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Kurt, in my life, I’ve been two things: a wartime soldier and a secret agent. As one, my government paid me to kill; as the other, they licensed me to kill. I was very good at both jobs. They liked that—an’ I got the medals and commendations to prove it. […] A man comes at me with his fists, I’ll meet him with fists. But if he pulls a gun—or threatens people I’m protectin’—then I got no sympathy for him. He made his choice. He’ll have to live—or die—with it. I never used my claws on someone who hadn’t tried to kill me first.

Some of the recent media coverage about the fact that more than 50 people in Peru – the vast majority of them indigenous – are on trial following protests and fatal conflict in the Amazon over five years ago missed a crucial point. Yes, the hearings are finally going ahead and the charges are widely held to be trumped-up, but what about the government functionaries who apparently gave the riot police the order to attack the protestors, the police themselves, and – following Wikileaks’ revelations of cables in which the US ambassador in Lima criticized the Peruvian government’s “reluctance to use force” and wrote there could be “implications for the recently implemented Peru-US FTA” if the protests continued – the role of the US government?

That law, no. 30151, was promulgated in January this year and is, according to the IDL’s Juan José Quispe, a modification of existing legislation passed by the previous government. The modification consists of replacing three words – “en forma reglamentaria” – with another five – “u otro medio de defensa” – which Quispe says means that any soldier or police officer can now kill or injure a civilian without needing to use his or her weapon “according to regulations”, or by using something other than his or her weapon.

“We continue considering this law as one that grants the armed forces as well as the national police a licence to kill,” Quispe told the Guardian. “It permits a high degree of impunity. During the repression of social protests, police officers and soldiers who cause injuries or deaths will now be exempt from criminal responsibility.”

This is life in Florida — guns everywhere, and laws that favor the trigger-happy. Shoot first, then cry self-defense.

Kids playing rap music too loud? Lock and load.

Some guy texting at the movies? Teach him some manners.

Don’t walk away from an argument when you can end it with a bullet. Stand your ground and hope you get the right jury.

Welcome to Planet NRA.


Carl Hiaasen, a columnist for The Miami Herald

"Welcome To Florida, Where The NRA Rules and We Proudly Stand Our Ground"

For some reason, this sociopath is allowed to continuously threaten people with firearms, as has been the case with his estranged wife, girlfriend and [Matthew] Apperson, or just shoot them dead, as occurred with Trayvon Martin, without repercussion. In fact, based on the non-existent gun laws in certain parts of this country, this dangerous individual is allowed to just walk around with a loaded firearm.

It seems like a foregone conclusion that Zimmerman is going to end up shooting somebody else at some point. It isn’t a matter of if, but when.

                                           Flashback Friday:

                                  {Season 1, A Hard Day’s Night}

                                         Alex: [whispers] 007

                                      Izzy: What’s “007” mean?

                                       Meredith: License to kill