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Why did the boys pick the library to die in?

They didn’t really premeditatedly pick the library. It just kind of ended up happening there since the library randomly became their epicenter of where most of “NBK’ took place. After the carnage happened there, Eric and Dylan decided to go downstairs and make one last attempt to get the bombs to go off in the cafeteria. Eric was obsessed over the fact that the bombs hadn’t gone off like they’d planned. When they still couldn’t successfully make it happen, they went back upstairs and ended up back in the library. The library is a very short distance from the top of the staircase so it’s easy to understand how they decided to go back there to check on the scene. By then, all their victims had cleared out the library side exit door and all that was left were the dead bodies. So, if they’d somehow expected everyone would still be hostage and hiding there, they were sadly mistaken. It was basically a quiet graveyard now. The library exit door was still open and it’s pretty certain they could see there was activity just outside including cops and rescue milling about. There is evidence to suggest they had a brief encounter with the two of the SWAT just outside the door. It was an exchange of gunfire. I also recall pipe bombs were tossed in confrontation with the SWAT. The boys went to the windows and decided to exchange fire with the cops. By then, they were acutely aware that the walls were closing in on them with the authorities and that they were very low on ammo. This is when they decided to find a far corner of the library to end their lives. So, basically their deciding to end their lives in the library just sort of played out that way as they were now at a substantial disadvantage and they could not risk being surrounded by SWAT and potentially maimed and apprehended.

Which Jane Austen novel is her best?

Voting is now open in the Bodleian Libraries’ poll to decide which of Jane Austen’s novels is the best, or at least the most popular amongst our Twitter followers.

You can vote in the poll by following @bodleianlibs on Twitter. The vote starts with two qualifying rounds, and will culminate in a four-way final.

The more people who vote, the more authoritative the vote will be, so do please join us and let your preference be known.

And don’t forget that our major new exhibition about Austen’s life and work, Which Jane Austen?, opens at the Weston Library on 23 June.

To Trust Another Person’s Touch

Request: “Can you write a fic where it’s similar to the “Wanna Bet” Credence where he’s confident/a little less soft spoken than usual, idk what I’m requesting here, but the way you made Credence act was amazing and I wanna read more of it.”

Pairing: Credence Barebone x Reader

Word Count:1273

Warnings: None

A/n: here is sweet/more confident/still slightly mentally scarred (aka normal teenager)!Credence. This is how I’d imagine him after he had been living normally for a while.

“Now’s your chance, go ask her!” Tina whispered pressingly, tugging at Credence’s sleeve. He shook his head almost immediately, looking back to see you still engulfed in the book you were reading.

It had been about a year since the chaotic circumstances that led him to be in the company of Tina Goldstein, his now unofficial caretaker. He was enjoying a cup of coffee with her when you happened to walk into the small café, taking a seat by the window and opening a small book to read as you waited to receive your order. You were now a familiar face, as he spent time with you mostly in the main magical public library of New York, where the two of you had met. He yearned to learn more about the world he was now a part of, and because he wouldn’t have the opportunity to study at Ilvermorny, why not indulge in as many textbooks as he could here?

He smiled faintly, remembering back to the first time he met you. He had still been a fearful boy, recoiling as you had said your first hello. Now he had grown so much, into a strong and more confident young man. His hair had grown, Credence leaving it untamed but still on the shorter side, letting Tina cut it whenever needed. Eyes that had been black and glazed over with constant fear had opened up, revealing a much softer shade of brown that was accompanied with the crinkles that would form whenever he easily let out a laugh or carefree smile. He also stood to his full height, no longer cowering into a slouched posture to make himself seem smaller.

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The newest multi billion dollar industry that should take modern culture by storm

Does anyone else, when imagining their dream, ideal home, imagine before an enormous kitchen, before an indoor pool and before a resplendent games room, imagine a towering, impressive, warm, inviting library. I feel like this could be a common dream - in my research, namely from the new beauty and the beast, when women meet and fall in love with rich men, the pivotal ‘oh you’re actually sensitive and worth loving’ moment comes when the man shows the woman around the library (other research: some Lizzie bennet diaries fanfic I read a while ago and can’t remember the name of…) NOW for my proposal: library porn Why not? Or even open library days or library tours, I JUST WANNA SEE SOME OF THESE AMAZING ROOMS!

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Unconditionally (Part 2)

Genre: smut, angst

Word Count: 2800

Jimin constantly torments you. But you love it.

