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CNN Profiles Chance The Rapper On Chicagoland

From Complex:

Chicago has birthed a new generation of rappers that have been growing in the industry for the past two years in the midst of the turmoil within the city. The stressful environment in Chicago has been at the forefront of national news, and is now the topic of CNN’s new documentary series Chicagoland. 

Last night’s episode contained a profile on Chance The Rapper. CNN gets a candid interview about Chance’s experiences growing up on the southside of Chicago, and his music which puts a spotlight on the area. 

The piece also highlights Chance’s history with the Chicago Public Library, and shows an early gig he performed at the YOUmedia Center in our Harold Washington branch. 

Chance, you continue to be an amazing ambassador for the city of Chicago. Everybody at the CPL is so proud of your work, and honored that we were a part of your journey.