This is part of a story I’m writing. It’s the cast B) or part of it.

Ghost: German Sheperd, male. Mid 20s. Chauvinist. An infantry soldier. Born and raised on Earth. Chose to enlist in Mars’ army at the last minute to avoid a very clingy former friend. Generally he is aloof, nonchalant and knows he is a stud and good at what he does. He just isn’t obnoxious about it. A womanizer, but not one to romance. Has very little patience. In combat he relies on a heavy rifle, pistol and a thermal knife.

Banshee: German Shepherd, female, late 20’s. No-nonsense, assertive, dominant. Outstanding commander. Banshee and Ghost knew each other since childhood, however they were never particularly close as most childhood friendship stories go. Ghost respects Banshee as a superior but generally holds a disdain for her self righteous attitude. Uses heavy armor in combat and close range weapons such as shotguns, pistols and utility knives.

Jackson: Blue Wolf-Drake, male, mid 40’s. An engineer that generally does not see combat. He’s a well built fellow, and possesses incredible strength, being able to carry heavy machinery as well as he operates it. In combat (if he finds himself in it) he prefers to be behind heavy gunnery from a distance. His hide is naturally tough, as is his armor. generally speaking he’s a laid back person, however, it’s no mistake for the “gentle giant” trope. He doesn’t bottle up his anger and -WILL- be blunt if he has to be.

Sha: King Cheetah, male, early 20’s. Sha is an immature, overzealous stealth operative. He works best in infiltration missions and is a prodigy at espionage. He doesn’t trifle much with why or hows of things and often acts without thinking. To accommodate his slender body build, he wears light armor and carries silenced pistols and a variety of pre-programmed hacking devices.