lick it music video


Lick - Cardi B ft. Offset


Cardi B ft. Offset - Lick

im-not-trash-its-an-idea  asked:

the front bottoms (if youre still doing that)

ooo I know that one lyric thats like “i love you but no fucking way” lmao but haven’t really listen to them tbh

First song Youtube redirected me to: twin size mattress

Do I like it? yeah I like the guitary parts

Would I listen to more of them? possiblyy

Who would be my favourite member? the singer just bc he got licked by a puppy in the music video

If there’s a music video to it, did it catch my attention? It’s alright, I like the dogs haha

Have I heard of them before, but haven’t realized it? yeah I have heard of them before just not listened much


Dej Loaf - Me U & Hennessy


Katharine McPhee Acoustic Session - Lick My Lips