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This was the cutest little book shop that I visited when staying at my grandads this weekend! It had a tiny cafe attached with second hand books to read whilst you enjoy your coffee! ☕️


SCRTD Crowded Bus Stop RTD_1131_13 by Metro Library and Archive
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SCRTD Crowded Bus Stop. 2/15/1983.

Craft Tips I Wish I Had known When I Became a Teen Services Librarian

Today we have a guest post from Cindy (White Oak Library District) talking about craft tips that every teen librarian should know.

Craft Tips I Wish I Had known When I Became a Teen Services Librarian

  1. Never buy off brand Perler beads. They melt at a different rate and that makes it more difficult to get a clear image.
  2. When you have glue always watch the teens carefully. You might think teens can handle glue successfully and some can, but you will see teens glue themselves together, eat glue and also try to sniff the glue that smells funny.
  3. You are going to burn yourself and that is way better than having a teen burn themselves. I have invested in heavy duty oven mitts, because I had a toaster oven door fall open and it gave me a second degree burn.
  4. Make sure you have a first aid kit. Mistakes in crafts happen and you want to be prepared. Teen will get burns, cuts and all sorts of mishaps.
  5. Pinterest fails can and will happen. It looks so wonderful in the picture and now you and the teens have made the ugliest craft in the world. That is part of the fun of crafting. The teens are getting to hang out and have a shared experience.
  6. Some teens are just terrible at crafts. You will have teens that try and then constantly break or make the worst crafts. Sometimes you can help, but remember it is their craft not yours.
  7. Sometimes teens do not finish the craft and that is okay. Not every craft is going to be finished. Every teen has a different skills level.
  8. The craft is not always the reason teens come. Teens know that the program is a place that they can hang out and talk with their friends. If I notice a teen is not doing the craft, sometimes I will ask them if they plan on doing the craft and if not, can I have their supplies to give to anther patron. I am really lucky I have a big enough programming room that having extra people hanging out is always okay.
  9. Not everyone is going to sign up. Some communities are used to signing up ahead of time. I encourage teens to sign up, so I will have enough craft supplies. I did fairy jars in May. I had 30 people show up when only 5 had signed up. I had to close the doors because that was all the supplies I had.
  10. Messy is okay but plan for it. I love glitter so much. But I know I have to be ready to vacuum and wipe down the table and tell custodial staff about the program. I have learned that letting know custodial know about the craft beforehand makes everyone’s life better, if it is a messy one.

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anonymous asked:

I'm taking my girlfriend out on a date, but she's lactose intolerant and I swear to god there are no accommodating cafés in our area. I promised her a cute surprise date; what the hell do I do now?

Speaking as someone who is lactose intolerant, I wouldn’t worry about it too much. Even if they don’t advertise them, the cafes probably offer some dairy free options (you can get pretty much anything with soy instead of milk). If you want to be really prepared, lactase enzyme pills are always nice to have on hand, though your girlfriend probably already has these for this kind of situation. If you’re really concerned, you can call the cafes and inquire about their dairy free offerings.

Although there are tons of cute date ideas that don’t involve cafes or dairy at all. You could go to a park, take a class at the local park district or library, visit a local tourist attraction you’ve never seen before, bake cookies, go to a bookstore, check out thrift stores, go bowling, or ice skating—you have a lot of options.

studying @ the library in the shopping district again!
unfortunately I forgot to bring my history notes :(
nevertheless I’ve got some content knowledge on the subject matter and have been coping well with it alone.