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So, I made some things

I work in a library. The teens that come in aren’t readers. I do what I can to spark their interests. So I made some bookmarks. Feel free to use them, or PM me if you want a different template, because I moved them to Google Drawings for easier access. Remember, I’m using them in a non-profit way, so you should too.

I set them to gray-scale and printed them on colored cardstock, but you can do whatever feels good.


Nathaniel Jouett’s first court appearance - August 31, 2017

On the 28th of August 2017, 16-year old Nathaniel Jouett entered the Clovis-Carver Public Library in New Mexico with two handguns and started shooting. He killed library employees Kristina Carter (48) and Wanda Walters (61), and injured four other people, including a 10-year old. Nathaniel got arrested without incident at the scene. He told police that he was mad and felt like hurting himself or others. Nathaniel also said that there was no reason why he chose the library and that he didn’t know anyone who worked there.

Nathaniel Jouett is facing charges of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and two counts of first-degree murder.

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hey fahye! where do you find books you want to read? i feel like i've read everything in easy access and i don't know where to start looking for books that i may also like.

short answer: LITERALLY EVERYWHERE, oh god, someone save me

long answer:

  • libraries! LIBRARIES!!! FREE BOOKS. JUST SITTING AROUND. FOR YOU TO PERUSE. also, librarians love talking about books and if you mention a couple that you’ve read and enjoyed they will make it their personal mission to load you up with other books you might like.
    • a lot of libraries also have ebook/audible book borrowing services these days as well, so you can borrow far too many books without having to leave the house.
  • goodreads is an excellent place to be inspired even if you’re not into the community/marketing side of things; you can browse by category and see average ratings and reviews, and look at people’s ‘shelves’ tagged as all sorts of fun things.
  • podcasts are great-slash-awful for this; my to-read pile grows enormously with every episode of galactic suburbia and the hopeless romantic (in the genres of SFF and queer romance respectively).
  • there are also any number of book review blogs dedicated to making you want to cry at the sheer number of amazing things out there. try the book smugglers?
  • I am not a person who watches vlogs but I understand that book vlogging is a Big Thing too, and maybe you would enjoy some charismatic teenager with amazing hair enthusing at you about what they’re reading.

The Austrian National Library is a breathtaking baroque masterpiece, finished in 1726. Formerly the court library to the Hapsburgs, it holds an extraordinary collection that dates back to the 14th century. The current collection contains around 2.5 million books. Keep your eye out for library employees slipping through concealed passages hidden behind certain bookcases. 📸: Photo by Francois Philipp.

OK science side of Tumblr, help me out?

I am looking for a book on climate change. How it works, the effects we can already see, the proof we have it’s happening. Pictures are good. One meant for a interested high school student or someone of that level of education. One that doesn’t do any people or political view point bashing, so that a person who might have grown up on the other side but is willing to investigate won’t be put off. One that is oriented specifically toward science and not politics, because if all goes well this is going to wind up in a church library and I’m pretty big on the separation of church and state.

@jstor, is this your kind of thing or can you point me at someone?

I work for a community center teaching arts and crafts to kids as an outreach program for the city and Wednesdays I go to the library. See the city workers like me wear a uniform of bright blue polo shirts and khakis and the library staff obviously does not. Ive been doing this for two years and the public still hasn’t caught onto this yet and I still get confused as a library employee. And sometimes people get very confused and angry that I cant help them because I DONT WORK THERE.

Its not the only crap ive gotten for my art program, which I used to work, plan and organize by myself. Sometimes the projects hard sometimes its too easy, i dont pay attention to everyone but im not engaged enough pftt finally given an assistant but still make it better? The kids I teach are mostly 6 to 9 year olds. And even though theres an age limit I still get 2 to three year olds that cant use scissors or draw.

My budgets been cut multiple times and my second activity was axed. And I hold this activity in a kids room filled with toys that they arent allowed to touch during art time which is a library rule and parents get mad at me when their kid has a meltdown because they cant play.

