library exhibition hall


This past Saturday, we opened our newly renovated and reimagined Library Main Hall AND FOLKS, IT’S GORGEOUS. This timelapse kaleidoscope of color and motion gives you a peek at the show being installed and coming together over the past month. Whew!!

row 1: the whole shebang
row 2: A) installing the skeletons of the display cases, B) installing the case tops and some wall items
row 3: more case work, more wall installations
row 4: working on lighting, installing objects in display cases
row 5: finishing touches…and DONE!

Going on public view THIS SATURDAY for the first time ever is an autograph manuscript of Jack London’s The Sea Wolf. Now get this: Out of concern about the risk of fire on their Sonoma Valley ranch, London and his wife, Charmian, put this manuscript in a “flameproof” bank vault in San Francisco. That vault—and this manuscript—burned in the devastating fire that erupted in the wake of the 1906 earthquake. We got the charred manuscript—along with some other pretty great London items—from his widow back in the 1920s, and our curators have never removed this delicate charred work from its metal box. And now it’s going on view in our newly reimagined, redesigned, and reinstalled Library Exhibition Hall, opening this Saturday (Nov. 9). COME CHECK IT OUT.


Everyone, meet our glorious new old cork floor.

This is the Library Exhibition Hall’s original floor, folks. The very one that architect Myron Hunt sketched out in 1918 (see above). The very one that Henry E. Huntington walked across countless times (just imagine him into the c. 1920 image, second from the bottom).

It’s been hidden away under carpeting for close to 40 years. And now it’s back. You’ll soon get to walk across it yourself when the newly-renovated, reimagined hall opens to the public on Nov. 9.

Main Hall of the Library is reopening to the public tomorrow (Nov. 9) after a major (and gorgeous!!) reimagining by Karina White and Gordon Chun Design—and a tireless crew of curators. New installation, new stories, new contexts for the Gutenberg Bible and other treasures from the collections.

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image caption: The newly renovated Main Hall of the Library. Photo: Tim Street-Porter.

One of the great cultural jewels of the West is back, with a wonderful new polish.

When the Huntington Library in San Marino reopened its main exhibition hall on Friday for a special press preview after a 17-month renovation, you could almost feel the presence of its namesake at the front door.

Some early press on the permanent exhibition opening tomorrow (Nov. 9)! READ ON.

image caption: A display case of Jack London materials at the Huntington Library includes the burned manuscript of his novel “The Sea-Wolf,” still in the metal box he put in in for safe keeping, on public view for the first time. (Huntington Library / November 8, 2013)