lichi faye ling

Mercy Faye Ling. I had a rough time getting this how I wanted. Honestly I still didn’t pull it off well, but it’s still good by all means. As for her playstyle, Lichi is a semi puppet character so mixing her with Mercy makes her a whole new character all together. She’d probably work more like Celica without Nirvana. Instead having the healing stick to hit people with. Placing it down could activate a healing over time radius around the staff. Focusing on keep away and defensive stances rather than keep away into rushdown.

In other news, I am a bit uncertain of what fusion I’ll do next. That and I still have a comic to finish. Any fusions someone would like to see next?

Cosplay and the hate that comes from the creative process

Hello Followers!

As many of you may know, I have received some anon hate since the last time I cosplayed.

This hate was directed toward my sewing skills. A couple of anons have trashed me for having a cosplay tips blog when I have so little experience (the nicest way I can put it). So I wanted to address you all and those anons with the whole truth about my experience and why I started this blog. Over the past 3 years many of you will have gotten most, if not all of this story, but let me put it all down in one place.

In September of 2011, I learned of an event called Anime Syracuse. Before this time, I did not even know that anime conventions existed! At first I was unaware that one could cosplay, but two weeks before the convention, I received that exciting news. I realized suddenly that I really wanted to cosplay! However, my only sewing experience was from an 8th grade sewing class (in 2002!) where I had made a pillow. I did not own a sewing machine nor did I have any experience in sewing. So to compensate, I went out to thrift stores and put together my first cosplay through hand sewing and already made pieces. I cosplayed Lichi Faye Ling from BlazBlue (all new cosplay with tutorial hopefully coming soon)

Obviously, my skills and materials were lacking, but I wanted to cosplay! So I did it! I was also pretty proud of what i accomplished in two weeks! 

A year later, for Anime Syracuse 2012, I gave myself a new goal: improve and get better! My husband and I happened to find a sewing machine at a thrift store, so this year I was really going to go for it! I had become recently obsessed with Puella Magi Madoka Magicka, so I decided to cosplay Mami Tomoe. I really wanted to do well, so I looked for a cosplay tutorial to help me make the costume (plus I started in January giving myself a ton of time!) Since PMMM was still new, to my dismay, I was unable to find help with where to start. Since all I had as a hand sewn costume, a sewing machine, and pillow making experience, I worried about my ability to create a decent cosplay. I actually felt a little helpless, but I decided to go for it anyway! When I started making the cosplay, I realized that not everyone had to feel as helpless as I did! So, although my experience was lacking I decided to create this blog. I knew that I wasn’t amazing. I knew that I was still new to making cosplay, but I wanted to help others. I wanted my followers and those on Tumblr to have a place to start, if they wanted to use it! So I made the cosplay and documented it! I also made most of my friend Madoka and Sayaka’s cosplays too! 

 I actually thought it came out pretty good! I also feel that way about my other cosplay, which I posted a tutorial about Asuna Yuki from Sword Art Online:

So there you have it. I did not create this blog because I thought I was more skilled or better at create cosplay then my fellow cosplayers. I created this blog to help others in the same position as me! I created this blog to give a starting place for someone (like me) who needed it. 

And you know what? People actually have used my tutorials and found them helpful! That is all I ever wanted. I’m not asking you to follow my directions to a T. I am not telling you that I am better or more skilled. I am only giving you what I did, and how I started. 

So please followers use me and this blog to help you. Because I will continue to help you and give suggestions based on the experiences that I have had. 

Please look forward to my future tips!

Love you all!