The current political wave in Attack on Titan, alliances and betrayal

During the war between Marley and Mid-East Allies Forces, do you think the East Sea nation secretively helping Paradis Island for their own advantage? The mystery of Ackermans has been revealed, but the East Sea nation still remains a puzzle. Since it seems likely that the East Sea is Marley’s enemy, I suppose Paradis Island can make allies with them. Marley is too technological developed to be shattered down by only 3DMG or clever plan. In my opinion, Paradis Island truly needs an alliance

I would love for Reiner to betray Marley in some way, (peferably not by betraying them for the Walldians, that just seems way too unrealistic for me) but I honestly wouldn’t bear any dislike for him if he eventually sided with Marley, if only to ensure that Gabi and his family lives. Especially after reading Chapter 95.

do you see any possibility of a peace treaty between paradis island and marley? it sounds too hopeful for a gloomy series like attack on titan, but since the eldians’ enemy is ‘the world’, i suppose they have the common enemy to stay together and try to uplift their status in the world. smh i know it won’t happen but i’d like to hear your thoughts on this

People hoping for Eldians to realise that the real enemy is Marley and join the Walldians make me really doubt about this fandom’s intelligence… like, what kind of Snk are they reading? .-.

So far, these are all the questions I received about the current political climate in the series.

To recap the current climate: Paradis is under attack by Marley and its resources have been sought for several decades already. Recently, retrieving the Founder and seizing the island has become top priority according to two versions of the story: the one told by Kruger in chapter 89 and the one told by Zeke in chapter 95.

Marley’s goals - Ch. 89 (above) and 95 (below)

The two versions vary because of Marley’s current goals, and one has probably been altered by one person for their personal agenda. The source of course, comes from the Tybur clan, who has yet to be revealed.

Kruger’s version of the facts is that once Marley gets their hands on Paradis, they’ll exterminate every Eldian on Earth. The reason why they keep them alive is to use them as military personnel, and even among the Marlean community, people argue whether or not they’re best left alive. 

Zeke’s version, more recent, argues Paradis has to be retaken to ensure the continuity of the Eldian community living there, because the hatred for them has grown as such that the rest of the world are developing anti-titan technology, while the motherland began to lack in resources. If Marley weakens, this is the end for all Eldians.

The two common points of this story is Eldians being threatened, in one way or another. While Zeke claims the rest of the world will kill them, Kruger adds Marley to the equation, despite Marley… needing them for their military forces. I feel like Kruger is twisting the facts to make it seem the chance Marley wants them dead is high, and they must make Eldia great again as soon as possible.

Marley uses Pure Titans for their wars. That much is true. However, chapter 93 proved it was their main military asset, and they were behind the other countries in other domains other than ground battle.

Zeke suggesting a plan till Marley stabilizes itself - Ch. 93

Once Marley retrieved seven titan powers out of nine, they began to be quite power-hungry and seize resources, using the exact tactics used against them in the past, which boiled levels of hatred in the rest of the world.

They both look like they privilege mainland Eldians over the Eldians on Paradis: in the revolutionary’s scenario, the Eldians fleeing the islands are cowards who let the mainland part suffer at the hands of Marley, and reject Marley’s rule. In the warriors’, the Founding is seen as a dangerous force to be seized. Meanwhile, the mainland Eldians are fighting for redemption over the sins from the era of the Eldian Empire, and accept Marley’s rule, since they’re the only one nation accepting them.

In the meantime, Paradis is ruled out of the equation. Both parties thought using the power of the Founding Titan would serve their goal. Alas, the most important titan power fell into the hands of a young boy who received it from a revenge-filled father. While Eren set himself the goal to get rid of the world for more freedom, other people on Paradis might think differently. That could range from settling an agreement or keep defending the island till invasion stops or till Eren dies, since he’s the potential deal maker. 

Clearly they’re in a state where neither of them can make peace. If a deal has to be set, one of them should fall.

The status of Marley and Paradis brings me to my next point: the alliances.

For starters, I don’t believe any nation would help in a Marley vs. Paradis conflict. Geographically, it would be very difficult.

Marley and Paradis on the map - Ch. 93

Paradis’ closer access point is the continent of Marley. Paradis is also technologically late and their float is mostly adapted to river navigation. Coast navigation is another deal and we’re not even talking about the ocean there. The telecommunications weren’t even invented and neither was photography. 4 years isn’t enough to catch up every technological advancement missed.

While an alliance would be, as anon points out, the best insurance, other nations carry a deep hatred for Eldians and are developing technology countering them. The only valuable exchange money was the Coordinate and knowing Eren, he wouldn’t handle it over. The other alternative would let another nation use Paradis as a base to strike Marley, exploiting their resources, but this is no different from colonization.

The question about a possible betrayal remains. Namely, the popular theory of Reiner and Annie switching sides.

