Closed RP (Libri-e-amore)

Bruce gathered his papers, stepping out of his lab for the first time in two days. He was exhausted, famished, and dehydrated, but his work was done. He would turn it in, head back to his apartment, crash for about an hour, grab a bite to eat, then come back in. He sighed, thinking about it. He should probably grab a shower instead. Maybe he could rest for half an hour instead.
As he turned the corner, he saw a brunette, beyond beautiful, looking utterly lost. He had never seen her around SHEILD before. He definitely would’ve remembered that face. From the hopeless look in her eye, he knew she needed help.
“Excuse me, ma'am?” He approached her, speaking softly. “I… You look a little lost. Anything I can do to help?”

Arranged Marriage /LokixBeth

“My only request is that the cake be chocolate,” she smiled. “Other than that, I think that would be nice.” With a self conscious expression she continued “I’m not sure what will be expected.”

“The cake will be chocolate, I promise that.” He said smiling. “Don’t worry my mother will take care of a lot of things, if you wish to have the exchanging of rings to be Midgardian or Asgardian? I don’t care either way." 

Arranged Marriage /TomxBeth

“I will be taking you up on that, sir,” she chuckled. The conversation was staying light and easy, to her relief. “So, Thomas, any big special events or movie things I should know about?”

Tom smiled, “ah not right now I am working on a some filming, towards the end and it’s here in London. So I’ll be here to help with anything you need or we need for the wedding.” He added. “May I kiss you? Cheek is fine you’re just so beautiful." 

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✘- for a text that was meant for someone else (for an ice breaker)


[ text ]: I just arrived. Are you even here yet?
[ text ]: Please tell me you actually have the documents ready for presentation this time?
[ text ]: Because I refuse to turn up to the Director and explain that we couldn’t give him a R&D progress report
[ text ]: …Because YOU of ALL people broke the printer at 4am.

First Official Date [Beth]

Steve wasn’t the type of guy who slept with somebody he just met. That was exactly the type of guy he wasn’t. All that seemed to change when he met Beth: The super sweet librarian who he seemed to have an instant connection with. It had been a while since he had such a connection with another human being. He could talk to her so easily and she was so patient with him. Even when it came to something as simple as dancing. While you could say that going dancing was a bit of a first date, it didn’t feel right to him. Granted he still felt a little guilty about not having taken her out first. So he was hoping to fix that tonight. 

He was a bit nervous. He had never been on one of these first date type of things. He wasn’t sure what women expected. They had already fondued anyway. But he wanted to make sure that it was perfect. He knew that it would be, because it was Beth and she found positivity in almost anything. He noticed it happened quite often when it came to him. Steve checked his hair one last time in the mirror to make sure it was good enough. He figured his slacks and flannel shirt would suit him for now. Hopefully Beth would like it. 

Steve put on his jacket and grabbed the flowers he bought specifically for her and left his small city apartment and made the way to her place. This was one of the few times Steve was thankful for his photographic memory and he was able to find her place without any sort of hassle. He hid the flowers behind his back and gave one last nervous sigh before he knocked on the door, eager to see his date. 

Let Me Entertain You

“Ladies and gentlemen, the Palace theater and New Century Vaudeville Company is proud to present for your slapstick pleasure…DIRECT from a successful tour of the Orpheum Circuit…Jimmy Meyers!” The MC cheered as the young Jim jogged on stage in his usual hobo rags. It’s been a long time waiting to play the Palace now he and his friends were here. The start of his act began with him trying to light a pipe, failing to get a match his finger was on fire instead!

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♝: Reading a book together

[Non-sexual Acts of Intimacy Meme]:

Whether Beth had an unspoken talent she wasn’t telling him about – a sixth sense – or simply was just capable of reading Bruce’s nervous ticks too well, Beth had managed to catch Bruce at the perfect moment and coax him away from his work for a break.

He had been working ceaselessly for hours and his nerves were starting to itch under his skin
        He wasn’t making progress and it was starting to stress him.

One of the tables had been pushed aside and the distant but pleasant lull of one of Beth’s records seemed to fill the quietness of the room; all around on the floor – the space not occupied by Bruce or Beth – were books. Lots and lots of books. Many of the books were either stacked into small piles or propped open or upturned at random page, likely to be returned to later.

The choice of book Bruce had opted to read with Beth was maybe an odd choice – but an endearing one – for the Physicist.  The book was a large-print book, unfolding easily across both his own and Beth’s lap. The pages were brightly inked and detailed with imagery. It almost made up for the obnoxiously small print that seemed to accompany the wonderfully intricate drawings.
                                      It was a book on fairy-tales and folk-lore.

