library gig

Omg y'all the toddlers at school are dressed up in costumes and my heart can’t handle this. This little black boy is Batman and his little blond friend is a cowboy. Their parents put in effort!

I asked one of them why they were dressed up and he went “the teacher told us to.” LOL he did not wanna be a cowboy today.

I wanna take a picture so badly but let me not be a creep. Believe me, they are the most precious darlings.

My volunteer gig is pretty damn chill. I basically just listen to The Read podcast and cute kids come every now and again.


The Lewis Watson gig in Kendal Library last night was an incredible and unusual experience. It was so surreal being at a gig in a library, it felt as if we shouldn’t really be making any noise for fear of being told off by a librarian, but the atmosphere was so marvellously relaxed.