licht & licht

  • Hyde: So I just figured out the word "hurt"... it's past, present and future.
  • Hyde: You will be HURT, you are HURT, you were HURT.
  • Hyde: Because if something truly hurt, it never really stops!
  • World End: You poetic little shit.
  • Mahiru: It's because... it's an adjective...
  • Licht: You will be STUPID, you are STUPID, you were STUPID.

Servamp BD/DVD Vol. 6
Sleepy Life of Servamp #3 PV
Release: 24. February 2017

Thank you to Tanaka Strike for all the hard work! <3 (hopefully tumblr doesn’t ruin the quality ahhh)

 For the Get Well Soon Message for Tanaka-sensei project!!! Thank you @kairei-chan and @xpeppermin for putting it together, such a wonderful idea! I have never done something like this before… it feels good. ^^ 

I AM JUST HAPPY I FINISHED. Thank god. Phew, I got dangerously close to the deadline. But that’s my fault for restarting like twice. asafsdffghasjdywagkkl Can you believe I originally planned to have more characters? But alas I wasn’t quick enough, but I am pretty happy with the result. Group pictures are a challenge. But fun! <3 

The signs as Servamp characters

Aries: Licht Jekylland Todoroki

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Taurus: Kuro

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Gemini: Sakuya Watanuki

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Cancer: Hugh

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Leo: Snow Lily

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Virgo: Tsubaki

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Libra: Mahiru Shirota

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Scorpio: Belkia

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Sagittarius: Hyde

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Capricorn: Misono Arisuin

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Aquarius: Tetsu Sendagaya

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Pisces: Mikuni Arisuin

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Lawlicht fanfiction: Are you my desire? Chp2.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: it might seem a bit rushed cuz I tried my best to write this in 2 days. ;_; . Hope u enjoy and suggestions are much appreciated :) Lawless POV
Licht said that he would tell me the job he chose for me tomorrow. So I have approximate 20 hours to save myself from the hell approaching me. Should I start searching for jobs or just relax?
“I won’t be able to find one anyway so it’ll just be a waste of time,” I replied to myself in an attempt to calm myself. “I mean, how bad can it be? Its not like he’s gonna make me an entertainer or something, right?”

