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Remember me :D and I guess it could be like he got into an accident and has amnesia

Ray opened his eyes slowly, his vision blurry and out of focus. “Oh thank god, you’re waking up!” He turned his head, his sight returning to normal. He saw a blonde girl with a blue ribbon in her hair sitting next to him. His head hurt like crazy, and he reached up, feeling bandages wrapped around his skull. He looked around the white room. White walls, floors, even the ceiling glowed white. A hospital.

“Where am I? What happened?”

The girl wrapped her arms around his neck, fresh tears dripping onto him. “There was an accident. A drunk driver swerved and was coming straight for me, but you pushed me away and took the hit instead.” Sh pulled back and looked at him happily. “I was so worried for you, that I didn’t leave the hospital for 3 days. The others came and visited too. Scarlett was were for a while before being called away, but I know she would have wanted to stay here.” She smiled and hugged him again. “Tank you, Ray.”

He stared at her, a blank expression on his face. “That’s all great, but, who are you?”

Phoebe looked at him in shock. “Please, please tell me your joking.”

He shook his head at her. “Sorry. I really don’t know you.”

Fresh tears brimmed in her eyes, but these were tears of sadness. She hugged his chest, dripping tears on his hospital gown. “Come on, Ray. We’re good friends. We talk about whatever is on our minds, and we help each other out. Remember when you lost Lily? I helped comfort you afterwards.” She continued to weep, soaking the gown which he was required to wear. She felt a hand on her head, and water drip onto her scalp.

“Phoebe. How could I ever forget you?” She looked up to see him smiling, a single tear stain on his cheek. She smiled back and hugged him tight. “Hey, careful! I’m still injured, you know?”

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Scarlett’s been knocked out of the top 3… 0_0 This is a problem. This is when you know things are bad. The apocalypse is upon us. Shit. This is how the world ends in 2012. This is how you know I’m going insane because I’m pretending to befreaking out