library pop

Eldarya’s salty sugar

here’s an image i found compiling some of this item’s most common locations

top row, from left to right : bank, closet/modify appearance, library (pop up window when you click on “modify your crush”, market, companion’s page

middle row, from left to right : rankings, clothes shop, messages, goodies, minigames’ page

bottom row, from left to right : inventory, terms of service


50,000 Books at the Sonia Rykiel Store in Paris

Located in the boulevard Saint-Germain in Paris, the Sonia Rykiel store was transformed into a massive library by artist André Saraïva and Thomas Lenthal, the brand’s art director. The store is covered in bookcases filled with over 50,000 books on several levels. 


Northern Picture Library - Insecure

You don’t understand, I am SO worried for jughead jones. Where does he sleep? Did he eat today? How did he get that suit? His stress levels must be through the roof, worrying about not only his friends, but also a murder and, oh yeah, where he’s gonna FUCKING LIVE. plus schoolwork and his vanished family. plus his shitty dad and the gang induction. Did you see how tired he looked in episode 5? The eye bags?? And Cole Sprouse said it was going to get rougher for him. I am SO CONCERNED.