Part 1 Part 3 Part 4

It continued like this for a while. A brief honeymoon phase, if you could even call it that. Hushed trysts in quiet corridors, empty classrooms, and dark closets were all you looked forward to. Jimin’s shell was slowly cracking but it wasn’t enough. The tormenting persisted. It was like Jimin hadn’t fully come to terms with his deep desire for you. Only you. In front of his tough friends, Jungkook and Taehyung, the school, and everyone for that matter, you were still nothing to him. Just a loser to shove in the hallway and whisper snide remarks to. You thought you noticed a new softness in his eyes, but you were never quite sure if it was just the dark hallways or the way his touch made your head spin.

“Fuck, so sweet,” Jimin groaned as he licked a long stripe along your collarbone before leaving a bruising kiss on the tender skin of your shoulder, marking you as his. You were pressed against the door of an old storage closet, surrounded by files and books with only a dingy light bulb hanging from the ceiling, illuminating the room in an eerie iridescent glow that made you wonder whether this was real or not. Your breath left you in slow pants as you brought your hand up to clutch Jimin’s hair, eliciting a moan from his lips. You had learned Jimin’s body inside and out but he never failed to make you shy, nervous, and exhilarated when you were with him. You had tried with all your might to stay away from him, you knew he was trouble, but flashbacks of his lips on yours, his hands pulling your hips to his, the way his piercing gaze saw your deepest, darkest thoughts laid bare for him, only pulled you closer to him.

Jimin slipped his hand into the waistband of your panties, his lips never leaving yours. His fingers found your clit and he began rubbing quick circles into it. You gasped into his mouth and leaned forward into him, craving his touch. He drew his face back, not stopping his ministrations, and gazed into your eyes, the silence speaking volumes. You were coming undone with his every move and he admired your vulnerability, the way you gave yourself fully to him. You couldn’t read his thoughts entirely but you sensed gentleness, a side no one had ever seen before.

“Come.” he uttered lowly. His voice and the thought that he could change for you brought you to your high, leaving you a whimpering mess in his arms. He held you for a short moment, the light bulb swinging lightly over your heads, illuminating your faces with each swing, leaving the other in the shadows.

“Jimin, what now,” you whispered into his chest, clinging to the safety you knew would be gone in an instant. His body tensed at your words, although this steep crash from euphoria usually followed your trysts. He sighed and pushed you away from him, reluctantly separating your warm body from his.

“Y/N, you know this will never go anywhere,” he said after a brief pause, taking in the way you reverently yearned for him. “Honestly, it’s pathetic that you come crawling back to me when you know I’m just using you for your body,” he spoke, his words hitting you like a bus. But you could tell there wasn’t conviction in his words, the way his eyes went blank as if reciting lines rather than his true feelings. As if he was convincing himself not to love you. How many times would you take this? The way he would toy with you you then discard you. You couldn’t let this continue. He had taken everything from you, and what had he given you? A few moments of bliss, passion, excitement, danger, love?

You shook your head, laughing at your stupidity, before turning around and leaving. “I should have known better,” you spat, looking back as Jimin hardened his gaze towards you, lips drawn in a tight line. You flung the door open and ran, tears forming in your eyes, to the only place you felt safe. You didn’t hear footsteps behind you, but what did you expect? Jimin to come running after you to declare his love for you? You had long given up on dreams of that. You opened the tall, welcoming wooden doors of the antiquated library on a forgotten side of campus. There was never a soul here and you strode past the dusty bookshelves before settling yourself at a corner table, the table you always sat at, to collect your thoughts. Heart rate still high, chest still heaving in quick breaths, you lay your head down on the desk, closing your eyes shut to try and forget about Jimin. An impossible feat.

You weren’t sure how much time had passed but it was now dark, moonlight streaming into the lonely library. Your eyes fluttered open, dried tears streaking your face. You must have fallen asleep. You took a deep breath, your face the portrait of calmness and emotional detachment. Jimin seemed so far from you now. You rose to your feet and walked out of the library mechanically, eyes blank, when you heard the loud screech of tires. A black pickup truck erratically circled you in the parking lot, loud hoots and yells invading your eyes.

