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They had fell into a nightly routine, every night he taught her how to read while he messaged the knots from her ankle. She would read out loud to him, if she did not know how to pronounce or what the meaning of the word, he would help her out.

Books were scarce in the war camps, as her reading level improved finding books had become a small challenge. It was a huge relief when Dorian and his traveling library joined the war camp. Elide was not sure who was more excited Aelin or Lorcan. The previous night they finished the last book they had borrowed from Dorian. He mostly read fantasy novels telling stories of faraway places and creatures that never existed in their world. She loved the stories, they were an outlet from their lives. Some nights Aelin would join them to listen, stating she was too tired to read on her own.

Dorian had gone with Manon to dispose of the last of the Ilken. Lorcan didn’t think that Dorian would mind if they borrowed a book from his tent. He simply entered the tent and grabbed the book absently left on his cot.

She started the story as Lorcan messaged her ankle working out a knot that had been plaguing her for days. Tonight he had her soak her ankle in warm water before he began messaging the knot. She was a few chapters in when Lorcan laughed.


“I just didn’t peg Dorian as a romance novel type. It was on his cot, I just figured it would be fantasies like the others.”

Elide could not help but smile as she thought of Dorian reading romance novels next to Manon. Her smile widened as she remembered that the witch always slept naked. She continued, “His hands gently caressed her ivory, silky breasts.”

Elide immediately felt her cheeks warming and looked up to Lorcan who was gapping at her.

Aelin entered the tent, “what are we listening to tonight?”

She blushed a little brighter as she looked at the book title, “Um, we borrowed Sunset’s Passions from Dorian.”

She watch her queen double over in laughter. “Please tell me you found this on his cot. I want to make sure he never lives this down. Ever.”

New Years - Lucas friar

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so could it be where it’s at new year’s and the reader is once again taking Riley’s place and they’re playing the couples game and Lucas is getting jealous as the reader is with Charlie and the reader still likes Lucas and farkle keeps saying stuff(like he does with Riley) and yeah basically that episode😂


I changed the plot a little bit I hope you don’t mind:) I just didn’t want the reader to be Riley but everything Lucas says and does towards Riley will be towards Y/n if that makes any sense Y/n will be with an OC named Jackson instead of Charlie Gardner and Riley is not in the triangle ( I’m so confusing I’m sorry)

“Hey Jackson , whatcha got there?” Y/n asked , seeing Jackson walk over with a board game in his hands.

“It’s the couples game, wanna play? ” he smiled. Lucas stepped in before she could reply.

“What is it?” He asked , a competitive kind of look on his face. Y/n looked between the two boys that she had very different feelings for.

“Shows if you’d be a good couple or not. Wanna play?” Jackson smirked. Lucas glared.

“No!” Riley , Y/n, and Maya , chorused.

“What’s wrong Lucas? Scared?” Jackson challenged.

“No , I’m not scared of anything let’s go!” Jackson turned to Y/n with a smile.

“Y/n I think you’ll find this interesting, wanna be my partner?” He asked and she accepted. Everyone paired up together and they sat around the table. Charlie and Riley went first.

“What is your partners favorite movie snack? I know this , it’s popcorn and licorice!” She smiled , Charlie answered then it was Lucas and Maya’s turn.

“How would you describe your personality? Library or camp fire? Oh, well you know…” He shoved the card in his mouth. Everyone gave him a strange look , except for Y/n. Maya took out a card.

“Is it possible to love two people at the same time?” Y/n’s eyes widened and she looked down , feeling farkles eyes burning holes into her head. Maya copied Lucas and shoved the card into her mouth. Farkle and smackle took their turn and then it was Y/n and jacksons turn.

“What is your partners order at a coffee shop?” Y/n read. “He gets a venti vanilla bean frappé. ” she smiled. Jackson then answered.

“When she orders from Starbucks she automatically gets really quiet and cute , and -” “She doesn’t even know she does.” Lucas interrupted. Jackson rolled his eyes.

“It’s not your turn friar! ” he growled.

“And that wasn’t the question sanders! What’s her or-”

“tall iced coffee -”

“Yeah but-”

“in a grande cup with extra ice, 3 pumps hazelnut, 2 pumps classic, an inch of non-fat milk, with a dome lid and a venti straw. ”

“But what-”

“She pays extra because she feels bad about giving them a complicated order.” Jackson smirked. Lucas growled.

