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It really irks me when people say that Fleurmione wouldn’t work irl bc Hermione had disdain for Fleur.

Like imagine during GoF, Fleur is crying in some Hogwarts hidden corner bc she’s risking her life in this championship and even if she knew why she came in Great Britain she didn’t realize it would take such a toll on her. And she has that tough girl reputation (see how Mad Eye speaks of her to Harry) to maintain so she hides bc she can’t show any weakness to other people.

And Hermione comes across her and is a bit surprised… Yes she’s a girly girl and flirts with boys and she wears a silk uniform and then complains she’s cold and basically complains about everything and omg she can’t stand her… But Hermione is oddly touched by this girl crying and tries to comfort her.

Surpringly, Fleur doesn’t push Hermione away and takes her awkward pat in the back with relief : she’s just lonely, but not alone.

Hermione tries to change Fleur’s mind a bit and asks her to talk about France’s magical world and about Beauxbatons. She listens with great attention bc she’s so fucking curious and always wanted to know how all that works abroad.

At the end of this conversation, Fleur thanks Hermione and asks her if they can speak together sometimes… Hermione accepts. But Harry ???? She’s her friend after all, she’s supposed to help him, not this Frenchy. And Ron ? If he learns about it, he’ll be mad…

Fleur reassures Hermione : we’ll invent a secret code ! Whenever Fleur says “bouillabaisse”, it means they have to meet.
So they keep meeting secretly, and Hermione proceeds to help her. She even realizes how judgmental she has been. Fleur is not that bad, she can even be funny ! She understands Hermione’s need to be the best, and the pressure she puts on herself. They both want their parents to be proud. Fleur supports her project to put an end to elves’ slavery, in France there are even laws to protect them from abusive wizards. Hermione has finally found a female friend to speak to.

Fleur becomes less arrogant, more open-minded and complains way less than before, bc she knows she’s lucky to be here, bc she met Hermione !

They keep meeting in secret, at first several days a week, and then everyday. Harry and Ron begin to ask questions to Hermione, and saying she’s studying in the library is not enough anymore. But she will care later.

Secretly, they meet, and secretly they get closer.

Sometimes they seek each other’s eyes in the school corridors when they wait for the teachers, and they smile at each other when no one is looking, and sometimes their hands stroke lightly when Fleur gives back to Hermione a book she’s forgotten in the library, and sometimes one looks at the other while she’s busy doing something, and sometimes Fleur is jealous of this silly Viktor boy like no Hermione isn’t going to ride your broomstick tsss…

And then one day, Fleur tells Hermione that if she’s interested she can show her what she learns in France and they could study together. She says that in front of everyone. Hermione is confused and mumbles a yes shyly. When Fleur leaves, Harry and Ron (!!!) start questioning her.

When they are alone, Hermione is furious : it was supposed to stay a secret ! All of that ! But Fleur is tired to hide and lie. She doesn’t care about what her friends think. She fell in love with Hermione and she doesn’t want it to be a secret anymore. She wants to kiss her briefly before going to class, and tell her sister how wonderful her lover is.


Hermione is shocked. Lover ? Why does she feel warm when she hears Fleur say this ?

No, they are girls. It’s not possible. They can’t be lovers. And she’s from Beauxbâtons, and everyone will say she betrayed Harry, and 2 girls can’t love each other.

Fleur, probably out of despair, asks if it means that she won’t come with her to the Yule Ball.

Hermione says she doesn’t want anyone to know and that she’s ashamed about all that, and that she won’t go to the Yule Ball, or to any new secret meeting.

During several weeks, they are both angry and avoid each other.

Fleur is so disappointed. So Hermione is ashamed of her ? She thinks that she isn’t worth it ? She doesn’t love her ? But all those stares and smiles…

Hermione is confused. She can’t talk about it to anyone. Harry and Ron are too stupid to understand. But what about Ginny ? She’s with Luna after all, she might help her…

Ginny isn’t really surprised about Hermione’s request and asks her to tell the whole story. Hermione speaks during 2 hours.
Ginny just tells Hermione that the sole fact that she came to her proves that she is just an idiot in love and afraid of her own feelings.

Everyday, Hermione hears about a trillion boys asking Fleur to go with them at the Ball. And she refuses all the time. But Hermione is always scared that she’ll accept bc Fleur Delacour CAN’T go alone at this Ball.

When she eventually realizes that she misses Fleur and their moments, and her smell, and her silly cutey laugh, she asks Fleur out.

They go to the Yule Ball together and kiss for the first time dancing on a sappy love song in front of everyone bc they don’t care and SHIT


they are perfect together. So different that they learn from each other and change and live each other.

And after the war they get married and buy a house next to Ginny and Luna’s house in a witches loving witches community and they are so happy together. So shut up and let me have my dream ok

Hogwarts in the Spring

Hogwarts in the spring is the pat pat pat of rain on the library windows. It’s stacks of books and rolls of parchment forgotten by the student asleep in a nearby chair. It’s an empty inkwell and a broken quill, an essay with seventeen errors, and the final mastery of a spell.

Hogwarts in the spring is an amortentia potion scented with tulips, the wind, and a family pie recipe. It’s the sun peeking out from behind the clouds, and the lake: full, and blue, and freezing. It’s students running barefoot across the Quidditch field, giggling as their robes flap behind them. It’s muddy feet and early morning practice. It’s untied ties and the best Quidditch match Hogwarts has ever seen, where Gryffindor catches the snitch after six hours of play, but Hufflepuff still beats them 200 points to 190.

Hogwarts in the spring is ripped uniforms patched with house colors. It’s owls carrying short letters from home and small bags of Bertie Bott’s. It’s students sneezing so hard that they accidentally transform their quills into teacups, and a school-wide announcement that all students with allergies should take a moment to visit Madame Pomfrey.

Hogwarts in the spring is a pile of Slytherin fifth years asleep in the Great Hall for staying up too late studying. It’s grounds full of blooming flowers, each with a unique and special scent. It’s cobwebs being swept from dorm room corners and curtains being drawn back with lavish displays of grandeur. It’s a Potions exam that every fourth year fails and the smell of honeysuckle on the wind. It’s students finally succeeding in memorizing the paths of the moving staircases, and long thoughtful conversations held between Ravenclaws and the paintings.

It’s Hogwarts. It’s spring. And it’s blooming with life.

SummerAutumn / Winter

Kiss You Again (WayHaught College AU)

Pairing: Waverly Earp/Nicole Haught

Rating: T

Summary: Nicole finds an important note that was left in the library book she just checked out and does a little sleuthing to find out who it belongs to. (Hint: it’s Waverly)

Based on a prompt from @alycidebnam


Nicole Haught has been patiently waiting for the 16th of the month, because that’s when the book she needs from the library is due to be returned.  Her paper is due on the 20th, so that gives her just enough time to…skim through it for a couple of talking points, and maybe pull out a couple of choice quotes. She’s hoping for a B+ at this rate.

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SuperCorp Childhood - Present Day AU

They meet on a Friday, which is the perfect day for a life to change.


Lena Luthor meets Kara Danvers when she’s 9 years old. This is a series in 7 parts up through present day (+ Epilogue). Lena’s POV. Pre-canon, then following canon themes with my own spin/twist :) NOT a strict retelling of any season but you’ll recognize lines, and characters, and other easter eggs. Slowburn, but not torturous. Happy ending because I am NOT a monster and Lena Luthor deserves better. You’ll just have to be patient with me ;)

This fic is about 90% complete, but best enjoyed in doses. Updates will be consistent. 

Read ch1 on AO3 or under the cut

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Not quite sleep walking

Could you write a fic about being a student at the same time as Newt and sneaking him out into the Forbidden Forest at night to meet the centaurs and see some of the magical creatures that live there? Your writing is so awesome. :D

 I’ve been super excited to write this. Thank you so much for the great request.

Master list

Originally posted by trippy-culture

“Newt’ you whispered as you prodded his cheek, he mumbled something about going away before he cracked one eye open. “happy birthday, Newt’ keeping your voice low so as not to wake any of the other boys in the fifth year hufflepuff dormitory, you produced a stream of  multi coloured confetti from your wand, sprinkling it over your dearest friend.

