license your music

styleandpower  asked:

where do you find your license-free music to put in your videos? i use soundcloud but good, royalty free tracks are few and far between :/

I use soundcloud too :) bandcamp is also great because you can buy the license right there usually^^


hi friends! I recorded a drawing of Daria and Jane from a while back and then i talked over it, but if you know what Daria is and you know what pens are, you’re probably good to just mute me and play the fancy licensed music of your choice instead. 

Also I think I’m coming down with a cold but anyway watch my vroom vroom drawing. will post scanned & clean version of this drawing sometime later xx 

anonymous asked:

do you have any tips for upcoming musicians / people who want to do that for a living?

license your own music. that’s like, the most useful advice i can honestly give once you start generating any kind of fan base. if you own all the rights to the recordings, make sure they’re licensed under your own name and you’re getting all the royalties.

whenever i hear semi-successful indie artists complain about how little they get from digital distro i cringe because 1) either their success is an illusion and nobody is actually listening or 2) they let some label license their stuff for them and they’re only getting a percentage of the royalties off the songs they wrote and recorded. 

i hate talking about finances so to put things into perspective i’ll just say this: without digital distribution (itunes, spotify, etc) i wouldn’t be able to live off what i do. trust me, it’s important.

other than that, i mean, i would highly consider not even worrying about doing it “for a living” until it actually becomes a possibility for you. don’t focus on some corny algorithm, people will see right through it anyway. create art because you love creating art. maybe other people will love it too. if they do, then consider taking the appropriate steps toward turning a hobby into a career.