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Hi, I'm new to witchcraft - well, not new new but I digress - and I was wondering something. I seem to have trouble centering and grounding. I just don't know how to go about doing either. I've researched taken the time to really feel out the energies around me but I never really feel like I accomplish either. I've done shield and a few spells and they've worked and I hadn't done centering or grounding. Is that unusual or bad? I dunno. I'm in the closet with no guidance or even a library. Help.

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Before you meditate, or do other spiritual work such as energy healings, divination or magick, you should prepare and protect yourself. You do this by grounding yourself, centering your energies, and shielding yourself from unwanted influences.


Centering is simply returning all of your scattered energies to home base. Usually throughout the day, you have little energy tendrils out doing things while you are attending to business. Perhaps you are writing a report, but one ‘eye’ is on the clock, because you have a meeting coming up, and a fragment of your attention is thinking about your children, since one was sniffling this morning, and you also have a fraction of your mind drafting a letter of resignation you know you’ll never send.

To center yourself, call in all your scattered bits of attention and focus, and bring them into your body’s space. You are mentally compacting yourself around your mental or ‘spiritual center of gravity’. People have different concepts of where their spiritual center physically is.  Mine is at my apex, just below the notch of my sternum.  Some people locate it at their heart chakra or their solar plexus chakra. Pull your energies into a tight ball at the location where they seem to want to be at rest–if you aren’t centered, you might feel 'psychically top-heavy’, as if you were prone to topple over.

Pay attention to your breathing while you call in all your forces; imagine yourself inhaling white cleansing energy and exhaling dark, dusty 'busy-ness’ and futile wheel-spinning. This process can take 10-15 minutes while you’re first learning it, but once you learn the 'centered’ feeling, you can center yourself with a few breaths at any time, even while driving your car or walking into that important meeting.


Grounding connects you to the energy of the earth, and is important in healing and magickal works since it prevents you from depleting your own body’s energy. Simply put, you connect to the earth by imagining you are connected to the earth. Sounds silly, but it works. Here’s how you do it:

Imagine you are standing in your bare feet on the ground. (It doesn’t matter if you’re in your cubicle in a high rise or even flying somewhere on a plane.) Your feet are planted firmly on the bare earth, and by an exercise of your will, you send roots into the earth. As you inhale, you draw energy up through your new 'roots’, and as you exhale, you send your roots even further into the earth. Do this for several minutes–you should definitely feel a change in the state of your feeling of 'aliveness’.

A great stone for grounding is hematite.  When learning to ground, have some on hand.  But there is a forewarning for hematite: where or carry it too much or too often, and you may become too rooted.


Shielding is the process of protecting yourself from the energetic influences around you, and is something you can do independent of grounding, centering, meditating or anything else.

Have you ever experienced a day when you were full of vague, directionless anger? Or a strange hope inappropriate to your current circumstances? Before you schedule an appointment with a psychiatrist, see if shielding makes these intrusive emotions cease–you may be taking on the energies of people around you, complete with their own imprimatur of hope, fear, anger or whatnot.

Shielding is a skill that you can use independent of grounding and centering, and when you are going into highly charged situations (a court room, a job review or interview, a family argument), shielding is a vital step in keeping your energies separate from all the swirling energies around you.

Shielding, like grounding and centering, is a visualizing process, and everyone evolves their own special shielding ritual. While grounded, draw up energy into your being. Use this energy to form a protective barrier between yourself and the negative vibes of those around you, or random free-floating energies. You can visualize a transparent plexi-glass egg around you–the good intentions and friendly emotions around you are free to pass through your shield, but all bad stuff gets deflected. Some people make shields that reflect negativity back to the source, but this, while perhaps satisfying to one’s sense of fair play, still leaves too much negative energy in the atmosphere. Set your shields to 'ground out’ any negative energy that impinges on it, and let it flow harmlessly into the earth, where it can be neutralized and recycled into good energy.

Hope this helps, darling!


Hello, friends!

Meg here and welcome back to another TUTOR TUESDAY! Today we take a look at why building visual/mental libraries are useful and how to go about it!

As before and again, if you have any recommendations for tutorials send ‘em on in here or to my personal blog here. Keep practicing, have fun, and I’ll see you next Tuesday!


9/100 days of productivity

I invented my very own version of the pomodoro method. 25 minutes of studying, 5 minutes of dancing (like crazy). Works well for me. My mood was better today, but the evening was… quite surprising and hurting. My tooth broke. That wasn’t so nice. Anyways:
✓ 30 mins of yoga 
✓ 3 chapters of my Polish textbook
✓ 10 mins of Spanish practice
✓ a visit in the city library 

More doodles of Bucky and his service dog FUBAR!