He gave you a sleepy smile ‘what’s all this in aid of?’ he asked voice still gravelly from sleep, as he dusted the confetti from his mess of auburn curls. “it’s a surprise, come on, get dressed.’ You chided  him as you tossed some clothes his way, before making your way back to the peaceful common room.

Newt didn’t keep you waiting long, he was much to curious, even if he was yawning as he shuffled to you.  You pushed the circular door to the common room open, and gestured for newt to go through, he gave you a lopsided smile before stepping out into the corridor.

It wasn’t rare for you and newt to wander about the castle at night, but it was usually just across the hall to the kitchens for a study break snack, or to the library for a book that you had forgotten that you needed. You had never actually made it out of the castle before, but you were determined to make this the best start to newts birthday that you possibly could, so you had spent weeks planning everything, your rout, finding the secret passage way, behind a grumpy looking wizard with a bushy beard holding a rake. What would be the best time to go, taking into consideration which creatures were likely to be active throughout the night, how dangerous it could possibly become. You had prepared for every possible outcome, good or bad.

You stealthily made your way down several corridors before reaching a secret passage way that lead to the greenhouses. Newt grabbed your hand as you edged your way around the greenhouses before scurrying to the edge of the forbidden Forrest, your heart was thumping in your chest, from running and newt still hadn’t let your hand go.

“come on, are you ready?’ newt nodded eagerly, taking a deep breath, you stepped into the vast expanse of trees. Stepping carefully so you wouldn’t disturb any of the creatures, you came to a clearing and pulled newt to the leaf littered forest floor, you shuffled forwards on your fronts to get a better view, daring to peek through the thicket.

In the clearing, basking in the moonlight stood a group of proud centaurs. newt had his hand over his mouth, eyes sparkling. They were breath taking, as they looked to the stars, searching for answers or possibly even questions, more came and went, Centaurs of every colour and an impossible range of patterns and markings lined their amazing forms. as you and newt observed. staying impossibly silent.

Newt grasped your hand, nearly making you jump out of your skin. The centaurs had obviously sensed what newt had seen, they made their leave with a respectful nod. From the shadow of the trees on near silent hooves trotted an ethereal unicorn, it was like nothing you had ever seen, pure white, it almost glowed in the light of the crescent moon, it’s eyes doe like but full of wisdom. you squeezed newts hand, to make sure that you were actually awake.

Newt looked to you, his eyes were brighter than you had ever seen them, a face splitting grin on his handsome face. You turned back to the graceful creature, hands still clasped together, you had planned for every scenario, but you never in your wildest dreams expected this.

Have a great day and be safe

A Reader’s Poignant and Insightful Email About UNWIND

Dear Neal Shusterman,

Books are simply words strung together on pages that tell a story to intrigue a reader. If they are good, they will have a hidden theme or message among the words. Many times an engaging book will touch my heart, capture my interests and I will eagerly be led through the series. Suddenly the series will finish and I will feel such a loss, as though there is a space inside of me that needs to be filled with more words and events that happen next in the series. But then after a few days, life carries on. The book that is so amazing is returned to the library, put back on the shelf, and forgotten. A new book is picked up, and the cycle repeats. Your book Unwind, Mr. Shusterman, does NOT fit into this category.

After reading Unwind, I could not continue to read another book. I was stuck. I have never before faced a book that has kept me from moving on and finding the next story. Perhaps it is just that. Your book is not really a just a story, and it has more than a simple message. Your book has a voice.

The voice is quiet, and probably not heard by all. It repeated itself over and over in my head, as my mind attempted to decipher what exactly it means to be alive, and how our modern society functions. This concept turned into an internal battle, as it did with many of the characters in Unwind. The thoughts of when your soul develops and the importance of life itself engulfed many hours of my day. Repeating over and over inside me. Every time I thought I had come to a conclusion, new questions would form.

The exaggerated form of our own society that is depicted in Unwind has truly transformed the way I view our modern culture, and allowed me to question society itself. Reading your book has made me focus on the way our society overcomplicates and creates inefficient and unproductive methods to “solve” controversies. When looking at society from the outside, steps taken forward to resolve issues are in fact steps moving backward. By writing Unwind, you have stimulated the bystander viewpoint, and gifted a new perspective for readers to explore. This alternative view permits readers to not only see into their own future, but the future of my generation as a whole.

That is why in I would like to thank you Mr. Shusterman. You have disguised in a book a large concept for young people to discover. We are society, and we are the future. No matter what happens, the world will one day be in our hands. Whether we decide to make a change for the better is our choice now, and I know more of us must grasp this idea and use in to our advantage. The Unwind Dystology pointed out to me a direction that displayed what my capabilities are, to clearly see the large influence I can have on our future.

Sincerely yours,

Grace H.

This has got to be one of my favorite fan emails ever! It captures the point and purpose of Unwind in a way I haven’t seen before. Thank you so much, Grace.

Okay, so I’ve been having a really bad time with my Ulcerative Colitis today so I thought that I’ll finally write the prompt that anon sent me the other day: here.

Again, this is only my experience with this horrible chronic illness and how it’s affected me. It’s a very personal illness that affects everyone who has it very differently so although I might have it worse than some people, I do not have it as bad as others do (at this moment in time - but it’s still bloody bad). So here goes!

- Lily entered her flat with Sirius to pick up some of her library books that she had forgotten for their study session. 

- They were both studying Physics with Astronomy at Cardiff University and became good friends during their second year.

- She tried to avoid them during their first year because they seemed so arrogant and loud, especially when paired with that annoying James Potter.

- But after finding them on their own crying in the Library one day because of how much stress they were under to prove themselves to their family, Lily realised she was wrong about them and befriended Sirius. 

- She even went so far as to start talking to Potter, who somehow ended up being her boyfriend 

- She still doesn’t know how that happened herself but she wouldn’t change it.

-  Neither of them had yet to meet her best friend and room mate, Remus. 

- Lily never told them why they hadn’t other than the fact that he was sick.

- Lily opened the door and threw her bag down onto the side table.

- “Just make yourself at home, I’ll go get the books.” She smiled and walked down towards the hall, calling out Remus’ name as she went.

- Sirius walked over to the sofa and sat down on the arm.

- They started drumming their fingers on their legs when they saw some movement through the open door leading to the kitchen. 

- Curiosity got the better of them and they decided to investigate.

- When they walked in, they saw a duvet burrito sitting in one of the dining chairs and bent over the table.

- “Lils,” the duvet groaned, “put kettle on would you, love?” 

- “Erm …” Sirius furrowed their eyebrows and rotated around the room. “Can you point me in the direction of the kettle?” 

- The duvet sat up bolt right to reveal caramel curly hair with a undercut, forest green and brown eyes and a startled expression of the cutest person Sirius had ever seen.

- Sirius felt their breath catch in their throat.

- “You’re not Lily.” Sirius chuckled at the deer caught in the headlights expression on the boy.

- “I don’t know what gave me away,” they winked. “I’m Sirius.”

- The boy let out a long breath they were holding.

- “Oh, James’ best friend? Lily’s told me about you. Your name’s fitting since you’re studying Astronomy,” Sirius laughed, “I’m Remus.” He smiled, but it looked more like a wince.

- “Ha, yeah.” They mussed their hair with a love sick smile. “It’s nice to finally meet you.” Sirius fussed about the kitchen, finding the kettle and flicking it on.

- “Yeah, sorry it’s when I’m like … this.” He fluffed the side of the duvet to signify his meaning. “I wasn’t expecting guests otherwise I would of being wearing actual clothes and not … suit’o’duvet.” 

- “No, it’s fine.” Sirius chuckled and smiled widely at Remus who returned the smile.

- “I can’t find Remus any where-oh, they you are!” Lily rushed into the kitchen. “How you feeling?”

- “Ughhhh.” He groaned, dropping his head down onto the table, earning a little giggled from Sirius. 

- “Let me guess, you caught the flu, huh?” They grinned.

