library girl

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I want to draw u and library girl but idk what u look like pls post selfie or somethin

here’s the most recent:

and here’s a body shot:

I don’t have a picture of her unfortunately, but she has really really long brown hair, is tall and skinny/lanky (a bit sporty), sometimes wears a black baseball cap, a lot of yoga clothes or sweaters + leggings; white. I think she has a beauty mark on her chin, and has a long-ish oval face. 


I always spread everything around when I study. How do people only use their notebook/book and a pen or marker???
Also today I studied for 6 hours straight without noticing and I forgot to eat lunch lol

Some Balamb Garden residents. Yes that is supposed to be Instructor Aki. There is like no references of the guy haha, so I guess this is what I imagine he looks like?? Having a lot of fun drawing and coloring in this style though! Been trying to create my own style of drawing humans for a while and I’m getting there! kinda:p Styles are always changing, but I had very little experience drawing humans sort of realistically before I started this blog. Now I finally feel like I know a bit of human anatomy and structure so I can start experimenting a bit with my own style and keep it consistent.