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On this day, 24th March 1834, William Morris was born.

William Morris was the leading member of the Arts and Crafts movement and founded the Kelmscott Press in 1890.

The Works of Geoffrey Chaucer published by the Kelmscott Press in 1896, was considered by many the most beautiful book of he nineteenth century and is an outstanding example of nineteenth-century book production.

The paper was hand made to replicate the quality of Bolognese paper made in 1473 and a special ink was imported from Hanover. The volume contains 87      woodcut illustrations designed by Sir Edward Burne-Jones and 26 large woodcut initials and numerous borders designed by William Morris. It was luxury item which only the wealthy could afford - only 425 standard copies were produced, plus 13 volumes on vellum which sold for 120 pounds.

The State Library of New South Wales holds a Rare book copy of the Kelmscott Chaucer which was purchased by the Mitchell Library in 1921.

The signs belong
  • Aries: at home
  • Leo: in bed
  • Sagittarius: in the wilderness
  • Aquarius: in space
  • Gemini: at a party
  • Libra: in a art museum
  • Cancer: in someones arms
  • Pisces: in fairytales
  • Scorpio: in the sea
  • Taurus: in the library
  • Virgo: in a craft store
  • Capricorn: in a cafe

Tales of knights and virtues that pulled readers out of the soot and smog of the industrial age were the ideal material for Arts and Crafts designers. This 1898 edition of Edmund Spenser’s Faerie Queene was published by J.M. Dent and illustrated with woodcuts designed by Louis Fairfax-Muckley, who had previously worked for William Morris’s Kelmscott Press.  This edition is remarkable for its binding decorations, which were hand-painted by Fairfax-Muckley and bound by Cedric Chivers, using a technique called “Vellucent.” With this process, artists painted and gilted directly onto the boards, before covering their artwork with an ultra-thin and translucent piece of vellum to protect the images. DB

Craft Tips I Wish I Had known When I Became a Teen Services Librarian

Today we have a guest post from Cindy (White Oak Library District) talking about craft tips that every teen librarian should know.

Craft Tips I Wish I Had known When I Became a Teen Services Librarian

  1. Never buy off brand Perler beads. They melt at a different rate and that makes it more difficult to get a clear image.
  2. When you have glue always watch the teens carefully. You might think teens can handle glue successfully and some can, but you will see teens glue themselves together, eat glue and also try to sniff the glue that smells funny.
  3. You are going to burn yourself and that is way better than having a teen burn themselves. I have invested in heavy duty oven mitts, because I had a toaster oven door fall open and it gave me a second degree burn.
  4. Make sure you have a first aid kit. Mistakes in crafts happen and you want to be prepared. Teen will get burns, cuts and all sorts of mishaps.
  5. Pinterest fails can and will happen. It looks so wonderful in the picture and now you and the teens have made the ugliest craft in the world. That is part of the fun of crafting. The teens are getting to hang out and have a shared experience.
  6. Some teens are just terrible at crafts. You will have teens that try and then constantly break or make the worst crafts. Sometimes you can help, but remember it is their craft not yours.
  7. Sometimes teens do not finish the craft and that is okay. Not every craft is going to be finished. Every teen has a different skills level.
  8. The craft is not always the reason teens come. Teens know that the program is a place that they can hang out and talk with their friends. If I notice a teen is not doing the craft, sometimes I will ask them if they plan on doing the craft and if not, can I have their supplies to give to anther patron. I am really lucky I have a big enough programming room that having extra people hanging out is always okay.
  9. Not everyone is going to sign up. Some communities are used to signing up ahead of time. I encourage teens to sign up, so I will have enough craft supplies. I did fairy jars in May. I had 30 people show up when only 5 had signed up. I had to close the doors because that was all the supplies I had.
  10. Messy is okay but plan for it. I love glitter so much. But I know I have to be ready to vacuum and wipe down the table and tell custodial staff about the program. I have learned that letting know custodial know about the craft beforehand makes everyone’s life better, if it is a messy one.

“Y/N? I got the ice cream you wanted!” Sam called, frowning as he shut the door of the bunker. Darkness coated the building, with only one small, almost-invisible flickering of light coming from the library. He walked down the staircase with caution, making sure to not miss any steps or to slip on something. “Y/N?”

Suddenly, every bulb lit up again, and Sam’s eyes grew wide. 

“Happy birthday, Sam!” you shouted along with Dean, Cas, and Charlie, running up to him and attacking him with a hug. 

A huge banner stood in the middle of the library, paint and different craft materials forming the words you had shouted just a few seconds earlier (the cat stickers were an addition from Cas). And right in the center table stood a small carrot cake with two candles in the forms of a three and a two. 

“Wow,” Sam laughed, hugging you back tightly. 

You pulled away from his embrace with a grin, wrapping your arms around his neck and pulling him down to meet you. Sam smiled into the kiss, cupping your cheeks and pressing you against him as close as he could.

“Hey, birthday boy, you have tonight to do that!” Dean suddenly shouted, making you pull away from Sam while Cas and Charlie laughed. “C’mon and cut the cake, old man!”