- Remus sat up tall and faced Sirius, his lovely smile gone from his face and it was replaced with a haunted, almost angry look.

- “No, I caught a chronic illness, actually.” He snapped making Sirius’ smile drop off of their face. 

- “You might not see it since it’s been deemed an invisible illness because able bodied people don’t understand how hard it is suffering every single day of your life the way I do, so they just act as if I’m faking it.”

- “Remus,” Lily cut him off, “Sirius’ didn’t know you were chronically ill. I haven’t told them, it isn’t Sirius’ fault they got it wrong.” She nudged him with a pointed look.

- Remus sighed heavily and looked away from them, ashamed of himself.

- “No, no you’re right. I’m sorry, Sirius. It’s just … I get a little defensive. It’s just… people tend to think this isn’t a real illness because … they can’t see that I’m actually ill. I didn’t mean to snap at you.” Sirius shook their head.

- “It’s okay. I’m sorry, too. I didn’t mean to seem so insensitive.“ They tried to smile at Remus but he didn’t look back at them and got up from his chair instead.

- “I’m just gonna .. sorry again.” he mumbled and stumbled out of the kitchen and toward the hallway where the bedrooms were.

- “Sorry about that.” Lily smiled apologetically at Sirius when they heard Remus’ bedroom door slam shut. 

- “He’s just having a bad time at the moment. His tutors are being total pricks with him because he’s having a flare and can’t attend some of his lectures. He does his best to go to all of them, but some just can’t be helped. Not that they seem to care …” She mumbled under her breath.

- She moved over to the counter and started making a cup of tea with the water Sirius boiled earlier. 

- “Can I ask what it is he has?” Sirius asked sheepishly, “or is it too personal?”

- “It’s okay. Remus doesn’t mind. It’s a bowel disease called Ulcerative Colitis; it’s when you have ulcers along the lining of your large bowels and rectum, but it’s also so, so much more than just that and it’s much worse than it sounds.”

- “We didn’t actually know what it was until he was diagnosed at the beginning of last year, then I went a little mad with research on it. I think I freaked him out at first because of all the horrific stories I’d read about other people who had it and had to have surgery to remove their bowels and have a pouch and stoma and stuff and how much pain they had gone through, but Remus isn’t at that stage, and touch wood,” she slammed her hand down onto the table top “he never will be.” 

- “Geez, I can’t even imagine.” Sirius winced.

- “It was a horrible time. For nearly two months he was just in agony with his stomach, would bleed every time he went to the bathroom, was constantly tired and in pain, couldn’t walk for more than five minutes without going light headed and nearly fainting, and his heart rate was going a million miles to the dozen.” 

- She grabbed the milk from the fridge, added it to the cup of tea and mixed it together.

- “He wouldn’t go to the doctors for so long because he thought he would get over it and that it was just a bug. I physically had to drag him to the walk in centre and they ended up sending him for bloods.”

- She put the milk back into the fridge and shut the door.

- “Turned out he was anaemic. Severally so. They emitted him into hospital the next day for iron and blood transfusions. They said to him if he hadn’t gone to the doctors himself when he did, a week later he would have been going to the hospital in the back of an ambulance.”

- “Christ …” Sirius let out a puff of air. 

- “I know. He was in hospital for two days getting the transfusions, then had to go for a colonoscopy and had to have some other procedures and stuff where they found out he has Ulcerative Colitis and set him on these tablets for life. He has on and off days, but lately he’s been pretty bad.” 

- “The problem is, so many people make the assumption that it’s just a ‘pooping illness’ but it’s so far from that. It affects his joints, his eyes, his skin, he gets mouth ulcers, high fevers, abdominal pains, God, the list just goes on! There’s so many foods and drinks that he can’t even have, either. It’s just yeah, a life changing thing The worse part is there’s no cure, just medication upon medication to maintain it.” 

- She sighed and picked up the cup of tea. “Let me just take this to him and we’ll get off.” 

- Sirius watched her go with a firm expression on their face. 

- They were determined to research more into this illness to find out how they could be there for Remus, because if Sirius had their way, they would be seeing a lot more of Remus.

- The next time they saw Remus was two weeks later at the university Library.

- He was leaning up against a bookshelf with a slight wince, restocking the shelves.

- With a skip in their step, Sirius made their way over to Remus.

- “Hello, again.” Sirius beamed at him.

- Remus turned with a confused expression to the voice speaking to him, then smiled sheepishly.

- “Oh, hello.” He replied, shoving the book in his hand quickly into its correct place and turning to face Sirius. “I didn’t think I’d see you again.”

- “How come?” Sirius asked, genuinely confused.

- “Well, I wasn’t exactly pleasant during our first meeting.” He mussed his hair, looking a bit timid. “Sorry about that, again. It was a bad day.” 

- Sirius waved his hand through the air nonchalantly.

- “Eh, bygones be bygones.” His smile never faulting. “How are you feeling today?” Remus shrugged.

- “Pretty much the same as I was that day, but I’ve got to pay the bills and my medication some way.” He gave a lopsided smile. 

- “I’m sorry you have to go through this. I did some research into UC after Lily told me about it, so if you ever need to talk … I mean, I won’t understand what you’re going through physically, but I’ll get it from a medical point of view … kinda?” Remus looked astonished. Sirius started to shift between their feet, sheepishly. 

- Remus’ expression changed to a sweet smile as he watched Sirius suddenly become nervous.

- “Thank you, Sirius. You didn’t need to do that.”

- “No, but I wanted to. I didn’t want to be one of those people who don’t try to understand what you’re going through. I wanted to understand it a little better for you.”

- “But … why?” Remus was puzzled.

- “Because … I think we could be good friends?” They bit their lip.

- “Really?” Sirius nodded. “Yeah, I’d like that.”

- They both just stared at each other for a moment with small smiles.

- “So, did you need help with anything or …?” Remus came back to himself and realised he had a job to do.

- “Oh, no no. I just, I saw you from across the room and thought I’d say hey … Hey!” They grinned causing Remus to chuckled.

- “Hey.” He looked amused and started playing with the hem of his jumper.

- “So, erm … would-you-like-to-go-for-a-coffee-with-me?” Sirius rushed. Remus blinked, then looked at his cart of books next to him.

- “Erm … I would love to, really … but erm…” Sirius followed his eye line, then slapped their face with a small groan.

- “But you’re working, obviously. Sorry, idiot moment.” They cringed.

- “I finish in about an hour and a half if you want to then?” Remus smiled.

- “Yes!” Sirius grimaced. “That sounded too enthusiastic, didn’t it?”

- Remus barked a laugh then nodded.

- “Just a little. It’s okay though, no one’s ever been so enthusiastic to go for a coffee with me before.” He grinned widely.

- Oh, he has dimples when he smiles! Sirius mentally shook themselves.

- “Well, I certainly am. I’ll wait for you in the coffee shop downstairs. Hour an and half. Work hard, Remmy.” They winked and skipped away whilst Remus just smirked and shook his head.

- “So, tell me more about yourself.” Remus smiled over his cup of tea to Sirius.

- Sirius was already sat at a small table by the window people watching and it looked as if he had already gone through a few drinks by the time Remus had finished work. Remus quickly said hello and ordered drinks for the both of them and sat down.

- “There’s not much to tell, really.” Sirius scratched their nose. 

- “Let’s see … Well, I’m 21, I’m a Scorpio,” they winked causing Remus to roll his eyes playfully, “I was adopted by the Potters at 15, so James has been my brother officially for five years, my birth family were horrific and didn’t accept me, but that’s a long story. Erm … I love the stars, obviously since I do Astrology. I love sketching and painting too. Oh, and I have 4 tattoos.” 

- “What type of things do you like to sketch?” He leant on his hand smiling sweetly at Sirius.

- “Everything. I love drawing people, places; sometimes I’ll come and sit here in this spot and just draw people going about their every day life and make stories for them.” 

- “Me too! I mean, the making up stories about people, not the drawing I suck at that.” He chuckled along with Sirius. “But I love coming up with stories for people passing by. I tend to write them down for inspiration. I want to be an author.” 

