license plate customization

Dreams & Jealousy

Adam had been living at the Barns for several weeks and he was finally starting to think of it as home, not just Ronan’s house. The transition had been awkward for him at first: trying to work out if he would be sharing Ronan’s bedroom or if he would be taking over another room in the house, struggling to get over his issues with independence and privacy. Ronan had been understanding in his blunt but sincere way. When Adam had dropped his few boxes of possessions on the floor of Ronan’s room, Ronan had flopped carelessly on the bed and said, simply, “This is your place, Adam.”

So Adam had taken to exploring while Ronan mucked about on the farm. The house was full of dream objects and everyday things that, simply because they belonged to the Lynch family, made them infinitely interesting. Adam spent hours curled up on the floor of Ronan’s parents’ closet, leafing through picture albums. He couldn’t get over the pictures of Ronan as a kid; it was heartbreaking to see his innocent, smiling face and know that within a few years Ronan would be an orphan.

One day, during his explorations, Adam found the Box. It was in the attic and Adam knew instantly that it had been placed there recently because it was the only object not covered in dust. It was just a cardboard box, a little beat up, and it had not been taped shut. The area around the box was marked with footprints in the dust and there was a cleared space, as if someone had sat there. Feeling more curious than ever Adam opened the box.

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/undyne zooms by on a motorcycle/

alphys: wow! i’m jealous of that lesbian’s style

also alphys: wait, how can i know she’s gay? just because she has a side mullet, leather jacket with a labrys patch, iron-on t shirt that says ‘diesel dyke’, combat boots, a custom license plate that says ‘NOTSTR8′, and she is waving a rainbow flag around, and she calls me every day to tell me that she finds me physically attractive and wants to date me romantically doesn’t MEAN she’s a lesbian. i can’t just assume things about others i’m probably totally wrong and misreading everything and she would be upset that i could ever think that about her oh my god @myself why