“Hey baby, what are you doing out so late?” a voice called from the truck, screeching to a halt in front of you. You knew that voice. Taehyung, Jimin’s partner in crime. Your panicked eyes caught the figure in the driver’s seat, bent over to check you out. Jungkook. The other member of Jimin’s cruel posse. Your stomach lurched at the thought of being cornered by them without Jimin. You felt uneasy as Taehyung’s door clicked open and he strode towards you with an intimidating arrogance.

“Don’t come near me,” your voice threatened, coming out in a weak whimper. Taehyung chuckled mischieviously before standing right in front of you, the overwhelming scent of cigarettes and beer filling your senses. His long finger tapped the underside of your chin, bringing your head up to look him in the eyes.

“We’ve got plans for you, Y/N. Jimin has been hogging you too much lately and you seem almost, happier?” he questioned mockingly, quirking his head to the side. “And we don’t want that, do we?”

Before you could understand his intentions he was hauling you over his shoulder and carrying you to the back of the pickup truck, despite your strangled screams and flailing punches. You were thrown into the back of the truck roughly, Taehyung ripping a thick section of material off your skirt, shortening it considerably, before blindfolding you with the cloth, your vision going black immediately. Your senses were heightened as you struggled against his tight hold, clasping your hands behind your back as he brought your back flush to his chest. You could hear his hot breath fanning over your ear and you felt in danger, suddenly yearning for Jimin. Where was he?

“Start the car, Jungkook,” Taehyung called to Jungkook from the back of the truck, the truck jerking forward at full speed, the cold wind whipping your skin.

“Please, please let me go,” you begged to Taehyung, your heart beating faster in panic as you felt his chest shaking in low laughter.

“Not gonna happen, baby,” he whispered into your ear, nipping at your earlobe before leaning back. Shivers ran down your spine at his touch. You had only ever been touched by Jimin. Taehyung’s touch was foreign, dangerous like Jimin’s but held none of the comfort. You tried to shift away from him but he held you there firmly, his hands running down your arms languidly. Your stomach lurched in fear and disgust as Taehyung slid your sleeve off your shoulder and began peppering kisses on your skin. You shuddered at the thought of how far he would go.

“What about here? We’re fucking in the middle of nowhere,” Jungkook said, breaking the thick silence that had settled over the three of you. Thankfully, Taehyung moved his attention away from you to Jungkook.

“Yeah, this is absolutely perfect.” Taehyung replied with a cruel laugh. You heard the door of the truck swing open and a pair of strong arms hauling you out of the truck and throwing you to the ground, a loud crunch of leaves resounding. Jungkook ripped the blindfold off you, his face inches from yours. He cocked his eyebrow, a smirk forming over his face as he bent slightly to remain eye level with you.

“You have no idea where the fuck you are, right Y/N?” He questioned with a glint in his eye. You were scared, in a forest at night, and had no one that would help you. You were utterly alone and the awful feeling was all too familiar.

“Don’t leave me here, please. I’m begging you,” you said almost hysterically as you gripped to Jungkook’s leg, scared at the thought that even he and Taehyung might leave you.

“Have a good night, Y/N,” Jungkook said bluntly, shaking your hold off of him and heading back to the truck. Taehyung winked at you with an evil smile before getting in the truck. You raced after it, before falling to your knees, the headlights fading off in the distance. Your chest rose in quick breaths, tears threatening to spill from your eyes.

You wouldn’t let them ruin your life.

You slowly picked yourself up after a brief moment, the silence weighing heavy on your shoulders. Everywhere you looked was more forest, more darkness, a never-ending labyrinth. The thought of Jimin saving you loomed in the back of your mind but you quickly pushed it out of your head. You scoffed at your pitifulness, giving up on trying to find your way out of the dense forest and sliding down to sit against a tree. Leaning your head back, you cursed yourself for giving into Jimin. For all you knew, he probably planned this entire thing. He didn’t give a shit about you and it was time you realized it. You wouldn’t let him hurt you anymore. You wouldn’t let him into your heart.

A loud crunch of leaves made you perk your head up in alarm, suddenly on edge. You were completely defenseless against a bear or serial killer, but whatever it was, you would never be prepared for Jimin.

“Y/N, are you there? Fuck, I’m going to kill those assholes,” Jimin’s familiar gruff voice echoed behind the trees. So he did show up after all, a lot of good that would do.

“Y/N, shit, are you okay?” he said, his voice filled with a concern you had never heard before. His gaze hardened and his eyebrows furrowed together when he saw your disheveled shirt and torn skirt. “What the fuck did they do to you?” he growled, his voice dangerously low.