- “I’d love to read some sometime.” 

- “Only if I get to see some of your drawings.” 

- “Deal!” They chuckled together. 

- “Thank you for this, Sirius. I don’t tend to hang out with people that much, apart from Lily of course.” 

- Sirius tilted his head much like a dog.

- “How come?” Remus bit his lip and looked away sadly. “Sorry, that was rude of me. You don’t have to answer that.” 

- “No, no, it’s okay. It’s just … I lost a lot of friends when I was diagnosed. A lot of people don’t understand that I am ill constantly. Like right now, I might not seem it to you, but I’m feeling really sick-”

- “Oh sorry! Do you need anything? Do you want to go home?” Sirius panicked.

- “No, it’s okay. I’m used to it. Sometimes, like now, I can manage the pain, but I’m still in it.  Other times, I just can’t and I have to stay at home, or somewhere near a bathroom incase - I know sounds horrible but … yeah. It’s my reality.” 

- “The friends I used to have when I first got ill, always thought I was faking my illness to get out of going out with them, which really wasn’t the case. I have to cancel a lot because I can’t handle going out, that and I’m not allowed to drink alcohol anymore because it triggers my ulcers, and since that’s all my old friends used to do …” He rolled his eyes and took a sip of his tea.

- “S’why I don’t really date much, too. I tried a little at the end of last year but it was a disaster. Gid just thought I was being dramatic and a hypochondriac. He thought I was using my illness to avoid him and was all ‘me me me’ and so on.”

- “Once, when I was having a really bad flare and couldn’t leave the bed, he actually said to me ‘God, Remus, you’re not the only one who gets sick! Stop being so lazy!’” 

- “Safe to say it didn’t work out, nor did it end well. He told me he was doing me a ‘favour’ by going out with me since I was ‘defective.’” Remus used sarcastic quotation marks, shrugged and took a sip of his tea. “Sorry, I’m rambling.”

- “If I ever meet that guy, I’m going to punch him in the face. And then in the bollocks for good measure.” Sirius growled.

- They were furious anyone would say that to another human being, especially someone as wonderful as Remus.

- Remus spat out his tea and burst out laughing. He quickly wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.

- “Oh, god sorry. But damn, I’d pay to see that!” Sirius’ scowl lifted to a smirk.

- “Then I’ll definitely make sure you have a front row ticket.” They winked, making Remus melt slightly.

- “I’ll be sure to be there - with a camera!” 

- Sirius smirked and walked their fingers across the table and laced them with Remus’, giving his hand a small squeeze.

- “I don’t think he was doing you a favour, Remus. You shouldn’t have to settle for a prick just because you have a chronic illness. You deserve someone a lot better than that. Someone who cares about you and will actually make an effort. Maybe someone a little closer than you think …?”

- Remus blushed and dipped his head.

- “Thank you.” Remus eyes glisten slightly as he squeezed Sirius’ hand back and bit his lip. “You might be right.”

- They both looked down at their joint hands, then back into each others eyes.

- “Soo…” Remus sighed happily and changed the conversation, “tell me about your tattoos?” 

- Remus beamed, not letting go of Sirius’ hand anytime soon, as Sirius enthusiastically told him about his body art.

Again, this is just the experience I have with Ulcerative Colitis, and hopefully no-one is offended by it :/ I hope this is what you were after, anon, and hopefully it’ll introduce some people to this horrible illness that they maybe didn’t know about before. Also, cute Wolfstar and genderfluid!Sirius - my heart.

Morning Tea

Words: 1960
Dean x Reader
Warnings: none
Requested by raisinghell-like-winchesters and anonymous
A/N: Just a cute little bit of fluff with Dean.

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Silence. Bliss. Even Sam wasn’t awake yet. You often purposely altered your sleep schedule when you and the boys were all at the bunker, just so you could have these peaceful, relaxing morning moments to yourself.

Your favorite thing to do was to pull some curious, worn leather book from the library and put on a pot of tea. And you’d curl up in an old armchair by the fireplace and sip and read and breathe, relishing the quiet. The best part was that you could simply crawl out of bed in your pajamas and wander around the bunker in your slippers without having to worry about the boys seeing you… There was just something about sipping your tea, completely comfortably with your messy hair, no make-up, and glasses that felt divinely indulgent. You always heard Sam and Dean stirring before they wandered out into the main room and being shy as you were, you usually had plenty of time to sneak back to your room and close the door before they saw you.

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Edward Carpenter (born 29 August 1844 – died 28 June 1929) 

…At the time of his death, Carpenter was largely forgotten, but his books were stocked in many libraries’ “restricted to adults” sections and proved inspirational to gay people searching for solace. One such man was the American gay rights activist and Communist Harry Hay. He was so inspired by the work of Carpenter and his prophecy of the coming together of gay people to fight for their rights that he decided to put the words into action by founding the Mattachine Society which started advancing gay rights in America.

Carpenter has also been known as the “Saint in Sandals”, the “Noble Savage” and, more recently, the “gay godfather of the British left”.


Liam- A Happy Ending

Request-  a Liam imagine where the reader is Allison’s little sister and she’s dating Liam and they get into a fight and he hits her because of his IED yikes I know that’s a touchy subject. And maybe she goes home and cries herself to sleep and wakes up to see Allison in her room and she tells her to be tough and that she’s her sister and she’s strong. And maybe the reader helps hunters hunt liam and scott because she’s upset then they make up fluffy and sweet and it remind Scott of him and Ali

A/n- Here you go sweetie! I changed a few things up, and I didn’t have Liam hit her because I honestly feel like he wouldn’t do that. Next up is a Theo imagine.

You roamed through the stacks of books in the library, trying to find something good for an english book report that was due in less than a week. Being the procrastinator that you were, you had waited until the last minute to find a book, and now you were desperately combing the shelves on a Friday afternoon in search of a something to read.
You weren’t having much luck, and you banged your head against the shelf in frustration, just in time to hear voice coming from the next shelf over.
“Come on,” a girl was saying. “Don’t play dumb with me, Dunbar. I know you want me to.”
You blinked, your eyes going wide as you realized that the girl was talking to your boyfriend. Anger instantly flared up inside you at the girl’s words, and you slowly edged around the shelf.
“Hayden-” Liam was saying, just as she grabbed the collar of his shirt and yanked him into a kiss. Liam froze, but he melted into the kiss, and you realized that he wasn’t doing anything to stop it.
Liam must have heard your sharp intake of breath, because he immediately opened his eyes, looking right at you. He baby blues immediately filled with fear as he shoved Hayden off of him.
“Y/n-” he started, but you held up your hand.
“Don’t,” you snapped, your voice sharp and filled with hurt.  "Don’t even try it.“
Liam moved around Hayden to try and reach for you, but you quickly backed away, turning around and running out of the library. With all thoughts of books forgotten, you hurried to the through the hall, trying to get to Lydia’s car before she left without you.
All you wanted  to do was go home and forget about what had just happened, but before you could make it outside a shape skidded to a stop in front of you.
"Y/n,” Liam cried. “Wait!”
“Save it,” you told him. “I heard the rumors, okay? I know what people said about you and Hayden, but I never thought it was actually true.”
“Y/n, it’s not what you think!” he protested. “She kissed me!”
“Yeah, well I didn’t see you doing anything to stop it,” you told him bitterly.
“I was shocked,” Liam protested. “I had no idea she was going to kiss me. I froze up!”
“I don’t care,” you told him, moving around him to get to the door.
“Don’t walk away from me,” he growled, and you swore you saw his eyes flash yellow.
You knew you probably shouldn’t have been so careless about pissing him off, especially with the full moon tonight. But you were so angry that Hayden had kissed Liam and that he had let her, and you quite frankly didn’t care.
“I’ll do whatever the hell I want,” you told him, brushing past him. “We’re over Liam.”
“You can’t break up with me!”
His hand shot out, grabbed your wrist and tugging you back. He gripped your arm so tight his claws began to sink into your skin. You gasped in pain, looking up at Liam in shock.
He eyes immediately went back to their normal color and he released you. You jerked away from him, and he could tell from the rise in your heartbeat that you were afraid of him. He had never wanted to hurt you, in fact that was one of his biggest fears, and he felt shame instantly well up inside him.
“Oh my god,” he breathed. “Y/n, I’m so sorry. I-I didn’t mean to hurt you. I don’t what came over me.”
“Just stay away from me,” you told him, your eyes filled with tears as you ran out of the school.
Liam reached for you, wanting to call out, but he knew you wouldn’t turn back. He watched you flee to Lydia’s car, hating himself for losing control long enough to hurt you. He looked down at his claws, curling his hands into fists to hide them as he wished he had never been bitten.
You were his anchor, his everything, and he had just lost you. With an angry snarl, he slammed his hand into one of the lockers, putting a sizable dent in the metal. He ran down the hall and out the other side of the school, completely forgetting the things he had left in the library.
You were his anchor, his everything, and he had just lost you. He had actually hurt you, something he had been terrified would happen for a long time, and if you couldn’t forgive him, he certainly couldn’t either.