So anyway one day my and my coworker had a really good day at our program or so we thought we had a good turnout and lots of fun then we come in and our boss is like we need to speak with you. Turns out there was a complaint, the only one we’ve had mind you, about yelling at someones kids and upsetting them. I have never yelled at a child ever Ive never even raised my voice to anyone as long as Ive worked there and neither has he so we just looked at eachother and were like what? When? And tried to defend ourselves.

And boss kept it vague but we assured him we never even saw this happen. Turned out later a disgruntled library employee scolded some kids for playing in the kid room when they werent supposed to and the parents assumed it was us. When we asked if they were wearing a uniform or not boss said he asked but the person didn’t remember. Howncan you not remember the shirts are a bright obnoxious blue color.

Since we never had a complaint before boss let it slide because we’re good with kids and our jobs. But now have to go extra steps to greet and pay attention to everyone. Even though its just the two of us vs 26 kids with paint. Boss stopps by every week to check and tried to ‘help’ but cant do any type of art to save his life. We cant afford to hire another person to help so we have to figure it out ourselves.

Just people, the library staff does NOT wear CITY labled uniforms if they paid any attention. I cant help you because I dont work there and I didnt yell at your kid that you should have been watching.


Nathaniel Jouett, Clovis-Carver Public Library Shooter, getting baptized in July of 2017 at the Living Word Church of God, New Mexico

On the 28th of August 2017, 16-year old Nathaniel Jouett entered the Clovis-Carver Public Library in New Mexico with two handguns and started shooting. He killed library employees Kristina Carter (48) and Wanda Walters (61), and injured four other people, including a 10-year old, who are currently in serious but stable condition. Nathaniel got arrested without incident at the scene.

Nathaniel Jouett had been attending the Living Word Church of God and dating the daughter of the pastor since May, 2017. The pastor, David Stevens, was quoted as saying: ‘‘He had a very rough early childhood, he contemplated suicide. Matter of fact, he carried a suicide note in his pocket and we talked about it…’’ However, David told reporters that Nathaniel recently had abandoned his suicide note, ‘‘Nathaniel said to me; you know I have a reason for living, that’s not even in my mind anymore.’’ David said the shooting shocked them and the church because they thought Nathaniel was making positive changes in the past few weeks. David also told reporters that Nathaniel was at church on Sunday morning, the day before the shooting, but began having anxiety attacks and had to go home. He returned for the Sunday night service and then spent about an hour at their home with other teens. ‘‘I’m blown away, I’m blown away by him snapping and doing something like this. And something had to snap within him. He had all kinds of plans and ideas to help us at the church.’’

Nathaniel Jouett has been charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and two counts of first-degree murder.

eghkjnalfnqeggriudhfjoiw okay so for context: i work in an archive in a library and i work in a cat cafe

the manager of the cat cafe just forwarded a message to me that was sent to the cat cafe email

it’s from a fellow library employee………he isn’t even in my department……….i’m not even entirely sure who he is or how he knew i work in the cat cafe………..and in the email he asked my manager to forward his phone number to me 

there are so many layers to this, what the everloving fuck is going on

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AU in which Justin works at a library. Emmanuel is the quiet, bookish type, but he has a definite crush on Justin. Occasionally, he will attempt to flirt with Justin, to disastrous results, but at one point Justin leaves a sticky note on the inside cover of a book that Emmanuel put on hold with his phone number on it.

Emmanuel, as the bookworm he is, has been going to the library at least twice a week for years. So, when the said library hires a new employee, he notices immediately. The fact he is as hot as the sun Emmanuel rarely sees because he spends too much at the library also helps him notice, truth be told.