You lifted your head to meet his gaze, exposing your tired, blank eyes. “Why does it matter? You treat me worse,” you stated point-blank. You were done with his shit. A flash of hurt washed over his eyes, quickly replaced with anger.

“You ungrateful bitch, I found you in this goddamn forest and you have the audacity to criticize me?” he spat, his words cutting like knives.

“All you’ve ever done is brought me pain. Just leave me alone, forever,” you sighed, standing up and walking away, anywhere to get away from his suffocating presence. His hand held your wrist as he yanked you back towards him, pushing you against the tree. You were cornered and afraid you might give up your resolve against him. His lips ghosted inches away from yours as you stood there, bound to him in a world that felt like it was only you and Jimin. Only the moonlight shone on you two, revealing the look of contemplation on Jimin’s face, his eyes locked firmly on your lips. You would make his decision for him.

You shoved yourself past him, freeing your wrists from his tight grip. “Don’t fucking touch me again,” you warned as you strode past him.

“Don’t be like that, Y/N. I’m your only option out of here,” he called from behind you, his voice low and threatening. You stopped, knowing he was right, and turned around, crossing your arms across your chest.

“Take me home, now.” Jimin glared at you before walking into the thick forest, waving a hand over his shoulder for you to follow. You followed him all the way to his car, the walk filled with an uncomfortable silence. You wordlessly got into his car and sat rigidly, wanting this night to be over with so you could finally put Jimin in the past.

As Jimin swung the car door closed his body let off a magnetic aura, making the car feel smaller, the space around you tighter. The smell of leather and cologne reminded you of his fiery touch, the way he gave you butterflies, the way he made your knees weak with his every move.

The car ride was long, Jimin glancing at you every so often, but you steadfastly stared out the window. You didn’t want to let yourself be pulled back in by his addictive gaze. The fact that you could hear his low breathing, see his muscular thighs stretching his tight ripped jeans, one strong hand on the steering wheel, the other gliding through his hair, was enough to make you jump his bones despite all he had done.

When he got to your apartment you paused before getting out. Something was keeping you in that car. A part of you didn’t want to leave Jimin, didn’t want to be alone. You inhaled sharply before turning to him, immediately locked in his deep eyes.

“Jimin, it’s better that we’re apart. I can’t take-“ your words were cut off by Jimin’s lips crashing against yours, his hand bringing your head closer to his. His tongue greedily entered your mouth and he eased you over him so that you were straddling his lap. You melted into his kiss before realizing you would just go down the same path again. You pushed yourself away from him, hands coming down on his chest.

“Don’t do this. Don’t touch me,” you whispered, the tone of your voice betraying your true feelings.

“You know we both don’t want that, Y/N. Just shut up,” Jimin said curtly before gripping your hips and rocking you down on his crotch before attaching his lips to your neck. Your skin was on fire and you could feel his bulge pressing down on your core, driving you crazy.

“Why are you such a fucking asshole to me? Why do you love to torture me?” you said in exasperation as he tore your clothes off and unbuckled his pants. His head rose in shock at your sudden forwardness and suddenly your hand collided with his cheek, a red blush forming over his cheek. It was instinctive and it felt good to get out your anger at him, but the way Jimin’s eyes narrowed to slits made you bite your lip in desire and fear.

“You’re such a fucking bitch,” he growled as he thrust into your tight hole without warning. The intrusion shocked you and your lips parted, your head falling down towards his, your foreheads meeting. He thrust into your relentlessly, your anger fueling your passions.

“You don’t deserve me,” you panted into his ear before tugging on his earlobe with your teeth and grabbing his hair so he would meet your gaze. His eyes were shot with lust and animalistic desire, heightened by your outspokenness.

“Fuck, where’d you get such a smart mouth, Y/N. It isn’t like you to be such a bitch,” he grunted, thrusting into you particularly hard as he brought his hand up to clutch your throat. You whimpered at the feeling of his hand around your neck and you brought your hand up to hold his, bringing it up to your lips and placing a feather light kiss against it. He groaned lowly before reaching his high, spilling his seed into you as you came undone, the bundle of nerves in your core exploding with the way Jimin was looking at you.

In that moment you felt infinitely closer to him, bound to him by an intimate connection that was more than just sex, you knew that deep down. Forgetting him wouldn’t be easy but you would try your hardest. You dropped your head against his chest, which rose heavily with his breathing. All roads seemed to lead to Jimin and you weren’t sure if every move you made to get away from him would only bring you closer together.


