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Storefront window displaying women’s clothing, six mannequins wearing dresses and a suit, women’s dresses hanging on back wall, mirrors, lamps, potted plants and vases of flowers also in the window display. Written on the outside awning: “4145-Fit Rite Shoppe-4145.” c.1930

Harvey C. Jackson Collection.

  • Courtesy of the Burton Historical Collection, Detroit Public Library
Who says I cannot place powerful political biographies on one side and all the library’s dystopian novels on the other side, under the banner Ultimate Choose Your Own Adventure? Who says?
—  When a librarian demands to know why library displays aren’t the best format for subversive tactics
Unbirthday Present

I am sorry that it has taken me so long to write this one. I have had a really hard time writing lately, and I especially wanted this to be good, as I am dedicating it to my lovely friend @beccaanne814-blog.

It was recently Becca’s birthday, and I promised that I would make it up to her for missing it. Becca, I really hope that you like this. I took my inspiration straight from you (I hope you don’t mind), and I hope that you enjoy your unbirthday present! Thank you so much for being such a beautiful and supportive presence in my life, and I hope that our friendship will continue into the future.

If you guys have any feedback, as always, please feel free to let me know. And, if you are interested, go check out Becca’s blog as well! She is an amazing writer!



“What the…” you heard Bucky mutter from the loungeroom. You put down your sponge, removed your gloves, and exited the kitchen to see what had happened.

Bucky was standing next to the couch, only he had moved it back to sweep underneath it. You got closer, and noticed the little scraps of paper you thought you had lost.

“Oh good! I was looking for those!” You exclaimed, happily retrieving them and tucking them into your bookshelf. “I was thinking about using some of the quotes at the library. Maybe displaying them in front of the books they came from.”

You went back into the kitchen and resumed scrubbing the counters, while Bucky scratched his head, and swept the loungeroom.

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Reign VII (Reader x Bucky Barnes)

Word Count: 1981

Summary: Royal AU: the reader is a princess next in line to take the throne. Bucky is a knight that has been put in charge of taking care of and protecting the reader.

Warnings: none d8 night ya boi

A/N: Only a few more parts left in this series and i’m actually really sad about that, omg. I hope you guys like this, hopefully it was worth the wait!


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Happy New Comic Book Day!

In honor of another fabulous Wednesday, the KCC Library would like to highlight Hunter S. Thompson’s Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas - GRAPHIC NOVEL STYLE.

Adapted by Troy Little, Thompson’s “savage journey to the heart of the American dream” was destined to be immortalized in four colors. The gutters heave and twist with every new drug the protagonists ingest and Little’s art perfectly captures the coarse mundanity of everyday American consumerism in the heart of Las Vegas, as well as the narcotic induced wonder of every weird and terrible trip that’s taken.

Fans of the original book or the 1998 movie should seriously consider picking up this graphic gem. It is currently a part of our monthly display, “Love the movie? Read the book!”, and is available for check out today! Come and visit us any time. 

Happy Reading!

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