Emmanuel starts watching the librarian, from time to time, letting himself be distracted from his books (which is saying a lot). He notices many lovely things about him: he smiles a lot (and his smile is beautiful), he’s very helpful, he’s adorable with children (to whom he reads stories every Saturday), and, all in all, he looks like a really nice human being. Needless to say, Emmanuel is smitten. Or, more accurately, he has the biggest crush he’s ever had. The only problem is: he has no idea what to do about it. He can’t possibly walk up to the librarian and ask him out, let’s be reasonable. He has to be subtle about it… Emmanuel really wants to talk to him, but he doesn’t know what to say in order not to sound too obvious and make a fool of himself. Therefore, he decides to stay in the observation phase of his barely existing plan for a while longer.

He still doesn’t know his name even though he has a nametag pinned to his shirt, because he never got close enough to actually read it. One day, as the librarian is arranging some books on the shelves, Emmanuel purposefully fetches a book he doesn’t intend to read just so he can get close enough to him to learn his name without having to talk to him. The operation is a success: now Emmanuel knows the gorgeous librarian is called Justin. Now he can call him by his actual name instead of “the librarian” when he is thinking about him… which happens a lot, maybe too much to be honest.

“Don’t you think you should talk to him?”

Emmanuel startles. He was entirely focused on Justin once again and had not noticed Angela, another librarian (one he actually talks to) next to him.

“Talk to whom?” Emmanuel asks, even though the “him” clearly refers to his crush, which is absolutely obvious.

“I’m going to pretend you did not just ask that, since we both know who I meant.”

Emmanuel sighs. Angela has always been direct, he shouldn’t be surprised.

“I don’t know how to…”

“Dear Lord, it’s not that hard. Just go say hi, maybe ask him about some book… just act like a regular person.” Angela advises. It sounds easy when it’s put that way… but Emmanuel is still far from convinced.

Angela rolls her eyes.

“Well, good luck.”

Emmanuel would have thanked her if she didn’t sound so sarcastic.

After this conversation, Emmanuel starts saying hello to Justin when he crosses path with him. He hadn’t thought about that before because, apparently, he is a bit awkward. The first time Emmanuel says “hi” to him, Justin greets him back with a bright smile which almost makes him feel faint. Damn, he has it bad. Sadly, Justin’s enthusiastic response means nothing: he’s a literal ray of sunshine with everyone.

Emmanuel has noticed another cute thing about Justin: he wears funny socks all the time. He notices them when Justin bends his knees to reach the bottom shelf, which makes his pants ride up a bit. Emmanuel thought he wouldn’t ever make anything of this information, but his awkwardness knows no bound, so he ends up saying “Nice socks” to Justin one day, when he passes him in one of the alleys. Justin looks at him, a bit puzzled (which is how any normal person would feel when randomly faced with such a weird compliment), but he thanks him nonetheless.

Emmanuel leaves the aisle without the book he was searching for, ashamed as he is for his inadequacy when it comes to flirting. He is an actual catastrophe.

Once he’s back at his table, he hides his face in his hand to hide himself from the world and that’s why Angela manages to creep up on him once again, nearly making him jump out of his skin when she says:

“You’re lucky you’re cute.”

“Please stop doing that… and uh, what?” He asks with a hand on his chest, trying to calm his frantic heartbeat.  

“You’re lucky you’re cute, because you’re a disaster.” Angela says, ruffling his already messy hair before leaving.

“Well, thanks, I guess…” Emmanuel says sarcastically, even though she’s already gone. He’ll look crazy, talking to himself, but it can’t really be worse than the socks incident.

A few days later, Emmanuel is walking through the library with a huge pile of books in his hands when he dramatically slips on something he failed to see on the ground. He ends up sprawled on the floor with a dozen of books scattered around him. Carrying so many books he couldn’t see his feet anymore was probably not the best idea.

Justin, having witnessed his ridiculous accident, sadly for Emmanuel, comes running and apologies profusely.

“It’s all my fault, I’m so sorry! I was putting books on the bottom shelf and I left a few on the floor when I had to go help someone… Are you okay?”

