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The Library: Love Letters (Taehyung x OC) | Part 2

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The Library: Love Letters | Part 2

Parts: Prequel | Teaser | 01 | 02

(Taehyung’s POV)


I was never an expert when it came to love, and neither will I ever be an expert.

Love is something no one could ever understand. It is something that is supposed to be felt, expressed, and to be given to someone whom you hold closely to your heart.

But love is something that has it own works of magic. It could bring two completely different people together, they could be the worst of enemies, and yet they would somehow find an attraction towards each other.

I guess this is what makes love so significant.

But the only downsides of love is that you’ll never know if you’re being given the same amount of love back, or if that specific person even loves you the way you love them back, or even worse, if they’re even feeling the love that you’re giving them.

And I guess this is why it splits two past lovers apart—

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The Library: Love Letters (Taehyung x OC) | Part 1

A/N: I do strongly advise you to read the prequel mainly because you would probably misunderstand and get confused about most of the parts in this story, and the prequel will give you a base to know every single thing. Just an fyi. Happy reading~

Parts: The Library - Prequel | Teaser | 01 | 02

The Library: Love Letters | Part 1

OC - Jaeun

People ask me why I’ve never been in a relationship ever since I graduated high school. Coming from my friends, it was a pretty harsh hint to use just to get the point of ‘you-need-to-start-dating’ across. But what they never understood was that I wasn’t the type of person to ‘date’.

I was never the person who you could randomly approach and make out with. I was never the person to go out on blind dates and have one night stands with hot guys who were practically desperate to get into a woman’s pants just to fulfill his lustful desires.

But, I was the person who was likely to wait for ‘him’ to somehow come along at any point of my life. ‘Him’ being that guy who will somehow understand why I don’t like going on blind dates and having one night stands with hot guys who have fluctuating sex drives. ‘Him’ being that guy who will somehow understand that I’m not the person who you could randomly approach and make out with.

‘Him’ being that guy who would understand me. And I haven’t been in a relationship because of ‘him’.

‘Him’ being Kim Taehyung.

But this only comes to my second point of the whole ‘you-need-to-start-dating-Jaeun’ situation.

The second reason as to why I haven’t been in a fully committed relationship or a fling is that I’m still in love with Taehyung.

The only problem is that we both stopped talking, lost contact, and never saw each other after we both graduated from high school.

Other than that my friends just don’t seem to get me.

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I’m so eager to see you again, but I wouldn’t ask to see you. Not because I’m proud. In fact, in front of you, I cede all my pride. Yet only if you asked to see me, our meeting would be meaningful to me.
—  Simone de Beauvoir, A Transatlantic Love Affair: Letters to Nelson Algren

It's National Poetry Month and it’s also National Library Week and to celebrate, here’s a Haiku as a #LibraryLoveLetter!

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