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Knock Before You Enter {Remus Lupin x Reader} *SMUT*

Oh God, this was so hot to write ;) I haven’t written smut in a while so here you go, lovelies! Hope you like it

Reader needed help from the Marauders, only to walk in on Remus.

Enjoy! @allertonn


History classes sucked and that was the truth. It wasn’t just the numerous wars and revolutions, in fact, they were quite interesting but the drawling, ghastly voice of Professor Binns made everyone sleepy and bored. This would often result to students waking up by the end of the class, only to find out there was a homework about the earlier discussion and you should consider yourself lucky if someone was even awake enough to listen.

As was the case of (Y/n).

And no, she was not awake that time.

She was half-asleep when the professor announced a group homework and her group mates were none other than the four, troublesome Gryffindors. To be quite honest, they were not as laid back as she thought they’d be. They would help one another when it comes to studies and rumour has it, they would even stay up all night to review. No one has confirmed this rumour, of course, but she was quite confident in their abilities since their high grades were enough evidence especially her long time crush, Remus Lupin.

She was on her way to their dorm, carrying with her her school books to get started on the homework, when Peter Pettigrew came running down the stairs.

“Pettigrew! Where are you going? We’re supposed to start on the homework, remember?” She said.

“Sorry, (L/n). James and Sirius has detention the whole day today.”

“What?” She frowned, “But the deadline’s tomorrow! I can’t do this by myself!”

“Yeah, sorry. I wish I can help you but…uh, Remus is upstairs. He can certainly help you out. Anyway, I gotta go. See you around!” Peter said before scurrying away quickly.

(Y/n) did not know why he was in such a hurry or what could be more important than their homework but her heart jumped at the mention of her crush’s name.

She wanted to get this homework over and done with. She had put too much faith on James and Sirius and now that they were in detention (no doubt another prank), she had to make do with what she have; not that she didn’t mind studying with Lupin. It was because she couldn’t focus on anything when she’s alone with him. It had happened before and she did not understand a single lesson.

She marched upstairs while mumbling furiously, planning out how she will done the two in and bury their bodies next to each other. She had not noticed their door slightly ajar and so when she opened it, her eyes saw the most unexpected scene that made her regret ever coming in. Remus Lupin was standing with his back turned to her, slowly pulling his shirt over his head. His back was littered with long, red scratches and scars but the arch of his spine made her blush, his shoulder blades made her heart pound, and the tiny dimples on his back made her wet.

(Y/n) was immediately frozen on the spot. She did not know if she should leave or shout at him for not locking his door. Either way, she had to decide quick because time was running out and Remus was already turning around.

His eyes fell on her immediately but he did not seem taken aback by her presence. Instead, he smirked and watched her eyes widen in surprise.

“Can I help you?” He asked casually.

It made her melt, her mouth hung slightly open and all the air from her lungs felt like they have been sucked out by a vacuum. She bit her lip to try and swallow her words but her heart was beating so loud that she became unaware of what came out of her mouth.

“I, uh, need some help with something,” she said with a smile which Remus interpreted as a positive response. He walked towards her and every step that he took, made her walk backwards nervously until she was pressed against the door, closing it with a soft thud. He reached towards her face and gently brushed the back of his finger on her cheek, trailing down to her chin to meet his eyes.

“And what is that?”

(Y/n) looked at him with wide eyes before looking down at his lips. She was so tempted to know how they taste like, how they feel like. She wanted him badly but she decided to play along. Her awkward self was now long gone.

“Homework. I can’t do it by myself, you know.” She said with a smirk. She did not know where this sudden burst of confidence came from but it was leading her to get where she wanted to be.

“Well, good thing I’m here for you, aren’t I? None of my friends are here too so we have the room all to ourselves.” He said, twirling a piece of her hair before tucking it behind her ear.

“Don’t you think I should come by some other time?” She said, “You’re not fully dressed.”

Remus looked down at himself and chuckled, “I would be if you knocked on the door.”

“Where’s the fun in that?” She teased, making Remus growl and grab her face, kissing her lips passionately.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him back, her tongue trailing along his lips while he firmly kept his hands on her hips. Both of them have wanted this for so long but they never had the chance to know about how they felt towards each another since his friends were always teasing him. He did not ever want this moment to pass and so he moved his hands up and down on her body, feeling every inch of her skin, memorizing it in his mind. Hearing her moan softly was like music to him, knowing that he was making her feel good. He licked her neck and softly nibbled her ear before whispering.

“Do you want me?” He asked and although they haven’t gotten very far, he wanted her to assure him that she wanted him as much as he did. She slipped her fingers through his soft, brown hair and gave him his answer after a quick kiss on the lips.

“I do. I’ve always do.” She replied, making Remus smile excitedly like a little school boy who had just received his candy.

He carried her in both of his arms and laid her down on his bed before crouching towards her like a hungry wolf. She bit her lip and watched him hover above her, her eyes set on his. He leaned in and began to kiss her once more while she pulled him close with her legs. She felt his hard on press against her clothed heat, making him moan back. He continued to grind against her in a rhythm so pleasurable that made her sure her underwear was soaking wet by now. He pulled apart from her mouth and trailed kisses from her neck to her collarbone, lowering the top of her shirt to reveal more skin.

Watching him taste her and lick her was once a dream she would fantasize about at night while playing with herself but now that it was happening, she wanted more than just this. Remus stopped and pulled the top of her shirt once more, peaking down at her bra with a smirk.

“Take this off for me, darling, would you?” He asked in a polite yet lustful manner.

(Y/n) did not hesitate and sat up to remove her shirt, revealing to him her black laced bra with a tiny white bow between her breasts. She bit her lip and beckoned him with a finger.

“Remus…” She moaned, driving him mad.

He leaned in to her hungrily and cupped her breast in his hand, “ ‘This for me, darling?”

He fondled her and massaged her as she continued to moan his name in his ear. He pinched her nipple through her bra while she reached behind her back to unclasp it. Remus pulled it by the straps before tearing it from her body, throwing it on the other side of the room. She laid back down once more as he kissed her, his hands now reaching through her underwear to feel her wet womanhood. He pressed his thumb on her clit like a button, his other finger teasing her soaked entrance.

His lips went down to her breasts and closed around her nipple while he kept his fingers busy, rubbing up and down her slit. He pushed two fingers in and as she moaned, he began to move them, her wetness making it easier for him to slide in and out.

“A-ahh, Remus…”

“Feels good?” He asked but he did need to hear her answer.

The way she writhed at the mercy of his fingers was enough evidence. He continued fingering her until she was about to reach her climax, pulling it out before she could release. She glared at him for delaying her but he did not say anything. He tugged down her shorts and tossed it by the bed before removing her underwear that matched her bra. He placed it in his pocket and started to unbuckle his belt.

“You’ll have it back tomorrow.” He said. The thought of her going back to her room with no knickers under her clothes aroused him.

He pulled down his boxers next and (Y/n) licked her lips at the size of his impressive length. He was already hard and the tip was leaking pre-cum. She spread her legs in front of him, showing him how wet she was. Remus’s eyes darkened with lust at the sight, capturing it like a picture to wank himself to. He crawled back on top of her and held his cock before running the head up and down her soaking slit, teasing her.

“Remus, no…I-I want you,” she said, desperation in her voice.

He leaned in to her and kissed her softly before slowly easing himself inside, pushing his thick manhood in her wet cavern. Inch by inch, he filled her pleasurably, making her moan into his kiss. He pressed his forehead against her and pulled out gently before pushing back in one thrust.

“Oh, love…You are so tight. Feels so good for me, darling.”

He praised, his elbows planted on the mattress as he began to move in a slow, teasing rhythm. (Y/n) moaned at every hard and slow thrust he gave. Soon enough, he increased his speed with an even harder impact than before. Her walls clamped tightly around his length at every push and pull, his lips capturing hers.

His hands both gripped on the headboard as he roughened his thrusts, his nails scratching the wood. He was hitting her g-spot now and he was going fast and hard, making the headboard slam against the wall. He moaned at how wet she was becoming, whispering to her praises like how good she made him feel. He could tell she was close and so he carried her by her waist and sat up, allowing her to move up and down on his thick length.

“Oh my God, Lupin! I’m so close…”

“Go on, love. Come for me,” he encouraged, pressing his lips on her skin. He was getting close as well and with one last thrust and a hard slam of her bum on his thighs, the two finally reached their climax.

“A-Ahh!” Remus moaned as he started to cum inside her, thick spurts of his seed marking her walls as his. He groaned in immense pleasure while she soaked him with her juices, her head thrown back and her eyes closed. He kept his arms around her, her hands on his shoulders as his cock began to soften. He laid her back down and pulled out, his cum trickling down from her slit. (Y/n) smiled and ran her fingers through her hair.

“Wow…That was splendid.”

Remus panted and smiled before cleaning her up. He laid back down by her side and tucked her in with his blanket, pulling her to his chest.

“So are we dating?” He tried to asked confidently but his fear of just being a one-night stand made him worry. He wanted to start a relationship with her and not just a physical relationship to help him let out his frustrations. He loved her deeply and if she did not want him, it would surely break his heart.

However, (Y/n) smiled and nodded, “Of course!”

Remus gave a breath of relief and returned the smile, “Hogsmeade on Saturday, then?”

“I’d love to, Remus.”

She kissed his lips softly before resting her head on his shoulder, falling asleep by his side.

Wrong Place, Right Time

This is a prompt fill from the lovely @raptorlily you are such an awesome supporter of my work and I must admit that every time I post something new on Ao3 I eagerly await your review, just as I do your fics.

I hope this fill meets your prompt, it’s only a little bit of pressure filling a prompt for one of your fave fanfic authors.


Betty Cooper goes to the White Wyrm to confront Jughead and finds herself in hot water. Enter her knight in a black leather jacket.

Rating: M - there is some stuff ‘wink, wink’ going on but nothing graphic.

Also there is a ‘Keep Reading’ cut.

Betty took a deep breath and pulled her pony tail tighter before she walked through the door of the White Wyrm, if Jughead Jones thought that she could be dissuaded so easily he had another thing coming. The text message had been the last straw.

He had been putting distance between them for weeks. No longer coming to Pop’s, declining her invitations to meet at the Register to write. Even when she was with him he was distant, he no longer sought comfort in her touch, and she knew he was keeping secrets from her. It had all started as soon as he put that damn jacket on. She had been afraid for him, what it would mean for them once he was part of the Serpents. He had promised her that it was just undercover, that he wasn’t about to make the same mistakes that his father had, and she wanted so badly to believe him. She wanted to be his partner in this just as she had been there for Jason Blossom’s murder investigation and subsequent solving. Just as he had been there for her with Polly, the very start of their relationship.

She was determined that she was not going to lose him to the Southside, plus no-one, not even Jughead Jones was going to break up with her via text.

She could feel the atmosphere change as soon as she crossed over the threshold, suspicious eyes roving over her trying to figure out what one of ‘them’ was doing in a place like this.

“You are a very long way from home Blondie.” A leather clad man with a long beard, greyed with age sneered at her. She noticed from the corner of her eye another member, a teen around her age had made his way from the table where he was seated. She continued to make her way towards the bar, ignoring the furious beating of her heart and the shaking in her hands. But as more and more of the gang members moved to surround her she could feel her confidence starting to give way. She straightened herself pulling herself up to her full height and continued on.   

“Extremely far from the white picket fences of the Northside.” He continued to chuckled unkindly.

“Did the boys get too boring for you over there. Wanted something a little more dangerous.” The younger man said as he approached her his eyes roaming over her body, as she hugged her arms around herself suddenly self conscious of her tight sweater.

She turned around sharply looking for an escape but was now surrounded by the other patrons of the bar, other members of the notorious gang which currently was locked in a civil war with her own side. Well she was here now and there was no feasible escape so she might as well get what she came for.

“I’m looking for Jughead Jones.” She said cursing the slight waver in her voice as she tried to command authority in her voice.

“Well girlie, you found us instead.” The older man said as he placed an arm on her shoulder and as she moved to shrug him off he only gripped harder. Frightened she reached for the pepper spray that she had stolen from her mum’s bag, grateful that she had had the forethought to do so. “And we don’t take too kindly to your kind nosing around here.”

Just as her fingers clasped around the cannister a tall figure pulled the man away from her,  pressing him up against the bar, as she moved back stunned, free from his grasp.

“Back off Mongoose.” A rough familiar voice threatened, and recognition washed over her. A beanie-less, leather jacket wearing Jughead Jones, had the Serpent pinned to the bar, twisting his arm behind his back, his tall imposing figure had the other members who had initially gone to help take a wider berth as soon as he glared at them.

Her heart was now racing out of something more than fear, seeing her Jughead defending her honour sent a heat spreading through her body and a flush to her cheeks. His hair was wild, waves falling over his eyes, as he glared at those around him. He leant closer to the man’s ear whispering something that she couldn’t quite hear and noticed a widening of Mongoose’s eyes as he took in the information, before nodding eagerly.

Jughead released him and Betty watched as he nursed his arm as he moved to the back of the small crowd that had gathered when the commotion had started. None of the other serpents seemed to want to be near him as if he was tainted.

He turned to her next, his hand pushing back his hair from his face and his eyes captured hers with such an intensity that she felt her flush intensify, her sweater becoming too warm despite the coolness of the bar.

“You need to leave Betty.” . His face an expression of something that she had only seen a few times, when he was held back by the orderlies at the Sisters of Quiet Mercy and when someone had covered her locker in pigs blood spelling out their hatred for her. There was a roughness and authority in his voice that made her go weak in the knees. Her protector, always.

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Fries, Wine, and Bubble Bath

A little CS honeymoon fic, inspired by Jen, the queen of our ship.

Rated M. Also on ao3

She dips her fingers in the water to test the temperature. Nearly scalding, just how she likes it.

“You know,” Killian murmurs sidling up behind her, wearing nothing but his boxers, pressing himself against her from head to toe and wrapping his arm around her front, tangling his fingers in the ties of her robe. “This has to be one of my favorite things about your realm.”

“What? Did you not have robes in the Enchanted Forrest?”

Maybe if she thought a little harder, she would have realized that wasn’t what he was talking about. But he always comments on how much he fancies this realms fashions, especially the undergarments. And her brain has been thoroughly jumbled by their earlier activities so she doesn’t beat herself up too hard for the comment.

“No, love,” he chuckles into her throat, sending a shiver down her spine, nosing at the fabric of his robe against her shoulder. “The water faucet. Bathing was such a tiring affair, especially aboard the Jolly, heating the water and transferring it. It’s magical to be able to simply turn a nob until you’re satisfied. And there was nothing nearly as delightful as these bubbles.”

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Be a Good Girl

Author: @onceratheart4life
Pairing: Stiles Stilinski/Reader
Rating: NSFW 18+
Warnings: Explicit Language, Dirty Talk, Teasing, Daddy Kink, Praise Kink, Very Slight Dom/Sub Themes, Bondage, Fingering, Oral (M>F), Unprotected Sex (wrap it before you tap it, kids).
Word Count: 3,829 words
Request: Stiles x reader where they’re studying and he finds her web history and discovers her kinks. He starts trying to distract her but she won’t move until he says ‘be a good girl for daddy’ leads to rough sex etc. Please tag me in it ☺️☺️ thanks xx
A/N: So this is my first smut and it’s hella smutty in my opinion. And because it is my first smut, it’s written in third person and may not be as good as other writers, but it’ll improve over time. And my Professor Dylan O'Brien AU is on hold, as is the other requests because I have to study for about six major exams coming up. And also, thank you @proudglader for the deliciously sinful request.

Studying with Stiles wasn’t always “studying.” He’d test (Y/N) by stripping her and kissing nearly every body part of hers, quizzing her and won’t let her come until answering almost all the questions correctly. It often lead to rough and passionate sex, which made up 50% of their sex life. The other percent was soft, slow and tender sex.

That’s what she loved about her boyfriend, that he could be both dominant and submissive, rough and gentle at the same time or one in different encounters. It was always different with them, they would try different things out. Handcuffs, blindfolding, and once spanking. Every time with Stiles was exciting for her, no matter what the mood was.

Tonight they were studying history alone at her house, her parents were gone for the week so they had the whole house to themselves. When he asked her if she wanted to study, she couldn’t tell if he meant "studying” or actual studying, but he had brought his books to her house about half-an-hour ago so she knew it was the latter option.

She was sitting on her bed surrounded by books when Stiles got up from his spot next to her, making her head turn to ask him, “What are you doing?” He shrugs, heading over to her desk where her laptop was. “I’m gonna search something up real quick.”

(Y/N) didn’t think anything of it afterward, but she was kind of nervous. Sure, she and Stiles had an amazing sex life, but she often read smut that involved her kinks. Kinks that he never knew of because she was scared he wouldn’t be into it and think she was a freak. After ten minutes of his fingers tapping away on the keyboard, it stopped abruptly. “(Y/N)?” He called out.

“Yeah, Stiles?” She asked, not looking up from the textbook despite her curiosity.

“What exactly does DD/LG stand for?”

Her head snapped up so fast she was afraid she’d hurt her neck but her embarrassment clouded the pain. “What?” She squeaked, her hands clammy and heart pounding against her ribs. He didn’t turn around, instead his fingers tapped away on the keyboard and her face paled when she saw the page he pulled up.

“Daddy dom and little girl?” He questioned, spinning around with a devious look on his face, eyebrow arched. His eyes were a shade darker than the whiskey brown (Y/N) loved which reminded her of Void. Void was obsessed with her because of Stiles’ feelings for her, which made him lust after her. But of course, no matter how hard it was, she never gave into it.

“You have a daddy kink?” Stiles asks, standing up and sauntered over to the (H/C) girl.

She looked down and avoided his burning gaze, eyes glued to the words on the page as the bed dipped next to her and his fingers ran down up her bare arm, igniting a spark in her gut. DD/LG was one of her kinks, but she also had a kink for his hands, or more specially, his fingers. When ever he wasn’t there, or late at night, she would fantasize about those long slender fingers touching her as she got off on it.

His fingers traced her collarbone and he brushed away her hair to place a kiss against her already heated skin, right below her ear, and she had to bite her bottom lip to keep herself from letting out a low and filthy moan. It got harder as he trailed feather-light kisses up her neck and across her jaw, lips soft and teasing. His hand landed on her thigh and trailed it up slowly, getting closer to the juncture of her thighs. She clenched them together to try to relieve the ache that formed in her core, already wet from his touch alone.