He was speaking very quickly, sounding truly bothered by what happened.

“I’m fine, don’t worry. It’s partially my fault too, anyway, I didn’t see where I was going.”

Justin apologies again, nonetheless, and helps Emmanuel get back on his feet. Then, he helps him pick the books off the floor.

“Thank you…” Emmanuel tells him with a smile, which looks way too smitten, he’s pretty sure.

Justin smiles back at him dazzlingly and that’s when Emmanuel decides he’s going to try talking to him tomorrow. He has to.

So, the following day, he goes to Justin, whose shift is thankfully at the information desk, planning to ask him for book recommendations as a pretext to flirt with him. He’s extremely nervous, yet he doesn’t turn away. This is now or never.

“Hello! I… uh… I was wondering if there were some…” Emmanuel doesn’t even have the time to end his sentence before he notices something is wrong: his nose is bleeding, quite profusely at that, probably because of his nervousness. He’s cursed, there is no other explanation.

“Oh my God, I’m gonna look for some tissues, I’ll be right back.” Justin says, as helpful as usual, before leaving in a hurry.

He’s back less than a minute later with a whole box of tissues. Seriously, this man is a blessing. Emmanuel already has blood all over his hands, and his shirt would have come next if it was not for Justin’s efficiency.

“Thank you so much!”

Emmanuel’s voice comes off as nasal, but he doesn’t even care: he’s been far more ridiculous in the past.

“Does it happen to you often? You’re losing quite a lot of blood.” Justin asks worriedly.

Emmanuel reassures him:

“It happened a few times before… I think it’ll be fine, but I should probably go home… thanks again for your help.”

After this other incident, Emmanuel has lost hope of ever seducing Justin. He’s far too awkward for that. So, he goes back to admiring him from afar without trying to talk to him.

Though, Justin still greets him with a smile more often than not. That’s something, at least.

One day, as he goes back home and opens a book he had put on hold about a week ago. His eyes immediately fall on a bright yellow sticky note on which a phone number is written, along with the words “call me” and the name “Justin”. It’s even better than Emmanuel could have dreamt of. He calls immediately, of course, not caring about seeming desperate. He kind of is anyway.

They go on their first date the following weekend, and soon they start seeing each other every other day. The sticky note thing becomes a tradition in their relationship: since Emmanuel keeps coming at the library and Justin keeps on working there, the latter uses a sticky note left in one of the books Emmanuel borrows to ask him to move in with him. After a year of them leaving together, Emmanuel comes to the information desk and hands an open book to Justin, saying:

“Look at that honey, I think it might interest you.”

Justin takes the book from Emmanuel, probably not expecting anything out of the ordinary, since Emmanuel often comes to him with particular passages that have caught his eye.

Though, when he looks at the page, he sees a bright orange sticky note on which he reads the words “Will you marry me?” in big black capital letters. When he looks back up with tears in his eyes, Emmanuel feels smooth for once in his life. And he also feels happier than he’s ever been.

There you go Anon! I have gotten a bit carried away with this one, so it’s quite a bit longer than usual ^^ I focused mostly on the awkward flirting stage and not on what happened after Justin left the sticky not (I hope it’s what you wanted, and if not I hope you liked it nonetheless :)).

John Samir Zawahri was born on June 8, 1989 in Lebanon to Samir Zawahri and Randa Adbou. The couple married in 1985 but separated on 2 occasions, first in 1993 and then again in 1998 due to alleged abuse by Samir. At the time of the rampage, John was living in an apartment with his mother and had limited contact with his father. In 2006, while attending Olympic High School in Santa Monica, a teacher noticed John researching information on firearms and instructions for making explosive devices. It was quickly discovered that he had also made repeated threats against students, teachers, and campus security officers. The matter was turned over to the police and a search of his home led officers to find bomb-making materials. Zawahri was admitted to UCLA’s Neuropsychiatric Institute but released a short time later to the surprise, and dismay, of many Olympic High School staff members. After graduating high school, he was briefly enrolled at Santa Monica College from 2009-2010.

