lick a lamppost in winter

Chantry Boy Guide to Flirting

· “That sounded better in my head.”

· Pray. A lot.

· Avoid them at all costs until the blushing stops.

· “I…um…”

· *neck rub*

· Surprise with a kiss and hope for the best!

· “Have you ever licked a lamppost in winter?”

· Run away when they flirt back.

· Maker have mercy on you.

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What's the craziest thing you've done

Oh, uh… Hmmm

I punched Reiner that one time, in hindsight that was crazy. I licked a lamppost in winter… That wasn’t crazy but stupid…

I took on a titan without my gear! That was insane!

I know! I stole Levi’s cravat once and used it as a napkin! I hope he never finds out… He might actually kill me!


have you ever licked a lamppost in winter? ‡ 100% certified dragon age trash, one song for each companion and advisor (listen)

quick disclaimer: in case i haven’t made it clear enough, this playlist is a joke. i chose not to include the warden’s dog and hawke’s dog. if i missed any other companions or you’re wondering why i chose a specific song, feel free to shoot me an ask!

hello, dear muffins! you’ve all seen this coming, and here it is, at long last, a cullistair week in celebration of swords & broken shields’ anniversary. if you enjoy the dynamic between our two favorite ex-templars, if they’ve made you flail, wail, or made you clutch your heart until you couldn’t breathe anymore, tie yourself up to our ship’s mast and prepare yourself to generate and bask in cullistair wonders for seven days, all in the name of fun and positivity. starting on march 28, please ensure to tag/mention @fyeahcullistair​ whenever you create cullen + alistair art and/or reblog older content in order to be featured. and yes, that’s a forehead touch vibrates


March 28th: Chantry Boys

Anything associated to a verse in which Cullen and Alistair grew up together, whether you decide to explore their youth or older days, either as friends or as a couple.

March 29th: King & Lionheart

All things associated with a world state in which Alistair is King, and Cullen the Commander of the Inquisition. 

March 30th: Alternate Universes

Modern AU? Crossover? Alistair winds up as the Inquisitor, or Cullen as the Hero of Ferelden? Bring it!

March 31th: Have you ever licked a lamppost in winter?

Yes, this is exactly what you think it is. Make it hot and steamy.

April 1st: Fluff & Humor

Bring on the sap, the cheese, the pranks and the terrible puns!

April 2nd: The Grumpy One

A sick, bedridden Cullen? A younger, piqued Alistair? Or something darker, perhaps, like The Calling. Make us laugh, or make us cry.

April 3rd: Growing Old

Do they have kids? Ten dogs? Do they compare wrinkles? Do they reminisce their youth, and how everything began? How everything is, and how nothing’s changed, hair grayer, but hearts just as full?

omg! I didn’t realize “swooping” was a REAL card in Cards Against Humanity!

My folks back in the States finally sent me my Bigger Blacker Box of Cards Against Humanity that I also had several expansions inside. I basically bought all this stuff, then moved to Japan. So I never got to look at it all very closely until now.

Swooping is bad! I’ll write on a blank card “licking a lamppost in winter.” ;)

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Okay but as long as we're talking about asexual things - do you have any ace Dragon Age headcanons?? Because I fucking love ace headcanons and there aren't enough in this world

Solas and the Inquisitor lost together in the Fade, sharing each others’ memories and exploring the memories of others. 

Varric comfortable with his long-distance relationship with Bianca because sex has never been much of a need for him. 

Cole tangled up in Maryden’s past and present, untangling every painful knot and relishing in the sensation when it comes free. 

Fenris running not just from the memories that come back to him after his night with Hawke, but from the realization that sex repulses him and the fear that Hawke won’t want him afterwards. 

Dorian, shocked when the Inquisitor turns him down for sex, because every relationship with another man has always been a hasty affair behind closed doors, when all he ever wanted was romance.  

Justice’s disapproval fading when he comes to realize Hawke isn’t a distraction, and is just as supportive of Anders spending his nights writing his manifesto as opposed to in bed.

Anders realizing that what he wanted more than anything, more than any quick tryst, or a long sweat-soaked night at the Pearl was to lay, curled in a soft warm bed with the person he loved, and exchange quiet words of affection as the lamps burned low.

Zevran, terrified that the nights he enjoys most with the Warden aren’t the ones where they sleep together, they’re the ones where they sleep together. 

Merrill curled up in Hawke’s arms, with endless tales of the Dalish and magic that carry on well into the night, knowing her people wouldn’t approve, humans wouldn’t understand, but Hawke does and that’s all that matters.

Alistair using his humor as a shield to hide more than inexperience. Anxious over every unmet expectation until the Warden reassures him that they’ve never licked a lamppost in winter, and never plan to.

(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Add your own! 

I thought it might be helpful to all the indie game designers on here (as well as interesting for curiosity’s sake) to find out what people really look for in an otome game. I wrote some questions to get you started, but feel free to answer or ignore them as you see fit, or mention things I forgot to ask.

Gender (if any):

Do you prefer…

Games for Android/iOS or Computer?
Being able to buy individual routes or pay a fixed price for several?
Stat raising games or story driven?
Fantasy based or “real world” games?
Games that hint at licking the lamppost in winter or ones that go into detail? (i.e. smut level tolerance)

What are…

Qualities you like to see in an MC?
Qualities you like to see in romantic interests?
Must-haves for you in an otome game?
Things you don’t like seeing in an otome game?

Is it important to you…

That there be several romanceable genders?
That there be “bad” endings?
That the MC be female?
That the MC look a certain way?

If enough people reply I’ll compile a list of common themes :)