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All owls are awesome, but this particular owl is named Yoda, works in a library, and even has his very own library card. Super awesome! Yoda is a 7-year-old Eurasian/European Eagle Owl who is brought to the library at the University of Bath in South West England twice a week where he drives off seagulls attempting to nest on the building. Nesting seagulls can become territorial and aggressive, so having an owl swoop in from time to time is an environmentally friendly deterrent to their efforts.

Yoda is so good at his job that the library management team decided to issue a library card in recognition of his valuable service to the university. The card is valid until 2020 and features a photo of Yoda along with the title, “Prof Yoda The Owl.” We hops that Yoda is now using his spiffy new library card on his days off to catch up on his reading.

[via Neatorama and The Guardian]

darkofthebluemoon7 asked:

In 5x05 Stiles seems to do something to the keypad so that he can open the library door without a card. In 5x04 when the Doctors abduct Donovan, they also do something to the keypad so they could open Donovan’s cell without a card. Do you think there is a connection or is this merely coincidence? Or am I seeing this wrong?

Interesting observation. 

I do think electromagnetic energy might be connected to Stiles somehow. We know that is what the doctors use to break out Donovan.  

Stilinski: Our station tech guys confirmed something for me… They said, both the holding cell lock and cameras could have malfunctioned because of something electromagnetic.

We see their weird electromagnetic fingers also open Valack’s cell door in 5x05. They also used it on Scott at the hospital in 5x06 and it triggered another asthma/panic attack. 

Stiles’ jeep keep dying and starting on him, almost as if he’s interrupting it. It died abruptly in 5x01 almost as if an electromagnetic pulse had hit it. Perhaps it came from Stiles? I know there were thunderstorms and cell phones malfunctioned, but all the other cars around Beacon Hills didn’t shut down, only Stiles’. 

The jeep has also started when it really shouldn’t at several times, often when Stiles really need it. Like after the lightning struck in 5x01

after Stiles hurt his hand and calmed down in 5x02

and also in 5x03

This has been repeated also in 5x05 after Donovan was killed. In fact sparks actually fly when Stiles fiddles with the engine

And then it starts without a hitch

in 5x06 we have Stiles’ “book vision” taking him directly to a chimera who feeds on electricity. 

Stiles in 3B was hit by enough to give him a lichtenberg scar and he also held Allison’s taser looking like he enjoyed it. 

He also seems to be connected to the nemeton which sits on the telluric currents, so all this seem to fit. And let’s not forget that Deaton in season 2 asked him to be a spark - “think of it as gunpowder, it’s just powder until something ignites it”. 

With this in mind it’s not such a stretch to think he could’ve opened the library locks with it. In my 5x05 episode ramblings I talked a bit about this. The locked doors at the library and how a card was needed to enter was heavily focused, so there is definitely reasons for that. 

Stiles opens the lock like this and to me it does look like he’s using a card. But the curious think is he swipes it at the side of the lock. 

When Donovan comes he opens it like this

He waves it in front of the lock - WHY the difference? Looking at the lock from the angle in the gif above it doesn’t even look like there’s a place to swipe the card on the side at all. 

So what is Stiles doing on the side of it? It’s weird, it’s filmed in a way that they want us to notice the difference. So either this is what I call mirror verse, or Stiles does something completely different from Donovan when opening the lock.

And we know Donovan has a library card because we’re shown this quite clearly just moments later.

After Donovan is dead, Stiles is about to leave when he realizes that the police will not be able to enter the library and find the body if the door is locked. So he gets a book of the trolley to hold it open. Once again we’re drawn to the fact that the doors lock automatically and requires a card. 

Then when Stiles gets back to check why the police just left we get this scene

He comes running, it doesn’t look like he’s pausing by the lock to swipe or wave anything at all. He just bursts into the room like the doors aren’t locked at all. 

There is nothing in his hand here. And when he’s in the room, both hands are clearly empty. We never see him put a card away. 

And let’s not forget that Stiles has locked and unlocked doors before, in season 4 at the hospital with Malia. I’ve argued this point again and again with people adamant that Melissa did it. I still say no, it was all Stiles. I think this scene fits nicely into that pattern. 

In conclusion, I definitely think it’s possible Stiles opened the library doors using telekinesis or electromagnetic energy or whatever I should call it, at least one of the times he burst through them :)


Kanina sa jeep I decided to read the book I borrowed from our library. Ang swerte ko nga kasi isa siya sa mga newly delivered books na andun tas yung title niya, interesting so i decided to borrow it.

Pero syempre, naalala ko, wala pa pala akong library card so nagasked ako for a library card and the super gandang librarian asked me na wala na raw at sa 3rd floor daw ako magavail so ayun, akyat ako ng 3rd floor dala dala reg card ko since I need it to avail my library card. Pagpunta ko din pinagfillup ako tas ayun nabigyan agad ako, pagbaba ko ng library sa 2nd floor, kinuha ko agad yung book then hiniram ko na siya agad. Inggit na inggit nga mga tropa ko since it was very interesting talaga. Even the cover is interesting.