I had an hour to kill in the library. Watch Bleach or doodle sketches… Commission now open. Serious inquiries only: . . . #sketch #art #doodle #prince #purple #purplerain #lunette #glasses #girl #women #colours #pen #notebook #library #FerneneEunoia #FerneneLafayette (at Camberwell College of Arts)

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An illustration of marine siphonophores. Apart from the artistic merits of this plate from Francois Peron’s Voyage de decouvertes aux terres australes…(1807-1816), it is remarkable that Peron collected intact these highly fragile marine siphonophores, which easily break into pieces at the slightest touch. 

See this 45 other exquisite reproductions from 33 rare and beautifully illustrated scientific works in the exhibition, Opulent Oceans: Extraordinary Scientific Illustrations from the Museum’s Library, now open!

@hcrnedprince ;; cont’d

        Mrs. Potts and Plumette had decided to show Belle the greenhouse, where inside there were flowers beginning to bloom. Despite the cold outside, inside the greenhouse was just warm enough for the plants, and upon seeing the wildflowers blooming, she couldn’t help herself from picking enough to at least brighten up the library for now– she would pick more when more blossoms opened. Knowing that her Beast was napping inside, she was as quiet as a mouse as she entered the library, setting down her basket before sitting beside his slumbering form.

        However, as she gently brushed the knots from his hair with her fingers and placed a flower behind one horn, he spoke. A sigh left her and she rolled her eyes. “Then I suppose it’s a good thing you’re not a monster.” Belle insisted, even though she knew he’d likely argue with her. But over the course of her time spent in the castle and with the Beast, she’d come to learn– especially after their fight with the wolves– that he was not a monster.

Yuánfèn [Luhan]

{{ noun // a relationship brought by fate or destiny; the binding force which eventually links two people together in love }}

Throw away yesterday’s spilled and shaking love confession over the table.

Fluff. Hogwarts!AU. Request. 2,004 words.



Luhan dumps his textbooks next to you and plops himself into the adjacent seat. There’s a group of giggling fourth years clearly hiding behind the bookshelf behind you, but being study buddies with Luhan, despite him being two years older, for the past four years has taught you to simply ignore his fangirl group.

The first time he sat down here, you were startled because why the hell is a third year voluntarily sitting with a first year? Then, you saw the horde of second years parading down the aisle. They paid no attention towards you, so you gave no attention to them also. But then, they parked themselves around your table. At first, you were amused by the way the boy next to you kept turning various shades of scarlet in response to their sickeningly sweet comments, but then, you were plain annoyed.

It’s quite difficult to try and memorize information on Herpo the Foul and Elfric the Eager when there are multiple people whispering sexual innuendos around you.

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I decided that my self-present for coping with the stress of four months of Centrelink limbo should be a Kobo Aura Edition 2. I almost drove myself to distraction working out why my library book wouldn’t open on it, but now I have that sorted out my Love It! has become HELLYEAH, Love It!!

This weekend we have free and I’ve spent most of today in bed. I got up a couple of hours ago to work on the Kobo-Overdrive issue, and once the animals are fed I’ll probably go back to bed. I’m loving that the first four seasons of Death in Paradise are on Netflix, lying in bed all day looking at Danny John-Jules is A+.



Applications for the Little Owl / Wise Owl Reading Program are now available at the library! This program is open to students going into grades 1-3 and 7-12. A younger student will be paired up with an older student and they’ll meet to read one-on-one on a weekly basis for eight weeks. Pairs will even have the chance to create their own picture e-book! And teens will be able to earn volunteer hours. The program runs from June 26 to August 18, with the Launch Party at 4:00 p.m. on Monday, June 26. Applications are due by June 20th.

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A tall human, looking to be at least 6"2, seemed to be aimlessly wandering around Akari's place. He seemed like he was looking for something, or... someone. (I'm sure you know what Xaviuur looks like so I'm not gonna describe it. lol)

*Akari, having been at the library for some time now, opens the door to find a stranger in her dwelling; Well, she certainly didn’t remember inviting him, and therefore he was either a criminal, though that was unlikely, or somebody like Jono, who just showed up when he wanted to regardless of HOW secure your house was. Either way, she readied herself if she needed to fight, and calmly addressed the unfamiliar figure…*

“Excuse me sir, but if you could please explain your presence here, that would be greatly appreciated. Though if you came to steal my possessions, do be aware that you won’t get far.”

