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Nightly Mischief (Part 1)

Pairing: Jimin x OC x Jaebum

Genre: Smut, Smut, and more Smut

A/N: I wanted to do a small short story. I didn’t want it to be too long. So it’ll have a second part. Soon, I promise!

-Admin Moon

Jimin watched the medium height black woman talk to her friend by the door. Her friend had a midriff revealing top with a black miniskirt. And the one who caught hi attention, had on a form fitted dress that hugged her body in all the right places. He wondered if she knew what type of signal she was sending out to some of the men in the club. Probably not. He smiled to himself. She didn’t looked nervous, like she was ready to run for the door. He hoped she didn’t leave before he got to her. Unable to stop himself, he licked his lips. This woman would be the perfect distraction for the night.

“She makes me feel so type of way.” J-Hope, a good friend of his, said as he swiped his own tongue across his lips. “She’s a first timer.” Jimin said as he looked back at the woman. J-Hope shifted his weight away from the bar, where he was drinking water. “You want to see if we can get her to take a trip upstairs?”

Jimin’s hand shot out, smacking J-Hope on the chest stopping his friend’s progress. It wasn’t as if he and J-Hope hadn’t shared women before. J-Hope just enjoyed the roughness. He liked to balance on the edge between pain and pleasure, which some women loved and craved. The woman they both spotted had an innocent look. Innocence that called for gentle approach from a man or men that would help her out of her shell. “I’ll approach her first and if she’s interested in your kind of play, I’ll signal you over.” Dropping his hand, he looked at J-Hope. “You got that.” J-Hope nodded his head in compliance.

Jimin approached the woman from behind, with purpose. “Welcome to The House of Cards,” he whispered behind her ear. Startled, she jumps making a strange squeaking sound. “Oh goodness, you scared me!” Moving to her face, he gave her a sly smile. That had been his plan. “Forgive me, I couldn’t help myself. I’m Jimin.” He held his hand out to her. She gave him a tantalizing smile, as she slipped her hand into his. He soft gaze reached his face. “Luna.”

“Was it your idea to come here?” She fidgeted a little bit her heels and looked at her hand, which he still held in hand. But, she didn’t try to pull away. “It was mine…kinda.” He resisted the urge to pull her closer to him. “People come to The House of Cards for different reasons.” She briefly looked away, “Well since an adult club for ménages, I think everyone would be here for the same reason.” She looked back at him. “Ménages have so many possibilities.” He then emphasized each word to watch her reaction. “Technique. Style. Intensity. And position.” Luna bit down on her lip as she listened to him.

He groaned, allowing her to hear his excitement. Lowering his gaze to look at her body closer, he noticed her rubbing her thighs together. Slowly, he lifted his gaze to meet hers. He gave her a cocky smile, letting her know he knew she was turned on. He pulled her closer, loving the way her body felt against his. “How does this work?” She asked with a shaking voice. Since I’m a gentleman, I’ll let you pick.” He lifted his free hand and stroked his thumb over her bottom lip. “Pick quickly, or I will.

Nodding, she took a moment to scan the room. First she glance to the left, where his friends had been. Then she looked to the right. She’s looking for someone specific. “Him,” she said. “That man sitting over there with the silver hair.” Shifting his gaze to locate the third she wanted for their ménage. Jimin spotted him sitting at a table with two women. No! “You need to pick someone else,” he barked at her. “You said my choice, and I want him.” Jimin couldn’t deny her wishes. Glancing at Jaebum, he waited for the other man to look at him. Jaebum finally made eye contact, leaned over to the ladies then got up and made his way to them.

Taking a step back, Jimin introduced them. “Jaebum, this is Luna.” Luna’s smile was sweet. She held out her free hand, the other was still entangled with his. Jaebum took her hand but instead of shaking it, he turned it over and kissed it. “How can I help you tonight?” He looked at her legs, and they were rubbing together more. “Join us,” she whispered. Still holding her hand, Jaebum pulled her to him and placed his lips close to her ear. “Do you desire the both of us?” He paused and caressed her neck with his lips. “Do you want us to bring you to a new level of ecstasy?” She let out a husky confirmation. “Yes, please.”

