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BBC’s Sherlock Holmes Aesthetic ; requested by @quantumqueer

“I’m not a psychopath, Anderson. I’m a high-functioning sociopath. Do your research.”

I finally got my phone fixed!!

A little update: It is now my march holidays and I’ll be able to go out to study and post more original content (finally). My first term is now finally over, I received almost all my test results (in which I didn’t do very well in, unfortunately) therefore i’d have to pull up my socks higher and higher and higher and higher

I went to the library to study after giving a presentation together with my voice ensemble, and I went to the very famous orchard library where the interior is to die for (yall should really check this place out when you guys are at Singapore !!) Was super productive today, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I can remain this way throughout the holidays !!

but yes, I’d be studying more, and being on tumblr checking you guys out… I’m alive, guys !! That’s all for now, continue pressing on, focusing, studying, getting stuff done and see the fruits of your labour after ;)


Secondhand-bookstore, Heidelberg, Germany.

There’s Only You Tonight

Title: There’s Only You Tonight
Author: flowerfan
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences
Warnings: None Apply
Completed: Yes
Word count: 2268
Summary: Bitty spends orientation week roaming around campus, running his hand over library tables and seats in the coffeehouse, and being as alert as possible for anything that feels remotely unusual. He believes in soulmates. But it isn’t until his first hockey practice at Faber that it happens.

Most memorable line: “I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean…” Bitty’s words trail off as he looks up into the bluest eyes he has ever seen.

Not going anywhere || Newt Scamander x Reader

Request: Hi! Could you possibly do a newt x reader where they are in Hogwarts and dating. The reader is shy but everyone knows her because of her good looks. And newt gets jealous when this one guy won’t stop hitting on her.


You and Newt were walking out of the library hand in hand. The two of you had been dating for quite some time, and he was pretty much the only person you weren’t shy around. The two of you made simple conversation as you headed towards herbology class, a smile on your face. Before you walked in, you leaned up and kissed his cheek before skipping off to your seat, where he blushed and went to his. Sadly you two didn’t get seats right next to each other, but you were both in eye sight. 
“Now class today we will be reading chapters 4 and 5 in your textbooks, I’ll be a bit busy dealing with some nasty plants and would like if you were all to stay on task.” The professor seemed to be looking at a few people in particular when she said this before she hurried off. You immediately opened your book, beginning to read the chapters. However you were interrupted when a hand blocked the page.
“Hey beautiful, how do you say to having a date with me tonight?” A young boy asked in front of you, wearing a smug-looking smirk. You noticed some of the girls in the class trying to get his attention, so he must’ve been very popular around school. The only thing was you didn’t spend much time around others, since it was mainly you and Newt.
“N-no thank you.. who are you anyways?” You asked, almost smiling when his look turned surprised. 
“I’m only the most popular kid in this school, but the names Lucas. Oh and you don’t have to introduce yourself Y/N, everyone pretty much knows you and how gorgeous you are. So I want to be the one to ask you out. So how about it, don’t you wanna get with this?“ Lucas held his hand out, giving you what you figured was supposed to be a charming grin.
"Um, no. I’m a-already dating someone.” You answered going back to your reading.
“Oh come on, who is it? I’m sure I’m way better than him.” You looked up and glared.
“I’m dating Newt, have been pretty much all year.” You answered, trying to ignore him. However he put a finger under your chin, making you look up again.
“You know I’m better than that kid, so come on, you should come with me.” You were about to say no when Newt appeared beside you.
“I thought she said no, so I’d appreciate if you left my girlfriend alone.” He said under his breath, glaring at Lucas every time he glanced up at him.
“Oh yeah? Well, I don’t know why she picked a loser like you.” The kid sneered.
“Well.. apparently she has better taste than the girls who are unfortunate enough to be stuck with you. So good day.” Newt started to stand up once he said that, gathering his stuff while Lucas got angrier. Luckily, the bell rang just then, and you took Newts hand and ran out the classroom, hurrying towards your secret spot outside since classes were over for the day.
“I’m sorry Newt.. he just wouldn’t leave me alone..” you frowned, looking away.
“It’s ok love, I understand.. now come here.” He pulled you into his arms, hugging you tightly before kissing the top of your head.
“He should have known better than to flirt with you.” Newt gave a small pout and used his puppy eyes.
“Yes he should of dearie.” You giggled at his face before pecking his lips.
“But don’t worry, I wasn’t going anywhere, but with you.”

anonymous asked:

Everyone's talking about the metas, and all I can think of is them doing a co-book signing and Viktor dorkily asking Yuuri out for coffee afterwards (I legit stopped while brushing my teeth because this hit me and I thought it was cute whOOPS)


“Yuuri, can I admit something to you?” Victor asks as they stretch out their aching hands. The library staff have started to clean up after the book signing, folding up tables and sweeping the floor.

Yuuri leans on him, resting his head on Victor’s shoulder. “Sure.”

“I may have a crush on you.”

“Victor…” he starts, then reaches for Victor’s hand, pointedly running his thumb across his wedding ring.

Victor kisses his hair. “Would you go out with me? For coffee? Think of it as a favor for your biggest fan.”

“For my biggest fan?” Yuuri says slowly, as though giving it careful consideration. “I suppose a quick coffee wouldn’t hurt anyone.”

He grins and stands up, hoisting Yuuri to his feet and heading for the exit. “I’ll remember this day for the rest of my life. The day that Yuuri Katsuki agreed to go get coffee with me.”

“What about our wedding anniversary?” he teases.

“I’ll remember that, too. I’ll remember every day I spend with you.”