“Answer me, princess,” he ordered gruffly against her skin.

She shook her head, skin a light pink from the desire and embarrassment. She didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of knowing how much power he had over her.

“Be a good girl for Daddy and answer me.”

Oh shit, she mentally cursed, finally letting out a soft moan. “Yes,” she bit out, flustered and awkward.

“Do you want to be a good girl for Daddy?” He asked, licking a stripe up her neck. She nodded shortly, eyes falling close as she gave herself up. “Then spread your thighs for me, princess.”

She did as told, spreading her legs a bit, still feeling shy. But it was all he needed, hand cupping her sex over her pajama shorts. When his thumb rubbed little circles over her covered bundle of nerves, a low moan left her lips, head falling and body curling into his. He wrapped his free arm around her waist, lifting her to sit sideways in his lap and urged her to lay her head in the crook of his neck. Her hands balled in the material of his black t-shirt, whimpering when he slipped his hand into her shorts and panties, fingertips coming into contact with her already swollen nub, softly caressing it with the pads of his fingers.

“Do you want to go slow or fast for tonight?” He whispered against her forehead.

Last time they had sex was a few days ago, after a lacrosse game and it was pretty rough so she still felt a little sore from that, so she answered, “Whatever you want-” She cut herself off with a strangled moan when he rubbed over her soaked entrance. “Fuck, you’re so wet,” he growled, gently slipping in his index finger, her lips parted and moans escaped them. “Is this all for me?”

“Y-yes,” she stuttered. “Always.”

He hummed, dipping in another finger and slowly pumped them in and out of her tight sheath, listening to her soft moans and whimpers. His fingers moved slowly, rubbing along her walls, finding her spot easily. His thumb moved over her clit in small circles, teasing her there but reaching all the right places inside her canal to trigger her climax.

“Please, don’t stop, Daddy,” she begged, using one hand to grip his toned forearm, quickly climbing to the edge. “I’m so close and I wanna cum for you.”

He bent his head down so his lips hovered over hers, her breathing labored as her moans grew in volume, his fingers moving more quickly as her walls began to flutter and clench around him, his cock hard and nearly painful. Her hips began to rock against his fingers, rubbing against the bulge in his pants, a strangled noise leaving his lips. He never knew the word “daddy” could be pleasurable for him, and it was quickly becoming one of his own kinks.

Finally, he twisted his wrist a little to press down hard on her clit, rubbing quick and tight circles over the flesh and she shattered, a cry leaving her lips that she muffled by pressing her face into his shoulder, thighs quaking as pleasure coursed through her. He gradually stopped moving his fingers, waiting until she stopped clenching around him, and gently removed them from her, her body shaking from the aftershocks of her orgasm. She watched as he brought his glistening fingers to his mouth and wrapped his lips around them, humming at her taste.

A moan slipped from her lips, still wanting him. “You’ve been such a good girl for me. Do you like being a good girl for daddy?” He asked in a husky voice and brushed his lips against hers. She nodded, curling into him more and pressed her lips to his fluttering pulse. “I like being good for you, daddy,” she answered in a whisper, her other hand slipping around his neck. He searched her (E/C) eyes before crashing his lips to hers, teeth clacking and his tongue dominating hers. It was messy, hot and passionate, a new flood of desire crashing over (Y/N)’s body. He moved their bodies so he was above her and between her legs, her body positioned a little bit above him so her head was on the pillow. 

He didn’t waste anytime to strip her, pulling her shirt over her head with her help and her shorts, revealing her soaked panties and bare breasts. He groaned at the sight, but kept his composure

“You’re scarves are in your closet, right?” He asked, more mischief in his eyes. She nodded and bit her tongue to contain a whine that threatened to leave her lips when he raised his body off of hers and crawled off the bed, heading towards her closet.

She was quickly lowering from the delicious high Stiles gave her moments ago, but she was still slick with arousal. Thoughts of what he was gonna do with the scarf ran through her mind, thinking about him gagging her, blindfolding or bondage, the thoughts only making her more wet and her core throb. She rubbed her thighs together to relieve some of the pressure, hips arching up slightly and she took the opportunity to remove her ruined panties, throwing them carelessly over the side of the bed. A cluck of disapproval made her still, eyes snapping to the foot of the bed where a shirtless Stiles was standing, a black scarf hanging from his palm and a look of disdain on his face.

“Ah ah,” he admonishes, grabbing her ankles and pulling her legs apart, squeezing her one ankle as a warning. “No touching yourself of any kind. It’s my job.” He pointed his index finger at her and winked, knowing how hot she found it when he winked.

She nods and smiles coyly, “Sorry, Daddy, it’s just uncomfortable.”

A feral grin spread across his face and he slid his hands up her legs, crawling back up her body until he slotted his hips against hers with her legs on either side of him. He grabbed her wrists and held them together in front of him, wrapping the soft material around her wrists and tied a knot that he could untie later, letting go and she dropped them. “Keep them up there,” he ordered, his voice low and rough. It caused another flood of heat to pass through (Y/N)’s loins, her clit throbbing.

It amazed her how worked up he could get her within a very short period of time, something he used to his advantage quite frequently. A little gasp leaves her lips as he pressed a short but hard kiss to her lips, placing a kiss on the corners of her mouth, her jaw and neck where he started to suck and lick.

His sinful tongue against her flesh had her eyes rolling to the back of her head, moans left her lips as he bit down where her shoulder met her neck, soothing the bite and continued to give her neck and collarbones attention. The spark within her turned into an inferno, heating her skin and core.

When his lips wrapped around one of her hard nipples, biting down gently on the hard nub, a whimper left her lips. He used his other hand to cup her other breast, thumb and index finger tweaking the nipple until it was erect and taut.

“Please, Daddy,” she mewled.

“Please, what?” He taunted, sliding his lips to her other nipple and licking over it, sucking a purple mark to the underside of her right breast.

“Please do something,” she breathed out, eyes closed and lips parted as moans slipped from them.

He hummed, kissing down her stomach slowly to her hips, kissing the crevice where it meets her thighs, purposely teasing her. She bucked her hips ups and he held her down, spreading her thighs a tad bit more to kiss from her knee and up the inside of her thigh and he sucked tiny marks into her skin. He was deliberately teasing her, working her up and under certain circumstances, (Y/N) would enjoy it, but the throbbing between her thighs was too intense to enjoy the teasing.

“Daddy,” she moaned, hoping he’d take mercy on her.

And he did, a very loud moan leaving her as his tongue came into contact with her core, licking a stripe through her folds and wrapped his lips around her clit, sucking harshly. “Mmm,” he hummed against her, the vibrations traveling through her and made her thighs twitch at the sides of his head. “You always taste so good, baby girl.”

As he continued his onslaught of using his tongue to stimulate her bundle of nerves, she wanted nothing more than to thread her fingers in his silky brown hair, but she knew she couldn’t. So she settled for holding onto a pillow, her eyes falling shut and her back arching up, as well as her hips. His hand clamped down onto her hip, stilling them to continue feasting upon her.

“Oh, fuck!” She cursed as she felt his index finger circle her entrance, the digit quickly being coated in her juices that accumulated from his tongue against her.

“Not yet, princess,” Stiles smirks against her, slowly sliding in the digit, a second one following quickly, his tongue never stopping its assault on her clit as he fingered her for the second time that night.

Her walls fluttered and clenched around his long fingers, hitting all the right places like before, but this time he scissored his two fingers gently inside her, stretching her walls deliciously. “Ooh,” she let out, her back arching and deep moans came from her throat, skin flushed pink from the blood rushing through her veins and the stimulation. “Oh, my God! Please!”

“What do you want, baby?”

She opened her eyes and looked down, meeting his eyes from where he was between her thighs, the sight sinful, and she said in a slightly trembling voice, “I want you to fuck me after this.”

He grinned and wasted no time, curling his fingers and stroked her sensitive walls, sucking harshly on her clit and she broke, a strangled cry leaving her throat as her hips started to jerk. As soon as her hips stopped moving, he removed his fingers from her, and she felt empty as he did but didn’t make a single sound of disdain as he left her body and the bed. 

The sound of him unbuckling his belt and unzipping his pants traveled to her ears and she watched as he discarded his shoes, socks and then his pants. Her (E/N) eyes darting around his tall frame, his muscles toned but not as much as most guys but (Y/N) loved it, pale skin dotted with moles and freckles, the small patch of dark hair in the middle of his chest and the happy trail leading down to his erect cock that stood proudly. The slightly red tip was glistening with precum.

A moan left her lips at the sight, her hips grinding down into the mattress to try to get some relief but found none. He returned to her body, moving between her legs so his hips were against hers and his hands on either side of her head, his cock between her folds, and he moved his hips to glide it through her folds, lubricating himself in her copious amounts of arousal. A whine of frustration left her lips, squirming. “Stop… Teasing,” she huffed out, the intense sensation between her thighs almost painful.

He smirked and with no warning, he slammed into (Y/N) to the hilt, her head falling forwards with a whimpering cry leaving her lips and her eyes rolling to the back of her head. “Daddy!” She gasped, moving her arms to loop it over his head to pull him closer to her, hearing no objection from the teen above her as he fell to his elbows, his bare chest grazing hers. His hips stilled, buried deep within her and letting her adjust to his generous size.

She didn’t say anything to let him know she was ready, instead lifting her legs so her knees framed his hips. He pulled out and slammed back in, setting a quick and hard pace, the only sounds in the room being her moans and whimpers, his grunts and growls, and the sound of skin slapping against skin.

His thrusts were powerful and quick, and he looked down to her face, eyes closed and expression contoured in pleasure with her lips shaped in a “o” and skin shinning with perspiration, eyes falling down to her bouncing breasts. He bent his head down to capture one of her erect nipples, laving the bud with his tongue and lightly bit down, her squeal of pleasure music to his ears. With her having an orgasm just a few moments ago, he knew she was undoubtedly close to her climax with the way her tight walls were clenching around him, amplifying his own pleasure, he snaked his between their sweaty bodies and found her swollen clit, quickly rubbing it.

“Daddy!” (Y/N) screamed, the knot of pleasure in her stomach bursting, intense pleasure crashing over her as she orgasm for the third time that night. “Oh, fuck, Daddy!”

A load groan leaves his lips as her walls clamped down on his pulsing member, triggering her own orgasm and he came with a grunt, his essence coating her inner walls. He continued to move his hips, slow to prolong their climaxes for as long as possible.

Soon, he stopped, panting and her body was shaking beneath his. They buried their heads in the other’s necks, holding each other close, the sweat cooling on their skin and he softened slightly in her. But at the slightest movement from her got his shaft to stiffen, the recovery rate pretty impressive. When it came to sex with (Y/N) he could go for hours, slowly increasing his stamina over time and it made it a lot more enjoyable for them.

“I’m not done with you yet, baby girl,” he panted in his ear, moving to wrap his arms around her back as it was arched, rearing backwards so he sat back on his haunches with her perched in his lap, still within her and her arms around his neck and legs around his waist. She couldn’t respond, chest heaving for air and hair messy, but she didn’t object, her need for him not yet sated. “You got enough energy?”

(Y/N) nodded, sucking in a deep breath and start to slowly rock her hips against his. Her hips were most likely going to be bruised by the morning, and sore for a few days, but sex with Stiles was too good to stop in that moment. “Always,” she said in a low voice, kissing Stiles’ jaw as his hands found her hips and helped her move her hips, steadily gaining speed and the knots within their abdomens as she started to bounce in his lap, skin slapping against skin once more. 

The muscles in her thighs tightened, walls involuntarily clenching around Stiles’ cock, eliciting a loud moan from his plump lips, “God, do that again, baby.” She did it again, a little bit more strong than the last that got a rough growl from her lover, “Good girl,” he praised. “Such a good girl for Daddy.”

Pleasure surged through her at the praise, and he felt it from her reaction around him. “You like being praised, don’t you?” He asked in her ear, voice purposely low and rough as their hips continued to thrust against each other. “Oh you do.” He stilled her hips with his hands, making (Y/N) whine in complaint, but he pulled his head away and moved his hands to hold her flushed cheeks, taking in every detail of her face. Lips swollen and parted as pants left her, eyes half-lidded, hair sticking to her temples from sweat and yet he found her to be as beautiful as always, maybe even more now in the throes of passion.

“God, you are so beautiful,” he murmured, running the pad of his thumb along her lower lip and she pressed a kiss to it, the once sexually intense moment now a emotionally intense moment. He couldn’t tear his eyes from hers, not even when she went back to lifting her hips and dropping back down onto him, letting him out half-way from her sheathe. “So are you,” she says, barely inaudible but he heard her. 

(Y/N) started to grind her hips against his, barely lifting her hips as she was on the edge of an earth-shattering orgasm, her fourth and final one of the night. The tip of his cock kept hitting her g-spot, his pubic bone rubbing against her bundle of nerves and the dual sensations sent her into overload, the knot bursting and her body spasming and a loud scream of his name, not “Daddy” but “Stiles,” left her lips and their eyes still connected. 

He started to snap his hips up, jaw clenched and muscles straining as he was getting closer and closer to his own peak. “Come for me, Daddy,” she said under her breath, exhausted but wanted to see him come one more time. And he did, cock pulsing for the final time tonight and this climax, like (Y/N)’s, was intense, coating her insides again with more of his seed. But she didn’t care, getting off on the fact that it claimed her as his, and vice versa,

Her body sagged against his, wrists rubbed sore as well as the rest of her body. She could barely keep her eyes open, wincing when she lifted her arms from around his neck and he was trying to catch his breath. “Next time we do that,” he panted. “I’m taking you from behind.”

She didn’t laugh, merely gave him a tired smile as his shaky fingers untied the scarf from her wrists, letting it fall over the side of the bed and she fell backwards, back hitting the mattress and he fell next to her. 

“Might be a while,” she said, pressing her hand against her chest and felt her erratic heart beneath her palm, gradually slowing down. 

He frowned and turned on his side, pulling the sheets above them to look at (Y/N) with worry etched into his face. “I didn’t hurt you, did I?” He asked anxiously, biting his lip. 

“No,” (Y/N) whispered, eyes drooping as weariness started to take over. “It was perfect.”

The anxious look on his face disappeared, her fading voice filling his ears as he watched her close her eyes and passed out, skin glistening with dried sweat and hair messy. A breathy chuckle left his lips and he shook his head, pulling the sheets up more to cover her body up to her chin, snuggling closer to her and gently pulled her to him and she instantly curled into his side, head on his chest. “I love you,” he whispered against her forehead, and even though she was asleep, she heard him, a small smile spreading upon her lips.

I love you, too.

Storms and Visitors {Sirius Black x Reader} *SMUT*

Blessing your feeds with some SMUT SMUT SMURT SMUT. This was so worth it to write. Next one will be Remus ;)

Regulus invites you at his house to stay for the night until the storm stops but Sirius has other plans.


Enjoy! @allertonn


When the hard rain and the thunder rumbled into a magnificent chaos in the night sky, Disappparating was simply not an option. It was a huge mistake to leave the house especially for (Y/n). She had not yet learned how to Disapparate properly and even worse, she was stuck in Diagon Alley. Everyone had ran for cover as soon as the rain poured heavily and (Y/n) quickly stayed at Madam Malkin’s when she heard someone call her name.

“(Y/n)?” Regulus said, walking towards her with a smile. “How nice to see you here.”

“Regulus!” She exclaimed, clearly surprised as well to find her housemate in the shop. She came up to him with a long embrace before pulling back. “The weather’s crazy, isn’t it? A storm right in the middle of summer.”

“Yeah, it’s quite strange,” he agreed. “How are you?”

“Fine as usual. What’re you buying, by the way?” (Y/n) asked, peeking curiously at the coat he carried in his arm.

“Oh, I didn’t buy anything. This is my brother’s,” he said, showing the black coat with several holes. “He came to visit today since our parents aren’t home. I’m just getting it fixed for him.”

“That’s so sweet of you!” (Y/n) smiled, making Regulus blush.

“I guess so. We may hate each other but we’re still brothers,” he chuckled, rubbing his neck, a habit both Black brothers had when they wanted to ask something nervously. “Hey, listen, do you know how to get back home by yourself?”

“I’m still figuring it out. The rain doesn’t look like it’s stopping,” (Y/n) replied, looking up at the ceiling where she can hear the hard pitter patters of the rain.

“Well, I was wondering if you wanted to stay at my house for the night. It’s quite late and I know you live very far but my house is near by. We can take some Floo powder instead so we won’t have to get wet.”

“Are you sure, Regulus? I-I don’t want to be a bother or anything…”

“It’s fine! I’m sure my brother won’t mind,” he reassured, “but if you don’t want, that’s fine too. I completely understand if you don’t want to come with me–”

“Regulus,” she comforted, “Thank you.”

She held his hand and rested her head on his shoulder as he lines up in front of the counter with a smile on his face.

Green flames erupted from the ashes of the fireplace in Grimmauld Place and out came (Y/n) first, shortly followed by Regulus. The dining room was dark and empty except their house elf who was carrying a silver tray.

“Welcome home, Master Regulus,” he greeted, “Kreacher sees his master brought company. How nice.”

“Oh, Kreacher, this is (Y/n). She’s staying her until the storm stops,” Regulus said, shaking off his coat and hanging it on the chair before taking a seat.

“Would the young miss like some tea?” Kreacher offered, showing her his silver tray full of teacups and teabags. “The bloodtraitor hates anything Kreacher gives. Kreacher thinks he should not eat anymore. Filthy bloodtraitor–”

“Just chamomile for me, thank you,” (Y/n) said, not wanting to hear what else he has to say about Sirius who just came down from the stairs.

“Regulus, is that you?” He called from behind the door before entering the dining room, his eyes immediately setting on (Y/n).

“Didn’t know your girlfriend will be here,” Sirius smirked as he leaned against the door frame. He was incoming his seventh year already and (Y/n) felt her heart race.

“She’s not my girlfriend, Sirius. She’s my…friend,” Regulus said the last part softly.

“I’m (Y/n). I’m just staying here for the night. I promise I won’t try to be a bother–”

“Hey, no worries. I don’t mind a little company,” Sirius said, “Regulus, why don’t you show her to our guest room? I’m sure she’s exhausted.”