“Oh my god,” Lydia gasped as she looked at the blood dripping from your arm. “What the hell happened?”
“I…” you started, not knowing how to explain as tears started to well up in your eyes. “Liam, he…”
“He hurt you?” she asked, her green eyes going wide.
“I think it was the full moon,” you told her as you tried not to cry. “But I also caught him kissing Hayden.”
“Oh, honey,” Lydia said reaching over to open the glove box. “I’m going to take care of those scratches, and you can tell me everything.”
“I was in the library,” you explained as she cleaned off your arm. “And I heard Hayden talking about how she knew Liam wanted her too, and when I walked around the shelf she was kissing him. And he didn’t push her away until I got there.”
“I am so sorry,” Lydia apologized. “No one should ever have to go through that. Just let it out, Y/n.”
And you did. You cried as Lydia wrapped your arm, cursing yourself for being stupid enough to think that the rumors about Liam and Hayden weren’t true. You had been struggling to be strong for everyone for so long after your sister’s death, but Liam betrayal seemed to be the straw that broke the camel’s back. You let the tears flow, crying in Lydia’s passenger seat as she handed you a box of tissues.
“The first breakup is always the worst,” she informed you later as she drove you back to the apartment. “But it won’t always hurt.”
“Thanks, Lyds,” you whispered, grateful that she was sharing her advice with you.
Ever since Allison had died, Lydia had become your closest friend. With Allison gone, it was only natural for her best friend to take over the role of big sister, and she was happy to do it. Lydia felt for you, and she remembered how hard it had hit her when she and Jackson broke up. It hadn’t been the healthiest relationship, but he had still been her first love, and she knew how you were feeling.
“Are you okay to go up by yourself?” Lydia asked as she pulled up in front of the entrance to your building.
“Yeah,” you told her. “Thanks for the ride.”
“Any time,” she told you, pulling you into a tight hug. “Remember, call if you need anything.”
“I will,” you told her, hopping out of the car and walking into the building.
You ran your fingers along the edge of the bandage as you rode your way up to the eighth floor. You pulled your bag up onto your shoulder, wanting nothing more than to collapse into your bed and cry. Even though you had let out a pretty impressive display of waterworks in Lydia’s car, you still couldn’t stop the tears that flowed from your eyes.
You sniffled as the elevator stopped on your floor, walking over to the door and unlocking it. You walked inside, dropping your stuff onto the floor as your boots thumped on the hardwood floor.
You heard a shuffling noise immediately coming from the kitchen, your eyes widening in alarm as you realized there wasn’t supposed to be anyone in your house but you. You quickly reached down, pulling a knife from your boot as you slowly walked into the kitchen.
You expected there to be some sort of monster, or at least something that was after you, but as the shape standing over the oven turned to you, you saw that it was only your father.
“Dad?” you gasped, almost dropping your knife in surprise.
Your father wasn’t supposed to be home for another day at least. He had been dealing weapons up in Portland to tough client, and he had planned to be gone for a lot longer.
“Hey, sweetheart. The deal finished up early,” he told you, and then he got a good look at your face. “Have you been crying?”
“I…yeah,” you told him. “Don’t worry about it. It’s nothing.”
Your father knew something was up, but he didn’t want to pry. He knew that if you wanted to tell him you would, and he was content to let you decide.
“Are you hungry?” he asked. “I know you just got home but we could get an early dinner. Your pick.”
“Actually, I kinda don’t feel very well,” you lied. “I just wanna go lie down.”
“That’s alright,” your father told you. “We can get something later. You go rest.”
You smiled at him, walking back to your room and finally letting the sadness overtake you. You kicked off your boots, curling up into your bed and pulling the purple comforter over your head. You sniffled in the darkness, feeling a sense of bitterness as you thought about Liam.
You felt so incredibly stupid for even thinking you and Liam could have a perfect high school romance, and you were just as mad at yourself as you were him. You buried your face into the pillow, not caring about the tear stains as you drifted off to sleep.

“No,” you cried as you scrambled back on the ground, your eyes wide and terrified as you looked up into Liam’s yellow ones.
“You should have known, Y/n,” Liam growled. “You should have known I would hurt you.”
“Please,” you begged. “Please don’t do this.”
“It’s too late now, Y/n,” he snarled leaning forward as his hot breath fanned your face.
You closed your eyes in terror, only to have the monster in front of you order you to look at him. You did, but when you looked up, you found yourself staring into warm brown eyes instead of yellow ones.
“Be strong, Y/n,” Allison told you, her eyes serious as she gazed into yours. “But don’t forget who you are.”

You blinked awake in the dimness of your room, with the sound of your generic ringtone cutting through the quiet. You felt around the nightstand for you phone in the dark, realizing you must have been asleep for a lot longer than you planned.
“Hello?” you asked as you grabbed you phone and held it to your ear.
“Y/n?” Scott demanded. “Is Liam with you?”
“No,” you told him. “Why?”
“We can’t find him anywhere,” Scott told you. “His stuff is still in the school but there’s a full moon tonight. We thought you might be with him.”
“No, I…I broke up with him,” you told Scott.
“You what?” Scott demanded. “When?”
“Today,” you told him. “But why-”
“You broke up with him on a full moon?!” a voice explained through the speakers, and you realized that it was definitely not Scott. “You’re his anchor, Y/n! And now he doesn’t have one, and he’s probably running around town ripping people apart as we speak!”
“What?” you demanded, horrified.
“Stiles is being dramatic,” Scott told you. “But only a little. Liam needs you, Y/n. I know you care about each other. Whatever happened, you need to make it right before he loses himself. You’re probably the only one who can help us find him and catch him.”
“He was kissing Hayden, Scott,” you told him. “But I’m not going to let him hurt anyone. My dad got back tonight. I’ll wake him up and we’ll meet you at the school okay?”
“Hurry,” Scott told you. “We need you, Y/n.”

