library interior


Hyundai Card’s Library Project

The three projects are facilities dedicated to the members of the HYUNDAI CARD, in Seoul, South Korea. Each library an oasis in the city with a different theme: travel, design and music.

  • Music Library + Understage in Hannam-dong by Ga.A Architects (images 01-04)
  • Design Library in Gahoe-dong by One O One Architects (images 05-07)
  • Travel Library in Cheongdam-dong by Wonderwall (images 08-10)

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Media library [Third-Place] in Thionville

This project by Dominique Coulon & Associés has the ambition of becoming a new model for media libraries. The programme calls the functions of a media library into question, lending it the content of a ‘third place’ – a place where members of the public become actors in their own condition, a place for creation as well as reception. 

The facade serves as an unfurling ribbon that serves as a backdrop to the different universes contained in the programme. At its closest to the street, the ribbon dips, the better to contain it, rising again where it stands further back. In the hollows, the border between the interior space and the urban space is less clear and makes it possible to come closer, to embrace the building visually. 

The unfolding of the outer envelope accentuates this impression of infinite space. In this “ineffable” space, the notion of gravity seems to disappear – the roof and walls appear to float. This sophistication generates a “plastic acoustic” that lends this new place an atmosphere which transports and re-examines the relationship with the body and fluidity. There is no unequivocal reading of the space; the perception one has of it reveals a complexity and an unexpected richness. It is a place of freedom.

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