*While she’s trying to appear as relaxed as possible, she’s taking a subtle combat stance, with a foot firmly planted forward, which she’s preparing to leap off of if the stranger is hostile.*

This plate by acclaimed artist William Dickes is from Philip Henry Gosse’s influential Actinologia Britannica: a history of the British sea anemones and corals (1860) and features stinging anemones that often attach themselves to hermit crab shells. They protect the crab while eating scraps of its food.

See this 45 other exquisite reproductions from 33 rare and beautifully illustrated scientific works in the exhibition, Opulent Oceans: Extraordinary Scientific Illustrations from the Museum’s Library, now open!

AMNH\R. Mickens

Burned to Ashes

Day 6: Incinerate

My last entry for angst week, then I’ll readily update Beyond the Field ~

“Congratulations Mr. Dragneel and Miss Heartfilia, you are now the proud renters of one of my apartments!” The landlord announce, obviously being proud of renting out yet another apartment.

“You make it sounds like we bought a mansion or something…” Lucy muttered under her breath, taking the key from the enthusiastic man.

“I always get excited when another apartment of mine is rented, I am a businessman after all.” He straightened up his tie, looking at the young couple. “A major rule of mine though is no pets, and I repeat. No pets.”

“We don’t like animals anyway.” Natsu lied, wanting to leave this guy so he could have Lucy all to himself in their new apartment.

“Very well, another thing. Remember that you have neighbors. So when you two are having some ‘fun time’ remember to be considerate-”

“We don’t do that!” It was Lucy who spoke this time. The man in front of her looked indifferent while her boyfriend rolled his eyes, knowing she was lying.

They totally did that sort of stuff.

“Right.” The landlord spoke, not believing the blonde for a second. “If believe thats all. So, I shall be going. Enjoy your apartment!” He walked away not sparing another glance to the teens. Natsu looked to his petite girlfriend, giving her an amused look.

“You don’t like people to knowing about our nightly adventures-”

“S-Shut up!” Lucy’s face was now the color of Natsu’s hair. “I-Its not t-that…” He chuckled at her shyness, wrapping an arm around her slender shoulders.

“I know, I’m just messing around Luce.” He kissed her temple trying to ease her nerves. “Lets get our stuff inside and enjoy the night together.” He slipped his hand down her arm and intertwined their fingers together. Lucy smiled his suggestion.

“That sounds wonderful, Natsu.”


Lucy couldn’t sleep, not being use to the change of scenery just yet. She had been in her old apartment for five years. But after three years of dating Natsu, Lucy deemed her small apartment to small for them since Natsu insisted on staying with her rather than his own home. Since she had to pay her own way for her apartment, the only one she could afford was only spacious enough for one person to live.

“Luce?” Lucy was brought out of her thoughts when she heard her boyfriend’s concerned voice and his muscular arm tightening around her tiny waist. “You okay?”

Lucy smiled and turned in his arms to see his voice matched his expression. “Yeah I’m fine, just not use to sleeping somewhere else.” He pulled her closer until their naked chests touched.

“Well you better get use to it. We’re gonna be here for a long time.” He gave her a suggestive smile, making the blonde laugh a little. “Mostly in this bed though.” He snuggled his face in the crook of her neck, giving it a light nibble.

“With your raging hormones, you’re going to end up getting me pregnant in this place.”

“We’re gonna have kids together someday anyway, why not start now?”

“Natsu!” She gripped his pick locks tightly as he began to suck on her pulse point. “Y-You know what I-”

“Yeah I know you wanna be married before we have kids.” He pulled back, male pride filling him as he seen the darkened skin on her neck. “And thats gonna happen whenever I can afford the perfect ring for you.”

“Nothing to exquisite Natsu, just a simple ring will make me happy.” She leaned forward, connecting their lips together. She pulled apart, just enough to where she could speak. “As long as you’re the one who gives it to me.”

He smirked, turning her over so she lied on her back. He straddled her hips, lips centimeters from hers. “I can assure you that I will be the one to marry you, Lucy.” He smashed his lips back on hers, ready to continue their frenzied activity.


“Natsu!” Lucy shouted through their apartment, when she heard her boyfriends grunt from the next room she walked over seeing him sitting on the couch playing the latest video game he purchased. “Why is their blue fur all over your clothes?” She seen him stiffen, making her raise an eyebrow.