(Y/n) have known about Sirius and the troubles he would cause back in Hogwarts but she had never expected him to be very welcoming especially to someone who was a Slytherin like his whole family. She imagined he would be more cold and maybe even worse but she was happy to know that he was polite and kind.

The two brothers led her to their guest room which had a large, four poster bed with a chandelier hanging on top. It was nice and clean and obviously, painted in gray and green. Regulus walked in to make sure it was comfortable enough for her when he heard the thunder rumble outside.

“The rain’s not stopping but I hope you’ll be able to get some rest. I’m assuming you’ve had dinner already?”

“Yeah,” (Y/n) answered before walking towards him. “Thank you for letting me stay. If it weren’t for you, I’d still be soaking wet in Diagon Alley.”

“You’re welcome,” he whispered shyly, feeling his cheeks redden once more. “If you need anything, I’ll be down the hall.”

“Thank you. Good night, Regulus.”

“Good night, (Y/n).”

The door creaked softly as the brother entered the room. He kept his footsteps light while his eyes watched (Y/n)’s chest rise up and down, her hand holding tight onto the pillow as she dreamed. Her neck was completely exposed but as he approached her closer, he saw that she was only dressed in her lace underwear.

Sirius felt himself harden at the sight, not being able to contain the temptation any longer. He crawled slowly and gently on top of her. He trailed his lips from her collarbone up to her throat until he reached her chin. She really looked delectable.  She moaned at the feeling, the sound driving him insane as he kissed her neck.


He pulled away at the mention of his name, checking if she was awake. Her eyelids slowly opened as he watched her carefully but she did not seem surprised. She smiled and slipped her fingers through his thick, dark locks.

“Why’d you stop, darlin’?”

Sirius immediately dove in to taste her lips. He kissed her rapaciously, his tongue begging for entrance, needing to feel the sensation of her tongue playing with his. She allowed him to slip inside while grinding against the tent that had formed in his trousers. It made him moan and even want her more. Throwing his shirt aside, he licked his lip and stripped her off her undergarments before proceeding to remove his pants. His cock was already aching from the tight confines of his jeans and the dark spot on his boxers was enough evidence to show her how much he wanted her. He licked her neck up and down before he bit her earlobe softly, his hand trailing down to her breasts. He pinched her nipple between his fingers and as she let out a moan, he began to massage her.

“ ‘Been wanting this now, haven’t you?” He teased, sucking onto the spot right below her ear. He lowered his hand further, his palm feeling every inch of her skin as he guided his fingers to her entrance where he felt her already soaking wet.

He teased her lips by rubbing his finger up and down and barely slipping in the tip of his finger. The combination of his kisses on her neck and his teasing made her almost control. Her hips bucked at his hand, making him chuckle.

“Please, Sirius. N-Need you…”

“Hm, maybe not yet, love.” He said, pulling back his fingers and putting them into his mouth while she watched him. As much as he wanted to tease her, he himself also wanted to taste her more and so he stretched her legs wide open. Seeing her dripping for him made him growl hungrily. He kissed her inner thighs softly before dragging his tongue on her clit and slowly slipping into two of his fingers inside.

“Oh God…” She let out, holding onto his hair as an effort to get him closer. Sirius immediately got her message, moving his fingers in and out rapidly, making her clench tight. He alternated between moving his fingers inside and sticking his tongue in, both giving her the pleasure she so desired. As her climax neared, Sirius pulled out his fingers and concentrated on giving her release with his tongue.

Her hands gripped onto his hair, allowing him to moan into her and sending vibrations. He removed his boxers while keeping his mouth on her entrance and with a buck of her hips and a loud moan, she came on his tongue.

He lapped onto her juices both inside and out. He wanted to make sure he tasted every drop of her essence before he pulled away. She was breathing heavily as she watched him smirk and hover above her.

“How was it?”

“Good…good…” She breathed but Sirius was not yet finish.

He teased the head of his cock up and down her entrance, slicking her with her own juices, his precum, and his saliva. (Y/n) instinctively rose her hips to let him slide in but he held her hips to prevent her from moving.

“Tell me, love. Is this what you want?”

“Sirius, please…I want you.” She looked at him with pleading eyes, her arms around his neck. “I’m ready for you.”

He stopped teasing her for a while, his lips coming down onto hers. He kissed her lightly, in contrast to how he started earlier. He moved his lips against her in a sweet and delicate way as though she was fragile. She kissed him back lovingly before she felt him slightly push in his cock to her wet entrance. He pulled back and pressed his sweaty forehead against hers, eyes on each other. She nodded at him before he slid all the way into her tight core where she welcomed him. He bottomed out and started to move, stretching her for his thick length.

Gentle and slow was his pace as he whispered praises to her ear, reminding her how good she made him feel and how tight she was becoming. She was like a euphoric pill and his own, personal nirvana. The sounds she made as he continued to push in and out of her were angelic and flawless, though every once in a while, he would kiss her to keep her voice down so as to prevent her from waking up his brother.

“We don’t want any one to interrupt us now, do we?” He whispered, kissing her cheek.

Her climax was beginning to start once more as Sirius decided to speed up his thrusts. From slow and gentle, his pace became hard and fast. He was becoming erratic and rough since he was also starting to feel himself close. He kept his thrusts powerful, the head of his cock hitting her spot repeatedly.

“(Y/n), gonna cum! Gonna cum inside!”

“Come on, Sirius. I’m close too.”

The two moaned in chorus and with one last push, Sirius felt himself spill inside her. She came as soon as she felt the warm sensation flood her core, her juices mixing in with his. He kept himself inside her for a few minutes even as he softened, his face buried in her neck. He trailed kisses on her skin once more before he pulled out and laid back down beside her, the two panting heavily. After a few minutes of rest, they both fell asleep through the stormy night.

Ayato deleted Scenario

Hello hello my second translation! Basically Ayato and Yui are having alone time in the garden but Laito suddenly appears…Enjoy!

Ayato: …

[Ayato gives a kiss]

Heroine: Nn…

Ayato: Haha. It’s here, isn’t it? A place where women tend to enjoy, isn’t that right?

Heroine: It’s a wonderful place. I usually take walks here.

Ayato: Haa. I guess it’s not it (special)?

Heroine: I don’t care about it…I just would like to do something like a date.

[Ayato pushes back the fabric of clothing along the Heroine’s neck]

Ayato: …chu…

[Ayato kisses the Heroine’s neck]

Ayato: Ahh. Haha, the smell of your blood is getting sweeter.

Heroine: Ah, Ayato-ku–

Ayato: I’ll be in trouble if you push me down like this, I’ll be hurt by the rose thorns. Haha, get on your feet, do your best to stand…

[Ayato starts kissing down her chest]

Heroine: Nn….

Heroine: (N-No good. I can’t stand…!)

[The Heroine is suddenly embraced by Laito from behind]

Laito: He–llo~!

Heroine: !!

Laito: It’s dangerous. It seems Ayato-kun needs a bit of help.

Ayato: Asshole…What are you doing here?

Laito: What indeed…

[Laito faces the Heroine, sniffing her neck]

Laito: How could I not be attracted by such sweet smelling blood? …Ha…smells soo~ good

[Ayato pulls the Heroine away from Laito]

Ayato: Tch! Don’t touch her! Freaking Hentai!

Laito: Fufu~ I don’t want to be told that by Ayato who was doing such a thing in a place like this.

Ayato: Shut up! Just get lost already! Stop bothering me!!

Latio: …that’s just like you. Wouldn’t it be ok to let me smell sometimes?

Ayato: Funny.

Laito: I’m not joking. Her scent recently keeps coming out. It’s so unbearable that I’m going crazy…

[Laito gets a little excited]

Laito: This desire…if you don’t hold back a bit, you’ll end up taking too much, you know?

Ayato: Asshole!

Laito: If you let me enjoy the scent a little right now, I promise not to take too much. Sound good?

Ayato: …

Laito: Of course, it can continue like this. I can hold her up, and that way Ayato can concentrate on loving her.

Ayato: …Just sniffing her, right?

Heroine: Eh..??

Latio: Mm. Just her scent.

Ayato: Just for now?…Then keep your promise. Or else…

Laito: Fufufu. I can tell you’re troubled even without looking at you. I get it.

Heroine: I-Is this really–??

A.) It is difficult

B.) Look towards Laito

A.) It is difficult

Heroine: Ah…this would be difficult.

Heroine: (To be touched by someone other than Ayato-kun…it’s embarrassing and impossible!)

Ayato: …Ah, I see. It might have been a good plan.

Heroine: Eh…?

Ayato: It’s been a while since I’ve seen the shame in your face.

Heroine: !!

Ayato: Heheh. Don’t worry. I definitely won’t let him touch you.

Heroine: Th-That’s not the problem…

B.) Look towards Laito

Heroine: …

Laito: …Bitch-chan, when you look at me with such inviting eyes, it’s unbearable~

Heroine: (W-What? I’m not looking at him like that)

Ayato: Oy!!

[Ayato grabs the Heroine’s arms]

Ayato: That’s why, you don’t have to worry about the Hentai! Hey, look only at me. If you look anywhere else…I’ll kill you.

Heroine: !!

Ayato: That guy…

Laito: Ehh? Me?

Ayato: Obviously!

Laito: Aahh~ Well not looking at my face is fine. The smell alone of her blood can be tasted. Then, Bitch-chan~ Don’t look at me.

Laito: Haa…the scent of this blood is so strong I’m getting dizzy just leaning in.

[Laito sniffs her ear]

Heroine: …Nn..

Ayato: Oy, you should be concentrating here.

Heroine: Nnntsu….

Ayato: …tch. Forget about the Hentai behind you.

[Ayato continues to kiss the Heroine]

Laito: It’s so painful…nee, could I lick a little?

Heroine: Ehh…??

Ayato: Oy, this is good enough.

Latio: Ahh, so unfortunate. Ayato-kun is so stingy. Wouldn’t it be ok to lick? It (her blood) won’t diminish.

Ayato: Don’t touch her with a dirty tongue!…That sort of thing…belongs to me alone.

[Ayato licks her neck]

Heroine: Nn…

Laito: Heeeh…Bitch-chan’s neck is a weak spot?

Ayato: Shut up and watch.

Laito: Yes yes….I’ll just endure this scent…fufu…

Heroine: …nn.

Ayato: Haha…are you excited from being watched? Your scent has gotten stronger…

[Ayato licks her]

Heroine: T-That…

Laito: Ahhh…It really is an amazing smell…

Ayato: Haha! Are you heating up? …ha….nn…

[Ayato sucks her blood]

Heroine: Ahh…nn…

Laito: Ahhh~ Your blood is flowing…it’s going to pour right into Ayato-kun…

[Laito making gurgling noises with his throat]

Ayato: Heh…

Laito: What…such sweet smelling blood…

[Laito licks her]

Laito: More and more I’m really…reaching my limit…

Heroine: It hur–! Laito-kun, your arm–it hurts!

Laito: Mm…!

[Laito tries to bite the Heroine in the arm]

Ayato: Oy.

[Ayato pulls Laito off]

Laito: !!

Ayato: Motherfucker…do you wanna die?

Laito: You…well…so mean, Ayato-kun.

Ayato: Shut up!! I’ll kill you right now!!

Heroine: W-Wait, Ayato-kun!!

Heroine: (Ayato-kun will…s-seriously!)

Laito: Ahhh-ahh. Ayato really became serious….you are really loved~

Heroine: Eh?

Laito: O-k~ The disturbing one will leave. The two of you can relax.

Ayato: Wait, you Hentai fucker!

Heroine: (I am loved…gahh)

Ayato: Fuck, this guy trying to get other people’s prey…The next time I see you I’ll kill you!!

Heroine: (Even if it’s a twisted sort of love, I’m happy. I think I’m becoming a bit strange…)

Kyaaaahhh so cute! Haha I love Ayato <3 Ty for reading this far! Reblogs are appreciated but please do not use without permission.

Simon Says

Hey guys! I got frustrated writing an essay for school, so I wrote this instead?? Sorry professor lolol??? I hope that you guys like it!💌

Simon Says
Tom sat back in his chair, bringing a hand up to ruffle through his unruly curls. He licked his bottom lip and as he watched her, he had to bite down to contain the growl that threatened to escape his throat.
She was arching back onto his sofa, unbuttoning her shirt with achingly, slow fingers. The closer he looked, Tom realized that her hands were actually trembling, and that she was struggling to remove each button from it’s confines.
Tom knew how much quicker the process would be if he simply gave in and touched her, but he stopped himself, reminding himself why he’d done this in the first place.
He wouldn’t touch her until she begged. He wouldn’t touch her until she had tears in her eyes, moans slipping past her strawberry lips, and desperation seeping through her words.
She was never vocal in bed, instead, she remained completely coy. He didn’t know why, because she certainly had to know how badly he craved her touch.
Tom wanted to ruin her. He was going to make her beg with just an easy game of Simon Says.
“Take it off, darling,” Tom ordered, his voice enclosing her in warmth like soft velvet.
Her cheeks flushed furiously, but she complied. “What do you want me to do now?” She peeked up at him through her lashes, sitting opposite him in only her white, lace bralette and jean skirt.
She looked so innocent and Tom briefly pondered whether or not he was corrupting her, but then, upon staring at her barely covered breasts, in her awfully tiny and horribly snug bralette, realized that her chest was rising and falling harshly.
She wanted him too. She was alright with this, she’d agreed and consented when he asked her if she wanted to play.
“Simon says, play with your hair, and then, when I tell you it’s alright, I want you to touch your tits over your bra. Do it how I do when I touch you.” Tom instructed, leaning forward, completely engaged.
She was so red from blushing, that the scarlet licks scattered themselves down her neck, across her chest, and dipped below her skirt. Tom wanted to lick it off her. He wanted to make sure she knew how badly he wanted her.
Her hand curled around the ends of her hair, twirling and untwirling a few strands between each finger. Moving up, she moved to pull the hair at the base of her neck, just as Tom did when she was on her knees for him.
Tom wanted her on her knees for him, but that would have to wait. Right now, he was determined to teach her a lesson.
Her hand ghosted over the spot on her neck that Tom loved to bite down on and an airy sigh left her lips.
“Simon says, now.” Tom watched as her eyes fluttered shut, and her hands began to wander. Tom palmed himself through his sweats.
Her hands were so small compared to his own and they couldn’t cover the same amount of flesh that his could.
She squeezed her breasts, imitating his touch, and thought about how if Tom were touching her right now, she’d also be getting covered in warm, wet, openmouthed kisses and she’d receive the occasional, teasing bite. She wanted to feel his teeth on her, but instead, settled for pinching herself where she wanted his lips the most.
Tom hissed and said, “you’re doing so good darling, so good.” He rubbed his hands together, “now, Simon says, spread your legs. Lean back and open up.
“Are you going to touch me now?” She wondered, uncrossing her legs and shivering as the air crawled across her revealed body.
Tom smirked, she was on display for him, touching herself for him, and quietly asking for his hands to replace her own. But still, that wasn’t enough. Tom needed to hear her begging for him.
“No, no. Not time for that yet, just warm yourself up for me. I’m not finished watching you.” Tom smirked as her lips dropped into a frown. “What do you do when I’m not around? Do you miss me? I want you to show me what you do when you miss me.”
Her hands left her hair, instead choosing to ghost over the waistband of her skirt. “Course I miss you, silly. I message you all the time.”
“Sweetheart, you know what I’m talking about. What do you do, late at night, right before you go to sleep, when you want me and I’m not there?” He wanted to hear her say it. He wanted to watch her get off to things that she imagined him doing to her.
“I pretend you’re there.” She couldn’t even look him in the eye for more than a few seconds without dropping her gaze back to the floor.
Her legs were still vacant for him and Tom gripped himself through his sweats when he thought about what he imagined when he missed her.
When Tom wanted her, he thought about how soft her skin felt atop his own when she grinded herself onto the bulge in his pants. He thought about the way she bit her lip, and sometimes even pressed a hand over her own mouth to muffle the sound of the soft gasps of his name. He thought about biting the insides of her thighs and holding her hips down to the bed so hard that there’d be bruises littering her skin the next day as he ate her out. Tom thought about her lips sucking, and licking, and teasing him. By then, he’d usually cum so hard that he’d shocked himself.
But, none of that mattered right now. The only thing that mattered was what she did in the soft flicker of lamplight when she wanted him when he couldn’t be there.
She made a move to move the hair off her shoulder when Tom continued, “Tell me what you think about while you’re at it too. Put on a show for me, darling. Give me something to think about while I’m away from you.”
Her skin still glowed with embarrassment, but she followed Tom’s directions.
“When you’re gone,” She started slowly and quietly. Tom had to strain himself to hear her voice. “And I can’t have you, I like to think about the first time you touched me. You were upset afterward, because you thought that I didn’t like it, but I thought about you there, and doing that, so often, that I had to rub one out every night.”
Her hands glided up and down her body and Tom shuddered.
The first time they’d done anything remotely sexual, it had happened in a park. On a park bench. Somehow, Tom literally couldn’t even recall, because what they’d done on the park bench had claimed his entire memory of the day, her legs had ended up draped over his lap. Her skirt had fallen up, maybe it was moved by the wind, and they were sitting across from a lake.
Tom, upon seeing the endless expanse of her legs, had moved in closer to kiss her. The soft kiss began to morph into a lustful, hungry makeout session, and with her permission, Tom had slid his hands up her dress, and his fingers inside her, and he kissed her and her neck until she came all over him.
Afterward, she’d told him that he was the first guy to do any of this to her and he panicked, because a girl as special as she was, should’ve been wined and dined, instead of being given her first orgasm on a park bench.
Her hands slithered across her open thighs. One of her hands disappeared underneath her skirt, while the other, traced the outline of her bralette.
“Tell me, baby, what’s going on in your head right now?” Tom’s elbows were grinding into his kneecaps and he was so hard for her that he was pretty sure he’d erupt.
“You’re laying down, on a bed, and you’re not wearing a shirt. I’m on my knees for you, I’m waiting til you let me suck it. You’re talking to me,” Tom knew she liked it when he talked to her, especially when he praised her. “You’re letting me have it now, you’re in my mouth and you’re yanking my hair and telling me where to go. It’s getting all over me, but I don’t care.” Her hips started to buck and Tom had to touch himself too.
She was gasping, no longer caring about him watching her touch herself. Her breasts were bouncing just how they did when he fucked her and her eyes remained sealed shut. Whimpers left her lips.
“You’re asking me if I wanna be your good girl and swallow you down. I do, I do, I do.” Her entire body was quivering and Tom halted his actions to focus on her.
“You’re going to be my good girl, darling. You’re going to cum all over your fingers, and you’re going to scream my name while you do so. You’re going to stop being shy, and you’re going to recognize how perilously I want you. Can you do that for me, my darling good girl?” Tom asked her, moving to stop right in between her legs.
He spread her legs further apart on the sofa before she could even respond.
She felt his breath fanning over her and how his eyes were glued to her center, but she couldn’t stop. She wanted this too bad, she wanted him too bad. “Yes, yes, yes.” She murmured and obeyed.
“Look at me when you cum darling, I want to watch you.” Tom lifted her chin and she nearly lost it all when he finally touched her.
Fighting to keep her eyes open and on his own, her hips started to move on their own accord, against her hands, and she could feel Tom, and she could see Tom and it was all too much for her.
Letting out a vehement shriek of his name, she followed Tom’s orders, because she’d always be his good girl.
Not even waiting for her to fully recover from her first orgasm, Tom smashed himself into her, already needing to give her another one.

