library card


  • Jonathan is a member of every public library branch in Gotham, and visits them regularly.  You can find him hiding out in the psychology and poetry sections most often. Although sometimes he can get lost in the classics.
  • His library cards have always been issued under his legal name. (the only notable exception to this rule is the old library in Arlen, which was issued to Jonathan Keeny, at his Great Grandmother’s wishes) He felt like it was pointless to create an alias for a library card.
  • He has been a member of the Gotham Public Library system since before he was The Scarecrow, and the oldest of the staff remember him from his days at Gotham University.
  • An old janitor at the library always greets him as Professor Crane, and asks him if he’s still “scaring those whipper snappers” at the University.
  • The staff actually love him; believe it or not, because he’s one of their best patrons. He always donates heavily to their funding, even though he himself doesn’t have much of an income.
  • They all know him by name, but each of the staff call him something other than Jonathan in case one of the bat’s children are nearby. These nicknames reference anything from classic poets to horror icons.
  • Because of all this, the libraries have become a safe haven for Jonathan and often a secret hideout, or second home. He can be found sipping on a cup of coffee on the second floor cafe or lounging in one of the giant chairs downstairs. Just imagine, you could be only a few bookshelves away from the Scarecrow during your visits to the public library. Oh, he chuckles at the thought!

Books and Habits

  • There’s a method to his madness, the best word to describe his cluttered form of collecting books is Tsundoku. (“Tsundoku” (n.) is the condition of acquiring reading materials but letting them pile up in one’s home without reading them. )
  • He has a preference for used books, they tell the most interesting stories. The books that are left forgotten are the ones that find their way into his home more often then not.
  • Speaking of used books, he loves perusing used bookstores over their chain counterparts. He could spends hours inside of an old Ma and Pa establishment, reveling in the scent of old paperbacks.
  • Although he prefers a well worn book, he would never write in the margins or dog ear his pages. He always has a notebook beside him should he decided to take notes.
  • This is because there is no real organization to his collection, as stated above. He collects so many books that he often doesn’t have the time to read them all. Never the one to rush a book, he’ll let them sit around and gather dust. Sometimes books get lost, or misplaced, so using them for note taking would be wasteful.
  • He doesn’t always start a book with the intention of finishing it, he reads it up until it loses it’s interest. (with the exception of some fiction) This has caused him to have decent knowledge in all ranges of random subjects. He can spew out just as many random facts as Edward can spew out riddles.
  • He is not particularly protective of his collection, and is perfectly fine with lending out books to his fellow rogues. Harley and Edward have been known to browse his large collection from time to time, and borrow a few books. He’s fine with this as long as they return them, should he ever decide he needs to read that harlequin romance novel or c++ coding  manual.
  • Library books are taken care of as if they hold the most precious jewels and unlike those that surround his apartment, he makes sure never to lose sight of them. He built a floating shelf above his bedside for this explicit reason

xevioso100  asked:

Hello, Mark. In the State of Design article, you write, regarding devoid, "Interestingly, I believe the correct answer would have been to remove the devoid keyword and just write out what was the reminder text (tweaked slightly for rules purposes) on each card." I'm wondering why you didn't just make cards with devoid matter, like "Search your library for a card with devoid" or "Target takes damage = to the number of devoid cards in your hand" or "Spells with devoid cost 1 less" or something.

Because we were trying to play nicely with Khans of Tarkir, Shadows over Innistrad and Kaladesh, we preferred caring about “colorless”.

saltybluelion  asked:

❝ It's a good thing I have my library card, because I'm checking you out. ❞

( flirt w shiro / open )

Be supportive, he said to himself, even if Lance’s attempt at flirting was shameless, ridiculous, and some violation of professionalism all within the same instance. Shiro was, in all technicality (though they had no official, military system bounding their wrists), a commanding officer. And Shiro had been taught, or at least, it had been suggested, that he not flirt with a commanding officer. Of course, it was Lance, and he really hadn’t expected a modicum of decorum to flee his person, which was why he was also exasperated with himself for even being surprised at such words.

 In that case: I’d like to be returned, please.