library inside out

things i associate with the hogwarts houses


adrenaline rushes, climbing to a rooftop to see the sunrise, bruised knees, sneaking out at nightime, hot chocolate, sitting in front of a fireplace, running through corridors, shopping cart races, midday sun, unstoppable laughter


passing notes to friends during classes, organising shelves, flower crowns, first warm spring day, fierce protectiveness, large bags of candy, group chats, countless hours of practising one’s skills, holding on tight, reminiscing old times


intense debates, muffled speech inside a library, pointing out constellations, writing notes on books, a glass of good wine, pale morning sky, ink on fingertips, learning multiple languages, staying up all night, unreadable handwriting


marble floors, the sound of running water, lists of good schools in big cities, motivational speeches, winter nights, rooms lit with candles, always having a plan, rarely shared secrets, smirking at the people you hate, expensive chocolate

Leo, Fire Emblem: Fates (Revelations)

  • Second prince of Nohr
  • Loves tomatoes
  • Boy prodigy but actually something of a klutz
  • Loves tomatoes
  • Tries to come off as cold but is actually full of Feelings
  • Loves tomatoes
  • Well-dressed and is a total mess at the same time, constantly puts shirts on inside-out or backwards
  • Loves tomatoes
  • Can be more often found inside a library than out and about where the sun shines
  • Loves tomatoes
  • Gets sunburned easily
  • Loves tomatoes
  • Weilder of the divine tome, Brynhildr and a total magic geek
  • Loves tomatoes