library of american broadcasting

Nov. 9 1956 – “Chet Huntley and David Brinkley, co-editors of the new Monday through Friday evening television news show, ‘NBC News,’ discuss the Middle Eastern crisis with the aid of the giant six-foot relief globe of the world. The 'Geo-Physical Globe’ figures prominently in the newly designed setting for the show.” [NBC Press Release]

NBC News producer (and later, network president) Reuven Frank hated that globe, as he explained in his memoir:

“We had a medium-sized studio, large enough for a drama but not a musical… at the very back of the studio, the designer left a gap for us to put our very own, exclusive, inflatable, plastic, seven-foot globe. The set was driving us to the poor house. We had little enough budget for covering news without this huge additional charge. Its initial cost was tiny compared to the upkeep. We only had the studio afternoons. Mornings, our set was hidden behind the morning program set, which was possible only once the globe was removed. Every night, two members of the Stagehands Union would deflate [the] globe and hand it to three members of the Teamsters Union who would truck it to the NBC scene shop on 18th Street. Every morning, three members of the Teamsters Union would truck it from 18th Street to 30 Rockefeller Plaza and hand it to two members of the Stagehands Union who would inflate it and set it in place in our studio. It was an open wound in my budget.”

From Out of Thin Air: The Brief Wonderful Life of Network News, by Reuven Frank. Simon & Schuster (1991): 114-115. Photo from the Library of American Broadcasting Collection.