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If you still want to do the pairing prompt thing could you do either 57. "Teach me to fight" or 72. “I will knock you on your ass if you even think about it"? Or whatever you want, I just love your writing

i’m laughing because i’m still working on a (currently) 38,000 word fic that essentially boils down to “teach me to fight” so i’ll do the second prompt instead! you didn’t specify a pairing but i’ll assume exr!

this, uh, turned out way longer than i think it was supposed to.

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The Library: Love Letters (Taehyung x OC) | Part 2

A/N: I’m going to be updating quite a lot today, but on the other hand, I’m just glad that this series is going pretty well. I’m surprised that it’s getting much more attention that I hoped it would have. Anyway, happy reading and I hope you like it~

The Library: Love Letters | Part 2

Parts: Prequel | Teaser | 01 | 02

(Taehyung’s POV)


I was never an expert when it came to love, and neither will I ever be an expert.

Love is something no one could ever understand. It is something that is supposed to be felt, expressed, and to be given to someone whom you hold closely to your heart.

But love is something that has it own works of magic. It could bring two completely different people together, they could be the worst of enemies, and yet they would somehow find an attraction towards each other.

I guess this is what makes love so significant.

But the only downsides of love is that you’ll never know if you’re being given the same amount of love back, or if that specific person even loves you the way you love them back, or even worse, if they’re even feeling the love that you’re giving them.

And I guess this is why it splits two past lovers apart—

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1.You were a speeding train, all roaring metal and screeching wheels. I would have stood on those railroad tracks if it meant I could stop you, I would have climbed them like a ladder if your arms were waiting to pull me to over the other side.
2. People are good at leaving if they know you’ll still be there when they decide to come back.
3. I have a collection of things I forgot to return. From library books to love letters to shadows of every boy I have kissed.
4. The thing about trains is that they always come back. Even if there is blood threatening to splatter, even if there is someone waiting to jump.
5. I tried to scrub away the places that still remember you. I lost my skin. I lost my voice.
6. Some mornings I dream of pressing my toes along the guard rails again. I have bruises from the last time, but baby, most days I still crave the suffocating steam and the roaring engines. Most days, I still want to jump.
7. Stop doing that with your hands. Stop searching people’s spines for the backbone you never had. You did it to me, you did it so I would fall back into your arms even when my legs tried to stand their ground.
8. You are a thief with an empty gun.
9. All of your bullets are sitting here in my chest, they smell like they are rotting. Or maybe it’s the the flesh around them.
10. I try normal conversations, and your name constantly trips over my teeth and lands sloppily on the floor. It forgets to apologize for kicking other people in the face.
11. My friends are starting to notice the way you hang off my mouth like my lips are monkey bars. Like I am a dying a tree and you’re a ripened peach suspended in midair.
12. My hands quiver when holding the dark, it reminds them too much of the nights when I loved you.
13. I am trying to pick you out of my teeth, but my hands won’t stop shaking.
14. You probably already kissed someone else. I probably should, too. But the truth is, I like the way missing you feels.
15. I’ve been waiting at this train station for a while now, something tells me you’re not coming. Something tells me I’ll be back tomorrow, anyways. Something tells me I’ll never buy that car I wanted. Just in case you show up here. Just in case you miss home.
—  Y.Z, Train stations and other dirty places

It's National Poetry Month and it’s also National Library Week and to celebrate, here’s a Haiku as a #LibraryLoveLetter!

Photo credit: Cambridge. King’s College Library (Interior) Collection: A. D. White Architectural Photographs, Cornell University Library Accession Number: 15/5/3090.01099 Title: Cambridge. King’s College Library