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So I’ve been completely infuriated to see what that libreoffice’s mascot contest turned out to be. The absolute incompetence from the side of organizers has caught me by surprise (and continues to do so). I believe everyone can agree that TysonTan’s submission had all the rights to win or at least to currently be among the finalists. The audacity of organizers to dismiss a whole library of carefully crafted Libbie illustrations is insane. I really sympathize with TysonTan in this turn of events. No work of this amount and quality should go overlooked by the ones whom it was made for. At least the actual people know that he indeed made the best work out there and it’s the contest’s organizers are the only thing that leaves a lot to be desired.

Libbie, Kiki and Konqi are characters by @tysontan


Tales of knights and virtues that pulled readers out of the soot and smog of the industrial age were the ideal material for Arts and Crafts designers. This 1898 edition of Edmund Spenser’s Faerie Queene was published by J.M. Dent and illustrated with woodcuts designed by Louis Fairfax-Muckley, who had previously worked for William Morris’s Kelmscott Press.  This edition is remarkable for its binding decorations, which were hand-painted by Fairfax-Muckley and bound by Cedric Chivers, using a technique called “Vellucent.” With this process, artists painted and gilted directly onto the boards, before covering their artwork with an ultra-thin and translucent piece of vellum to protect the images. DB


On this day, 24th March 1834, William Morris was born.

William Morris was the leading member of the Arts and Crafts movement and founded the Kelmscott Press in 1890.

The Works of Geoffrey Chaucer published by the Kelmscott Press in 1896, was considered by many the most beautiful book of he nineteenth century and is an outstanding example of nineteenth-century book production.

The paper was hand made to replicate the quality of Bolognese paper made in 1473 and a special ink was imported from Hanover. The volume contains 87      woodcut illustrations designed by Sir Edward Burne-Jones and 26 large woodcut initials and numerous borders designed by William Morris. It was luxury item which only the wealthy could afford - only 425 standard copies were produced, plus 13 volumes on vellum which sold for 120 pounds.

The State Library of New South Wales holds a Rare book copy of the Kelmscott Chaucer which was purchased by the Mitchell Library in 1921.

About to start this Grimoire like:

Never had a proper grimoire/BoS/spellbook/etc so much as I’ve misplaced scribbled-on bits of paper. Feeling inspired (and of course, looking for any excuse to avoid The Thing™ ), I’ve decided to get fancy with my magic(k)al record keeping. I know you don’t HAVE to, but if you WANT to, the library is still an amazing resource!

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The signs belong
  • Aries: at home
  • Leo: in bed
  • Sagittarius: in the wilderness
  • Aquarius: in space
  • Gemini: at a party
  • Libra: in a art museum
  • Cancer: in someones arms
  • Pisces: in fairytales
  • Scorpio: in the sea
  • Taurus: in the library
  • Virgo: in a craft store
  • Capricorn: in a cafe

This is Loki. He hangs on my bag … which is also why he’s sort of beat up (sorry, little dude).

I’m not a pop culture pagan (although, I love ya’ll). MCU Loki and Thor are not who I see when I visualize my gods.

But you know what?

Seeing my key chain reminds me to pray. It reminds me to commune. It reminds me that my god is near.

With every new MCU movie involving the Norse pantheon there is this … amazing rile up. People just about go to war– getting mad because people found the pantheon through the movie; getting upset because they’re commingling MCU imagery and characterization with historical lore; etc.

It’s okay for people to learn, you know. It’s okay for pop culture to lead people to a spiritual path.

When I was in my early studies over 20 years ago, you know what brought people into the New Age section of the book store and libraries? Hocus Pocus, The Craft, and Charmed. Then came the Buffy the Vampire Slayer witches because Willow.  I even knew some people who started studying the occult because of Bride of Chucky.

Pop culture is exposure. People want to learn more about what they’ve been exposed to. They want to find out what’s real out there, and reach out to touch some things.

A lot of the same people get bored and move on with their lives, never picking up another occult/New Age book, doing another ritual, or saying another prayer.

Others however, stay. And they learn deeply and worship heartily. They become steady members of the pagan communities. Some of those folks are even embarrassed to admit that a movie brought them to their lifelong religion.

All of that was to say, relax. Try not to completely obliterate the new people who will ultimately flock in. Let them do a little window shopping. If they want to learn, they will pick up the resources, and if they just want to come and play, then shoo them away from you, and let them know that you are not willing to take your personal practices and play with them.

But don’t work yourself up into a lather because you’ll never get from underneath the inevitable continuation of pop culture exposure.

I’m not saying this so much for them as I am for you. Be good to yourself.

If they asked me at heavens gates what I did with my life I’d say “I felt everything. Please let me in.”

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Happy bellarke fam selfie night! Happy Praimfaya! Happy finale! Happy show day! OMG. I almost posted the selfie with the bags under my eyes from not sleeping over this damn show, but it turns out I’m too vain. Huge bags. HUGE. Like duffel bags. So instead, you get a photo of the library/tvroom/craft room my uncle is building in my house. He’s going to put a projection tv in there for movies. I like that it’s someone else’s project and I don’t have to do it. Just waiting to put my books up.

I have been working on my novel, as well as my bellarke fics for alpha male celebration. i thought I was falling behind, but it turns out I did post two this week, and that’s what I promised, it’s just that one of them is an extra chapter in my 90s au fic  (which someone did prompt me to continue) and then there’s a canon divergent one set after the list scene with added jobi nuts and party. I have the bellarke pregnancy one in the lighthouse that I’m having trouble with  at the moment, because, while unlikely, it’s still in the realm of possibility, so I’m going to wait until after the show has jossed it, so I can be free with my interpretation.

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