Bite Me

Anon asked:  I heard your requests were still open :) Could you please write a Hotch x reader where the reader has a biting kink/fetish, and Hotch decides to tease her at work? xoxo you’re the best

Some smutty Aaron for you.  So read with caution for those of you with sensitive palettes.  Short summary: Hotch teases Y/N and she gets so sexually frustrated she pulls him into the single stall bathroom to get some relief.  this is so short im sorry, im really trying to get back into the groove of writing

Originally posted by criminal-minds-fanatic

Y/N sat at her desk, reviewing the file for the last case.  The endless amount of paperwork she needed to sift through was agonizing, but it was just an unfortunate part of the job.

It was a slow day at work, every member of the team buried in their work, files stacked on each desk.  These days were boring and time consuming, but very necessary.  

Sighing, Y/N got up from her seat and grabbed her coffee mug, heading to the break room for a much needed refill.  She made he way to the coffee maker and poured the hot liquid into her cup, next adding a bit of sugar and creamer into it as well.

“Tired?” Aaron said behind her, making her jump a bit.

“Just ready to be done with this damn paperwork.  There’s always so much to do,” she whined, blowing on the top of her mug to cool off her coffee.  Aaron smirked as he stepped closer to her so his face was a mere inch from her ear.

“I can think of a way to relieve your stress,” he whispered quietly before sucking her earlobe into his mouth, gently nipping at it. 

Y/N groaned in approval, her eyes fluttering shut.

“Too bad we’re at work,” he said, stepping away and filling up his own mug, leaving a hot and bothered Y/N in his wake.  “Have fun with the paperwork,” he finished with a smile and pecked her on the cheek.  She looked at him incredulously and frustrated.

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The Drive-In

Here’s some smut that nobody asked for (Bughead smut, if you don’t like it, don’t read it!)

“Alright,” Jughead murmured. “Two tickets to the double feature, two cokes and a bag of twizzlers.” He opened his car door and handed Betty the drinks to put in the cup holders.

“I’ve never seen The Goonies.”

“You’ve seen Stand by Me, though, right?”

“Yeah, a million times. I love that movie! Which one’s first?”

They were at the Drive-In in Greendale, content in F.P.’s truck. Jughead hadn’t been to the Drive-In since Riverdale’s closed.

“The Goonie’s first, then Stand By Me.” As if on cue, the screen lit up. There were few cars around them since they came on a Thursday night. They had parked behind everyone else.

“What did you think?” Jughead murmured as he took another swig of coke.

“It was amazing. A classic. How did you not make me watch it before?”

Jughead shrugged as the second movie started, Betty leaned into him. He put his drink back in the holder and placed his hand on Betty’s bare leg.

Betty bit her lip as Jughead smoothed his thumb over her smooth skin.

“I can’t concentrate when you do that, Jug.”

“So? You’ve seen this movie before.”

Betty took a deep breath. “You want to play like that?”

Jughead chuckled and ran his hand a little higher up Betty’s leg.

Betty placed her hand on Jughead’s thigh, her fingers dancing across his jeans until they landed on his zipper. She could feel him hardening under her hand. She heard his sharp intake of breath as she unzipped his fly and wrapped her hand around him.

“Betty,” He murmured.

“Don’t start something you can’t finish my dear.”

Jughead gripped Betty’s thigh tightly as he felt her hot breath against him. His eyes rolled back in his head as she flicked her tongue against his tip.

“C-Christ, Bets.”

Betty moaned with him still in her mouth, the sensation make Jughead jerk forward. “Jesus.”

Betty reached toward the hand Jughead still had on her thigh and pushed it up until he got the hint.

He thumbed at her bundle of nerves, making her gasp, the change of temperature around his shaft tightening his core.

“Jughead,” She breathed. “I need you.”

“There’s people around us, Bets, I -”

Betty looked up at Jughead through her lashes and bit her lip.

“Fuck it,” He murmured, pulling her up by the throat. “Take off your panties.” He instructed.

Betty gasped, loving the feeling of Jughead’s rough hands on her throat.  She did as he instructed and pulled her thong off under her skirt.

Jughead rolled on a condom as Betty  swung her leg over his lap, facing toward the screen. She slowly lowered herself onto him, the pressure suddenly inside of her making her gasp.

“Fuck, Bets.” Jughead murmured. He pressed his mouth against her shoulder blade before opening his mouth and sinking his teeth into her flesh.

Betty arched her back and slowly started to ride Jughead, picking up her pace as she found her rythm.

“Fuck,” He murmured again. He gripped her hips, his nails burning into her hipbones. “Yes,” He said under his breath.

Betty rolled her hips and leaned back against Jughead’s chest. He licked and nipped at her neck before she leaned towards the steering wheel. He gided her up and down the length of him. He reached around her body and thumbed at her clit.

She moaned loudly, her head rolling towards him. “Fuck, Juggie. Hey, does this thing have a backseat?”

“What?” Jughead said after a moment, completely dumbfounded.

Betty slowly moved off Jughead’s lap and climbed into the tiny backseat. Jughead didn’t move, just stared at Betty as she peeled her sweaty shirt off her body. “Well?” She cocked an eyebrow at Jughead.

He climbed in the back with her, pawing at her chest. He motioned at her to lie on her back but Betty shook her head, her knees propped on the bench. She positioned herself on all fours.

“Fuck me, Jughead.”

“Really?” He asked excitedly.

“We’ve never done it like this before, Jug.”

Before she could finish her words, Jughead had entered her again. It was deeper and more intense than anything. She moaned loudly.

“Fuck, Jughead, yes.”

He gripped her hips as he slammed into her over and over again, rougher and harder with every thrust.

“Fuck Betty,” He murmured as he drove into her. “I’m gonna come.”

“Not yet,” She whispered. “T-this is too good.”

He reached around her and rubbed her bundle of nerves. “Come with me, baby.” He thrust into her.

“Fuck, Jughead.” She whispered. “Keep doing that.”

He pushed her further into the leather seat, his thrusts becoming sloppier.

“Oh my god,” Betty cried out, reaching  for his arm to squeeze as she came.

“Fuck, Bets,” Jughead moaned as he exploded inside of her. “Fuck,” He murmured as he came down from his high.

He kissed Betty’s forehead as he climbed into the front seat. “That was insane.”

“You make me horny, what can I say?” Betty blushed.

“I love you, you know that?” Jughead beamed.

Betty pulled a twizzler out of the unopened package in front of her. They watched the movie before them and held hands.

They finished the movie, watching the cars pull out of the parking lot around them.

“You ready to go again?” Betty asked with a devilish grin on her face.

“Always,” Jughead replied. He pulled her hair back and sunk his teeth into her neck.

anonymous asked:

More Vietnam AU PLEASE!!!!

Vietnam AU

Claire Fraser didn’t realize she had dozed off until the mattress dipped beside her.

She blinked in the candlelight – Jamie had insisted, shyly telling her that he had wanted to watch how it threw shadows over her face while they made love in his bed for the first time. In a split second she had seen the faces of countless Fraser men and women – Jamie’s ancestors – who had lived (and loved) by candlelight in this room for two hundred years.

Jamie didn’t go far – just to his desk on the other side of the room. He bent to unplug something – giving his wife the most perfect view of his posterior – before returning to the side of the bed.

It was a small clock radio – and, now that it was plugged in, he smiled at her and fiddled with the dial.

“What kind of music do you want?”

Claire edged up a bit on her elbow. Ellen Fraser’s pearls softly clacked between her breasts. “Do you get anything except country-western down here?”

He threw her a withering look, but continued twisting the dial.

“We’re not *that* far out – in fact, there – ”

They froze.

That song –

“No reason to get excited // the thief he kindly spoke // There are many here among us // Who feel that life is but a joke…”

Claire threw her arms around Jamie’s shoulders.

He clung to her for dear life.

“Outside in the cold distance // A wildcat did prowl…”

She felt his heart stutter beneath her own –

“Two riders were approaching // And the wind begins to howl…”

His nails dug into the bare flesh of her hips. Anchoring her to him.

Her mouth sucked on his neck – tasting the dirt and sweat and pine needles of their afternoon together.

“I listened to that song so many times that I wore out the 45. But I wasn’t brave enough to buy a new one.” His voice was so far away, his eyes seeing not the plaster on the wall but rather the fathomless night of the jungle surrounding Chu Lai. Those precious hours they had spent together after the attack – the only time they knew they’d ever have to be honest with each other, when he was hers and she was his and he just didn’t give a damn about anything anymore.

Claire locked her legs around his hips, and pulled back from his neck. “Every time it came on the radio, I had to change the station. I – I wasn’t brave enough to listen. To feel. To remember.”

Goosebumps prickled his flesh.

“But Claire,” he rasped. “You and I – that wasn’t our fate. It’s done now. It’s in the past. Here we are. You’re my wife.”

“Yes,” she whispered, straightening up to find his eyes – so dark now in the candlelight. “And you’re my husband.”

“Yes,” he gasped. “Oh, God. Yes.”

His mouth was fire and desperation and HOME.

Gently Claire rolled them back to the mattress, helping Jamie settle his hips between her legs.

“Does it ever stop, Claire? The wanting you?” he murmured, threading his fingers through hers, licking the side of her neck, biting her chin.

And then he was inside, and they cried out at how good it was.

“I – Jamie –” she gasped, willing her eyes to stay open, tangling her fingers in his hair.

“*Seas, mo nighean donn*,” he stuttered. “I know. *A Dhia.* I know.”

After a while, the clock radio harmlessly, soundlessly skidded from the mattress to the thick carpet covering the wood floor.

“I’ve been to Hollywood // I’ve been to Redwood // I crossed the ocean for a heart of gold…”

Jamie dropped Claire’s hands and pushed himself up on his elbows. Claire’s head jerked to her left, eyes shut, gasping for ecstasy.

“I love you, Claire,” Jamie sobbed. “I love you.”

Her back arched. “…love you…” she panted. “…so much…”

“Keep me searching for a heart of gold // I’ve been a miner for a heart of gold…”

His mouth fused with hers, and they peaked, and they knew it would never stop.


Jimi Hendrix - All Along The Watchtower

Neil Young - Heart of Gold

Someone to Stay - AU

Previous chapters

Chapter 7

The rolling green dominated the landscape. The Range Rover came to a halt in front of a sprawling stone house, somehow managing to look older than the hills it stood upon.

“Lallybroch.” Jamie swept his hand, encompassing the house and the land and seemingly everything around them.

Claire gazed out of the windshield, entranced by the ancient feel of the very stones. “This is not a manor house, Jamie. This is a castle.”

“Ach, no,” he said, ducking his head modestly. “Truly, ‘tis only a farm. There’s a broch, but it’s old and crumbling now. We can visit it later, if ye like.”

“What’s a broch?” Claire unbuckled her seat belt and stepped out of the car.

“A tower, of sorts. The auld lairds of Lallybroch would be called Lords Broch Tuarach, after the north-facing tower.” Jamie reached for their bags in the backseat and joined Claire, taking her hand as they approached the massive front door.

“A tower doesn’t really have a face, you know,” Claire teased.

“Weel, the door faces north. That’ll do.” Jamie smiled, and made to open the door.

“Shouldn’t we knock?” Claire felt nerves and trepidation, about to meet the famous Jenny and the rest of the Jamie’s family. She knew how much they all meant to him, and how big a step this was for them.

“’Tis my home. No need.” He stole a quick, soft kiss to quell her obvious nerves and then called out, “Hello the house!” He dumped the bags by the staircase. Claire stood next to him, taking in her surroundings.

Everything looked antique, but not in a museum-like way. Everything, from the furniture to the paneled walls, looked loved, cared for. Carved tables and tapestries mingled with a modern cordless phone and lamps. Uncle Lamb would have a field day, she thought.

Thundering footsteps broke into her reverie, and a tall gangly teenager came tumbling down the stairs. “Uncle Jamie!” In a blur, Jamie was rocked back in a fierce hug.

“Ian, lad!” Jamie squeezed and lifted the boy straight off the ground. They slapped each other on the back in a great show of affection before Jamie let him go, and slid an arm around Claire’s waist.

“Ian, this is Claire. Sassenach, this is Young Ian, my nephew and godson.”

“Nice to meet you,” Claire said sincerely. “I’ve heard a lot about you.”

“Is that so?” Young Ian grinned easily. “Welcome!” He picked up their bags and shot up the stairs two at a time. “I’ll just put these in yer room! Mam’s in the kitchen!”

Jamie and Claire held hands as they walked down the hallway towards the kitchen. They were assailed by the aromas of fresh baked bread and something delicious and steamy bubbling away on a stove. Claire half expected it to be an ancient cast-iron affair, but it was quite modern, by the rest of Lallybroch’s standards.

Jenny’s back was to them as she washed dishes at the sink. Jamie put his finger to his lips and blinked at Claire. He tiptoed (as much as a man his size might) and prepared to scare Jenny by tickling her ribs. His hands reached out but were stopped by a sudden, “Don’t even think about it, James Alexander Malcolm Mackenzie Fraser.”

Jenny craned her neck over her shoulder and gave them a wicked smile. “Hey there, little brother.” Her hands never stopped working, even as Jamie smiled abashedly and gave her a peck on the cheek. She turned off the water and wiped her hands on the apron she wore, engulfing Jamie in a warm embrace. “It’s been too long,” Jenny said, pushing back and smiling. She looked over his shoulder at Claire, who witnessed the encounter wistfully longing for family.

“And this is Claire, I presume.” Jenny stepped around Jamie, giving her a quick appraising glance—cordial, but guarded. Claire extended her hand, which was enveloped in Jenny’s cool grasp.

“It’s great to meet you. Jamie’s missed Lallybroch terribly, and all your children.”

Jenny’s eyebrows rose like dark wings. Her eyes had that slanted look identical to Jamie’s, resting on high cheekbones reminiscent of Viking royalty. “I’m sure he did. Weel, dinner is stew. ‘Tis something I can leave on the stove and no’ worry, since I’ve been tending the goats and sheep, and cooking for Hogmanay with Mrs. Crook.”

“She’s the housekeeper slash cook, but she’ll be off wi’ her own family for Christmas,” Jamie interjected.

“We can sit down to eat, now ye’re here.” Jenny squeezed Jamie’s hand and turned to the stove. “Young Ian, Jamie, Maggie, Kitty! Dinner! Come wash up!” She glanced at Jamie. “Could ye get Ian from the barn? He’s been tending to the hay now Rabbie’s gone home fer the holidays.”

There was a meowing at the kitchen door as Jamie approached it. He opened it to let a grey cat in, who pranced inside as though he owned Lallybroch. From the way Jenny bent down to coddle it, Claire suspected it might be the case.

“I see Adso of Melch is still alive, Jenny,” Jamie said, an eyebrow raised in amusement.

“He is.” Jenny stood and toed the cat away from the stove. “Ye wee fiend, get on wi’ ye.”

Adso stopped in the middle of the kitchen, as soon as it spotted Claire. Jenny looked appraisingly at the cat, as though almost willing the cat to respond in some way. Claire decided to follow Jenny’s example and squatted, staring into its green eyes.

The cat slowly walked over to her, sniffing about her knees. It purred softly; Adso located her hand and pressed against it, enticing Claire to rub its ears. She obliged, marveling at the soft fur and turned to Jamie, who smiled down at her. “He likes ye, Sassenach.”

Jenny let out a contained breath, and the first truly welcoming smile bloomed on her face. “Never mind my bonny cheetie. Go fetch Ian, if ye please. And shut the door, before we freeze. Claire, we’re so glad to have ye.”


“Let me get this straight. If Adso didn’t like me, Jenny wouldn’t either?”

“Adso is held in very high regard around here, Sassenach. He’s an excellent judge of character. He led Jenny onto a nanny who would steal from her purse and a drunken horse handler.”

They trudged up the stairs after bidding the family good night. Dinner had been superb, Jenny and Ian and their children all gathered at the table. The babble and laughter of a large family tugged at Claire’s heartstrings, making her long for one of her own. The children’s ages ranged from Jamie’s namesake at 18 who attended uni at Glasgow, and Young Ian at 14; the girls Maggie and Kitty who were 12 and 9 respectively. Ian (the elder) had presided over dinner in his role of father—a far cry from the rock star life he led on tour with The Clan.

“And what is that Melch in his name?” Claire took Jamie’s hand as he led her around the dark upstairs hallway.

“Our mam always had a cheetie. They were all named the same, after a German saint. Adso of Melch, Adso of Milk, ye ken,” Jamie said with a smile.

They walked up to a solid wooden door. Jamie pushed it open, to reveal a bright fire set in the grate, and both their bags in the room. Claire swallowed nervously and glanced at Jamie.

They hadn’t slept together thus far, though they had participated in some hot and heavy (emphasis on the hot) make out sessions at Claire’s and at Jamie’s flat. Hands roving, breath panting, Jamie had given her space and time to express what she wanted and when she wanted it. Young Ian had plainly made some assumptions of his own.

