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• April 18, 2017 •

I found this note inside this book that I randomly came across and have been wanting to read while I was exploring this awesome library in the city.

First, this note is so touching and is such a good & wise message to just randomly find in a book (I don’t know if this has anything to do with the book though, but still appreciate the message). Second, the library has 4 levels and incredible scenery of the city! And there are plenty of study spaces, so I think I’m going to spend some more time there studying. 😄

I got my hearts desire, he thought, and there my troubles began”


I had a love / hate relationship with this book. I fell in love with the scfy adaption of this, and it made it very hard for me to read the book. Finishing the first book, I think the show did alot better job, but that could be only because I watched the show first. I definitely recommend you read this, it’s like Harry potter:adult version.

The Lunar Chronicles: Cress by Marissa Meyer

Synopsis: In the third installment of The Lunar Chronicles, sixteen-year-old Crescent “Cress” Moon Darnell has been trapped on a satellite up in space for practically her entire life. The only silver lining: acquiring phonomenal technological skills. Becoming aware of her existence, Cinders gang gets in touch with her, and in a not-so-smooth attempt to rescue her-Caprain Throne and Cress get separated.

TBH: I absolutely loved this book-it’s my favorite in the series. The characters iconic friendly banter with each other entertained me and the action-packed plot kept me intrigued, topping Cinder and Scarlett. The only reason it didn’t make it to 5-Throne didn’t reciprocate his feelings towards Cress. Yes, I ship Cresswell, if you couldn’t tell.

My Rate: 4.5/5

Goodreads: 5/5

Release Date: February 4th 2014

psst: this is my first post!

anonymous asked:

omg i loved that prof shiro fic you wrote for that anon! could you do a part 2 where they're dating secretly and in the honeymoon 'I-cant-keep-my-hands-off-you' phase so they sneak about & make out in random places like the library, or the sci-labs, his car etc and this goes on for a few months but then one day they're careless and get caught kissing shirtless in his office?? the faculty threaten to fire him but he just quits - 'there's a million jobs but there's only one you', that kinda thing?

Damn it, I loved writing this. Enjoy!

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