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3.2.17// long and quite productive day. I had an intense seminar in the morning and I´m quite satisfied with my speaking. Then I had a long study session in the library (from 2 pm to 7 pm), I´m so deep into my readings, I´m working on Röggla´s Essenpoetik Essays and it´s just the beginning. Next week I want to collect all my readings so that I can start building a bibliography and writing my paper. I also found an awesome Spotify playlist, so calming, inspiring, so good for focusing! 

Soundtrack: Intense Studying playlist on Spotify 


28.09.16 Two hour study session in the library! Making sure I’ve got all the books I need in a list so I can go get them later, but I’ve already picked up Marx’s theory of history. This library gives me chills and also I feel like I’m at hogwarts. I hope it never wears off. I played quidditch today for the first time too! Really fun - I scored a goal and tackled two people to the ground! Bake off tonight and then to the pub! Xxxxx emily

26th Feb 2016 ||

Good news: All of my exams are done and I already know I passed three of them. I’m still waiting for the last two results. 

While I’m technically on holidays now, I still have to finish a project for my linguistics seminar. As you can see, I’m working on that right now. It’s raining outside anyway, so I’m not really missing out on anything.  


9.1.17// studying at Philological library at FU Dahlem. My girl and I had an intense study session, we are both preparing a Referat on Calvino. 
I´m doing my research and as soon as possible I´ll jot down the handout for friday presentation. 

p.s Studyblr photo challenge January 2017 - 9. Pomodoro
I wanted to keep on with the studyblr photo challenge January 2017 but I actually don´t use the pomodoro technic. All I can say is that I ate a quinoa tomato soup for dinner, hope it´s enough “pomodoro” for today (ahahah) 🍅.

21.02.17 Tuesdays are my busiest days so here’s just a quick post! I was working on my essay in Goldney House yesterday with my flatmates! It’s due in day after tomorrow so wish me luck! Xxx emily





This was my first finals season as a studyblr, and I missed out on wishing you all luck 😢 but here’s a photo from mine and my roommates typical library study sprawl, and our friend Lauren in her photogenic little corner.

*You best believe we carried our French press across campus to the library in the snow. 😆

aka the art of the cram session. 

step I: find a spot

start by finding a good place to study. the library, your desk or dining table at home, an empty classroom – anywhere that’s quiet with a table and chair will work. 

step II: supplies

get all the supplies you’ll need up front, so you don’t have to get up and get something in the middle of studying. depending on the subject, you’ll probably need a notebook or paper, pens, highlighters, sticky notes, and a computer.

step III: find some music

I have to listen to something while I’m working. Sometimes it’s ambient noise, sometimes it’s my favorite music, and sometimes it’s netflix to keep me focused. find out what music helps you stay productive and grab some headphones and jam! you can check out my playlist tag for ideas.

step IV: get comfy

comfort is key for long study sessions! wear layers – the library can get so cold! be sure to keep plenty of snacks and water (and coffee) on hand, too. 

step V: make a plan

once you’ve got your space ready, sit down and make a plan of attack for all the things you need to do. 

step VI: get to work

I like to use the pomodoro method to keep me on track, but remind me to take breaks. 25 minutes of straight studying, with a 5 minute break. after 5 “pomodoros” take a 25 minute break. don’t forgot that breaks are key – I always take a break to eat meals in addition to the pomodoro breaks. don’t forget to change your scenery from time to time, too! you don’t have to switch study locations, but use some of your breaks to step outside and get some fresh air. 

step VII: treat yo’ self

now you’ve done the hard work and have knocked that project/paper/test out, take a page out of Tom Haverford’s book and treat yo self. Go get some ice cream, watch a movie, or take a well-deserved nap. Whatever you do, make sure it’s fun – you’ve earned it!