license to till


Heeeello Digi-gang!! Well rumor has it I scored me a sweet dream job, aaaand it comes along with some not so-dream hours. Nothing I can’t handle work-wise, but its the getting home that’s a bit of a problem. I’m currently working on getting my Drivers License, but till then I gotta rely on parents driving me back & forth. Which is where the problem arises, I sometimes get out of work at 1:15AM, and my folks have to be getting for work at 3-4AM. Unfair to them to have to wake up and then try to get back to sleep ammirite?

So until I’m able to finish perfecting my turns, parking, speed control,,,everything… I’m going to have to turn to uber for those sometime shifts. Which its gonna cost me some 10-18$ per ride. Its a shitty little extra expense, especially those weeks I only get 2/3 shifts total, but you gotta do what you gotta do

So! Bumping in 5$(USD) sketch commissions to help stash away a little extra money for those rides!! 

  • Waist up on all of them
  • +$3 for an additional character
  • limit of 3 per single drawing!!
  • +$2 per digimon!
  • OCs, canon characters, & Fakemons lovingly accepted and welcome!!!
  • Be as Specific and detailed as you’d like!!! 
  • Sketches will be cleaned up, unless if you’d like the non-cleaned up vers
  • paypal only!
  • Please spread the word a bit if you can’t help! It’s just as appreciated <3

Drop me a chat or an ask and I’ll get started once details are finalized