And why not? They were both consenting adults in a relationship and what they did (or didn’t do) in bed was entirely their own business. Space and time—the continuum of which was grinding to a halt, as there was nothing Claire wanted more right then and there than to feel Jamie’s arms around her and—

“Claire. I can sleep elsewhere.” Jamie squeezed her hand in reassurance. “Or on the floor if I can have the quilt. Ye don’t have to—”

Claire stopped his words with a kiss her hands tangled in the ruddy mess of his hair. His hands gripped her waist as he walked her back towards the bed, kicking the door shut behind them. They tumbled together onto the carved wooden bedstead, the frame creaking slightly.

“Won’t they hear?” Claire asked breathlessly.

“The walls are made of solid stone,” Jamie mumbled, his lips on her neck. “We can be as loud as we like.”

His hand crept under her sweater; higher and higher, until she could feel it caressing the underside of her breast. It was only then that she opened her eyes and met his own, whiskey and azure, everything bathed in the light of the slowly burning fire laid in the hearth.

Jamie’s hand stilled, and he brought his forehead to hers. “Claire, I want you so much I can scarcely breathe. Will ye have me?”

She almost didn’t recognize voice as her own, so high and gasping, “Yes. Yes, I’ll have you.” Permission granted, his hands were all over her body all at once. Skimming down her back, leaving tingling desire in their wake, gliding over her navel. Their clothes came off in a flurry of wool and jeans.

Slowly and reverently Jamie helped her shed her bra and underwear, his boxer briefs following suit. Completely exposed to each other, Jamie laid his hand on her bare hip, staring at her flush curves gilded by firelight.

“Ye are so beautiful, mo nighean donn.”  

Claire felt suddenly shy and made to cover herself, but Jamie stopped her. “No, Sassenach. I want to look at you.” Claire blushed but let him gaze, slowly growing bold enough to return it.

His body came closer to hers, with his own muted fiery glow. He kissed down her neck, licking here and there. His large hands, calloused from playing guitar, teased and nipped at her breasts. Claire’s hands drifted down his back, pressing and urging him ever closer.

As his touch strayed lower, his intentions became clear. Claire raised herself on her elbows, effectively dislodging Jamie’s head from her stomach. His eyes held a question even as they seared with want.

“Jamie… no one’s ever—I mean—” Her cheeks burned red as she gestured with meaning.

He smiled and stretched up to kiss her gently. “Do ye want me to?”

“I don’t know. Won’t it… will it—”

“Let me taste ye.” Jamie trailed fingers up her leg. “Tell me if I’m too rough, or tell me to stop altogether if ye wish.” He brushed his lips over her belly, eyes blazing up at her.

Claire surrendered, falling back on the pillows and putting her arm over her eyes. Her knees trembled as he settled between them, parting them open and his arms locked around her thighs. She felt a brief kiss (right there! she thought incoherently) before she was flooded with pleasure, his tongue working magic on her most secret of places. She gasped as Jamie anchored her body to the bed with his arms, desire shooting through her veins. There were sounds coming from her lips she had never made before. Fleetingly she thought of covering her mouth before the feeling climbed higher and higher until it broke over her, making her shudder in release.

“Oh Jamie…” Her hand traced his jawline, as he smiled at her and kissed the inside of her thigh. Jamie moved and rose over her, kissing her deeply. She could taste herself and found it arousing.

He ground his pelvis gently into hers, swallowing her moans as her legs wrapped around him. Claire could feel the length of him sliding against her, and she urged him to her, hands on the small of his back.

Jamie braced himself on his forearms, and aligned himself at her slippery cleft. With a final nod from Claire, he eased himself inside her, slowly but inexorably moving forward as she dug her fingers into his back. The sensation was intense as he withdrew and pushed inside, again and again. Jamie held Claire close, the hair on his chest tickling her as they panted and he groaned and she whimpered with pleasure.

Their bodies rocked together as though they had known each other for years, simply waiting for the chance to join. Claire lost herself in pure sensation; the weight of his body perfect on hers, the spicy scent of him mingling with the smokiness of the fire, the mixture of Gaelic and English words he poured into her ear as he thrust faster and faster.

Feeling surged as they both chased the illusive spark of completion. Jamie’s hand splayed on her hip, and hitched her leg higher along his body. Her back arched instinctively. As he shifted, he hit a spot deep within her from a new angle, and in a few quick motions Claire shattered, crying out against his shoulder.

Jamie followed soon after, the tension breaking free as every muscle quivered, his mouth a wide O of relief and wonder. Their eyes met, half-lidded with satisfaction. Claire smiled languidly, running her hands through Jamie’s red curls. He withdrew gently, kissing Claire over and over, his lips at the hollow of her neck where perspiration shone and her pulse raced.

The heady feeling gradually dissipated, and the winter chill stole back into the room, making Jamie and Claire shiver with something more than spent desire. Still smiling, they crawled beneath the covers; Jamie pulled Claire close to him, her back to his front as he settled behind her, his arm holding her tightly.

“Oh, Claire… tha gaol agam ort,” he breathed against her skin.

“What does that mean?” she asked drowsily.

“I’ll tell ye tomorrow,” he said, nuzzling the nape of her neck. “We have time. I want to show you the loch, and the village, and take ye on a tour of the farm. I think ye’ll like the wee beasties and…”

She drifted off to sleep, his voice murmuring in the dark, safe in the knowledge of love and safety in Jamie’s arms and in her heart.

High Tensions - Twelve

Are you guys all as frustrated as Spencer and Y/N are?

What the hell was that smell?

Wait…what the hell was that beeping noise?


Smoke detector. 

You leapt out of bed and grabbed your dressing gown from the back of the door, running into the kitchen. 

“I’ve got it….. I’VE GOT IT!”

A load sizzling noise came from the kitchen area and you followed the noise and the smell to find Spencer stood over your sink, wafting smoke out of the window.  

The basin was full of water, a frying pan handle sticking out and your counters were covered in an array of jugs, utensils and flour and eggs. 

“What are you doing?” The place was a mess and you were annoyed. No doubt you’d have to clean it up. 

“Erm…. I was trying to make you pancakes.” You could tell he’d caught the annoyance in your voice and you remembered how much of a bitch you could be when you were rudely awoken. 

“Pancakes?” All of the annoyance melted from you and you crossed the room to stand next to him. 

“Well yeah. I thought I could bring you breakfast in bed. But it’s not going too well.”

He looked so adorable stood there, the sleeves of his cardigan rolled up, hair still mussed up from sleeping and a patch of flour on his cheek. 

You leant forward, linking your arms around his neck and tiptoing up, giving him a peck on the cheek. He caught you, circling your waist with his own long arms and pulling you close. 

“You didn’t have to make me breakfast Spencer,” you breathed into his hair, his embrace on you tight. 

“Well it’s kinda a good job you’ve said that, cos I literally have nothing to offer you food wise. I have an IQ of 187, you’d think I’d be able to prepare pancakes.”

“Well it’s a good job you’re better at other things then isn’t it?” You really didn’t want to let go. He was so warm and cuddly. 

“Such as?”

“I think you know what Spencer.” It amazed you how quickly you could both slip from being sweet and innocent with each other to heading quickly to the gutter. You pulled away from his embrace. 

“Technically that wasn’t me.”

“Oh hush. You were the one guiding it and moving it and oh…. I’m gonna stop thinking about it now. Also, what are we doing with that thing anyway. Do I get to keep it?”

“Yep…. I figured that it might get used again once we actually do it.”

“And when will that be Spencer?”

He considering your question for a moment. 

 "Soon. I don’t think I can last much longer.“

“You know what we need to do. We need to find out who has what dates in the little pool Derek is running and then just both admit defeat on the date that no one has.”

“I can definitely work with that Y/N.”

“Awesome. I’ll bribe Penny later with tidbits of last night and get her to show me.”

“Last night?” His eye brows shot up. 

“Okay, maybe not last night. Maybe I’ll just show her the photo I sent you.” Yeah it probably wasn’t a good idea to tell Pen that he’d had you coming so hard you’d been certain you’d need a new mattress. 

“And here I hoped they were my eyes only,” he joked. 

“Haha, I’ll let you take some for your own personal enjoyment one day. Now let’s clean up and we can go out for breakfast.”

You both tidied the mess quickly before you headed off to your bedroom to grab a towel for a shower. You spotted the bullet on the floor where it must have rolled during the night and picked it up, grabbing your wet wipes and giving it a quick clean. 

Spencer tapped on your door. “Can I come in, my bag’s still in here.”


He entered, stopping dead when he saw what you had in your hands. 

Giggling to yourself you mused, “It’s about time Ryan got a friend.”

Everyone on the team knew you’d named your rabbit. It had come out one drunken night and they’d thought it hilarious. 

You moved to your bedside cabinet, placing it inside the drawer. 

“I’m thinking I’ll name this one Pretty Boy.”

You wished you’d taken a photo of the expression on Reid’s face. Pure gold. 

Spencer couldn’t believe how well the night before had gone. He wasn’t sure she’d even agree to it to begin with, but when she’d taken his hand and led him to the bedroom he’d suddenly felt less sure of himself and incredibly nervous. 

He did his best not to show it, although when she’d stripped and allowed him to secure her wrists to her headboard he was sure he was going to lose it. Just the sight of her laid out before him. She was stunning, curves in all the right places and the photo she’d sent him earlier in the day, as hot as she’d looked in that; in reality she looked a hundred times better. 

The way she’d finished him off as well.

Fucking hell. Just…… Ugh. He couldn’t bear thinking about it. Something he’d never even considered before. He knew that sex toys weren’t just for female satisfaction but he’d never in a million years thought he’d have one used on him. But it had worked. And no rules had been broken. Technically they’d not had sex, not touched themselves or touched the other. He congratulated himself on the idea and wondered why he’d not thought of it before. 

Deep-down he knew the answer though. Now he’d seen how majestical she looked when came, he knew he was going to lose. Although what she’d suggested this morning about them both surrendering on the date no one had in the pool would also work. They just needed to get Penelope to tell them. And that could prove a problem. He’d leave that task to Y/N. 

They never made it to breakfast. Y/N’s cell had started ringing the second they’d set foot out of her apartment door; Hotch. They had a case. 

“But it’s a Sunday,” Spencer had whined. 

“I’ll put out a public service announcement shall I, asking unsubs to only act during the week?” Y/N had replied. 

The case took them out of play until late Friday night and as per their agreement, they suspended the game remaining completely professional around each other. 

The team were flying home late, having wanted to get home early rather spend another night in the hotel. Tomorrow night was the annual FBI summer ball, and last year the team had missed it due to being out in the field. In his seven years in the BAU Spencer had only managed to attend once, and this would be Y/N’s first. 

The team had booked rooms at the hotel the event was staged at, the FBI having an agreement with the venue that the rooms could be cancelled at short notice if any member of the Bureau couldn’t attend due to a case. Considering pretty much the whole of hotel was booked out for them, it wasn’t a problem. 

Spencer normally hated huge events like this, but he was actually looking forward to being able to attend this one, looking forward to seeing Y/N dressed up. 

She came and flopped down next to him on the jet. 

“Hey, so I’ve talked to Penny,” she was whispering to avoid the rest of the team hearing. JJ and Emily were both asleep but Hotch,  Derek and Rossi were all engrossed in files. 

“Okay. Did she give you the date?“ 

“Yes but it’s not good. Pretty much the whole of the building knows about this bet thanks to Derek and his mouth. Everyday for the next four months has a name by it. Although you’ll be pleased to know that people seem to be having more confidence in your ability to break me.”

“Four months. Four fucking months. Seriously?” He couldn’t wait that long. He was going to have to surrender. 

“Yup. Well….. One night had been free. Last Saturday." 

He placed his head in his hands in frustration. It would have been wouldn’t it?

"What do you wanna do?” she asked. 

He thought long and hard about his answer, before leaning his head close to her ear. 

“Truthfully? You, like so fucking badly.”

He detected a slight movement in her face as she processed what he’d said. 

Her voice was so quiet when she turned to him. “Are you saying what I think you’re saying? Because I am not opposed to joining the mile high club.”

He chuckled, “Yes and no. Give me this weekend. I still think I can get you to beg for me and to be honest, I really don’t want to lose but I can’t wait much longer Y/N.”

Glancing around quickly to make sure no one was looking he quickly licked a line up her neck, before murmuring into her ear.

“If you’ve not begged for me to fuck you by Sunday night, then you win. I’ll admit defeat and declare you Queen Tease”

She turned to him, staring him in the eyes.

“And then? What happens after I’m declared winner on Sunday night?" 

"Then I’ll take you home and make you come over and over again until you beg for me to stop. I will have you begging me, one way or another. ”

“So it’s a win win for me then? Queen Tease and a night full of coming onto your mouth?” Her forehead was touching his now, her breath warm on his face. 


“Good. Don’t worry Spence. You might be the loser here, but I’ll make sure you get a pretty good consolidation prize." 

"Y/N, finally tasting you will be all the consolidation prize I need.” He honestly couldn’t believe the words that came out of his mouth when he was around her. She bought out the very best and yet the very worst in him.

Her breath hitched and she leaned in closer, their lips almost touching when a shadow fell over them and they heard a loud cough. 

“No kissing on the jet please.”


Spencer pulled away from Y/N quickly seeing the stern look on his bosses face. 

“Oh and Dr Reid, Agent Y/L/N. Before you even think about it, the mile high club is not all its cracked up to be. Trust me on this.”

Spencer turned took at Y/N, both of them understanding what he was implying and bursting into laughter. 

Experiment #6 - Request

Requested by the sinners and anon: I have a suggestion for the next experiment- sherlock x reader. Its where sherlock points out that he’s not just using the reader’s body… And their relationship gets a label. (If this isnt where you want the story to go, i totally understand tho) <3
& anon: Experiment idea: they use various items from around the flat as sex toys (yknow, like carrots and cucumbers, wooden spoons, things like that) 

Pairing: Sherlock x reader

Word count: 2.068

Warnings: Smut - spanking, ice play (Coldplay xD), food play, teasing, soft smut.

A/N: Thank you to the anon who mentioned this series ending, you did this. I’m not sure if you would consider this an ending but uh… Yeah, it’s up to you guys.


Originally posted by sherlockedimagines

“Why do people have the need to experiment?” She repeated, “That is what Lestrade asked after his phone call with Donovan… There is only one way to find out.”

“We’re not using cherries,” Sherlock stated.

“We don’t have cherries.” She winked and Sherlock grinned mischievously as he took the spoon off her hands.

“Turn around.”

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Lick, Sip, and Suck - A Drarry oneshot

“I beg your pardon?” Draco stared at Weasley, sure that the drinks he had already consumed so far this evening had led him to mishear. “Did you just say the words lick, sip and suck to me?”

Weasley just shrugged and passed shot glasses to both Potter and Granger beside him. They were all crowded together against the busy bar, and Draco scowled every time a stranger bumped into him. He was pretty sure the acrid smell of stale cigarettes had seeped into the fibres of his clothes by now and he would need to throw them away. It was probably in his skin too. He hated this bar. He hated Weasley. He hated tequila and fiestas. He was too warm, too tipsy, and entirely too close to Potter.

“That’s the name of the game Malfoy. I didn’t make it up,” Weasley said as he offered a shot to Draco as well.

Draco stared at the glass skeptically, glanced at Potter who quirked an eyebrow at him, and then grudgingly accepted it. Potter was clearly challenging him and Draco couldn’t just give in.

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Love is a mystery feeling.

Pairing: Negan x Reader

Warning: Smut and memories(?!). Enjoy ♡

Originally posted by may85

Negan enters in his room after a normal day ruling the sanctuary, when he enters there he hear a lightly noise coming of his bathroom, when he enters it he sees y/n, Negan normally would be pissed if he saw any one in his bedroom or his bathroom without his consent, but is fucking doll over there, his favorite wife, his favorite everything actually. When he open it he see a breathtaking sight. Y/N all naked in his bathtub, her hair all wet and her beautiful titties a bit above the water, her lips pink and her beautiful eyes flash open when she see him staring at everything that is her.

“Oh, sorry Negan, you told me once that was okay coming here, and you know that normally I wouldn’t but today was kinda tough”- Y/N says while she put her head on the cold side of the tile.

“No trouble at all my fucking doll”- Negan says while touch her cheek.

“You know you can join me here right? I mean, only if you want it too”- Y/N close her eyes softly while looking down with a soft grin on her face.

“Damn babe, you act like I could not want you in any fucking way”- Negan says while a fresh grin shows in his face.

“Then what are you waiting for Daddy?”- she says softly while looking on his eyes that now is with dilated pupils with so much lust for this goddess that he thinks she is. And with that phrase from her, was all that takes for him lay down and his her lips so lustful and full with love.

Negan took his shirt of and start loosening his belt, when suddenly Y/N take his hands and look at him with a beautiful smile, Negan instantly know what she meant whit that, she start taking of his belt and start playfully rub her tiny hands on his pants. His grows a bit and said “Baby, you better fucking take it off cause I want to have a good time whit you in that bath”, y/n looks at him with a confusion expression.

“But Daddy, I want to taste you”, he look at her, something about looking at her naked body with all that hot water on her, making her hair, her skin, everything about her means something to him, not only lust and desire as once he thought it was, but it means love, and God knows how much y/n means to him.

Negan took her chin in his big hands and says “Darlin, as hard it’s for me to say that, but I don’t want that beautiful mouth around my cock tonight, I want a romantic shit” y/n smile and let a little laugh “Woll, Negan wanting a romantic night ? Oh Daddy is going soft because of me?” She says with a smile that she knows that she’ll be punished later on.

Negan grab her arms and put her on her feets and says “Oh doll, you better not screw my mood, I really like you and want to show you how much” then he kiss her, kiss her so deeply that her legs go weak, she grabs his neck and kiss him back. Negan pull of and start taking his pants off, take his boots and socks, gets only with him boxer and look at y/n with a grin and says “your turn babygirl” and with that she grabs his boxer and put it off of him slowly never breaking the gaze. 

Negan enters in the bathtub with his cock already hard as rock, y/n kiss him with a grin and says between the long kisses and says “Wow, I think someone like to see me naked on that bathtub”, Negan smile and says “oh darlin you have no fuckin’ idea” they sit on the bath , Y/N sat on his lap and they kiss deeply and lovely, the things get heated and while kissing, biting, and linking, Negan put his huge hand on both breasts and play with them softly while start to kiss y/n neck and collarbone, Y/N left a soft moan and start rubbing Negan arms, Negan bite light her hard nipple and y/n moan, a moan that Negan loves so much. 

