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Stapleton Library in Staten Island

In the words of the architects Andrew Berman Architect:

The New York Public Library commissioned this branch library of 12,000 square feet. We restored the existing 1907 Carrere and Hastings Carnegie Library and designed a new 7,000 square foot building to be located alongside. The library is conceived as a modern public institution that will contribute to the revitalization of the Stapleton neighborhood.

The facility is an assemblage of old and new. The existing Carnegie Library was converted into the Childrens’ Reading Room. The new building, constructed of glue laminated Douglas fir posts, beams, joists and roof decking, houses books and media. The structurally glazed facade invites the public and supplies natural light. The exposed wood structure provides a sense of rhythm, scale and material richness unexpected in contemporary public buildings.

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HUZZAH! It is National Library Week, bookworms and library cats!! 

And that means it is the perfect time of year to show some love to your local (and not local) Libraries, both in person and online. So, just as we took time to make a special post on Follow a Library Day last year, we’ve created ANOTHER master post to honor all the libraries we know so far on tumblr so that you can #followalibrary!! 

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@wellingtoncitylibraries (Wellington City Libraries)

@widenerlibrary (Harvard’s Widener Library)

Whew! There’s a LOT of you. :) But we now this list is just getting started! Feel free to keep the library love going by adding any libraries we missed/don’t know of yet! (And if you’re not following US already, well, what better time to start than this week? ;) Eh? Eh?) And, of course, never hesitate to visit your Library in person. We love seeing you! :) 

Happy National Library Week, library cats!

Two years ago, the Denver library didn’t have a social worker on staff. Before Hardy, she says that the Denver Library was doing the best it could. Now it’s becoming a lot more common position for libraries.

“When I started, this was the third city to get a social worker in the library,” Hardy says. “And now they are dozens around the country.”

Hardy admits she never saw herself working for a library, simply because she knew it as the place “where I could come to get my books.” But she’s here, saying hello to patrons as she walks the seven floors of magazines, newspapers, and (yes) books. The building is huge — 540,000 square-feet. In 1990, Denver voters approved a $91.6 million ballot measure to build the central library and other branch locations.

Today, Hardy says this multi-million dollar building is basically serving as Denver’s largest day shelter.

“I think that, the reason people often come here though, even though there are some other day shelter spaces, is because there are things to do. And there’s resources, you can be another human in the community,” she says.

darkwingatlarge  asked:

How does one get a library job without a graduate degree? Is there any sort of jobs board specifically for library jobs? How does one get into a library sciences PhD program with no prior relevant experience or coursework?

Thank you for asking! I love questions! Here we go.

First, just to put it out there, you don’t need a graduate degree to get a job in a library. I worked as a page and library assistant in public libraries without a degree. Our library system’s cataloger and branch managers didn’t have grad degrees. If you want a “librarian” position (with the official title and everything), you do need a MLIS or MLS. Especially in academic and public libraries. If you’re interested in school libraries, it gets a little confusing. Ultimately, it varies depending on state and school district. Here in Utah, school districts only require that middle and high school librarians (not primary or elementary) have a library media endorsement and teacher certification. Most have a Masters in Education as well. Side note: There’s a bit of hmm… contention in the library world over whether or not an MLIS is truly necessary for a librarian position. I believe it is, but I may be in the minority. Fun discussion topic!

Second, there are many different ways to find library jobs even without a degree! Once again, it really depends on the type of library job you want and your preferred location. When I worked as a public librarian in Georgia, I would check out our state’s library job board and some regional ones. List-servs can also be helpful! State and regional library associations, ALA divisions, smaller library associations, etc. all have list-servs where members share job postings. New Members Round Table’s NMRT-L is a really good one to check out. But sometimes you have to be a member of the association or division to get access. ALA also has a decent job board. The Chronicle of Higher Education’s Chronicle Vitae is good if you’re looking to work in academic libraries. I Need a Library Job is another wonderful resource. LibGig provides an aggregation of library postings. There are definitely resources out there.

Finally, getting into a PhD program without an MLIS/MLS can be done, but it’s more work. In the School of Information at FSU where I got my PhD, they prefer that you have a MLIS, but it isn’t required. Instead, you would need to take additional coursework to bulk up your knowledge (basically get a MLIS while working on a PhD. I had a friend do this.). Obviously, this extends how long it will take you to complete the doctoral program. Other schools may just require you to take additional relevant courses but not complete another degree. Depends!

Disclaimer: I always tell people this if they are considering a PhD. There are maybe two reasons (top!) to get a PhD and so so many more not to. It’s a cruel, time consuming, and sometimes unbearable task to take on. Carefully think about why you want to get a PhD and what your end goals for it are. If you are in school, ask faculty members about the process and lifestyle. If possible, find a doctoral student for insight. You can usually find at least one huddled in a coffee shop at 9pm on a Friday quietly sobbing over a dissertation that will JUST NOT END and is slowly but surely destroying all of her mental functioning (Definitely wasn’t me.)