“No reason.”

“There is a reason Natsu.”

“Uh…” She stood in front of him, arms crossing at her chest waiting for an explanation. After seeing his girlfriends searing stare, he knew he couldn’t keep it from her. He sighed in defeat. “Fine. Theres been this cat hanging around the firehouse lately, hes really cool! He has blue fur Luce!” Seeing how his girlfriend still wasn’t pleased, he decided to keep on going with his story. “He was really skinny, so I doubt hes been eating. So I, uh kind of brought him back here a few times and fed him leftovers…”

“Natsu you idiot!” She scolded. “Once you feed a cat, they won’t leave you alone!”

“I know that now!” He said trying to reason with the angered blonde. “He follows me home everyday now.”

“Wheres it at right now?”

“…The kitchen most likely.”

“MY KITCHEN?!” She shouted angrily. She stormed to the kitchen, her boyfriend hot in pursuit. She stopped dead in her tracks when she saw a cat with blue fur sleeping on the counter next to the coffee pot. Her eye twitched out of anger turning over to Natsu. He felt her gaze and nervously turned to look back, being met with a switch slap to the back of the head.

“You idiot!”

“You already called me that!”

“Do you know we could get kicked out for that thing?!”

“Well duh.” He remarked, walking over to the now yawning animal. “But look at him Lucy! He has blue fur! How many animals do you know with blue fur?”

Lucy sighed. “Natsu I know what you’re trying to do. And the answer is no.”

“But Lucy!”

“No.” She firmly stated. Her serious face started to falter though when her boyfriend’s eyes grew big, lips forming into a pout. It didn’t help the now awake feline rubbing its face against Natsu’s, looking at the blonde with wide eyes. “Natsu…”

“I’ll take of him Luce, promise! The landlord won’t find out ‘bout him either!” Lucy’s mind went a thousand directions. She didn’t really want a pet, she had a hard time cleaning up after Natsu in the first place. “It’s either that or he sleeps out in the streets where he could very well get hit by a car and-”

“Alright fine you can keep it!” She said in defeat, not feeling like arguing with him about the matter. “But you better make sure it doesn’t make a mess.”

“You’re the best Lucy!” He ran over to her, picking her up and swinging her around in a circle to show his excitement. “It’s a boy by the way, not an it.”

“I don’t care what he is.” Natsu unwrapped his arms around her waist. “I’m going to do laundry now that I figured out the blue hair crisis.” Natsu flinched at the vicious stomping his girlfriend did.

He figured out that Lucy wasn’t a cat person.


“So, if you didn’t want Happy… why did you get a dog too?” Natsu questioned, very amused by Lucy’s actions. She huffed a breath, scratching the top of the dogs head.

“Well, we’ve had Happy in secret for about four months now and with us working so much I thought the little guy could use some company.”

“Since when did you care about Happy?”

Lucy rolled her eyes. “It shouldn’t be ‘when did I start caring about Happy’ it should be ‘Lucy I’m so glad you warmed up to Happy.’” As if to emphasize her point, she started to rub the now chucky feline’s stomach. “Plus, Plue and Happy get along quite well. Isn’t that a good thing?”

“I guess.” Natsu’s eyes narrowed at his blue cat whose head was sleeping on the blonde’s large chest. “I think you got comfortable because he lays on your boobs all the time.” Natsu said, somewhat jealous. “Whenever I want to lay on your chest you get pissed but when the animals do its okay? Not fair Luce, not fair.”

“You’re such a baby sometimes.”

“Yeah, your baby.”

Lucy couldn’t help but agree with him.


“I can’t believe you!” Lucy shouted, tears of frustration running down her cheeks. “How could you miss it?!”

“It’s not like I wanted to miss it!” He screamed back, just as angry as she was. “I had a double shift at the firehouse, I don’t know what else you want to hear from me Lucy!”

“Don’t give me that bullshit! Your dads the chief, he knew how important tonight was to me! He would’ve let you off for it if you just asked.”

“Do you not know how close my pops is to retiring and me becoming chief?! I need all the experience I can get!”

“You have everyday of the rest of your life to work Natsu, I wanted you there whenever I gave my speech to keep the public library open! I really wanted you there…” Her tears were now rushing from her eyes to the point she couldn’t see straight. Natsu sighed.

“Look Lucy, I know you wanted me there. It just didn’t work out and I’m sorry.” He pulled out his phone and checked the time. “I have to go back to the station now.” She looked up, an incredulous look on her face.