“Hmm babygirl, you have know idea what that beautiful sound that you make, make me feel. Is like that shit go straight to my cock” and with that y/n couldn’t contain herself and put his away of her breast. 

“Daddy you need make me cum, you have no idea how much I want you” Negan drags his hands down her chest to her pussy and start playing with her folds and even with the water he can feel how wet she is for him “oh doll, I have a fucking idea” and with that he grabs his enormous cock and start playing on her clit, y/n couldn’t contain her moan and put her head in his shoulder, Negan grabs her face with the other hand and says with a power voice “Look at me doll, I want you fucking looking at me, I want you to know who you belong to, who are the one and only that can make you feel that way” he put his cock inside her softly, normally Negan fuck his wives senseless, but something about y/n that make him want to do that ‘make love shit’ but he would never admit to anyone. While his cock stretch her in the most delicious way, she open her mouth and moan with and close her eyes with mouth gasp, Negan didn’t like that she disobeyed him and says “Doll, you bet” and with that y/n cut him and says “I know love, I know is just that you’re to good inside me for me contain myself” and when she says love something on Negan rock-heart melt, he shove his cock inside her completely and grab her lower back pulling her closely to him, her breast on his collarbone, her forehead on his and her eyes locked on his hazel ones she start riding him softly moaning things like “daddy” “baby” and “oh God” and Negan grab her check giving a small pinch, the water floating around them shaking with small waves that are fulfilled with love and desire, y/n start kissing Negan, sucking his tongue, biting his lower lip and moaning ‘cause all the pleasure that she is feelings because of him. 

Negan normally is the one in command but sometimes he loves getting a little dominated by a woman that know what she is doing. When y/n put her lips off of him and look at his eyes with a loving desperate expression, the expression of closeness of her high, Negan get the message and lick her neck and leave a small hickey while dragging his hand on her clit and start playing with that beautiful point of nerves and he can feel his high coming when y/n start scratching his bareback with her delicate but with some scar hand (after living in the apocalypse fighting with the walkers, and worst…humans!).

He moans on her neck and says “babygirl I’m so clos..e..e…e, come with me babbeee” and then y/n smile and she felt that fire on her belly and start going faster on his dick, she grabs Negan face on her hands and look at his eyes and then both of then come. In the same fucking time that both knows that is rare for couples cum together in the same time, the bathroom overwhelmed of love whisperings and water sounds while a bit of it hit the floor. 

After getting of the high, Y/N let it off of his cock with a sad expression already missing his cock inside her, she totally love when they became one in pure love. Negan put his head on the back of the tile, while y/n put move her body to lay on her back on Negan hairy chest, her head on his neck and Negan put his head down and start caressing her breasts, “Damn baby, today wasn’t a bad day at all, but fuck I needed that shit. Thanks” y/n smile and says “my pleasure baby, my pleasure”.

After some 45 minutes and the bathtub talking about the day, Negan bring the subject on, “hun .. doll?” Y/N whit her eyes closed respond “yes Negan?”, Negan sits on the bath making y/n move a bit and having to adjust herself. 

“Uh, you know that we both call each other a bunch of names… but” Negan sighs “you called me love, and I don’t know if it what In the heat of the moment, is just that you never called me that before” Negan says and feeling a stupid for saying such a shitty line. 

Y/N process it for a bit and Negan gets tense and says “You know what, forget that shit, you’re one of my wives, and yeah you was a feisty one that hated me when we met and you just stood here because I let your friends of Rick group go but .. is just that you never said that. I just wanted to know if it was a moment shit”, Y/N turn to face him “You’re right, when we first met, we can not say that was love on first sight, fuck not at all!! I mean, I hated you, I was there with my family around and yes you know that I always knew the meaning of all that and I didn’t blame you, all the psychological fear you had to do, the … the deaths that you had to bring, and when you killed Abbe .. Abraham, I cried, I liked him, I can’t say that we were besties but we both always went on run’s together, and we talk sometimes but wasn’t a truly friendship, but when you killed Gle…” tears start falling on her face, “when you killed Gleen, hitted me like a truck, Gleen saved me a long time ago with Daryl, and he talks to me and prove it to me that they weren’t some fuckers that wanted to rape me or nothing.. and when I saw him die, the face of him and how he looked toward Maggie, I promise to myself that I would never forgive you for that” Negan expression go sad, his heart broke with those words, of course he imagined it before, but hearing her saying it ? Hell no, that was a real nightmare to him.

“But, .. I mean of course you came towards me and start saying how pretty and 'mothefucking hot’ I was and that you wanted me to became one of your wives and I wanted to tell no and shoot that pretty face of yours but I know what you would do with the rest of my family, and when we get in the truck, cause obviously you didn’t want to me and Daryl be together, I sat by your side and I told you right there that I hated you but I know why you did what you did, but I wouldn’t forgive you. And then you gave some sarcastic come back that I don’t even remember anymore and after that … I don’t know, I came here, met the people and hated when you sent me that dress, like honestly i did . . And after some time and when you let me go on that run and after I saved your ass 3 times in that day” y/n grins and Negan let a small smile “and I start liking you, and I hated myself for it! But I don’t know, when you stopped treating my family bad because of me, and when I saw how you never let any man around here get along with the girl, And fuck there are a bunch of man that would fuck a brick on the wall… ! And … the way you never obliged me to do anything sexual with you, and the way you protect me when these idiots that we came across on a run and you kill those bastards ! .. and when I felt a desire for you .. I hated myself for it untill I couldn’t handle it and literally jump on you” both of them laugh, such love on both eyes. “And we had sex on that night, and the after one, and after one, and after one .. and you always let me stay there, let me sleep with you .. and yes, after a time, after I knowing you better, knowing your fears, knowing your bad parts and good ones, knowing your heart” y/n says with her hand on his chest “and yeah Negan, I never was the girl that say it, but I do love you. Wasn’t a heat of the moment, and .. and I know on that world has no such a thing, and come on you have beautiful chicks all over you, but I do love you.” And after she says that she look down, she really needed bitch sized lady nuts to open her heart like that. Negan look at her with a expression of love and doubt, love for that beautiful angels in front of him, and doubt because he couldn’t believe she would love a man like him, a tough lider crazy one man in that apocalypse world. 

He look aside and start to getting up, y/n felt stupid, 'why he did that? Was that a fucking game after all? He own me and that’s it?’ she thought, and when Negan got of and get a towel, he got other and handle to her, she look at him with some tears in her eyes and says “I can get one myself, you can give me two minutes and I’ll leave your room” Negan breaths deeply and got of the room without looking at her.

After two exactly minutes y/n leave the bathroom, her skin lightly red cause she rubbed to much to dry faster, her hair still wet and she walks through the room while Negan was sitting on boxer and a shirt in his couch drink a whisky with Lucille on the table. She get the handle of the door and when she open it Negan says with his deep voice “Y/n stop” she stopped and look at him, he look at her and says softly “please stay”, y/n look at him pissed at him and says “Why do you want it Negan? You won right? Let me go.” 

He get up and got close to her, she look at him and he says “Listen, I’ll tell you something”, y/n roll her eyes imagining him saying something evil to hurt her. 

Negan point his couch for her to sit and she did it after. 

“Y/N listen, I .. I .. you ever imagined why I named a baseball bat as Lucille?” 

“No, 'luck’? Or were you a baseball player before the world ended?” Negan breath and says “No doll, I had a wife, her name was Lucille, I loved her with my whole heart, and I let her down. Our relationship was mostly good, but sometimes dark, but fuck. What relationship isn’t ? We got married, and we live happy for a while”. 

Y/n as someone who don’t trust a man says “What? You cheated on her-?” He get a small smile and says “No, she had cancer” y/n expression got sad “and she fight pretty hard, and I took care of her, and when she died, I get devastated!” Negan look down, and y/n put her hand on his knee letting him know that is okay. “And I locked myself after her, when the fuckin’ apocalypse happened. After everything I been through, I made the sanctuary, I made a name and I thought that I couldn’t never ever feel anything again. I got all the prettiest woman around that I could find, everyone respect me, and who doesn’t .. well don’t live long enough. And when I went to your group, and after everything .. When you get here and I start acting nicely toward you, you made it clear that you don’t wanted to be here but you stood cause you loved your friends, I remember when you told me that you wasn’t a pride, you told me with that fearless face of yours 'Why you want me to be alone with you?. You just want me to be your fucking trophy, show me around to my old group, and new ones, letting them know that you can have anything, that you can kill and have anyone. I can walk around with you, but don’t try to act like you know me’ and shit y/n that hit me hard, you’re so badass that I get more into you every godamn time” y/n look at him and when she was about to start talking he said “na uh uh let me finish it” y/n let him continue “and after a while with you here, never keeping my orders of being quiet with the others wives, but always working as one of my mans, and when I always ask about you for one of my wives they act like 'Who ? Your new one daddy ? I don’t know, she always walk around working with the saviors, I don’t know why she can’t keep together and shut her mouth’ and trust me it always get me pissed when they talked about you like this, but where were you? You was getting the trucks unload, killing walkers, helping the doctor etc. And when we got to that run and I got close to die I know that you would let me die, after what I did with your friends, but you saved me, you put yourself in risk 3 times in that day for me. And I don’t know if it was on that fucking moment but I fell for you Y/N” y/n gasp looking at him “and I’m not the best person, fuck I’m a motherfucker son of a bitch! But we got along, you’re the only one that I get to sleep on my room, the only one that go on hunts with me when you want it, the only one that I let the group go. I’m so sorry if in a minutes ago on the bathtub I let you down, I fucking love you Y/N and when you told that you loved me I couldn’t believe it !” Y/N eyes bright softly but she still don’t believe 100%.

“Negan, are you being serious or are you just wanting me to not get mad with you?” Negan look at her with sincerity in his eyes and says “No y/n, I honestly do love you, and that shit fucking scares me. Have you idea that I actually thought about letting the wives go? But” 

“but you don’t want to your saviors think you’re going soft” y/n finish his sentence and Negan heart beat fast knowing that she knows him so well ! 

“Yeah honey, exactly that. So I’m not good with all that feeling thing, but… but I do love you! And you’re not my fucking trophy to show around. And I’m fucking sorry that we had to met on the circumstances.” Y/N kiss his lips, the lips with whisky taste that she loves so well.

After some more kisses, they lay down and the massive bed, Negan on his back with Y/N laid with her head on his chest hearing his heart. Who could imagine that on a circumstance like that two hearts could get along.

Hey guys, I’m new on this so sorry for any errors, and don’t know yet how to put perfectly and this is the fucking first time for writing anything. So be nice. Xoxo L 🖤

Wings & Embers analysis [2/2]

[Find part 1 here!]

POV switch to Cassian!

“One moment, he’d wanted to throttle her, then he’d read that terror on her face regarding her own past and he’d gone so murderously calm he’d scared even himself, then… then it had all stopped, the eye of a storm with them in it, and there she was.

And in those blue-gray eyes, he could see the thoughts swirling in her as if they were smoke under glass. The cunning mind at work behind that face—the one he hadn’t been able to get out of his head these week.

So he’d just… moved.”

[UGH. If they’re not mates, then idk what that means anymore.]

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Elorcan Werewolf AU part 7

Sometimes following your heart means losing your mind 

Elorcan Werewolf 7

Lorcan saw red.

He felt his body tear from him as he lost all control. He felt raw power course through his veins as his wolf’s side raged and snapped the reins. He felt pure wrath and hatred, violence roaring through every cell and pore.

His bones and muscles shifted, the female on top of him screaming. Lorcan had been called a great many things in his life, many of them along the lines of the Executioner, Death’s Right Hand, or the Devil’s Mind. But the most known moniker of them all was the Great Silencer.

And that was exactly what he did to Essar. His wolf’s claws tore through the female’s neck without a second thought, blood spraying over his black sheets. Her shrieks of protests died at her lips, and Lorcan watched in satisfaction as her body collapsed, limp and cold. His wolf nudged the woman off the bed, and snarled in content as the remains of her skin hit the floor with a thud.

She had tested him, and Lorcan had given her his answer.

If years of turning down her offers was to be ignored, then she had every right to expect this foreseeable action in which her blood no longer circulated. It didn’t matter if the female was a Lycan with royalty spinning in her veins, a kind blush always smoothed over those pale features for him.

It didn’t matter as long as Essar wasn’t his mate, the enchanting creature that was Elide Lochan.

Essar had tried to encourage the notion of love when he had desired nothing more than meaningless sex to satisfy his wolf. Essar had been the one female the royal courts had chosen to pair him with in case all went wrong with his mate. Essar had tried to tame him, a beast who breathed in death and destruction.

Yet, now that Lorcan had found his mate, Essar had approached him, weeping tears of sadness his heart had not flinched at. The doe-eyed female had attempted to part with goodbyes that involved physical intimacy, snapping his wolf into action. At this point, his wolf and him could only agree on one thing: only their mate could touch Lorcan. Only their mate could love him. Only their mate could accept him.

It was only Elide. It was all Elide. Elide, Elide, Elide.

His Lycan thrashed, eyes narrowing and nose twitching. The scent of Elide was right under his nose, and a hint of pink fabric hung loosely around his neck. Lorcan vigorously shook his head and watched the collar fly across the room. He would not rest until his mate was in his arms. A piece of her was not enough. He needed all of her, whether as a wolf or human.

His Lycan burst through the door, and loosed a howl as a half-Lycan mutt and an Alpha bitch stood in the halfway, swords drawn. The mutt’s sword cleaved through the air at a vertical arc, and his wolf easily slipped through the blow with years, centuries, and eons of experience. His teeth tore through the other female’s arm, clamping down on the hard flesh. He easily tossed the Alpha’s body against her Beta’s, not bothering to watch as they slammed against the wall, weapons clanging noisily to the floor.

His wolf picked up speed as he raced down the hallways, Elide’s scent still hanging in the air. Lest he claim his mate, his own Alpha that was Rowan Whitethorn emerged from another hallway, gripping a handful of wolfsbane, magical gloves protecting his hand.

Did rutting-Rowan-Whitethorn think a few stalks of wolfsbane could keep him from his mate?

“Lorcan,” Rowan warned, his voice cut with hardened wind. “Control. Elide would not want to see you like this.”

Lorcan’s wolf did not like Rowan’s tone, and leapt towards him. Only Elide could decide what she wanted him to do and see after centuries of waging bloodied, pointless wars that would have blinded a lesser man.

Rowan swore and agility dodged his first swipe.

“Don’t make me do this,” his Alpha growled, holding up a strand of wolfsbane in front of him, thinking it would be enough.

Lorcan summoned the darkness, and before his ages-old friend could blink, he slammed his power that was old as time itself onto the Prince of Lycans.

His wolf loosed another howl, demanding that his mate return the call.

Only silence persisted in the hallways as Lorcan chased the scent of his mate out into the gardens. The moon taunted him as he wove through the trees, into the woods, his darkness ebbing out, demanding the presence of his sweet Elide Lochan.

His mate.


A whimper that did not belong among the dropping trees that casted demented shadows and creeping insects that swarmed the woods had his pace slowing down drastically. Lorcan crept through the branches, his eyes narrowing into a small, white figure in a grassy clearing, bordering the little river than ran through Lycan property.

The scent of his mate empowered his nose, and his wolf barreled through the trees to his mate. The white wolf lifted her head in response, her almond-shaped eyes widening in surprise. Her own ankle was bent at an odd ankle, and Lorcan bounded around his mate, encircling her small frame.

Elide’s wolf peeled back her lips and gave him a snarl that had his own wolf snapping in response. Rejection spun in those beautiful eyes, and his wolf pawed at the grass, bending its head in silent submission. His mate curled into a smaller ball, tail flicking over her paws in defense. Never before had shame flooded Lorcan as he watched the white wolf turn her head away from him, those ears flicking back as a means to dismiss.

Lorcan was having none of it. He slowly crept forward, and when he was directly in front of his mate, he huffed. Elide turned her head to stare at him, her nose twitching in disdain. His midnight wolf bent his snout down to the nape of his mate’s neck, and took a gentle lick of her soft fur. The white wolf let out a strangled noise as he continued licking around her neck and down her back, smoothing the ruffles in her fur.

As soon as his mate let out a hiss, telling him to back off, Lorcan sat on top of Elide, covering her small, quivering body with his large, muscular one. A small part of him revelled in their differences, of yin and yang. He could stay like this forever, his mate in his embrace. However unwilling.

He rested his snout along the top of her head, a deep growl etching itself from his throat. Mine.

Elide shook her head, attempting to move his head, but Lorcan did not budge. He gently stroked the mating bond that shone clear between them at their close proximity. His mate bristled in response, shoving away the bond from her. Lorcan snarled in response, gently nipping her ear. Centuries and eons of waiting for a chance to prove that he had a heart—to prove the regret at each body that laid at his feet because of him—to prove that he was not Death’s right hand, but a creature of life and listener to the Moon Goddess.

Elide let out a little noise and he rubbed his head against her cheek. This creature was his and he was not going to let go of her, no matter how far she ran nor how well she hid.

His wolf rearranged himself into a more comfortable position to make sure he wasn’t completely squashing his mate. Elide immediately tried to bolt off, but Lorcan merely caught her tail between his teeth. His little mate immediately twisted around, snapping her canines at his head. Her stance was purely aggressive, and she was even leaning on that ruined ankle of hers. Lorcan immediately loosed her tail, and leaned down, licking her ankle. The darkness enveloped around the marred skin, bracing and fixing. To mend.

Elide promptly collapsed against the Earth, her beautiful face contorted into a pained expression. Lorcan immediately knew what he was going to do as he started to wriggle himself under her body. He carefully slid himself fully under his mate, a noise of distress slipping from her throat. When her body was completely shouldered over him, Lorcan lifted himself onto his hind legs. His own veins buzzed with fire and flame at contact with his mate, and he could feel Elide’s own body strumming with heat. The darkness has no longer clouded mind, and Lorcan felt calm, content—for once.

No longer did his magic probe and demolish the surroundings where sections of grass lay yellow and dead, trees de-rooted, branches bent and protruding against other figments of nature. No longer did his magic spin to destroy. Instead, his magic choose to cocoon around Elide, pasting itself to her ankle and stroking slivers of gentle strokes behind her ears. His magic whirled in great streams around them, protecting and serving the small body on top of him, and masking their scent.