On June 7, 2013, the California Highway Patrol received a report of shots fired at a home in Santa Monica, California. Officers arrived on the scene to discover the residence on fire and summoned the fire department. After extinguishing the blaze, the bodies of two men were discovered inside the house and later identified as 55 year old Samir Zawahri and 24 year old Christopher Zawahri, John’s father and older brother. It was quickly determined that at least one of the men had been shot to death before the fire started. Police would soon realize that this was only the beginning of a deadly shooting spree perpetrated by Zawahri. After setting fire to the house, Zawahri carjacked a woman at gunpoint. When a passing motorist attempted to intervene, John used the AR-15-type semiautomatic rifle that he had machined himself out of aluminum, to shoot and wound her. He then ordered the driver of the car to take him to the Santa Monica College campus. During the drive to the college, he fired at a city bus, injuring 3 people, and a police cruiser. Once Zawahri reached the college campus, he shot into a Ford Explorer, killing 68 year old Carlos Navarro Franco and critically wounding his 26 year old daughter Marcela Dia Franco. Marcela would die from her wounds two days later in an area hospital. As he made his way to the college library, Zawahri fatally shot 68 year old Margarita Gomez. Once inside the library he fired upon a group of students and then turned his attention to library employees who had barricaded themselves in a storage room. Most of the people in the area had been able to hide or escape unharmed after hearing gunshots and screams. Police responded to emergency calls and exchanged gunfire with John inside the library. He was fatally wounded by the officers and died a short time later. Santa Monica police officers then spent over eight hours searching the college campus for additional shooters and victims but found none.

Despite leaving a 3 page letter that expressed remorse over killing his father and brother, Zawahri did not give a motive for the shootings. Police have alleged that an undetermined family dispute started the rampage. Investigators also believe that mental illness may have played a role but no details have ever been given in regards to this.

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Two dead in library shooting, shooter in custody

CLOVIS - “Run!,” he yelled.

“Why aren’t you running? I’m shooting at you! Run!”

Lisa Baird said she was maybe 20 feet from the young man shouting the words as he opened fire in the Clovis-Carver Public Library on Monday afternoon, killing two people and leaving four more injured.

Police declined to name the suspect, but said there was only one and he was handcuffed as police led him away from the scene soon after they arrived. Friends identified the teenager photographed in police custody as Nathaniel Jouett, a sophomore at Clovis High School.

Family and friends said Krissie Carter and Wanda Walters, both library employees, were killed.

Two men and two women were injured. Three of the injured were flown to hospitals out of town, officials said.

The extent of their injuries was not released.

Baird, in a lengthy exchange with The News through Facebook Messenger, said she was talking with a library patron from her seat at the library’s reference desk when she heard a “very loud bang.”

“My initial thought was why would someone throw a cherry bomb or M80 firecracker into the library? Then I saw a young man aim his hand, which had a handgun in it, to the ground/carpet about 6 feet in front of him and he fired like four or five shots into the carpet.”

Baird said she dove under a nearby desk “and tried to squish up as small as possible.”

From there, Baird said she could hear the man moving around the library and firing multiple shots.

“Then I heard his pants ‘shooshing’ as he approached the end of the reference desk. I heard a sound like a phone or something being put on the reference counter at the end of the desk, about 4 feet from my head.”

Seconds later, Baird said police entered the library and began shouting for the man with the gun to “lay on the ground” repeatedly.

Police Chief Doug Ford said the suspect offered no resistance after police arrived.

Vanessa Aguirre said she was in the library with her son when a man came in and “started to shoot” into the air.

“It all happened so fast,” she said, minutes after it happened. “We took off fast. My purse is still in there.”

Aguirre said she did not see anyone shot, but the shooter was still in the library when she left. She said he fired into the ceiling. She said she thought he had a handgun.