You hopped out of your father’s car, a bow gripped tightly in your hand and a quiver of arrows resting on your shoulder. Scott, Stiles, Malia and Kira were all standing in the parking lot, anxiously awaiting your arrival.
You were still incredibly angry at Liam, but you knew you couldn’t let him go around hurting people when he couldn’t control himself. You knew how hard it had been for him to learn control in the first place, and without the thing that kept him anchored to his humanity, he had no hope of stopping himself.
That was why Scott suggested you all break off into pairs and search the area around the school. You broke off with Kira, while Scott went with Malia and Stiles went with your dad. You all agreed to call if you anything happened, and with a quick kiss to your forehead, you and your father parted ways.
You and Kira walked around the outskirts of the woods, keeping your eyes open for any signs. It wasn’t until you caught sight of a little bit of movement that you nudged Kira back toward the school. One of the outside doors was hanging open just a tiny crack, and you knew something had just slipped inside.
“Maybe we should call Scott,” she suggested nervously.
“It’s probably nothing,” you advised her. “Let’s just check it out by ourselves first. We wouldn’t want to drag them out of the woods for nothing.”
Kira nodded, and you quickly headed towards the school. You pulled an arrow from your quiver, nocking it in your bow as you gently pulled open the door bright blue doors. You moved down the hall silently, peering around in the emptiness.
You brow furrowed as you realized nothing was there, and you turned back to Kira. “Huh. Guess I was wrong.”
You lowered your bow, just barely able to catch a glimpse of the kitsune’s relieved face as a snarling shape jumped on top of her. You both screamed, and you pulled the arrow back and letting it fly into what you thought was the shoulder of the thing.
It released Kira with a yelp, and she scrambled up, bleeding from her arms and she brandished her sword. The shape looked up at you, it’s eyes glowing a bright yellow as it tore the arrow out of it’s arm. You immediately recognized it as Liam, and you felt white hot fury coursing through your veins.
How dare he betray you and hurt your friends. How dare he even think he could be bold enough to attack you. Liam snarled, creeping towards you as you shot another arrow into his chest. He dropped to his knees, and you released another one, sending it flying into almost exactly the same place.
That was when his eyes turned back to their normal blue, and through the pain he was able to regain most of his senses. He looked up at you, your eyes filled with bitterness as you notched another arrow.
“Y/n,” he pleaded. “Wait, please.”
You gritted your teeth, pausing at you held the arrow back. Liam seemed to be back to normal, but you weren’t sure if you wanted to stop. He had kissed another girl, and everything you had thought you had been seemed to be nothing more than a lie.
“I didn’t kiss Hayden,” Liam insisted. “She kissed me. Y/n, please. I never meant to hurt you. I should have pushed Hayden away and I never should have hurt you. I’m sorry.”
“Y/n!” a firm voice shouted, and you realized that your father and the others were now rushing into the school.
You looked back to Liam, and he swallowed nervously, closing his eyes. “It’s okay. Shoot me. I deserve it for hurting you.”
You blinked, and for some strange reason, the words from your dream about Allison echoed in your head. Don’t forget who you are.
You thought about all the moments you and Liam had shared. Your first date, your first kiss, and helping him through his first full moon. You remembered how much you had cared about him, and as you looked into his accepting blue eyes, you realized you still did.
You lowered your bow, letting it fall to the ground and realizing what you had just done. You had been so caught up in the jealousy and the bitterness that you had never even bothered to hear Liam’s side of the story. You had let your anger rule your mind, and because of that you had almost killed your boyfriend.
“Oh my god,” you breathed, rushing over to Liam. “Oh my god. I’m so sorry.”
“It’s okay,” Liam told you, pulling the arrows out of his chest with a painful yelp. “I’ll heal.”
You helped him off the ground and he instantly wrapped his arms around you, breathing in your scent. He had been so scared that he had lost you that he had lost all control, and he was just relieved to have you back in his arms.
“I’m so sorry,” he breathed into your hair.
“It’s okay,” you told him, running your fingers through his messy brown hair. “It’s okay.”

You sat on the roof of the school, your legs dangling off of the edge as you intertwined your fingers with Liam’s. After the insane night you had just had, your father and the other’s had decided it would be a good idea for you and Liam to have some time alone to talk.
You had walked up to the roof and talked things out, and Liam assured you that there had been absolutely nothing going on between him and Hayden. They had been trying to find a book for a group history project when the girl had grabbed him and kissed him, and Liam had been too shocked to pull away.
You believed him wholeheartedly, and you knew you had your anger cloud your judgement.
“I’m sorry,” you whispered to Liam once more as you gazed up at the full moon.
“You don’t have to keep apologizing,” he told you, rubbing your shoulder.
“I do,” you insisted. “What I did…I could have really hurt you Liam.”
“But you didn’t,” he reminded you. “And it’s okay. Because we’re together, and nothing is ever going to pull us apart again.”
You looked up at him and he smiled, leaning forward to press a sweet kiss to your lips. His mouth moved softly against yours, letting you know that you were the only girl he had ever felt this way about. When you finally pulled away, you settled back into his arms, enjoying the peaceful moment you two were sharing together.
But you weren’t entirely alone, and what you didn’t see was that Scott was looking up at you from the parking lot. The alpha felt a pang in his chest as he saw you and Liam together, and it reminded him of the night they had all killed Peter. He remembered sitting up with Allison on her roof, thinking that for the first time in months, everything had turned out okay.
You and Liam reminded him so much of him and Allison when they had first started dating. The way you cared for each other, the mannerisms and even the way you talked reminded him of the way things used to be. Scott knew he and Allison had never gotten a happy ending, but as he gazed up at you and Liam, he felt content that you two would.


You woke up with a terrible headache. Everything hurt and you couldn’t remember your bed being so uncomfortable. It was early in the morning and when you opened your eyes, your surroundings weren’t quite familiar to you. It looked a lot like, you imagined the gryffindor common room to look like.And the boy lying next to you, had a remarkable resemblance to Sirius Black. You stared at the boy before shaking him roughly by the shoulders. You wanted to know what was going on and you wanted to know it right now.

“Sirius!” You hiss, “Wake up!”

The boy rolled around on the couch for a bit before he finally seemed to be awake.

“Aren’t you looking adorable today.” Of course the first thing he’d do after waking up was flirting with the next girl in his reach.

“Stop trying to be cute and tell me what the hell I’m doing here. And your answer better be good.”

“You can’t remember? Wow, you must have banged your head harder than we thought.” He says and takes your head between his hands, looking at you closely.

“Sirius! Talk.”

“We met you last night when we were sneaking out, you wanted to get your books from the library because you had forgotten them there. Rings a bell?”

“Uh, yeah I think..”

“When we heard footsteps, we ran away but you kind of bumped into an open door someone hadn’t closed. So since we had no way of getting you into your common room we brought you here.”

“Oh.” You slowly say, “That somehow makes sense.”


REQUEST:One shot - reader x Remus. So Remus finds you doing weird things( like things to become an animagus) one day he sneaks after you towards the forbidden forest and sees your animagus form. He talk about it to all the other mauraders. One day the three of them corner you in the halls and try to get you to confess but you don’t. They sneak up on you and drag you to the forest. They force you to show your animagus and then they all share theirs. Remus and you kiss and he comes up with your nickname.

WARNINGS: Nothing….I don’t think

A/N: I am not very educated in animagus stuff so I apologize if anything is out of order or wrong.

Remus had no business to be concerned about his fellow classmate Y/n. Yet something just lured him back right when he thought his ‘crush’ ,as James called it,he had had on her had worn off,he was back to wondering what she was up to. Just like today. He was in the library for some peace and quiet from his three best friends. He was deep in his book McGonagall had suggested for him but still,out of the corner of his eye, caught the sight of Y/n rushing past him. Maybe it was the fact no one else was in the library and she seemed like a commotion barging in. Or maybe it was the fact he had memorized that beautiful hair color and perked up to see her. Either way she caught his eye. He lifted his head up from the book but still leaned over it and watched as Y/n searched quickly through the books.
Her face looked different to Remus. It seemed as if her face was a bit more….pointed and…..tan. Remus gave a confused expression and tried to focus back at the book but couldn’t. Eventually (after like 8 minutes) Y/n smiled proudly as she slid a book off of the shelf and made her way to the table that was next to the one Remus was sitting at. She flew the book opened and quickly began to take notes about what ever it was that the book was providing facts about. Remus found himself becoming interested in what it was. He forced himself to stand up and make his way over to her.

“So..Um…Y/n?” He awkwardly asked. He shoved his hands in his pockets

“Yes?!” She flung her head up to face him and her long hair flew up with it almost hitting him in the face.

“I…uh..what are you reading?” Remus tried to glance at the title but she turned the page to cover what the heading of the chapter said.

“This? It’s nothing. Really. Just stupid stuff for transfiguration. Uh….stuff to improve my grades.” Y/n replied nervously laughing

“Well I could help you…It’s one of my best classes.”

“On second thought I just remembered McGonagall raised my grade. I don’t need this!” She hastily shoved the papers and book into her bag and walked fast out of the library calling over her shoulder “Thanks anyway Remus!”

