library inside out

things i associate with the hogwarts houses


adrenaline rushes, climbing to a rooftop to see the sunrise, bruised knees, sneaking out at nightime, hot chocolate, sitting in front of a fireplace, running through corridors, shopping cart races, midday sun, unstoppable laughter


passing notes to friends during classes, organising shelves, flower crowns, first warm spring day, fierce protectiveness, large bags of candy, group chats, countless hours of practising one’s skills, holding on tight, reminiscing old times


intense debates, muffled speech inside a library, pointing out constellations, writing notes on books, a glass of good wine, pale morning sky, ink on fingertips, learning multiple languages, staying up all night, unreadable handwriting


marble floors, the sound of running water, lists of good schools in big cities, motivational speeches, winter nights, rooms lit with candles, always having a plan, rarely shared secrets, smirking at the people you hate, expensive chocolate

Part of the hoard


Mitaka is not exactly sure how it came to this. He knew there was a dragon nearby, but he had not known that in order to stop them from ravaging the town, they needed a sacrifice. A virgin sacrifice. A virgin Princess sacrifice.

He’d been an apprentice in the small village library for quite some time, and more often had his face pressed into a book instead of in people’s business. He was meant to take over for the man who was getting so old, he needed Mitaka to read the smaller print for him occasionally. Surely, it wouldn’t be long till the man retired. Mitaka knew the whole library inside and out, and it would be his.

Or so he had thought. Apparently his small, fragile features and soft face had drawn more attention than the pitying glances from the blacksmith and butcher, who knew he’d never be strong enough to do their job.

No, apparently his fairness had another purpose.

Now he stood in the middle of an open field, in a lilac dress; one of the Princess’ personal favorites apparently, she’d even had the nerve to cry over it when it was taken away. Mitaka wanted to tear it up and demand another, her fanciest, but his parents were right there, and he wouldn’t disappoint them. He couldn’t just let the town burn.

And do he stood in the middle of the field, in this gown that was not made for him but fit him so well, and he waited.