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miss me with that “asexual people can be in romantic relationships” rhetoric that’s only being used to justify what they’re doing to jughead on riverdale… yes, asexual people can be in romantic relationships, believe it or not, i am absolutely 100% aware of this. i am not fighting you on that at all. but you know what? i was never talking about asexual people in general. i was talking about jughead. jughead has always been seen as being aromantic as well as asexual, and he, as a character, has always been against dating and relationships to the point that people called him a “woman-hater” for lack of better terms. and while we’re here, i am also fully aware that the first time they’ve used the word asexual was in a recent run of comics. i know. seriously. but if you go back and actually look at jughead as a character you will see that he has always been that way, it’s just the addition of the label that’s new. he would much rather eat a burger than date a girl and i don’t think that is something that should need to be said.


  • Okay, I have taken down my original post because I have worded myself incorrectly and it wasn’t well thought out.
  • This needs to stop. It is repulsive and ugly, it’s disgusting. Sending literal death threats to Vanessa is not going to help the situation of B*ghead.
  • Just because your ship, which has zero chemistry and is very unhealthy in my opinion, is going to be written as weak as soon as another woman enters Jughead’s life doesn’t mean y'all can do shit like this.
  • Hate the character, not the actor.
  • Actually, fuck y'all for hating both, we haven’t even met Toni. She’s supposed to be Cheryl’s love interest anyways.
  • Notes:
  • Original was taken down because it wasn’t well thought out.
  • Don’t call me a salty Barchie/Beronica stan because I dislike those ships as well.
  • Yes, I believe that Bughead has zero chemistry and is unhealthy.
  • I stand by what I said.
  • This is in the Bughead tags because bughead shippers are the ones sending death threats. (Taken out of the tag since 09/03/17)
  • Yes, I know that not all bughead shippers are doing this. Read the bullet point above and find something new to tell me.