“Still didn’t find a job? Not that I expected you to. Now for the job I chose for you……” He paused at that.
“Its? Come on, don’t torture me more than you already are.”
“Its actually as an entertainer.”
I almost choked on my breath at that answer. “Excuse me but what the fuck ,Licht-tan?”
“To be more specific, a host.”
“You know I hate being the centre of attention.”
“You hate being the centre of attention? Don’t fuck with me shitty hedgehog. Be grateful I even found you a job.”
“But you chose this one on purpose didn’t you?”
“And if I did?”
“Ughh, no use arguing with you, lich-tan.”
“Just be sure to do your job correctly.”
“Correctly? I’m actually making great progress Licht-tan. You ALREADY look entertained.”
“Oh shut up stupid demon.”
“Okay then since you are the one who chose this job, I’ll be expecting you as a regular customer~~”I replied, boldly. “I pity the people who will even ‘come’ to meet you. But you can be sure of this. I’ll be watching whatever you do. To stop you before you do something stupid.”
“What can someone even do at a….. Oh, you think I’ll flirt or something, don’t you? Don’t worry. I’m loyal to you.”
“Loyal?” Licht inquired, raising an eyebrow.
“Yes. Because you are my one and only.” I slowly brushed through his hair as I continued praising the angel.
“Where else can I find a violent yet such a beautiful angel?” I slowly made my hands make their way to the end of Licht’s shirt. I could feel his body shudder on the touch. “Shit. I’m treading on some mighty thin ice here. Yet knowingly, I still can’t stop.” I slipped my hands underneath his shirt and starting making my way to his chest.
Closing in, I whispered, “Licht-tan. Your temperature sure is rising. And your heart is beating like crazy. But then again, you’re not the only one.” I said that in a playful voice and then licked the shell of his ear which earned me a soft yet arousing moan from the raven haired boy in front of me.
“Lich-tan, I…….” Shit, I can’t think straight. I wanna gulp him right now. I carefully caressed him, observing his cute responses. “Not enough lich-tan,“ I breathed. I dragged my hands down to his pants in an attempt to completely undress him. “Hey lich-tan wan—“
“You think you have earned the right to touch me wherever the hell you please?!” he yelled, glaring at me furiously.
“B-but—.” He punched my chin, making me tumble to the other side of the room.
“That hurt man!!!” I tried my best to quickly regain my vision , but by the time I did, I noticed that Licht was crawling towards me, his eyes fixated on me.
“Um, Licht-tan?”
He didn’t stop and continued his motion towards me. As if being pulled back by an invisible string, I laid back while he came and sat on top of me.
“Don’t touch. Else I’ll kill you.” With that he undressed himself.
“Lich-tan, what ar–.”
Suddenly I felt a cold sensation on my lips as he touched his with my own. “This….feels so damn good.” I extended my hand to grab him by his hair and take the lead which instead got me a bite on my lip. That was my punishment for disobeying my master’s orders. He pulled back and gave me a growl.
“Naughty boy”, he whispered slowly, his words exciting every part of me. “How does he expect me to stay still in a situation like this.” I clenched my fist in an attempt to restrain myself from making a move. “This angel must be really skilled at kissing being an idol and all.” I predicted. He started grinding himself against my delicate organ which made me moan in pleasure. The ends of his lips tilted upwards a bit. He was teasing the Servamp on purpose checking the vampire’s control on itself. “This is worse than torture. This guy really is a sadist.” I grunted, biting my lower lip. He then slowly approached me and his lips met mine once more. “Huh? He’s shaking badly. Is this his first time? He’s not very skilled at this but his lips themselves are so soft, wet, sweet and….and….. Shit, seeing him so desperately trying to do something he’s not experienced in is a first and it looks so fucking cute. I know I shouldn’t do this but…..” I paused my train of thoughts there and grabbed the back of my eve’s head and pressed our heads with more force, deepening the kiss between us. He resisted and tried to pull back but I kept my grip tight. I let my tongue trespass my eve’s mouth and tangle with his tongue. “Damn. This feels good.” “St-st-stop…” were some of the words my brain perceived from him. ‘He’s losing his strength to resist. He’s giving in. Just a bit more.’ The blazing kiss continued for a few more seconds till I finally let go, leaving a trail of saliva between our lips. I couldn’t resist the urge to lick my lips.
“Ba…ka….Hyde….” he moaned, his head dipped down, but the blush had made its way to the tip of his ears, as they were burning bright red.
“Lich-tan.” He lifted his head at my statement, giving me a full view of the condition he was in. Saliva was dripping from his mouth and his breathing heavy. The very scene made me shiver as if I was just electrocuted by someone and my heart thump hard enough to reach my throat. Just the scene of him being so submissive was unusual but enough to fully turn me on. This side of him was so different. So much cuter. I descended my hand downwards, only to be stopped by his shout. “I SAID STOP!!”
“Leave. Now!”
“Licht-tan, but…”
“O…okay.” I knew I was getting ahead of myself. I should have known it would end like this.
“I’ll…you know….just go check out the place enlisted for me to work.” i chuckled, as i took a final glance at him expecting a response from the raven haired human. “Nothing.” He just sat there, his eyes diverted from mine. I wonder what he’s thinking.

Licht POV
I waited till I was sure Hyde had left the apartment and exhaled a breath I didn’t realize I was holding in. “Wha-wha-what the hell was that?” I could feel my own face extremely warmed up and a weird tingly feeling in my chest. I covered my face in my hands to hide the visible flush of red on my cheeks. “Even though I told him not to stop…” “But, isn’t this half my fault? If I had stopped him right at that moment, nothing would have happened. Don’t tell me I wanted him to continue? That can’t be, can it? Me, an angel, giving in to these types of desires? Its all that damn demon’s fault.” These thoughts echoed in my mind as I started to dress myself back.


(/▽\*)。o○♡Уносите( ´ ▽ ` ).。o♡

Мне плохо, особенно от Самомнения и Микуни(*/▽\*)


Серьезно, это так классно видеть его руки и ножки, учитывая, что обычно все закрыто платьем(?)/плащем. А Микуни с таким коварным взглядом, арр, просто. Хочу, что бы было больше, гораздо БОЛЬШЕ Зависти и Алисейна старшего.
Иначе моему сердечку будет очень и очень плохо. Ведь если ДжиДжи так и будет фоновым, то…

(╮°-°)╮┳━━┳ ( ╯°□°)╯ ┻━━┻
Но вроде в данный момент тема с С3 задевает Микуни и змейку, так что…