Anyway, wayyyyy more info than you wanted, but I hope some of it helps! Again, thank you for asking!

Empath/ Witchy Self- Care

This is going to be a list to help with self-care for empaths but it can be used for witches in general, I’ll be listing many tips. Some may work for you, others may not- feel free to alter them to fit you. The biggest strategy for empaths would be to have layers of wards and intentions around them and on them as a means of protecting themselves from energies that are not wanted and amplifying energies that are wanted/ needed.

Safe guarding your environment.

You can use sigils placed above doors, by your bed, and other places to promote health, good sleep, to keep away spirits, to ward against specific energies, etc. Whatever you need.

Smoke cleanse or cleanse with bells. Use a bell with a ring that inspires happiness or positivism in you. Make sure to get corners and dark spaces- they collect pockets of energy like more open spaces don’t.

Keep your spaces clean and organized- this gives less of a chance of ‘energy cobwebs’ and begets an overall peaceful energy.

Set your bed clothes and blankets with specific intentions or wards. Ideas for this include: anti nightmares, deep sleep, overall comfort, or encompassing love.

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mr-puppy  asked:

I've really been having an architectural love affair lately with my closest big city of Edmonton, AB. I searched your posts but found nothing, so local pride had me reach out to get your thoughts on some of our favorites along the river valley and downtown such as Hotel MacDonald, the Art Gallery of Alberta, Rogers Place, the Shaw Conference Center, Scotia Place or anything else you find interesting. Thanks for this blog, it's inspiring me to travel.

Thanks! Sorry for the oversight of not including any Edmonton on previous posts. Here are some examples of Edmonton’s architecture beyond those listed on your message:

Muttart Conservatory Peter Hemingway

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Translation: “Ao no Exorcist” Chapter 91 Translation Summary (SPOILERS!!)

So here is a rough translation summary of Chapter 91.  This chapter…wow, shit really hit the fan.  It’s been a long time coming, but there’s really no going back now, I think.  Anyway, please forgive any typos or mistakes.  And spoilers, of course.

Ao no Exorcist 91

This chapter is entitled “Longevity (or Felicitations) - Late Night to Early Morning” 

Preparations for the wedding are underway.  Sugaro recites a sutra and then helps his father get ready.  His father comments that it’s been a long time since they had a wedding there and that he would hold onto the day ‘tightly’.  He tells Suguro that he has the appearance of an ‘unsheathed sword’ since he became Lightning’s apprentice.  Sugaro is surprised he knew, but Tatsuma says he learned it from Shima’s son (we see a little graphic of the Shimas going crazy over finding out).  Sugaro starts to bring up something about Shirou Fujimoto, but thinks better of it and says “nevermind”…just at that moment, Yukio comes in and says that the landlady is calling for him.  He starts to say that he’s with his father right now, but then Gouzou says he’ll take over for Sugaro.  Tatsuma thanks Gouzou and Gouzou says after the ceremony is over, he would return back to work and mentions the “matter just now”.  Tatsuma asks him if they were able to capture something after that, but he replies no, and that they are investigating the underground library at the Endo branch HQ but that they haven’t found a way to forcibly summon Karura when it possesses a person.  He says that Karura can adapt to a body, and concludes that they may not be able to exorcise Karura when the time comes.  Tatsuma asks him to continue looking into it.

Sugaro joins everyone in the main hall and sits down next to Yukio.  Yukio asks him where everyone else is and he replies that he doesn’t know.  Yukio replies that he was told to sit there, and Sugaro says that’s because he is their teacher.  Suddenly Yukio asks Sugaro what he knows about their father and what Lightning is investigating.

It skips over to Bucharest, Romania, where a man is getting into a car.  He hears “Happy New Year, Dr. Dragresk” just as Lightning punches him in the face.  He knows who Lightning is by his reaction, and Lightning says “I was waiting for you to go to work alone, you’re the type of person who goes to work early on New Year’s…so am I”.  Lightning says he’s connected with the Illuminati.  Dragresk asks him if he’s serious, but Lightning replies “You’re going to keep up that act?”  Dragresk tries to deny it further, asking Lightning how he could be connected to the Illuminati.  Lightning says “if I can figure that mystery out, it’ll be perfect…and anyway, you are very close to the image of the traitor that I had in my mind.”  Lightning continues, “There’s no doubt that a person who keeps killing people for more than ten years would continue such a job.”  Lightning then starts attacking Dragresk, and asks him “Do you know my other popular name?  ‘Head Torturer’…”  Dragresk screams “Stop!!” and then we see that there’s a mark across Dragresk’s neck.  Lightning says “I knew it, it’s just like I thought.”  Then he says “I’m going home, I accomplished my mission”.  Dragresk is stunned that Lightning would do something like that and then stop.  He yells that he will report him to the top brass, and that Lightning is in danger.  Lightning says “Then I’d better hurry, I’ll report you, as well.”