His magic soothed and bent in worship at the warm presence on his back.

Even Lorcan’s wolf knows that he cannot break the Pack Covenant by returning Elide back to her house with his body in full Lycan form. He cannot return back to his own damned house where other males and females will want to take his mate away from him. So he carries his mate to the one place where no one will dare find him.

Where no one will disturb him. Where no one except him knows.

Elide does not complain as the darkness bends over her, worshipping her presence, stroking her fur gently, sliding over her as a warm blanket. His own wolf cannot wait to touch her, and to hear sounds of sweetness escape from her throat.

Lorcan knew that Elide had fallen asleep when she stopped twitching in small movements he found endearing. Gentle puffs of air escaped from her snout, fueling his magic’s power to serve something worth more than his entire life. Lorcan can feel his own power surging as the night descended upon them, the darkness thriving in the sheer cover of the moonshine, an element considered his to own and slave to his will.

His wolf stalked through the forest at a brisk pace until they reached the very middle of the wilderness, a large, looming cave beckoning them under a cover of darkness. The crickets no longer chirped their harmonious melody, and the soft patter of dew no longer dared to journey to the grasses.

Not where a killer has made his asylum.

Here, Lorcan’s beast had taken refuge, seeking company in isolation and silence. Here, the echo of his loneliness reflected his pain of regret lining every second of his heartbeat. Here, he sat in stony monotony, memorizing the outline of his mate’s face and breathing in the remains of her scent.  

His wolf strode through the cave, ignoring the crunching of bones underneath his paws, and then gently lowered his mate onto a soft bed of leaves and flowers that grew only in the pure, utter darkness. The nature here grew and spurred into creation from Lorcan’s magic of ruination; because demolishment meant the development of dark beauty.

He was not full royalty like Prince Rowan Whitethorn.

He was the King of Death, and Elide would be the queen of decay.

If she would have him.

Lorcan circled around his mate’s body, watching the rise and fall of her chest. Elide slightly stirred when he sniffed her ankle, spotting marrings of a weapon he knew all too well: chains. Lycans would often be strapped to walls during their first couple shifts, their wolf side unable to be reasoned with.

But Elide was not a Lycan.

Meaning someone had intentionally tried, and successfully hurt her.

A calm, thunderous rage pulsed around him. His canines slipped out, needing to somehow to protect the fragile white wolf in front of him.

Lorcan situated himself over his mate, soaking in the warmth her body offered while offering his own. They were destined by fate, and for once, Lorcan finds himself not minding simply belonging to another. Slowly, he licked her face, needing to see those sweet eyes.

Her eyes flickered open, filled with emotions Lorcan would wish on an enemy, reserved for a foe. Those shining orbs gleam with hatred and disgust, causing him to recoil. The very look sent a sharp jab to his heart, a more fatal blow than any silver blade. He immediately scrambled away from his mate, staring at the wall. As his hind legs bend underneath him, his skin prickled, knowing that the white wolf is staring intently at him. Judging him.

His ear twitched at the sound of his mate shuffling in the makeshift bed that had become his sanctuary in the darkest nights.

His dark wolf rifled through the corners of the cave walls, pulling a long T-shirt into his mouth. He trotted back to his mate, who is still gauging him with an unreadable expression, head slightly cocked.

Lorcan decided that he couldn’t have his mate simply continuing to stare at him with that look. Biting down on her behind as gently as he can afford, a teasing affection only reserved for her, and her only, Lorcan loosed a small howl, demanding Elide return his call.

Elide loosed a yelp, and instead crawled away from him. His wolf whined in protest, lowering his head, and followed her across the cave floor, dragging the fabric dangling from his mouth.

The lovely white wolf hauled herself onto her hind legs and lifted her head, as if she were a queen and he were nothing more than a peasant. Quick as lightning, she snagged the shirt away from him, holding it in front of her like a barrier. The popping of joints and cracking of shifting limbs filled the solemn air, and in a flash, Elide tossed the shirt over her pale body.

Lorcan can only stare at her exposed skin, his tongue falling out of his mouth. The curve of her collarbone, and the long, pale legs that run from underneath her waist the shirt barely covered—

Elide ran a hand through her hair, fingering out the knots. He watched, utterly transfixed.

After a second of staring at him with accusations flooding her orbs, she finally said, “Hello, Lory.”

He dipped his head in shame, Elide crossing her arms.

Lorcan walked to the corner of the cave, his tail between his hind legs. Weaving through other pairs of clothes, he shifted, and quickly pulled the cotton material over his body. By the time he rose from the corners of the cave’s darkness, Elide sat with her legs crossed over the bed, staring intently at the cave’s top. From his angle, she looked like a fallen angel, and Lorcan knew at that instant, he would follow her anywhere—even into Heaven, a place not meant for him.

But he would bring down those golden gates just to leave amongst his mate.

“I—” he started, voice rugged and low, but Elide’s voice abruptly ripped him apart, having him swallow his own sentence. Her eyes cut through him, colder than any temperature and worse than any death.

No amount of time could have him braced for the words that spilled from that cruel, rose-bud mouth of hers. No amount of morphine nor drugs could have numbed him. No amount of preparation or pain would have him ready for her sickened words.

Elide stared at him, and opened her mouth without missing a beat.

“I, Elide Lochan, reject you, Lorcan Salvaterre, as my mate.”

There’s a burning sensation filling every part of him as he falls to the ground, the darkness shattering around him. Air clogs through his throat, and he feels the true abyss of loneliness beckoning him, sucking him in. Pain—this was pain and agony like no other roaring through him.

He thought he knew anguish and anguish knew him.

But this was different.

His wolf is howling and his legs no longer work and he wished that she would have shoved a silver dagger through his heart instead.

The pain peaks, and darkness consumes his vision.

And all is still.

She would not have him.

Elide broke the silence by blowing her nose loudly. For once, Manon deigned to not tap her iron nails against the tables, with Aelin rubbing her arms solemnly and staring at the floor, a despondent look of despair plastered over her face.

The Pack House had still been full of merriment from last night’s activities, and Aelin hadn’t had the heart to shut down the after-party as the Sun broke through the clouds. Instead, the Alpha, Beta, and the apprentice Pack Healer had locked themselves back into Aelin’s room, Elide tending their injuries.

Aelin had not let a single sound escape from her as Elide set her broken elbow. Manon had not scowled.

Elide slid a finger over the mangly flesh that was her ankle, and inhaled sharply. Walking had, for the first time in years, not bothered her. For the first time, she could walk without leaning on her other leg, and run freely and fully.

But for the first time, her heart truly hurt and felt as if an iron brand was wrenching itself onto her.

Because her mate had given her the gift of pain-free. Her mate had healed her, had given her the ability to live a normal life. Her mate had taken away the scars of the chains.

And she had broken him.

Manon stared at Elide, an internal debate playing out in her face. Finally, she said, “The arousal was not the Lycan’s. It was the female’s.” As if it pained her to add, she finally bit out, “Your Lycan had threatened the female’s life. Which is why she was crying.”

She stared at Elide. He did nothing wrong. He rejected every female every since he met you. You were his miracle.


No one had dared to say his name. No one had uttered those two syllables as his body had been lowered onto a hospital bed, whisked away into the Lycan infirmary where regular wolves would never be admitted to.

Aelin looked up with ghastly eyes. “The female is dead. Princess Lycan Essar is dead. The female who was with him that night.”

“That doesn’t excuse the fact she was allowed on top of him.” How could she compare to royalty? Do their dishes for them, and fold their laundry?

“All I hear is jealousy,” Manon snapped. “That boy has degraded himself for you. That boy has turned away his darkness for something good, just for you. That boy risked his health for you, just to make you happy. He tried to war a battle against his nature for you. And this is what you give him? Rejection?”

Manon’s eyes misted to ice, an expression meant for the enemy on the battlefield. Elide found herself paralyzed against the floor as her Beta relentlessly forged on.

“He learned himself to be a monster, but changed for you. He regretted every single action in his life because of you. You were his hope and his redemption. But you even took that away from him.”

His eyes—Lorcan’s eyes had glassed over as his body had collapsed, and his will has left his body.

The Great Silencer had fallen. The Devil’s Mind, Death’s Right Hand, the Executioner. He had fallen.

Aelin tried to hold up a hand, her face tired, but Manon snarled in her direction, and stared down Elide again.

“If you kill and break a monster, Elide, what does that make you?”

Elide stood up, clenching her fists. “Stop.” Her voice cracked. Guilt poured through her, but she couldn’t stop it even if she wanted to. She had hurt her mate, when she was supposed to bring him up, uplift him, help him. She had failed her other half when he so desperately needed her.

She glanced at no one in particular, brushing invisible off her jeans. “Do you think they would let me into the hospital?”

Manon laughed bitterly. “You have no connection to him now. You cannot go in because you are not his mate, and not a Lycan.”

Aelin dragged a blade through the couch, tearing apart the sewing. “But we can distract the guards long enough for Elide to get in.”

Her Alpha looked at Elide with those uniquely ringed eyes, full of burning fire. Hope surged through her, and she smiled at Aelin, the Alpha who would always fight for righteousness.

It was time she did the same. Because she had spent her time here as a healer, only to break her mate. The healer’s creed was to listen, to repair, to understand.

She had done none of those things.

“I’m going to fight for him.” She stood up, testing her ankle, which did not fail her. She had failed Lorcan. Her duty was to appease him, to calm his wolf side. Instead she had severed the mate bond that had tethered him to this world as his one chance of love.

Lycans had to be calmed by physical contact.

The way Lorcan had closed his eyes in delight when she’d touched his cheek the one night—

A lump formed in her throat, and she looked out the window, wishing that the midnight wolf would appear from the crook of the trees. She imagined her fingers stroking Lory’s soft fur, and how she let jealousy and rancor overtake her.

Aelin clasped her hands. “You forgive him for his faults, Elide. But never, ever forget.”

Elide looked at the window one last time, and nodded in Aelin’s direction. She set foot for the door, determination flooding her.

“I’m going to fight for you, Lorcan Salvaterre.”

Breaking in was a lot more simple than Elide thought. Once Aelin showed up in front of the gates, sobbing in front of the guards and demanding the presence of her mate, those doors had quickly swung open.

Elide and Manon had flanked their Alpha, feeding the royals and courtesans with feeble and concerned glances. Apparently Aelin’s anguish worked too well, with the Prince Rowan Whitethorn breaking the castle doors and rushing for his mate with wide eyes and concern etched across his face.

The Lycan didn’t spare them a second glance as he swooped his mate into his arms bridal style. Within mere seconds, they had disappeared within the palace, Manon watching the encounter with distaste.

Elide had hurried after them, not wanting to lose access to the grounds, but apparently Rowan had given them permission to loiter until Aelin had passed his inspections and decided to leave.

Her Alpha had sent a message to them down the pack link, instructing Elide and Manon to search for Lorcan—and that she would not clear herself of the premises until Elide found her mate.

Manon grabbed Elide’s arm, hauling her into the grand palace. Once, she would have admired the towering dome and intricacy of the details tracing every curve of the palace.

Once, she would have been in her mate’s arms.

Manon cast her a sharp look. “Your mate’s probably in the infirmary wing. Just say you’re learning to become a Pack Healer and want to see the medicines here with your own eyes.”


Elide swallowed. How her mate was already changing her without him knowing. But if this was the cost just to plead and have the opportunity to see Lorcan again, then she would lie for the rest of her life, shattering her reputation repeatedly.

“They must have changed the rules around here, if they just let anybody enter,” a high voiced sniffed in disdain.

Elide turned around, her eyes widening at the sight of the female in front of her. The flowing, draping gown that swirled around her feet, displaying diamonds encrusted onto the high heels—

“You do not have permission to make eye contact with me,” Princess Lycan Remelle, first consort to Prince Rowan Whitethorn, snapped. She flicked her wrist at them in dismissal, and wrinkled her nose in Manon’s direction. “Half-breed mutt.”

Manon merely went for Wind Cleaver, staring down the Princess. “What did you say, bitch?”

The Princess softly gasped, placing a delicate hand over her heart. Then the beauteous narrowed her eyes, placing her hands on her hips. “You’d best watch your mouth. Your presence is already unworthy in these halls.” She tossed her hair over her shoulder, pointing her nose down at Elide. “And you—you reek of rejection. It’s only fair you got what you deserved. Poor, poor little weakling—who would want an abused runt?”

A cold smile wrapped around Remelle’s face like a viper readying to strike. And she did, sneering down at Elide.

“Tell me, how was Morath, Elide Lochan?”

Elie didn’t have the chance to utter a word as Manon slashed Wind Cleaver through the air. Remelle barely missed the blade by a centimeter as she scrambled backwards, her gown slashed through the seams.

“Guards!” she screamed, fleeing down the corridors. Her cry echoed down the hall.

Manon growled, and leaped after the Princess of Lycans. After a moment’s thought, she shouted at Elide to find her the gods-damned rutting Salvaterre.

Elide obeyed, running down the opposite direction as a large stream of guards followed Manon’s direction. She sniffed the air, following the scent of Eucalyptus and salves, silently praying to the Moon Goddess that she’d find her mate.

It didn’t matter if she rejected him. She would fight for him back and rip the throats of any female who dared to challenge her spot. She would reclaim what was rightfully hers, just as her mate had tried to claim her.

Lory had wooed her. Lorcan had quashed his wolf’s demands.

Lory had soothed her. Lorcan had denied Essar’s affections.

Lory had given her happiness. Lorcan had taken her to his sanctuary.

Her mate had trusted her with his heart.

Elide had broken the mate bond halfway.

She had shattered her mate’s chance at redemption and love. She had not trusted him when she’d seem him with the other female. She had jumped to conclusions.

Never before had she felt so simply petty. Never before had she felt like a human girl. Never before had she been so determined.

Elide wandered down a series of hallways until she came across a path that no longer lay woven of gold and glass diamonds, but smooth stones. The air turned heavy, the atmosphere thickening.

The scent of Lorcan and blood and grime filled her nose. Elide walked forward, as if she were in a trance. The scent should have brought her comfort, but instead, hesitance filled her veins. She almost wished that her ankle would have failed her now so she’d have the pathetic excuse to crawl back.

But Elide Lochan was going to fight for her mate. Win him back. Give him a second chance and hope he’d do the same as well. So they could learn and grow together—as true mates.

The tang of her mate’s scent was nearly visible in the air with thralling shadows of gallant darkness swooping in the air. Beckoning her.

Elide stopped at the last door, and pressed her palm against the cold stone. She shuddered.

This wasn’t the infirmary. This was a place to waste away.

To decay.

She pushed the door open, wincing at the creaks and wobbling hinges.

A dark figure laid on a bed of stone and bone. The air had accumulated to an almost suffocating layer. Quiet lapped at her, solemn silence filling every crevice.

“Lorcan,” she said.

The figure did not stir, but Elide knew that he was listening. Awake.

She clutched the doorframe as if it would dissipate in her grasp. She ignored the message someone was trying to send her down the pack link. She stared at the sprawling figure, a living longing to touch and comfort him washing over her.

But he would not have her. Not now.

His voice rasped through the darkness. “I hurt everyone. Everyone and anyone who came close to me. Even you.”

Elide blinked away the phantom of tears. “I forgive you.” Always.

“I loved you,” Lorcan said, suddenly and abruptly. Livid passion and raw anger seared in those dark, fathomless eyes.

Elide slowly shook her head, her mate’s eyes tracking each movement. “You loved the idea of me. Not me. There’s a difference.”

“I could have. I could have learned to love. But you didn’t give me the chance.”

Elide stared at the prone figure in front of her. “I’m so sorry,” she whispered.

The granite-hewn face did not relax, and instead black eyes regarded her coolly. “For what?”

Elide swallowed, reaching a hand for him. “For everything.”

Lorcan looked away.

Elide realized what Manon was trying to tell her through the link. Realized the warning too late. She cursed herself, and slowly turned around.

The tsunami of sound thundered in her ears as a sea of armor swarmed towards her. Cold metal lining their bodies tainted the air. Elide felt her knees waver, and she cast her mate a betrayed glance.

Lorcan watched as the guards rounded the corner, and struck a silver blade horizontally across Elide’s back. He did not flinch as her scream resounded across the walls, and as they dragged her down the hallways, her nails scratching against the floor, leaving no marks or dents. He did not blink as she screamed his name, nor as the guards clasped silver handcuffs around her tiny wrists.

Elide’s eyes found his, even through the darkness.

He gave her a smirk, the last piece of hardened piece of him.

“You did not give me a chance, Elide. So I will not give you a second one.”

Lorcan turned away, and waved the door shut as the guards wretched her around the corner. His wolf did not call for her anymore, and he leaned back against the cold bed, closing his eyes.


The cell was cold and damp.

Once upon a time, if someone asked her if she believed in love, she would have wholeheartedly agreed. She would have cooed and fawned over the mere notion. She would have smiled in pure eagerness and elation.

Elide knew better now.

Love was a figment of the imagination.

I loved you.




Her mate had said.


She thought she could have been the sunshine in Lorcan’s darkness. She thought the stars in her eyes would have been the universe for Lorcan. She thought the passion in her heart would have pulsed for him.

Her body sagged against the chains, her mind a sorrowful mess. Her mate didn’t want her. She had pushed him beyond breaking point. He would not give her a second chance. He did not want to fight for her.

Lorcan had taught her that silence was beautiful.

But as she drowned in this silence, in the coldness of the cell, she knew that the only thing that silence meant was anticipation for the future in what the Lycans would do to her.

For breaking the Gamma Lorcan Salvaterre, for placing him in the death bed, for snapping his chance at love. For reducing a Lycan into a sickly stance in which his wolf was isolated without a chance at redemption.

But if he wanted love, he wouldn’t have shut her away in this dark, dark cell. He would not have chained her up, a thicker chain wrapped around her once-mangled ankle, mocking and taunting her.

Down here in this deep cell, bolstered by silver linings, her pack link did not work. She was shut out in sheer loneliness, in forever silence. She was left alone to the poison that seeped through her thoughts, plaguing every syllable and sound.

Elide Lochan turned down the inkling of love. She fully embraced the pain as the mate bond snapped in half, as a piece of her soul was torn away from her. She did not cry as she felt her inner wolf weep and howl in agony.