I’ll state my opinion right away: they can’t and they won’t because Marley is their home. The only possible solution I can see is them fleeing away because Marley became too weak to keep the Eldians safe and under their rule, but in this case it’s less of a betrayal and more them abandoning the ship. 

And even that, in the case of Reiner, is questionable. When he came back, he knew for years his path was a lie. The thing that keeps him going on is throwing his life for Marley, which in return protects him from calls to strip him of his titan power. Besides he probably did not give up entirely on the reason why he’s wearing that armor today.

One scream and this is over - Ch. 96

Reiner actually fears Eren being the current holder of the Founding Titan. As such, he believes Eren must be stopped at all costs. He’s also not the only one in the Marlean army to think so.

“I want you to believe me. I understand you. We were both victims of your father… You’ve been brainwashed by him“ - Ch. 83

Zeke is onboard to put his little brother in safe hands. He’s ready to use his last year for the invasion of Paradis only, therefore leading all the warriors for a last tentative of Paradis’ invasion, which ought to be closed once the tenth year is over. Most probably sooner.

The Librerio festival ought to be decisive. After the declaration of Tybur’s family, things are going to be settled for good.

The ultimatum - Ch. 95

If it gets sabotaged by anybody coming from Paradis, like that suspicious amputee, Marley will see that as a war declaration, and the effect remains the same.

Looks like it’s going to be Eldians from the mainland vs. Eldian from the island. A raging battle between subjects of Ymir.

anonymous asked:

manga seems to be sympathizing with reiner a lot, last volume really put things from his perspective. I wonder if this has any deeper intent? How do you think the story will end by this point?

I wrote about how the ending is going to play here and here. Basically it’s going to be a conflict with massive casualities all because Isayama wants to play the major irony chord with “hope” and “survival”.

The manga and supplementary material sympathizes with Reiner a lot. Instead of a remorseless and stoic killing machine, the whole story presents him as this popular and reliable young boy who hides issues he sometimes has trouble overcoming, and after four years, a-PTSD riddled man who loves playing with cadets. Next chapter is probably going to cover his childhood, but I got the hints he was orphaned early and was always slow to push. I wrote a whole post about him and Marcel.

The more we spend time in Marley, the more you realize he, Bertolt and Annie were doing their job inside the walls, but they got too familiar with the enemy. Same as Zeke, who was presented as a trolling monkey who enjoys feeding soldiers to his pet titans, or Pieck who was introduced as a lackey. Last chapter was such a blast because Reiner expressed softer face expressions, something he hardly ever did inside the walls except when he was feeling emotional. On top of that, we’ve seen him acting almost like the warrior cadets’ father: they all love getting headpats from him and Gabi’s attitude towards him makes them jealous, except Falco. 

The manga also sympathizes a lot with Zeke, especially in the last two arcs: as a talented warchief, he’s very chill. When he gets reminded of Grisha, he tries to settle down. He doesn’t hold war in great opinion, despite having to do it. He also gets along with Colt and doesn’t want to burden him with his titan power for retaking Paradis.

The only deeper intent is to show warriors are humans before enemies of Paradis and thus, there’s no good nor evil side. Just idiots, victims and opportunists. The reason why the side material talks to them in a more sympathetic tone than… say… Eren is because they’re literally forced to work for Marley and “cast their filthy blood aside” so their families can get an honorary status. Contrary to Paradis’ military where anybody can join if they want to, that’s the general rule. Besides, they know how segregation and racism feel like, from their armbands to getting stoned, which makes them overall more victims than oppressors. 

Finally, neither of them enjoys killing people: they all cried when Marco had to die, Annie apologized multiple times to the corpses in Trost, didn’t kill Armin on sight and still gave him a last chance when he tricked her, Reiner and Bertolt wanted to end the conflict quickly so no more victims would be added to the list. Bertolt cried claiming he didn’t enjoy at all what he did, etc…

Though each warrior’s backstory isn’t a copycat of the other: Zeke sold his parents out and made himself an orphan. I have no idea why he wanted to join the military but I have a feeling it’s probably to bury his cursed lineage. Annie’s father is the one who worked straight for Marley’s agenda, believing his daughter is going to free them or exterminating a bunch of devils, leaving Annie with no choice but doing her job and heading home. Gabi is Annie’s father if he was taken in. Falco has family in Librerio and on the field and doesn’t hold the warrior’s motto at heart. He’s the most compassionate of the cadets so far. Galliard stays truthful to the job despite losing his brother. Once you’re accustomed to a culture from birth, it’s hard to pull over.

Meanwhile, Reiner is as faithful as Galliard but he doesn’t look like he’s doing that because some family is waiting for him. Instead I feel like it’s the only thing that keeps him moving and give a purpose in his life, despite suffering mentally from it. He stays strict but is way too vulnerable towards weaker people and his friends. He and Bertolt have that in common. He even went as far as to deliver Ymir’s final words to Historia and respected Erwin as a commander. Too bad his kind nature gets tarnished by the warrior duty and him losing people one after the other.