Can someone please tell the Library Witch

she’s not wanted

can someone please tell her 

she’s changed.

The wind blew in and changed the person

I once knew

and now she’s gone from something nice

to something purely evil.

Can someone please tell the Library Witch

that all the books

in the library hate her

they will get their revenge one day.

There is a type of magic

the Library Witch will never know.

It’s the magic of words

and the sentences they form.

There is a power

that she can’t figure out

the power

of a story

without pictures.

I found the power

that she throws away

and the power of words

will come back and bite her

some day.

There is a type of magic

the Library Witch can’t figure out

that will be her demise.

Chapter 2


          At the end of my freshman year in high school, the librarian that had been there for a couple decades retired. The decision was last minute and a complete shock to the entire school. Everyone absolutely adored him. I had to read a small speech about him on the teacher’s last day of school that year. I don’t recall a dry eye in the room.

          The interview for the new position was held that summer, the summer before my sophomore year. My mother and I waited with baited breath that Mrs. L would get the job. Little did we know that wish would unleash a torrential downpour, complete with lightning bolts and tornadoes.

          Mrs. L was the librarian I had had in elementary school. I thought she was amazing! I always went back to my elementary school to visit her after I left. I thought she would be perfect. In fact, she was the only reason I was okay with the former librarian retiring.

          Everything started out wonderfully. That August, she had the library painted. She made it look new. I loved it. I was blissful. I couldn’t have been more wrong… because then September started… and the books started leaving.

          It started with only one cart in the hallway. A handful of books that were ancient. I saw nothing wrong with that. One cart of discard books wasn’t anything to get excited over.

          Soon, the librarian ordered new couches for the library. We had never had couches in there before. I was not crazy over the idea, but I could live with it. Then the couches came in, and I changed my mind. They were dark blue, but they were elf-sized. They were small and hard. I adjusted.

Chapter 1:


          There once was a time when I didn’t think that a librarian could ever harm books. I thought that librarians were supposed to love books of every genera. That is what I thought. Until I met the Library Witch.

          She hated the books. She hated the words that made up the books. If it was an older book, it had no value to her. If it couldn’t be found on a list of books through the book ordering program, it was no good.

          Some people may say I have a bias, being the daughter of the library aid, but think what you will. I consider those people to be very wrong. I have a genuine love for books, and a love for the words within them. I always have. I always will. That is what I did not get along well with the new librarian. That is where the trouble started…