Elide flinched as the bars to her prison shuddered and slid to the side.

Fear splintered through every bone in her body as she regarded the face of her nightmares grin manically, revealing those pristine, chipped teeth that had regularly sneered at her.

The wolf who had killed her father, and taken away the rightful position of Alpha from her and her bloodline. The faint memory had her ankle throbbing.

“Hello, Elide,” the Alpha of the Morath Pack leered, snapping on gloves oozing magical wards to defend the user from the touch of silver and wolfsbane.

Elide struggled in the chains as she regarded the final piece of her childhood swinging in her Uncle Vernon’s hands, dragged from the outside and into her chilling cell.

No, no no no.

He could not—

The rusted chain, thick and tinged with hints of wolfsbane and silver.

The bars slammed into position, and clicked with a whirring lock.

Elide trembled and jerked in her restraints as he unhooked the coarse chain around her ankle, and gripped her bone firmly in place, no matter how hard she thrashed. A nail dug into her skin, holding her in position.

He leaned in directly in front of her face, the smell of rotten things clouding her face. That monstrous smile that had fueled her nightmares.

“What an adventure you’ve had, Elide,” he breathed onto her face, and snapped the all-too familiar chain over her ankle.

Elide cried out as her ankle bent back into that demented shape, the silver digging into her skin, and the chain marring her skin once again.

Elide Lochan screamed as her Uncle Vernon ripped the fabric of her blouse off her body, a lecherous, triumphant smile on his face.

“Now that your mate has rejected you, you are up for taking.” A bony hand wrapped around her throat. “And I think you will make a fine plaything, Elide Lochan.”

anonymous asked:

ok, but if you're taking prompts again could we have ace!alex and hardcore kinky cuddle porn? with alex restrained well maggie gives her a deep massage, the kind that hurts at first but it's a good hurt? with lots of kisses and caresses and some sweet smelling lotion or oil? and lots of praise kink? (i might be a touch-starved ace baby gay, i won't confirm or deny...)

Maggie watches her while she works and she squints and she tilts her head and she bites the inside of her cheek, a habit she’s recently picked up from her girlfriend.

“You’re tense, Danvers,” she observes softly, wanting Alex to ask for it, not wanting to suggest it, because she knows Alex is still struggling with not trying to be overly accommodating, still struggling with not trying to be the ‘perfect girlfriend.’ Especially since she’s come out as ace.

Alex looks up at Maggie over her glasses and kneads her hand into her own shoulder. “Yeah, well, you know. Long day at the lab bench, long night with med journals. Sometimes I think the days getting beaten around in the field are easier on my body.”

Maggie grins and nods, relieved to finally be with someone who not only gets it, gets her, but feels it, too. Because no one Maggie’s ever been with has understood what Alex just said; but Maggie feels it, too, every single day her life isn’t on the line.

She thinks vaguely that they both might want to bring that up in therapy, but she pushes the thought to the side for now, because Alex is shifting, and Alex is stewing in nervous thought.

“Maggie, would you… would you want to give me a massage?”

Maggie gulps and licks her lips and nods and beams, because god is she proud of Alex for asking for what she wants, asking for what she needs.

“I would love absolutely nothing more. Roll over, Danvers.”

Alex flushes and tosses the journals she has scattered across the bed to the floor and lays on her stomach eagerly. Maggie takes a long, slow, deep breath staring at her girlfriend, at her perfect body, at her perfect openness, at her perfect… god, everything.

“Tie me up?” Alex asks, her voice small but full and low and so, so, so damn hot.

“Tie you up to… to give you a massage?” Maggie gulps, and Alex buries her face in the pillow.

“I’m sorry, it’s weird, forget it, I – ”

“No no no no no, Alex, no. I… it’s not weird at all, it’s just… hell, Alex, it’s really hot, I was just clarifying, I promise, just clarifying.”

“So you want to, then?”

“Want to tie the most gorgeous woman I’ve ever seen up so I can give her the deepest, most amazing massage she’s ever had? What do you think, Danvers?”

Alex blushes and pokes her face put from where she’s buried it in the pillow.
“I think you’re saying you like me.”

Maggie grins and kisses her temple, kisses her cheek, and Alex turns so she can kiss her lips, and they both sigh deeply into the kiss, Alex opening her lips and Maggie trying not to moan and failing in a strangled way that makes Alex smile, that makes Alex giggle, that makes Alex want more.

Maggie complies, bringing her lips down the side of Alex’s jawline, her neck, her shoulder blades.

“You’re so beautiful, Alex.”

Alex preens and Maggie grins,  slipping away fron Alex’s body. Alex whines and reaches behind her in protest. Maggie catches her hand and kisses each knuckle.

“Shhh, sweetie, I’m just getting some things I need to give you a proper massage, okay? I’ll be right back. I promise.”

Alex sighs in mock disapproval and Maggie can’t help but lean down to kiss her lips again. Alex goes to deepen it and Maggie pulls back, dimples on full display.

“You want this massage or not, Danvers?”

Alex concedes and Maggie smooths her hair away from the nape of her neck and kisses her gently.

“Just close your eyes and rest, babygirl. I’ll be right back.”

She fiddles with her phone for a moment until she finds her playlist of the most calming music from FFX, and Yuna’s Theme starts up on her speakers. Alex hums in contentment and Maggie can’t help but lean down and kiss her again until she pads into the bathroom to collect what she needs.

True to her word, she comes right back, armed with lavender scented massage candles and sticks of incense scented the same. Alex keeps her eyes closed as she listens to Maggie padding around the bedroom, the sound of a lighter striking up and the scent of woody, sweet spice starting to fill her senses.

“Do you wanna take your clothes off, Ally?” Maggie asks, and Alex smiles, because she knows it’s a genuine question, not a hint or subtle command.

And she does, taking her time shirking out of her sweatshirt and pajama pants, knowing exactly what that kind of thing does to Maggie and relishing every second of it.

Maggie’s breath goes ragged at the sight of Alex wearing nothing but her glasses, laying on her stomach, trusting and waiting and open for her.

“You still want…?” she confirms, and Alex grins, lifting her hands above her head and raising her wrists for Maggie to tie them with the bondage rope they’ve invested in.

“Too tight?” she asks, and Alex hums and shakes her head. Maggie straddles her and leans down to kiss her bound hands before shifting back down her body, settling around her ass, and she runs her fingertips up and down Alex’s back lightly while she waits for the massage candle to melt enough wax to use.

Alex hisses when Maggie drips the wax onto her shoulders, and Maggie pulls back, wipes it up with her hands rapidly.

“I’m sorry, was it too hot? I should’ve waited – “

“No no, don’t stop, it just… your touch, the… the heat… it feels amazing.”

Maggie takes a deep breath and settles herself, starting by digging the pads of her thumbs into Alex’s knotted shoulders, working the waxy lotion into Alex’s skin, the heat into her muscles, and Alex moans loudly, tugging at her rope.

She answers Maggie’s unspoken question, obvious hesitation.

“Please don’t stop.”

So she doesn’t.

She digs her thumbs, her palms, her knuckles, into every one of Alex’s tightest muscles, letting the wax and the music and the incense surround them both as Alex moans with the slight pain of the release, moans and whispers for Maggie – always scared of hurting her – to please keep going, right there, just like that.

Her shoulders, her lower back, that spot in her midback that she’d strained when she’d gone rogue the other week. Maggie traces her muscles with nothing short of reverence, with nothing short of intimate knowledge of how Alex holds her body, of how Alex keeps her tension. She digs into exactly the right spots, circles around exactly the right places, making Alex moan and arch her body and beg for more of Maggie’s touch, more of Maggie’s hands, more of Maggie’s love.

And when Maggie shifts lower, Alex moans louder, because Maggie is working the tension out of her ass, out of her hamstrings, her calves, her feet, leaving a trail of soft kisses all along the path hands trace, the path her hands carve, the path her hands memorize.

“That feel good, Danvers?” she asks, and she smiles when Alex’s affirmative response is less comprised of actual words than of sighs and moans and arching of her body to get more of Maggie’s touch.

“Your hands must be tired, babe,” Alex murmurs after a long while, after the incense has burned itself out and Maggie’s crawled her way back up Alex’s body to work on her bound arms, her ragged breath in Alex’s ear as she kisses her neck, licks at her earlobe.

“They’re not nearly as tired as you are beautiful, so…”

Alex chuckles, her voice full of relaxed ecstasy that she’s never really understood before.

“Come hold me?” she asks, and Maggie immediately goes to untie her hands, kissing the spots Alex had made a bit pink with her writhing under Maggie’s touch.

“I’ll always hold you, Alex. Okay?”

“I can get used to that.”

Omega Pt. 1

A/N: So…this is my first attempt at an A/B/O fic…let me know what you think. It’s also the first smut I’ve posted on Tumblr…so let me know how I did…

Warnings: A/B/O so non-con elements, smut. Lots of smut. Also a lactation kink in there cause I’m fucked up. And probably language somewhere too. Cause I’m a sailor’s sister. And some slash too. Cause Stucky is life. 

Oh, and @fvckingavengers, I totally named her after you. 

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They mated in the back of a quinjet. It had been a simple mission. Extract the hostage, and return to base. They’d sent only Steve and Bucky, knowing they’d be more than enough. The base wasn’t heavily guarded, Steve taking out the guards while Bucky went in after the hostage. Female. 20. Omega.

Bucky had smelled it when he entered the small room they were keeping her in. The beta had been assaulted by distressing omega, the stench nearly choking him. There was another scent, a sweet undertaste, and he realized she was going into heat.

“Shit.” He breathed, running a hand through his hair, trying not to frighten the omega in the corner anymore than she already was. He looked down on her, squatting down so they were eye to eye. “We’re here to rescue you.” He said slowly, making sure to keep eye contact with her. He winced a little at how cheesy that sounded. “The Avengers sent us.” He tried, hoping that would at least calm her down a little.

She did relax, as much as she could, taking his outstretched hand, only to double over in pain when she stood. He could smell her heat coming on stronger.

‘Buck?’ Steve sounded in his ear.

“I got her. I’ll meet you back at the jet.” He said, lifting the omega into his arms. This was definitely going to be an interesting ride home.

Steve had spun so fast Bucky was worried he’d burned a hole in the quinjet floor. His eyes were on the omega in Bucky’s arms, nostrils flared, body tense.

“We have a bit of a complication.” Bucky said, standing at the base of the ramp. He was a little nervous to enter, not quite sure what Steve would do. “She went into heat.”

Said omega nuzzled Bucky’s neck, squirming a little, sensing the Alpha who was close. She was getting warmer and warmer by the second, her heat coming on fast.

“We need to get her back to the compound.” Steve said, trying to ignore the sweet smell of peaches and cream. Omega in heat. The slick starting to form between her legs.

He turned, sliding into the pilot’s seat as Bucky laid the omega in the back. He sat by her head, brushing her hair back as she squirmed, pulling at her clothes. Steve got them into the air, but Bucky could sense the tense energy in his Alpha. This was going to be an interesting ride.

The omega had stripped out of everything but her skivvies in a matter of minutes. She was in full heat now, the smell of peaches and cream and slick assaulting both males in the jet. Bucky kept to his senses more than Steve was, the beta better suited around the omega than his Alpha was. But the wet spots starting to form on the cups of her bra nearly had him coming undone.

He was sitting next to her on the floor, keeping cold packs against her skin, trying to keep her cool. He sighed, watching her move limply, the heat making her suffer.

“Stevie, I gotta do something.” Bucky said, watching her move painfully. “It’s bad. I don’t think she’ll make it if we wait.”

“Try to hold her off.” Steve said, his voice strained. He’d kept his composure this far. “Do what you have to.”

“Please.” Her voice was weak, strained. It was a plea that went straight between his legs.

Bucky stared down at her for a moment. “Oh fuck it.” He breathed, snapping her bra in half.

He leaned down, taking a nipple in his mouth, sucking the sweet milk from her body. Her fingers ran through his hair, comforting him like she would a pup as he drank, taking in her sweet, creamy flavor.

He stripped his shirt off, his pants being yanked down over his ass before he sunk into her, guided by her slick. Her legs wrapped around him, holding him tight as he started to move, leaning down to drink more of her. He was addicted to the sweet taste on his tongue, and he knew he was in deep. And it was only a matter of time before Steve followed.

He came twice, and lost count of how many times she did, but it wasn’t helping her. She was still just as bad, if not worse. He was running his fingers up her spine where she laid on his chest, his back flat against the floor of the quinjet, when the quinjet dropped, the engines humming as they landed. They couldn’t be back at the compound already. But then he sensed the change in the air, the tense energy coming from his Alpha. The omega on his chest shifted in response, a small whine leaving her lips.

Steve was out of the pilot’s seat in a flash, already working his suit off. Bucky could see the bulge forming in his underwear, and he was glad he’d warmed the omega up a little. Taking Steve was no small victory. His ass had felt that more than it would have liked. But he’d never say that. He wanted to please his Alpha. And if his ass had to feel like it was getting ripped in half, then so be it.

Steve dropped to his knees between Bucky’s legs, the omega presenting for him, her knees straddling Bucky’s waist, her hands braced on either side of his chest. Apparently he was going to partake in this as well. He ran his hands up her arms, over her shoulders to her hair, carding his fingers through the damp strands as Steve teased her entrance with his head. Slick leaked from between her legs, dripping onto Bucky’s length, making him twitch in response.

“You want my knot, omega?” He asked, her hips rocking back.

“Please, Alpha.” She keened, turning her head to look back at him. “Please, I need it.”

He slowly worked himself inside her heat, stretching her to the point she was shaking above Bucky, her arms barely able to hold her up.

“Gonna knot you so good.” Steve growled, moving his hips slowly, the omega he was filling whining in pleasure. “Fill you full of my pups.”

Both Bucky and the omega keened at the mention of pups. Bucky was hard, his length standing at attention under the omega. Steve leaned down over her back, hitting a new angle within her that had her spasming around him, her fluids dripping out around him, and onto Bucky. Her legs were shaking, but she stayed where she was as Steve continued to fuck her mercilessly. Steve’s hands reached under her, playing with her breasts, milk dripping from her pink nipples, and onto Bucky’s chest. Bucky, one hand wrapped around his length, took his other hand, wiping up some of the milk, lifting his hand to Steve.

Steve took Bucky’s fingers into his mouth, tasting her on Bucky. He growled around Bucky’s fingers, picking up the pace, bracing one hand by Bucky’s head. Bucky watched the two of them, his hand working in time with Steve’s movements. It wasn’t long before the omega’s arms were giving out, her head on Bucky’s chest, being held up by nothing but Steve’s hands on her hips.

Bucky came at the same time that Steve’s knot started to swell. His Alpha growled, his grip tightening, hips jerking as he locked himself inside the omega, she came again around him as the knot swelled almost painfully inside her. Steve folded over her back, still moving inside her as much as he could, his eyes on Bucky. His hips jerked as he neared the edge, burying his nose in her neck, mouthing at her mating spot. She shook against them, hands on Bucky’s shoulders.

Steve met his eyes, and if he had been in his right mind, he would have said no, but none of them were in their right mind. Bucky went for the left side as Steve went for the right, both biting down at the same time. The omega screamed, her legs giving out as she came again, milking Steve’s orgasm from him. He filled her to the brim with his seed, knot swelling further as his length twitched, spurting inside her. Her nails dug into Bucky’s shoulders as she sobbed in pleasure, completely limp.

“I can’t.” She breathed, Bucky’s enhanced senses picking up on her words. “I can’t.” She sobbed again.

“Stevie, that’s enough. Our omega needs a break.” Bucky said, smoothing Steve’s hair as he licked at her neck, his hips moving slowly as he still pumped her full.

Bucky helped them roll over, adjusting Steve’s uniform so they could me more comfortable. He wiped himself clean using one of the emergency blankets, before cleaning their omega, and their Alpha as well. He grabbed a bottle of water after pulling his pants back on. He knelt down in front of their spent omega, Steve smoothing his hands over her skin, whispering sweet words to her.

“Here, doll. You gotta keep yourself hydrated.” He said, helping her drink a little. The comm link on the quinjet beeped, bringing Bucky back to Earth. “Steve, take care of her. I gotta get us back to the compound.”

Bucky pulled his shirt back on, moving to the pilot’s seat. The quinjet stank like sex and heat. He pressed the comm button as he got them back in the air, a very irate Natasha on the other end.

‘What the hell happened? Why were you grounded? Why didn’t you answer? I was about to send backup after you.’

“We had a small…complication.” Bucky said, looking back at the knotted pair still on the floor. “We’re back in the air now. We’ll be at the compound in less than an hour.” Hopefully Steve’s knot would deflate in time. He had enough he had to explain to Natasha.

They made it to the compound, Bucky managing to get Steve zipped back into his suit, and a shirt thrown over his omega’s head before the hatch opened. There was still slick all over the floor, stained blankets and the smell of sex and heat to explain.

Steve marched out of the quinjet, the beta workers giving him a wide berth, wide eyed in shock. Bucky followed, probably looking just as disheveled, and smelling like omega.

“Good luck.” He said, trying to give them a positive smile, but it didn’t work.

Natasha met him as soon as he got into the building, arms crossed, eyebrow raised. She’d already seen Steve carrying the omega, not stopping for anyone as he sought out the safety of their nest, leaving Bucky to do the talking.

“She was going into heat when we found her.” Bucky said, not even waiting for the question. “We tried to make it back to the compound, but it was getting bad. I did all I could, but it wasn’t enough, and Steve just couldn’t help himself.” He said, shrugging.

“Do you realize what you’ve done?” Natasha asked, irate at the beta. “That omega is Lauren Stark. Tony Stark’s daughter.”

Bucky felt his stomach drop, his blood freezing. “What? Stark doesn’t have a kid.” He prayed Natasha was just pulling his chain, trying to make him suffer for what they’d done.

“He kept her hidden for this very reason.” She said, thrusting her file against his chest. Bucky looked down at the contents, the girl in the picture was definitely their omega. “Now you and Cap have gone and thrown it all to hell. Tony will be here in an hour. Good luck explaining that to him.” She turned, leaving Bucky to his thoughts. 

How the hell was he going to tell the man who hated his guts that he was mated to his secret daughter. That she had a new Alpha, and it was the man Tony hated second most in the world. Oh boy. First he had to keep Steve from knotting her again, and making everything more complicated.