“He’s like a creepy creep creep!” He exclaimed. Riley and Charlie got the last question.

“Have you ever kept a secret from someone you love?”

“GAME OVER!” Y/n laughed nervously and stood.

“Why? Because you know secrets are dangerous?” Farkle said smugly and Y/n glared at him.

“No, Farkle, because it’s almost midnight.” She said matter of factly. He smirked.

“ and you know what happens at midnight. She groaned and grabbed him by his sweater .

"Okay it’s time to go up to the roof!” She grabbed her coat and everyone followed behind them.

When she got up to the roof she let go of Farkle.

“I need a little more time!” She begged. But he wouldn’t budge.

“No more time. We aren’t starting off the new year with secrets between friends.”

“I’m lying for my friend , Farkle!” She said in exasperation. He shook his head.

“I don’t think you know what you’re doing. I don’t think SHE knows what she’s doing.”

“Do you know?”

“I’m sorry, Y/n…this is all new for me too. All I know is that we should always tell each other the truth.” He sighed. Y/n looked him in the eye.

“Farkle…if you really care about me, I know you will do the right thing.” He nodded.

“I do. I will.” Just then smackle came up to the roof.

“Hi Farkle! ” she latched onto her boyfriends arm and looked to Y/n. “Hi girl who’s not going to be with Farkle at midnight because he’s mine.” She smiled. Y/n laughed a little. Smackle pulled Farkle away and Jackson came up.

“Y/n, I think that I’ve proven that I care a lot about you. I’d really like it if you were standing with me at midnight.” He smiled.

“Everything you say makes sense, Jackson.” She said.

“Is that enough?” He asked. Y/n have him a sad smile.

“No…it’s not. You said it, you know it. A good relationship needs more…and you deserve more. I’m sorry.” She said quietly. He just gave her a small understanding smile.

“Don’t be. See what the new year brings. ” he walked away , leaving Y/n with her thoughts.

~ “5 … 4 … 3 … 2 …1! Happy new year!” Y/n tried to run , but she was too late.

“Y/n still loves Lucas! ” Farkle blurted. Every one on the roof fell quiet, their cheers replaced with an awkward silence. Y/n turned around.

“Happy new year…” She blew Into the noise maker.

“Thank you for a wonderful evening!” Yogi said, grabbing Darby and running out of there, the rest of their classmates following.

“Im sorry guys.” Farkle looked at Y/n as she stared down at her hands. “I did the right thing. I hope you can forgive me. Happy new year.”

He grabbed smackles hand and they left the roof with Riley ,Charlie and auggie , leaving Maya , Y/n , and Lucas by themselves. They all say down on the bench.

“It’s midnight…” Maya said quietly. Y/n nodded.

“And here we are.”

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Speed Friendship-ing! A new friend every three minutes. (at Darien Library)

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Still PMSing? Wanna bring you to GAP farm, find a spot at one of the benches at the farthest part. Let you sit on the table,take off ur panties and lick you with your skirt or jumper still on. With me on the bench and you on the table I'll have the perfect angle to tease and eat ur cunt as much as I would want to. I'll eat you, fill your hole with my tongue and make you soaking wet. The thrill of eating you outdoors excites me. With one deep thrust inside you to cap the whole nasty deed.

Lol. This is like super hot though! And i’ve been craving outdoor sexual escapades lately. In the elevators, public libraries (always been), beaches, camp sites, under a tree, hotel windows (terraces), cabs, cars and etc. So i’ll probably go down with this one. And yas, i’m still PMSing like hell. If you’ve seen one of my snaps, i think i posted that i just had sexual urges while i was inside the cab on my way to meet my best friend. Hahaha. Buuuut GAP farm is hella creepy nowadays, like—it’ll be fun but scaaaary man. And i reckon you’re from Davao because you know the place. Haha

But this made me wet, kind of. Lol! Thanks

I slept 10 hours last night, after getting 3 hours of sleep Thursday night for very necessary and fun reasons. I just had the most lovely run followed by a good, hard lift.  I’m getting brunch with a friend, then heading to the library to camp out and study for orgo.  Though this week was hard for personal reasons, mornings like this remind me that I am alive, healthy, and largely happy.  That’s good enough.