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Alright guys! As promised...

Sorry for the inactivity recently! School has been really busy and I barely had time to post on Tumblr.


Anyways, I went to see the POP SHERLOCK exhibition in Toronto Reference Library two weeks ago, and I thought I should share it with you guys…

(Here’s the program thing!)

Alright! Here we go!

First off, there’s some interesting character info and some non-canon works they are featured in:

Then there are some really nice collection of posters:

I’ve never heard of this movie but LOOK AT HOW HOLMES LOOK AT WATSON AND LOOK AT ME IN THE EYES AND TELL ME IT’S JUST PLATONIC. (Also their lines… flirting at its finest, gentlemen.)

Aaaaaand here’s TPLOSH!!! (I told my friend that this is the “grandfather of johnlock subtext” and she just looked at me and secretly judged me… :’)

A photo of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle…

A cool artwork for Adventure of the Dancing Men.

Bonus: Some info about the 19th century Sherlock fandom literally reviving Sherlock from the dead, but the fanfiction writers at the time already took over (good job, senpais):

Next, here are some interesting… artifacts:

Some DC and Marvel comics featuring Holmes (surprising, because DC literally stands for Detective Comics, but Marvel? wOW):

BONUS! BBC Sherlock mangas! (I wiped out my friend’s face in order to protect her privacy)

Friend: “Can I steal these?”

Me: *takes out a screwdriver kit* “Well let’s find out!”


Two plays based on Sherlock Holmes:

First, a musical (interesting…):

Second one, featuring… *drum roll…*: LEONARD NIMOY! The fact that he played both Holmes AND Spock just made me so happy. :’))

Here are some interesting things made based on the stories and/or Holmes:

Collection of toys:

This ADORABLE Lucky Cat (haha, *wink wink*):

This REALLY cool art (egg?) based on The Adventure of the Dancing Men:

Permission from ACD to use Holmes in commercials (his handwriting is just gorgeous):

Here are some really interesting *cough* weird or cringy *cough* ads:

Ahhhh great ads! 8/8 IGN

(LMAO Alright I lost it at Surelocked Homes)

!!!: Because of how some artifacts were arranged, I couldn’t get all of them in one picture, and I lost a few pictures (because I decided to be dumb and use snapchat for some of them) so if there’s anything you guys really want to see, please, feel free to ask me for more pictures since I’m probably going there again (there was a really good Granada pic that I lost *weeps* so I HAVE to go back). I also went to the ACD permanent installation (also at Toronto Reference Library), and I will post pictures of that very soon. Stay tuned!

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Carmilla Movie Theory

You’ve asked me to tell you a story, to weave you a theory. My inbox sings with your requests to try and jumble everything together. You ask. I’ll deliver. 

Originally posted by loveisweakness-clexa4life

I’ll give it my best shot because there’s nothing I like more than a challenge. We’re sticking to the usual plan of trying to make the most ridiculous but still kinda plausible theory possible. To start us off, here’s what canon information I have to work with.

  1. The Existing Carmilla Mythos - So we naturally have everything from the 3 seasons to work with. You’ve seen the web series. You know.
  2. The Original Trailer - This is the one on the beach that announced the movie. Frankly, I’m curious as to how much of this will actually apply because from my understanding it was put together before they had a script. As a scene, it’s probably cut.  I’m treating the information as canon because I don’t have enough material to be cutting ANY of it.
  3. The New Cast Information - Literally yesterday, we received the names of three new cast members. Seeing as I’m going to make the case that these are all literary references (stay tuned) just their names alone give me info. They are:
    1. Emily Bronte
    2. Charlotte Bronte
    3. The Woman In Black

Now we do our magical conjecture and fun fact building to try and whip it all together into a coherent story. Basically, I’m going to write you a movie because I’m a novelist at heart and a story structure buff. We’re going to try and figure out what we can expect when the movie releases in the fall (?). Buckle up, creampuffs.

 This is going to get 7k words worth of messy from parents to exes to fish gods to old school novellas. 

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those lil “take a book, leave a book” pop up libraries are the most pure and wholesome things known to mankind… i don’t even fucking read i just love the concept of sharing with others in the community

Jb library date
🌸coffee is a must
🌸talking about music and literature for hours
🌸definitely the type to wrap his arm around you while he’s reading
🌸probably gonna hold your hand at least once
🌸playing footsie underneath the table
🌸"how do you feel about dancing?“
🌸"let me get the door”
🌸definitely gonna order you a milkshake to share
🌸sweater boyfriend aesthetic
🌸one sweet, soft, closed-mouth kiss at the end of the date

Eldarya’s salty sugar

here’s an image i found compiling some of this item’s most common locations

top row, from left to right : bank, closet/modify appearance, library (pop up window when you click on “modify your crush”, market, companion’s page

middle row, from left to right : rankings, clothes shop, messages, goodies, minigames’ page

bottom row, from left to right : inventory, terms of service

there is zero reason to demonize mentally ill & disabled people for the sake of horror when the concept of a cosmic killer sewer clown is out there like truly the possibilities are infinite just pull some random bullshit out of ur ass itll be fine & 800% better than literally anything about dangerous scary mentally ill people



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Are you going to C2E2 this weekend? Wanna find some cool new queer comics?

Visit me at the pop-up library in Booth 853, right in front of The Block at 2pm on Saturday!  I’ll be talking up some of my favorite LGBTQ comics and giving personalized recommendations to help you find the bestest, coolest, and queerest choices for you!  Think of me like your personal comics concierge.   See you there!