Kim Tipton, who was in the American Classified building across the street from the library, said she saw multiple police officers arrive at the library a few minutes after 4 p.m.

“Their guns were drawn, AK-whatever they were, they were drawn,” she said.

Police Chief Ford said police entered the library immediately on arrival, minutes after they were called.

More than a dozen law enforcement and emergency vehicles surrounded the library as paramedics and law officers rushed in to begin treating the wounded.

Clovis Mayor David Lansford called the incident “a tragic and senseless act.”

“This is a big blow to our community,” he said. “We’re all hurting right now."Ford said authorities had no motive for the shootings. Police were still on the scene late Monday night as television news crews conducted interviews with a backdrop of police cars flashing their lights

Curry County Adult Detention Center Administrator Mark Gallegos said the suspect remained in police custody at 9 p.m. and had not been processed into the jail.

Baird said she remained shaken hours after the shootings, in part because of the suspect’s demeanor.

"When he was answering the cops’ questions, he was calm. His voice held no negativity or shakiness … no quavering at all,” she said.

She also expressed anger.

“That (expletive) better go away for the rest of his life, or disappear somewhere,” she said.

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hi this may be an unusual ask but, in less than a month i am likely going to be promoted into a different department. i'll be working in a library branch as a book shelver or something similar. i wanted to know if you i guess, have any tips for working in a library? sorry if this is vague im just curious, i saw that youre a reference librarian so i thought youd have some??

I sort of like how vague it is?

20 Random Tips for Library Survival:

  • It really does matter where the books go. If it’s not where it’s supposed to be on shelf, in rough sort, or on display, it doesn’t exist.
  • Be very wary of the “no fines for library employees” rule. 98% of us can’t handle that kind of responsibility.
  • Do whatever the director says. Drop everything for them.
  • Ditto for board members.
  • Patrons will assume that because you work in a library you know everything about it. It is your job to pass these questions off to the correct authority.
  • Understand how to use the catalog. Someone has to.
  • Never promise anything.
  • Children are always right.
  • Befriend your tech support.
  • Befriend whichever librarian is in charge of ordering materials for your favorite collection. They’ll order almost anything you want (so long as it’s new and moderately priced).
  • If you stare blankly and smile at a patron long enough, they’ll stop telling you their racist theory about the economy.
  • It’s really hard to push 50lb book carts in high heels when you only weigh 108lbs.
  • Fill displays whenever you can.
  • Beware the phrase “we’ve always done it this way.”
  • Wear gloves when working with children’s books or cookbooks.
  • Always feed the reference librarian.
  • Reader’s advisory is everyone’s job. Be prepared to talk about books, movies, or music that you love.
  • Never judge anyone on their tastes. Every book has its reader and every reader their book. It’s not up to you to decide what’s good and what’s bad.
  • Speak softly around technical services workers. They spook easily.
  • Keep a parka in your locker. You’ll need it.
Is Charles part of VFD?

It is common knowledge amongst Snicket fans that Sir’s lumbermill is involved in a shady business deal with VFD: they design buildings at their discretion in a specific, highly inflammable green wood.

His conversations with his business partner, at first glance, seem to imply that Sir is the one acquainted with the organization while Charles is just a passive enabler:

“The Finite Forest is running low on trees, so business is bad for the lumbermill. The last big order we had was for building that horseradish factory, and that was a very long time ago. I’m hoping Thursday’s cocktail party will be an excellent opportunity to do some business. After all, if it weren’t for my lumber, this hotel wouldn’t even exist!“
"I remember,” Charles said. “We had to deliver the lumber in the middle of the night. But Sir, you told me you never heard from that organization again.”
“I didn’t,” Sir said, “until now. You’re not the only one who gets notes from this fellow J. S.”

[Sir and Charles - The Penultimate Peril, Chapter Five]

But other passages can lead us to believed that Charles is withholding information from Sir and that he knows a great more deal about VFD than he appears. He did tell him that he received letters from J.S., but there are other details he has clearly hidden from his partner.