“Let’s go to somewhere more comfortable,” Jaebum said.


Imagine being stuck in Shuttlepod One with Trip and Malcolm and Trip finds out about Malcolm’s crush on you.

You were curled up in one corner of the shuttlepod, a blanket wrapped snugly around you as you slept. Malcolm continually found his gaze drawn to your sleeping form while he shivered and waited. He wasn’t sure what he was waiting for. Some miracle rescue? For oxygen to run out? He didn’t know.

“You like ‘em, don’t you?” Trip commented, keeping his voice low. He stared at Malcolm, eyes twinkling in amusement despite his haggard appearance. He jerked his chin towards you. “You like [f/n]?”

Malcolm swirled his small glass of alcohol. “I don’t see why that’s important at the moment,” he mumbled, licking his lips. “We’re going to die anyways.”

“If you feel something for [f/n], you might as well tell them,” Trip pointed out, blowing on his hands to warm them. “You never know, they might feel something right back.”

Malcolm pressed his lips together, unable to keep his eyes from flitting over your face before returning to his hands. “I highly doubt that,” he mumbled, clearing his throat, “Not that it’s any business of yours.”

Trip wrapped his arms around himself. “S’not like you’ve got anything to lose.”

Malcolm scoffed and nursed his drink. “My dignity comes to mind.”

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I'm so annoyed by jlockers. They make it sounds like that this is a slap towards Lgbt community. I'm positive they we need more lgbt couples on media but jhonlock was never ment to be. The whole theory was just not logic (like that pink, a study in pink, is the gay color when it is one of the closest color to red,scarlet, magenta+ white/Magenta+ yellow) And if it was a riddle it was the worst hidden one; they where taken for a couple of more than a season. Sorry for the rant, sheriarty rules👑

And they also say that once Sherlock licked his lips looking ant John and that’s a clear hint of romance. Please understand the difference between a sexy way to lick once own lips and dong it while thinking or just to wet them. Not everything is sexual just because you want it to be. Not everything is sexual period. So annoyed And now you are be annoyed by me Sorry Is just that they are literally E-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e Like it’s a persecution

omg i didnt know about the color thing kdjnfkjgndfgjndkdnjk


it was a cold night, staring silently at the puddle of water infront of you. you were feeling empty, you dont exactly know why but you felt sad.

closing yor eyes tightly, putting your hand infront of your chest, feeling how it beats slowly. Is it wrong to feel this way?-

“Babe?” hearing someone called you and stands at your sit, looking at your husband who’s infront of you. or maybe this was just your Moodswings? you were pregnant for 6 months and your daily emotions are always messed up.

sighing through your nose and heads straight to your husband, burrying your face at his chest,softly clutching at his coat with your fingers. licking his lips in return, running his fingers in your hair, silently confuse.

“is there anything wrong?” asked him. lifting your chin up to look at him and see’s how dull looking you are.

staring at his orbs that made some tears form at the side of your eyes. not saying a word and just keeps quiet.

Making hoshi worried at your state and hugs you close to him, “did something Happend?” he ask once again.

taking a step back and walks first, putting your hand in your bump. furrowing his brows, and catches up.

“i look ugly aren’t i? i’m so fat. i’m not those idols who’s around you. of course, i couldn’t be attractive. my legs are swollen, i have a bratty attitude. i always argue you. but please don’t leave me Soonyoung.” you mumble quietly, making him stop his tracks and grabs your waist gently to his.

Being utterly shock at your outburst, thinking thats the reason why your acting like this. Somehow it made his heart beat hurtly, you were thinking these kind of things out of his hand. you were perfect,did he not prove those to you?

seeing your lips quiver, cupping your cheeks to his cold palms. being disspointed to his self rather than you,He shouldnt made you feel that.

“Baby, what are you saying? your amazing, you look so beautiful carrying my baby, how could you say something like that?” behind his words was tint of confusion.

avoiding his gaze and smiles a little, removing his touch to yours, turning you back and sighed to yourself. leaving his questions,unanswered.