He mentally punched himself in the face. Why was he so good at scaring girls off? But He knew something was up with Y/n,she looked different and had been acting weird for the past month. He decided to follow. Maybe it would answer a few questions. He left the library, his book now long forgotten, and quickly went where Y/n was headed but made sure to be hidden. She took several turns in the hallway and seemed very cautious of her surroundings,making it even harder for Remus to watch her. Eventually she made it to the entrance and ran out side. He stayed back a little but almost lunged forward when he saw her go into the forbidden forest. After all,why would she want to go in there?
He stood behind a tree and watched Y/n bend down to her knees and do something with her wand as she muttered a few words that were inaudible to Remus. Nothing happened. She did the same thing again after taking a deep breath and relaxing herself again. Nothing happened. This time she took out the book she placed in her bag and flipped to a page she had bookmarked She whispered the words to herself and then exclaimed “OH!” And seemed very excited. Remus had to stop himself from jumping at her sudden outburst. She grabbed her wand again and this time did a different wave and and seemed to be saying something different. Suddenly, very much to Remus and Y/n’s surprised, she transformed. Into a fox. Remus held a hand over his mouth to stop the gasp escaping his lips. He waited for Y/n….or the fox….to walk out of sight before running back to the castle.


“A WHAT?!?!” Sirius exclaimed in their dorm room. Remus had just explained, or tried to, that Y/n was animagus.

“A fox. I just followed her into the forest and she turned into a freaking fox!” Remus yelled throwing his hands around trying to express his mixed emotion about what he just witnessed.

“Wait you just followed her into the forest….and you say you don’t have a crush on her” Peter Grinned at Remus who was now blushing.

“That’s besides the point. Are you sure she’s animagus?” James asked

“I mean I am pretty sure that is what just happened.” Remus responded

“She’s never said anything about it” Peter quietly pointed out.

“Well I mean neither have we and we are as well.” James said gesturing to the four.

“But what if Remus is wrong? Shouldn’t we double check with Y/n?” Sirius asked looking at James who seemed to agree.

“Right because that will be a lovely conversation. ‘hey Y/n are you secretly able to turn into a fox?” Remus acted out

“We’ll just have to trick her into admitting it.“ James said seeming to be thinking hard.

“Oh no we’re not. You are not forcing y/n to say anything she–” “Shut the bloody hell up Remus. We all know you want to know about your girlfriend’s secret” Sirius smirked before turning to James “We could show her our forms and then maybe she will feel comfortable enough to say she is one.” “That could be risking a lot. Maybe we could track her down after class? I’m sure Remus knows her whole after school schedule.” James glanced at him “I do not. Though since tomorrow is Friday she always goes to the great hall after class to hang with her friends.” Remus avoiding eye contact then blushed as all of the boys slightly shoved him laughing.


“Hey you were right Remus,there she is!!” Peter pointed down the hall to Y/n who was stopped in the middle of the way tying her shoe.

“Yo Y/n!” James called out as the three boys ran to her and Remus reluctantly followed. Her head perked up and she nervously stood up. Not that she was intimidated by the boys but more the fact they never really talked to her, except of course Remus. The two had a few small talks here and there but were nothing big. To anyone else at least. They were very special to y/n. But she was more nervous because they had cornered her yesterday and asked her if she was animagus. She quickly covered up saying she would "have never dreamed of becoming one”


  “Um we need to ask you something.” Sirius said looking around

“Alone.”Peter added

  “Oh okay you can–”

James cut her off saying “great”

Sirius and James grabbed either of her arms and dragged her outside,despite her protests.

“GUYS! What the bloody hell, let go of me!!”

“Sorry no can do” Sirius said keeping a firm grip

. “But–wait a minute WHY ARE YOU DRAGGING ME IN THE FOREST!?!”

  “Blimey Y/n you got quite a voice.” Sirius muttered When they were deep enough in the forest Y/n sighed in relief when they let her go.

“I know you wanted alone but I didn’t realize you……why do you guys all have wands at me?” Y/n had trailed off slowly backing up until her back hit the tree. “We wanted to ask you something”

“Are you animagus?” Remus blurted out knowing that the other three were going to make it complicated. Immediately Y/n fake laughed. “What? That is such an outrageous question. Come on now, me? An animagus? I don’t think so. I will just head back to the castle now. My friends are–”

“Before you try to convince us other wise, we would like to show you something.” James smiled, putting his wand on the floor. Sirius and Peter did the same. In just a few seconds the boys turned into animals right before y/n’s eyes. Her jaw dropped in disbelief and her eyes moved to meet Remus’s

. “You guys are-”

“Animagus? Yep. I figured out you were one too but wanted to make sure. Sorry for the inconvenience. But we couldn’t go flashing around on school grounds.“

"Yah you couldn’t…Wait what are you?” Y/n asked

“Uh….Nothing special. That’s a story for a different day.”

“I’ll look forward to it.”

“I won’t” Remus said under his breath

“But yes I am animagus also. Well…sort of. I have quite mastered it. I failed yesterday and that’s why my face is pointed and orange like a fox.” Y/n laughed causing Remus to as well.

“I think you look cute whether you look like a fox or not.” Remus was surprised by his own words. It was true though.

“Thank you. I think you look cute too.” Sirius and James secretly cheered the two on. Y/n got the hint and knew she had to make the first move. “You wanna know something funny?” She asked turning to face Remus

“What’s that?”

“I have kind of had a crush on you since 2nd year”

“I-Really? I have too”


“Yah…Would you maybe want to…Would you..I can’t think of…Maybe we could” Remus stuttered as Y/n smiled saying “I would love to” She leaned in to kiss him


“Moony’s got a girlfriend! Moony’s got a girl friend” The three had transformed back and were now mocking them.

Title: Sleeping Beauty In The Stacks

Recipient: ohmsford-martinski

Rating: Teen and Up

Summary: Thirty minutes after closing, Stiles finds someone sleeping in the stacks of the university library.

A/N: For ohmsford-martinski, whose love of Librarian Stiles inspired this. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Stiles pushed his cart through the library, turning off lamps here and there, collecting books that had been forgotten or cast aside in favor of other tomes. He would be more aggravated, but it was finals week. He had too many memories of his own zombie-like behavior during such times that he mentally added an extra hour to his closing shifts and adjusted accordingly.

He rounded the nearest stack, already reaching to grab two of the books off his cart for reshelving when the hair on the back of his neck stood up, alerting him to the fact that something was not as it should be.

When he spotted the man, the books in his hand nearly slipped through his fingers. Nearly. He tightened his grip at the last moment, though, and quietly shelved them before tip toeing over to the man who was fast asleep surrounded by a pile of medical texts, his black, square framed glasses nearly falling off his nose.

Staying well back – Stiles had enough sense to know that a student the age of this one might be funding his education with a GI Bill – Stiles reached forward and gently prodded at the man’s shoulder before snatching his hand back.

Instead of coming awake with a start, or lashing out like Stiles had half expected, the man just snuggled deeper into his thick, soft-looking sweater, his lips parting in a quiet snore that made Stiles bite his lip to hold in a chuckle.

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Tiachii! Can I request some angst? kise himuro kasamatsu kagami and aomine have a car accident and after they wake up they don't remember their gf? At first they don't want anything to do with her but just when she's about to give up they remember?

Kise: He didn’t want to be tied down. That was the only thought running in his mind as he caught the glimmer of the engagement ring on your finger. There’s no way he would’ve proposed to you. You weren’t his ____-cchi. The girlfriend he knew didn’t want to get married, or even want to be bound to him. 


He vaguely remembers what happened the day before his accident. How you didn’t give him a solid answer, you hesitated to respond, shyly asking for a bit of time to think on it.

Did you already decide?

“_____-cchi…” Hearing the whisper from the blonde, you froze, eyes widening at the nickname he always addressed you by, “That ring… Did you…” his breath caught in his throat as you looked at him with tears in your eyes, “Do you… want to get married?”