Keep reading

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I just want to say: I work in a library, and this blog really speaks to me, bc you're genuinely the librarians of this pairing. just like a rl library employee, u get the same questions over and over that u have to answer with a slightly strained smile on your face, & have to point out things that have huge flashing signs hanging over them, & get hella weird question on occasion that leave u like ??? so yeah, you guys are the real MVPs, & pls keep doing what you're doing, we'd be lost w/o u ^-^

DUDE. DUDE. I worked in a library for like 5 years. I literally started as a mod here like a month after I had to leave since i was moving cities for uni and I missed doing library work. So I just kinda started here doing the same thing. People ask some pretty weird questions here but honestly nothing fazes me after these two things while working my job: 

1. a little old lady asking me to help her find nordic knitting book and once she found it, smiling at me and asking if we happened to have a copy of the gay man’s kama sutra. (we did and she checked it out)

2. At least 5 nasty 20 something men asking me out after following me around for an hour.

for real though that one relanafanel fic where bucky is a grumpy librarian like, that is me. GODDAMN IT THE DEWY DECIMAL SYSTEM IS NOT THAT HARD GUYS.

Pride and Prejudice: Tinder Edition

Ever wondered what your favorite literary characters would be like on Tinder? So have we! This week we will be posting one book of Tinder accounts per day.

Check out the rest of the series: The Great Gatsby, The Hunger Games, The Lord of the Rings, Romeo and Juliet

(All profiles by BYU library student employee, Libby Thomas.)

Check back tomorrow for another set of literary Tinder accounts!

The Cutting Edge of Library Technology!

Throughout history, libraries have always been on the cutting edge and the first to make widespread use of the newest technology.  The Cleveland Public Library was no exception, as you can see below. 

Shown here is Kathleen Dowd, Catalog Department, Main Library, 1937. Miss Dowd is operating one of the Library’s typewriters specially fitted to accommodate two catalog cards simultaneously, enabling rapid and accurate duplication of the usually complex material which forms the card’s contents.

A motor-driven eraser speeds the work in the Catalog Department! Photo taken May 1937. Seriously? Is erasing that hard that you need a motor-driven eraser? I will never again complain about today’s youth…

Shown here is the Library’s multigraph, used for quantity production of catalog cards. May, 1937. The multigraph was an early copy machine that had the distinction of reproducing letters that looked like they were typewritten.

A Library employee using the Telautograph machine, ca. 1925.  The telautograph was an early precursor to the fax machine, reproducing hand written information by transmitting electrical impulses from one station to another. 

The Library’s Telautograph machine was used to send information between the Public Catalog room (pictured above, ca. 1925) to the Sociology Division and the Technology Division.

One of Cleveland Public Library’s earliest online catalog terminals. The Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) was made available for use by selected Main Library subject departments on an experimental basis in the Summer of 1980. By the end of the year, the OPAC service had been extended to all public departments in the Main Library and Business and Science Building. The Library’s catalog of 1.2 million individual titles was fully online by December 1st, 1982.   

Dr. Ervin Gaines, Director and Ms. Marion Huttner, Deputy Director, using the Library’s new Online Public Access Catalog, early 1980′s. To the dismay of many staff and patrons, Dr. Gaines closed the Main Library Public Catalog room on February 1st, 1984.  It held 5 million cards at the time and was long regarded as the nerve center of the collections.

The Great Gatsby: Tinder Edition

Ever wondered what your favorite literary characters would be like on Tinder? So have we! This week we will be posting one book of Tinder accounts per day.

Check out the rest of the series: Pride and PrejudiceThe Hunger Games, The Lord of the Rings, Romeo and Juliet

(All profiles by BYU library student employee, Libby Thomas.)

Come back tomorrow for the final installment of literary tinder accounts… it’s a romantic classic!