“I was always told by my father as a child that these sort of things didn’t exist and I believed him—“
Bruce spoke quietly as he turned one of the pages, revealing a wonderfully coloured image of the Loch Ness Monster.

                             “—And now I’m adult and I could be persuaded all of these creatures exist.”


Clint’s confidence was one of the things Beth enjoyed most about seeing him. He stirred something in her that needed release. “Hmm, where shall we begin?” she purred, playing with the buttons on his shirt. “I think I wanna see you on top, for starters.”

His hands found her waist as he smirked down at her. “Yeah?” He leaned forward and caught her lips in a kiss. “That can be arranged,” he hummed against her, pushing her towards the bed.

A Game Called Life + Libri-e-Amore

He didn’t want to move, didn’t want to breath. all it reminded him of was the fact his little sister- No, no she wasn’t here anymore, she couldn’t do any of the things he could do… She was gone and  he had yet to tell anyone because if he did… She would really be gone and he just…

He was so exhausted.

Of course he didn’t tell anyone that, he couldn’t tell them how his little sister, who was more like a daughter because of their age difference, was dead. He couldn’t tell them how he felt a part of him missing, how he felt like he had failed her… How he regretted not being able to go visit the weekend before…

No, he couldn’t go there today… He had to go out with friends… If he could get up…. He had to leave the physical warmth of his bed, the warmth that never seemed to chase away the chill he felt constantly… He simply had to pretend nothing ached, like nothing was broken and digging into his skin as if it wished to break him even more… But it was, and he didn’t know how much longer he’d be able to-

Wake up! Wake UP, You’re LATE!

He glanced over at his phone, he had already been awake for hours, the notification popped up to ask if he wished to doze or turn off the alarm a second later…. 

He would have turned it off if it wasn’t for this suffocating weight in his chest making it difficult to move or breath…

He heard a sigh from the other side of his room, his dorm mate, Jack, he felt so guilty for the man, his friend, he had to sit on the side lines and watch Kyle pretend while he knew the large man was silently crying himself to sleep, he had even had to force food into Kyle a few times… But he hadn’t said anything, he had promised after Kyle begged him…

Dark green eyes watched as his friends form shuffled over more than likely half asleep and half dressed to turn off Kyle’s phone and literally lift the large man out of bed, pushing him towards the bathroom as he grabbed the man an outfit to wear.

“Kyle, come on, you can’t just sit around. Beth is starting to get worried, hell I’m beyond worried by this point I’m scared. You can’t keep doing this…”

Kyle simply starred at the other man blankly, his hand held out to take the clothes before he went into the bathroom to make himself presentable.


A few hours later Kyle was sitting at his desk, his laptop open and hooked up to his mixing equipment…

He hadn’t made a mix in forever…

Jenny had wanted him to make her one for her next birthday…

Hearing the door open Kyle glanced over his shoulder, unaware of the fact he looked like a wounded animal admitting defeat to his hunter.

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[ Send me a ‘✉’ for five times my muse didn’t text yours, and one time they did. ]

[ Text to: Beth ] Hey, um. Would you like to go out sometime?
[ Text to: Beth ] hi 
[ Text to: Beth ] ok i kno its 2 am but you have rlly pretty eyes
[ Text to: Beth ] i kinda like you?
[ Text to: Beth ] i know we haven't talked much yet. wanna change that?
[ Text to: Beth ] Hello! How are you?
You Mean The World To Me [Beth]

Steve Rogers was in a stable relationship. Repeat that after me: Steven G. Rogers was in a stable relationship. He found that very hard to believe. To the fact that he had some normality in his life after The Avengers and waking up from the ice. Somedays it felt too good to be true, other days Steve couldn’t believe what was happening. He was glad that he had Beth in his life. She stabalized him, gave him something to look forward to when he got up every day. It had been a long time since he had something like this in his life and it felt good. Sometimes Steve needed to pinch himself to make sure that it was really real. He just hoped this type of feeling lasted for a very long time. 

Steve wanted to show her just how much she meant to him. Wanted to do something nice for her. She was constantly spoiling him, and he wanted to spoil her every now and then. He always tried to spoil her, when he wasn’t busy with S.H.I.E.L.D. or off on a mission. So he was going to surprise her tonight. Steve told Beth that he wanted to go out, but didn’t give her many details. He had bought a bottle of her favorite wine and cooked some of her favorite foods before packing them away in a picnic basket. Once everything was complete, Steve made his way over to Beth’s place. 

After a while, Steve arrived at Beth’s place. He took a moment to compose himself. He took a deep breath and knocked on her door, before quickly hiding the basket in his hands behind his back. This was a surprise after all.