Top Left: FUBAR on a walk with his Human and his Human’s Best Guy!

Top Right: Bucky really loves to lie around in the sun (because it’s the opposite of being in cryo or literally and figuratively living in the shadows), but FUBAR is like 80% floof so he prefers to lie around in the shade. This is how they compromise! 

Middle Left: Sometimes Buck isolates himself a little too much and FUBAR can be a good conversation starter. However, Bucky also sometimes gets nervous around people and FUBAR knows this so he’s always On Duty and ready to protect his human! (I couldn’t resist throwing in a cute Kobik Alternate Meeting cameo because I love her relationship with Bucky!)

Middle Right: Buck loves to go to the library to help supplement his journaling and FUBAR is super helpful and holds Buck’s books while he juggles his apartment keys! FUBAR is very poised. 

Bottom: Sometimes Buck gets a lil overwhelmed and cries and that’s okay but sometimes he has trouble stopping so FUBAR will bring his Human his favorite ball and it makes Buck smile a little, which is good! (Loosely based on this beautiful post, originally sent to me by @doveloves!) 

Carla Hayden Thinks Libraries Are a Key to Freedom
The 14th librarian of Congress on radical librarians and how information literacy can combat fake news.
By Ana Marie Cox

Do you think libraries can help in this epidemic of fake news and lack of trust in the media?

I think the good thing about the discussion is that there’s a discussion about what’s fake and what’s real. There’s an awareness that there is such a thing. Librarians have been pounding on this issue in a different way for a while — that just having computer literacy is great, but as information professionals, we’re always looking at what’s the most authoritative source for the information and teaching information literacy. It’s great to have all this stuff, but you need to teach how to use the library in schools. They need to be teaching information literacy as soon as the kid can push a button.

It seems as if you might need to teach information literacy to members of Congress.

If they start as children, I think there’s hope.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Recap: 04/02/17

I was going to make this a short one but I think I failed… There was just too much to talk about! So without further ado, let’s do this. 

(Apologies for this recap being almost entirely about James Le Lacheur, Nicola Alexis, and Tom Mackley… I don’t know what to tell you. I love the covers and the ensemble.) 

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“Libraries can help with brain development and early literacy. Very young children are cared for by their teachers, parents, and nannies who are not necessarily trained in how a child’s brain develops. As librarians, we’re in an amazing position to talk about ways to stimulate a child’s brain and how to prepare kids to be better learners. We’re trying to emphasize the importance of talking to children and providing them with sensory experiences when they’re young. Things like rhyming and increasing the number of words when talking to children help them to learn more later in life.
“When children fail to learn new words in their day-to-day interactions, and when they’re not having tactile experiences, their brain synapses don’t stay active. Things that happen to children early in their lives play a big role in why they go in different directions and contribute to many socioeconomic differences.
“Libraries also help people find stories. Stories teach kids empathy. When we tell and share stories, we understand each other on a deeper level and think beyond ourselves. Studies have consistently shown that people who are readers are more empathetic. For example, people who have read Harry Potter are less likely to be racist.”

mystrade in thirty different AU settings (x):

  •   [25/30] Librarian AU

When Mycroft Holmes need to unwind and relax he can always count on his favourite library, because he there always will be something of interest for him and he won’t be disturbed. Ever. He and the librarian have an understanding. He can even check out more books than other people and return deadlines rarely apply to him.

Until one day there’s a new man behind the librarian desk, but he is most certainly not Mycroft’s librarian.

tfc breakfast club au

 @coldsaturn you’re welcome~
((also apologies to the person who first suggested this au in etra’s ask, i just couldn’t find any other fit for criminal))

  • andrew is the criminal
  • neil is the athlete
  • kevin is the brain
  • allison is the princess
  • renee is the basketcase(listen i just wanna write about renee ok)
  • wymack is the principal that all children deserve

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  • <p> <b>Me:</b> I should study!<p/><b>Me:</b> *buys 3 new books*<p/><b>Me:</b> Okay, now I should study!<p/><b>Me:</b> *goes to library and gets new books*<p/><b>Me:</b> I really need to study!<p/><b>Me:</b> *reads of 4 books in 3 days*<p/></p>

This mobile library is helping homeless people by giving them free access to books

Laura Moulton is a library and founder of Street Books, a mobile library serving the homeless and semi-homeless population that often can’t get access to public libraries. She says giving homeless people books to read helps them get through the day – and may challenge your perception of the homeless.

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