“You’re going back there right now? After a fight?”

Natsu blinked. “Well yeah?”


“Why wouldn’t I? We’ve been fighting a lot lately, maybe because of all the time we’re spending together.”

“…We live in the same house Natsu.”

“Lucy you know thats not what I meant. We all need our space, and right now you need some alone time. I’ll be back in the morning.”

“So, you’re just going to leave me when I’m like this…?” Natsu ran a hand through his hair at her stubborness.

“Lucy, get some sleep. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Natsu, don’t leave me alone tonight…” He heard what she said, but chose to ignore it and walked out the door. Thinking giving her some space would be the best medicine for her.


The sound of the fire alarms rang throughout the building. Dozens of men jumped up and put on their protective suits. Natsu was no exception. Once his gear was on, he jumped in the fire truck that was ready to take off.

Speeding down the street, he thought about his fight with Lucy. Was it a mistake to leave her when she asked him not too? When they usually got into a fight, Lucy told him just to give her space and he thought this time was no exception. She told him not to leave this time though, and he did anyway. He put his hand in his pocket, fiddling with the box that contained a ring.
The perfect ring to propose to Lucy with.
That was the real reason he worked that double shift and missed her speech. He felt bad about missing it, he truly did but Lucy wanted to marry him as soon as possible. So for the past few weeks he pulled double shifts until he was able to afford the ring of Lucy’s dreams.

And he was going to propose to her tomorrow night.

He had it all planned out. They would go out to Lucy’s favorite restaurant and take a walk in the park. Natsu would have a little area set up with a perfect view of the stars in the sky. He would say some cheesy thing like how she was more beautiful than any star in the sky and go with the flow from there.

He just couldn’t wait to have Lucy’s last name change to Dragneel.

He was so lost in his thoughts of his future wife, he failed to notice the destination they arrived at. When he looked at the familiar apartment complex his heart dropped.

It was his and Lucy’s apartment complex.

He jumped out of the vehicle, about to run to the burning building when a strong hand stopped him in his tracks.

“What the hell Igneel?! Lucy’s in there!” The older male looked down to his adoptive son.

“I am very aware of that Natsu. I have a rescue team in there, you are to stay out here and help water down the fire. You can’t let your feelings for Lucy get in the way of others safety.”

“Others safety?! What the hell are you talking about-” The crackling of the fire got louder, as well as a sound of creaking boards. Natsu felt numb as he watched the building crumble to the ground instantly.

“LUCY!” Natsu pushed past his grief struck superior and made his way to the rubble. He noticed most parts were on fire, he gritted his teeth at the thought that he would have to wait until it was out to look for his girlfriend. Half an hour of waiting anxiously and running around the burning rubble to sign of Lucy, the fire was out.

Natsu acted immediately. Climbing on the soot filled pile and pushing away the debris, but still no sign of his blonde haired lover. He seen as his allies rescued others from the rubble, but not his Lucy.

“Hey, we found a body over here!” Natsu’s heart sank. Out of curiosity he ran over to where his friend had shouted.

His heart almost stopped.

It was Lucy. Her skin was covered in ash, as well as her hair. He noticed that she was on top of their animals.

Their now dead animals.

He didn’t see them struggling to get free of her grip like animals usually did during this situation. He couldn’t breathe. He didn’t know what to do. He barely felt the hand on his shoulder and the “I’m so sorry” his comrade offered him. Natsu couldn’t look at his now dead girlfriend, or the now dead animals they’ve been raising in secret for the past year they’ve lived at the complex. He stepped off the pile and started walking away from the scene. He glanced when they carried the girl on a stretcher, the two animals still in her clutch. He seen something else clasped in her hand. He didn’t waste any time in going over and seeing what it was.

When he looked at it, Natsu wished he could’ve died right there and now.

It was a pregnancy test. On the screen was a little plus, indicating that she was pregnant.

Lucy was pregnant.

Is that why she was so upset tonight? Or why she’s been so hormonal for the past few weeks? He just stared at the little test in his hands. Still not believing it. He started to shake, tears starting to run from his eyes. His mind repeating her last words.

“Natsu, don’t leave me alone tonight…”

He finally dropped down to his knees, his cries heard by everyone. He didn’t care though. He had lost everything he held dear to him all in one night.

His home.

His pets.

His other half.

…And his child.