. a willow-green color.

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