“i’m tired"you said, going in to your house and heads straight at you room.

him; standing at his self.

laying at your bed with your blanket that covers your face, your having depression about pregnancy, it upsets you, you never been like this. a moppy child, and you just can’t blame the reason behind this. because you Love carrying your baby.

sensing that your husband layed beside you,he shouldnt be treated like this, but what can you do? it just you cant stop it.

it upsets me that your thinking that kind of things, you know. i’m hurt that you thought that ill prefer you looking like those girls around me.” he blurted, hearing how upset he is, that made you glance at him.

seeing he’s looking straightly at the wall, not doing any connection.

“your my wife, your the woman i married, i love you whoever you are. don’t doubt yourself like that.” and after he said those words, he turned his head. searching for the eyes he loved. “your carrying my baby,our baby and that doesnt look at you ugly nor unattractive, it makes you more attractive and beautiful, after you got pregnant.” adding up to what he said.

your heart was swelling up to his courage words, you never fail to be inlove to Kwon Soonyoung everday. it was enough for you to take his words back in you, emotionally and lits up your mood.

wiping your teary eyes and slaps his chest lightly, whinning at his greasiness, yet the blush in your cheeks is evident. making him Laugh and pulls you to a hug with a warm stealed kiss in your cheeks. thinking your fine already, “tell me you love me now.” he said, removing some dirt in your cheeks and sits beside him.

i love you” you sang and pecks his lips.


This kid literally said he wants the whole world to hate him for taking victor away from them because he’s the only one who can satisy him. And then he goes out in leather spandex and licks his lips at the guy, demanding his full attention in front of a million people including his parents. THERE IS NOTHING PURE ABOUT THIS CHILD.

I was listening to an NPR podcast recently and they were talking about Sherlock. One woman said “John’s love for Sherlock is intense but platonic, and Sherlock’s love for John is romantic but not sexual.” And the other panel members were like mmm, interesting, yes, great observation.

And I mean. On the one hand, congrats on admitting it’s not just a bro thing. On the other hand…fuck you, a little bit? Because let’s just imagine Sherlock was played by a woman. A tall, slender, raven-haired woman with killer cheekbones. John Watson is sitting across from her at a candlelit table in the first episode. He licks his lips before asking if she has a boyfriend, a girlfriend? No? She’s single like him, good. Anyone on this earth gonna say “oh well his feelings are clearly intense, but platonic"? Nope.

Imagine this woman repeatedly poking fun at John’s mustache (because she can’t bring herself to ask if he’s going to keep his fiancee) and then John shows up at the flat they used to share and he’s shaved it off. And this woman, she looks John Watson in the eyes and tells him in a low voice that she prefers her doctors clean shaven. Still romantic but not sexual? Anyone? Bueller?

It’s just frustrating to hear a panel of liberal fans of this show spouting intellectual-sounding shit about the John/Sherlock relationship that seems progressive on the surface but really just makes excuses for why it can’t be what it would SO OBVIOUSLY be TO EVERYONE ON THE PLANET if they weren’t both men––a slow burn romance with mutual sexual tension.

Anyway. Preaching to the choir here but I needed to vent.

Eros- the next step


So we all know that Yuri has been taking his intro to Eros up a notch every time- and I have a theory as to what he’s going to do next.

First it was the seductive smirk:

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Then he licked his lips:

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Then he blew a kiss:

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The Signs as Victuuri Scenes in Yuri!!! On Ice
  • Aries : Victor sleeping on Yuuri
  • Taurus : "Yuuri, let's sleep together!"
  • Gemini : "Seduce me with all you can"
  • Leo : Yuuri announcing to the world his love (for Victor)
  • Virgo : that loving look in their eyes after they kissed
  • Libra : Yuuri crying and Victor not knowing what he should do
  • Scorpio : Yuuri licking his lips for Victor
  • Sagittarius : "It can even make me,a man, pregnant! Such Eros!"
  • Capricorn : "I want to be known as the man who stole Victor away from the world"
  • Aquarius : Victor hugging Yuuri while he was drunk and half naked
  • Pisces : "This is the only thing I could think of, to surprise you more than you have surprised me"

So you have a boyfriend? [no] Right! Okay! *eyes light up, licks his lips* so you’re unattached. *gently* just like me… Fine. Good,