library exhibition hall


The Weekly Squint—
Detail of Audubon’s Birds of America, on view in “Remarkable Works, Remarkable Times” in the Library Exhibition Hall.

caption: John James Audubon (1785–1851), The Birds of America: From Original Drawings, 1827–38. The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens.

Squint is an every-Thursday post that features snapshots of small, obscure Huntington details that catch our eye. It’s a little window into some of the delightful minutiae that bring a smile to our collective face.


This past Saturday, we opened our newly renovated and reimagined Library Main Hall AND FOLKS, IT’S GORGEOUS. This timelapse kaleidoscope of color and motion gives you a peek at the show being installed and coming together over the past month. Whew!!

row 1: the whole shebang
row 2: A) installing the skeletons of the display cases, B) installing the case tops and some wall items
row 3: more case work, more wall installations
row 4: working on lighting, installing objects in display cases
row 5: finishing touches…and DONE!