Releasing a shaky breath, you turned to face the blonde, gently linking your fingers with his, “I… I was going to tell you… The next day… But..” Your breath hitched, the tears slipping free from its confines, “You were in that accident and you didn’t want anything to do with me… I’ve been wearing this ring since that day, silently hoping you’d remember..”

He pulled you into a hug, crushing his lips against yours with such an urgency, it left you completely breathless. His heart hammered in his chest when the electricity jolted through his body and all his memories of you came rushing like a whirlwind, it left him dizzy. 

“____-cchi.. I’m sorry for treating you horribly earlier… And thank you… For not giving up on me…”

You smiled sadly, holding his head to your shoulder as you whispered, “Ryouta… I couldn’t give up even if I tried.”

Himuro: “____-san.. Where are we going?”

You let out a huff, dragging your boyfriend to the one place you knew he’d remember. It was the first place you’d exchanged words, the first time he asked you to be his girlfriend. Every first you had was at this place, with the exception of intercourse because he insisted it had to be special. 

You’d stopped, taking in the sight of a few other couples, along with a few families having picnics in the park, and you definitely missed the way his eyes glowed with happiness. 

“If you don’t remember after this, I promise to leave you alone. But I had to show you this park, because this is where everything between us started.”

A gentle wind caressed your cheeks, causing you to shiver slightly. Himuro saw this, taking his jacket off and placing it over your shoulders. Despite not remembering a thing, there was a lingering feeling in the back of his mind, telling him he used to this with you all the time. He also wasn’t going to be rude to a girl, even if he didn’t know them. 

A petal from the cherry blossom tree fell towards you, a finger reaching up and catching it softly. Your lips curled into a smile, and when you turned to the raven-haired, you were suddenly engulfed in a hug, startling you. It’s not as though you expected him to remember right away, but maybe his memory had been slowly starting to come back, and this unlocked the final piece? 


“D-Don’t say anything… please.”

Perhaps he was just as confused as you, but hearing the broken whisper made you swallow and nod, curling your arms around his waist, taking comfort in his hug once more.

Kasamatsu: He couldn’t get your face out of his mind. The accident happened three weeks ago, and since then, Kasamatsu had been visited by you at the exact same time, with the same happy smile, and it frazzled his hazy mind. You claimed to be his girlfriend of three years, and he was just starting university. The time gap confused the shit out of him. 

While his mind seemed confused, his heart wasn’t.

It would ache with an emotion he wasn’t used to, a foreign emotion he thought he didn’t know. But each time you came around, or somehow invaded his mind, it would swell with a mixture of happiness and sorrow. 

When he got out of the hospital, he ignored you, unable to handle the happy smiles he didn’t deserve. If he was your boyfriend, why would he forget you? Nothing made sense and he used any excuse he had to not talk with you. 

It only made his heart ache with not only loneliness, but a deep sadness. Yet he couldn’t figure out why.

It wasn’t until he returned to university, catching up on classes with the help of Moriyama, Kobori and the teachers, that he found his answer. He wanted to get some extra guitar practice in since he was neglecting his hobby. However, he’d heard someone else playing guitar and chose to follow the melody instead. It called to him, pulled him before he could change his mind and when he got to the room, he understood the reason.

You were sitting in the middle of the room, back facing him, as your fingers strummed the instrument. It was slow, the sound resonating in his heart and he recalled playing the same tune to someone he knew. 

“Y-Yukio…” you whispered brokenly, halting your playing as you rested your head on the guitar, lips trembling as tears fell from your closed eyelids. You were okay with him ignoring you, because god, you’d rather have him alive than below the ground, but the loneliness was unbearable. You missed practicing with him, laughing and teasing him when he was too serious. You thought playing guitar would ease some of the pain, the one thing he taught you to appreciate with your very being. Yet it only made you feel even more lonely.

You’d thought about giving up on him, but your heart kept tugging you back to him, and you knew you couldn’t let go. You loved him, to the point it hurt to think of ever separating from him, so that’s why you stopped going after him, giving him space and time to regain his memory.


Kasamatsu’s stomach churned when you spun around, hands gripping the guitar until your knuckles turned white and he saw the tears in your eyes. There you sat, and a smile curled on your lips, though it contrasted with the horrible sad look on your face, and he’d decided he never wanted to see that again. 

On his own accord, his feet dragged him to you, much like yours had to him, and in an instant, you were wrapped in his arms, a small laugh escaping your lips.

“Y-Yukio! I…”

“It’s okay…” He whispered hoarsely, steel-blue eyes narrowing with a serious expression, yet held a soft side only you’d ever seen. “You don’t have to say anything… I know..” 

The tears were more than he could handle, and he found himself pressing a kiss to your lips, his heart accelerating at a fast pace. He’d finally come home, and he wasn’t going to lose you again.

Kagami: The redhead frowned when you once again, had to explain the assignment. You claimed to be his girlfriend, yet he couldn’t remember ever meeting you before. Still… You’d agreed to help him study, under Riko’s final word, and you didn’t want to see him fail.

This was something you did for him before the accident anyway. Might as well see if it jogs his memory.

Yet, after each study lesson, Kagami still didn’t remember you, and avoided you until the next session. Everything was starting to look completely hopeless.

Until the following day, when you’d been surrounded by a group of boys.

Kagami had started to worry when you hadn’t showed up after fifteen minutes. You were always on time, sometimes early, and already prepared for the next session. But today, you were late. And his stomach churned in knots.

He wasn’t sure how to react to these emotions. He avoided you for this reason. He didn’t know if he was able to control himself around you, his heart beating loudly in his chest. Sometimes it would tighten when his mind strayed to you. These thoughts continued to hound him, pound loudly in his brain because he’d never once felt this way about someone in his life. 

His heart told him something different.

That was the only explanation he had for running out of the library, books and backpack forgotten, searching high and low for you down each hallway. When he saw you around a group of third years, he didn’t hesitate to shove his way through, pushing them aside and sending them death glares.

“Fuck off and leave my girlfriend alone. Otherwise you’ll have to answer to me.”

They instantly backed off, and you couldn’t stop staring at Kagami, who’d come to your aid, saying you were his girlfriend. As soon as they ran off, the redhead looked at you, only to see you staring at him in shock.

“W-What’s wrong, _____?”

“Y…You… called me your girlfriend…”

His face flushed, eyes looking anywhere else but you as he mumbled, “Y-Yeah… Well… It’s true right? That’s why you’re always around me.”


“Dammit… Come here…”

Instantly, he pulled you into his chest, and you’d unconsciously started to cry, holding onto him tightly. He rubbed your back gently, whispering apologies into your ear, unsure of how to stop the onslaught of tears. 

“I love you…”

He bit the inside of his cheek as a smile curled on his lips, hiding the blush on his face in your shoulder.

“Yeah… I love you too ____. And I’m sorry for taking so long.”

Aomine: The sound of a basketball brought him to the street courts, and that’s where Aomine found you. He’d been avoiding you since he was released, unable to handle seeing you everyday in his room, with a determined look on your face. But when he watched you dribble the ball, he’d found himself recalling a couple memories of him playing one-on-one with you. 

“Oi, are you going to stand around all day?”

You’d missed the shot, startled at his outburst, and your eyes were directed to the tall player, trying to process if he was really there or not.


He frowned, picking up the ball and effortlessly shooting it in.

“Why are you giving such a pathetic look? I don’t remember you being this way…”

He’d heard your breath hitch, and he met your gaze with his own, watching as a variety of emotions flickered within them.

“Y..You remember?”

He scoffed, reaching out a hand to ruffle your hair, his way of comforting, you mused.

“I don’t remember everything… But I’ve remembered most things.” He paused, taking in your expression. “What I do remember, is you were very annoying, almost as bad as Satsuki… But.. I somehow fell for you anyway.”

His eyes blinked when you jumped into his arms, holding him tightly as you shook, trying to understand the meaning behind his words..

“Don’t do that again! I swear to god, Daiki! If you end up getting yourself hurt again.. I’ll… I’ll..”

You couldn’t say anything else, the tears already falling and taking over your body. You could feel his smile, arms tightening around you as he lazily pressed a kiss to your head.

“I know, _____… I know…”