So, on my way home, I read it. Anthology siya so marami siyang istorya so I first read the prologue. Then read the 1st story which has the title “Honesty hour” god it was so hilarious at first but when the characters, Mark, Shirley and Al told the truth about themselves, that’s when I got very tensed. Pano kasi si Lying Lary kasi (the guy from the radio who were interrogating them from telling the truth weird pakinggan oo, pero ayun ginagawa niya eh hahahaha creepy kaya niya pero astig padin basahin niyo guys ng maintindihan niyo ko kasi sure af clueless kayo sa mga pinagsasasabi ko hahaha) tas ayun, ending niya is naaksidente sila dahil sa mixed emotions nilang tatlo.

But damn, although the ending was tragic, it was a hella of a story.

So I got excited from reading the second story so while I got from my second vehicle home, I started reading it. It was entitled “Eat me”. At first, relate na relate ako sa mga sinasabi na about sa mga friends tas lovelife tas biglang bagsak ka tas syempre madedeppress ka tas mga ganon. 

Tas biglang may kainan na ganap like shet. Kinain niya yung sarili niya. I made myself stop from puking kasi juskolored yung sikmura ko bumabaliktad dahil sa mga nababasa ko. Tas wala, ayun yung halos nangyare. Kinain niya yung sarili niya dahil sa sobrang gutom at panghihina since 6 days siyang walang kain (or a week na?) tas kasi nalock siya sa cr kaya ayun, kakapanghina talaga.

Pero all in all, natuwa ako sa book. Marami pa siyang kwento so marami pa kong matututunan. Horror yung book title niya pero hindi as in yung horror na mga multo, maligno mga ganon rather mga true horrors in life. Yung mga struggles nating mga tao mga ganon na pinahorror lang nila yung story pero sure may mapupulot ka na lesson in life.

Things to be noted:

  • I’m one week away from my tattoo appointment (yay!)
  • Pink hair is happening soon (gotta change with the seasons, and I’ve been blue way too long)
  • Someone threw a lost wallet at me while I was helping a family get library cards because “Someone left this here and we’ve been holding on to it.” Like, sorry you couldn’t wait five minutes for me to get a little kid a card, bitch. I hope your day improved.
  • Phone interview for a full-time library position in two days. Wish me luck.

Ernest Hemingway’s Macho Letter to F. Scott Fitzgerald

H/T to The Daily Beast.

Dear Scott—

We are going in to Pamplona tomorrow. Been trout fishing here. How are you? And how is Zelda?

I am feeling better than I’ve ever felt—havent drunk any thing but wine since I left Paris. God it has been wonderful country. But you hate country. All right omit description of country. I wonder what your idea of heaven would be—A beautiful vacuum filled with wealthy monogamists, all powerful and members of the best families all drinking themselves to death. And hell would probably [be] an ugly vacuum full of poor polygamists unable to obtain booze or with chronic stomach disorders that they called secret sorrows.

To me heaven would be a big bull ring with me holding two barrera seats and a trout stream outside that no one else was allowed to fish in and two lovely houses in the town; one where I would have my wife and children and be monogamous and love them truly and well and the other where I would have my nine beautiful mistresses on 9 different floors and one house would be fitted up with special copies of the Dial printed on soft tissue and kept in the toilets on every floor and in the other house we would use the American Mercury and the New Republic.* Then there would be a fine church like in Pamplona where I could go and be confessed on the way from one house to the other and I would get on my horse and ride out with my son to my bull ranch named Hacienda Hadley and toss coins to all my illegitimate children that lined the road. I would write out at the Hacienda and send my son in to lock the chastity belts onto my mistresses because someone had just galloped up with the news that a notorious monogamist named Fitzgerald had been seen riding toward the town at the head of a company of strolling drinkers.

Well anyway were going into town tomorrow early in the morning. Write me at the

Hotel Quintana



Or dont you like to write letters. I do because it’s such a swell way to keep from working and yet feel you’ve done something.

So Long and love to Zelda from us both—



Elvis Presley’s Signed Library Check-Out Card

A library card bearing the signature of a 13-year-old Elvis Presley was sold at auction for $7,500, doubling estimates. The autograph is believed to be the earliest signature of the King of Rock and Roll.

The auctioneers did not expect much from the library card signed to borrow a copy of “The Courageous Heart: A Life of Andrew Jackson for Young Readers” from Humes High School in Memphis in 1948.

The card was discovered during a library inventory in the book about US President Andrew Jackson, one of the founders of the Democratic Party. The book was sold at auction along with the autograph.