Back at the wedding, Yukio is explaining that an old man named Misumi died immediately after Lightning came to visit the monastery.  He asks Sugaro if there’s any connection, and Sugaro says he can’t talk about it.  Suddenly Yukio looks normal again and says “I’m sorry for trying to get you to talk against your will.  It’s obvious that you can’t talk about the contents of a secretive investigation at a moment’s notice.”  Just then Rin and the others arrive and the ceremony begins.  We see the wedding and then get to the party afterwards.  Suddenly Sugaro gets a call so he takes it outside while Yukio looks at him suspiciously.  It’s from Lightning, and he wants Sugaro to come back the next morning.

Suddenly Yukio comes up from behind Sugaro and points a gun at his chin.  He says “Excuse me, please tell me about the birth of my brother and me.”  Sugaro is shocked, and Yukio asks him what he knows and to ‘please’ tell him (the most unsettling part is how polite he’s being here, honestly).  Sugaro thinks “What kind of face is that?” and asks Yukio “Are you going to shoot me…!?”  Yukio looks shocked, then looks a bit crazy.  He says “What am I doing…” and then says “I’m sorry, I made a mistake…it might be the alcohol.  Please forget it” and walks off.  Sugaro grabs him from behind and starts yelling at him (I mean, who wouldn’t?).  Yukio says “I’m sorry” again, but Sugaro isn’t having any of it.  Then Yukio says (with a creepy smile) “I’m your superior, please let me go.”  Sugaro does, but he still looks shocked.  Yukio keeps walking until Renzou stops him and says “You need to cut this out.”  He then tells Yukio to discuss it.  Yukio asks “Discuss…with whom? Sugaro?  You?  My brother?  PUHA HA!”  “Discussing it won’t lead to a resolution.  Because I’m different from everyone.”

Yukio gets a call from Shura, telling him and the ex-wires to come back immediately, and to turn on the tv.  Renzou asks him what’s going on, and they join everyone watching something on the tv (btw, Rin gives Yukio a very knowing look when he walks in here).  On tv, there’s a cyclops attacking a train station.

That’s it for this month.

Happy World Laughter Day!

In celebration of World Laughter Day, we asked librarians to share with us some of the funniest anecdotes, eavesdrops, and questions they’ve encountered in the library. Here’s what they had to say:

“A kid sees our Academy Awards display and points to the Oscar statue—‘Look Mom, C3-PO!’”

Martha Scarpati, Cedar Mill Community Library

“Many, many times we’ve had patrons forget their groceries in our branch. Every time, it includes a huge bag of milk! No one ever comes back looking for them.”

- Amy, Toronto Public Library

“I once had a patron ask me: ‘So, what do you do all day when we’re in school? Do you just read and chill?’”

- Martha Scarpati, Cedar Mill Community Library

“I was once on the reference desk when this 4 or 5-year-old child approached me and was rubbing their tummy. She said to me ‘Do you know what I am full of?’ and I looked at her and said ‘yes, blood.’ Clearly not the answer she was looking for as her bottom lip started to tremble and tears erupted as she called out for her Mother. The correct answer was: candy.”

- Cameron, Toronto Public Library 

“At one branch, a seat was stolen from a public toilet. I was both grossed out by the idea and convinced this would be my weirdest library story—until I was at another branch, where someone stole an entire toilet from the public washroom. I mean, even if you really needed a toilet—would you steal one that had been public?? I still keep trying to imagine how this one came about…”  

- Alice, Toronto Public Library 

Gif via Giphy.

How to Be a Great Art Ally to Your Creator Friends

Slightly tweaked from my 2015 post How To Be A Great ART ALLY

I’ve been having a lot of heart to hearts lately with my friends who are authors and artists and we’re all saying the same thing: It is getting harder and harder for everyone who isn’t in the top 5% of their industry to get the word out about work they are doing.

Because of the way the industries are now, many artists are not getting the marketing and push that they deserve or need. Much of that promotion and publicity now falls on the artist’s shoulder. Your artist friend may have a good career, but unless they are crazy lucky, or have the “it” thing of the moment, your artist friend is probably really struggling.

“What. But they have so many books out! They are on tour all the time! They are always doing some wacky play!”
Sadly, about 90% of artists are struggling and barely making a living wage. Most have full-time day jobs on top of their full-time art careers. Remember, every new project that they do is like starting from scratch.
For example, many of the people who I know who are not artists see all the stuff that I am doing and think that it’s going so great for me that I don’t need their help to get the word out about my books. But I do. All of your artist friends (even the most famous ones) need your support all the time.

To be a great Art Ally for any of your author/artist friends I’ve drummed up a list of things that you can do. I’ve focused on books, since I’m an author, but I’ve added helpful tips within to give you ideas on how to help your music, performer, filmmaker, comic book, visual artist and indie game maker friends.

1) Pre-order their stuff. Seriously. If your friend has a book (or CD or DVD or indie game or comic book) coming out pre-order it. Pre-orders give the publishing company an indication of interest and can help with print runs. Good pre-orders sometimes help a book because the publishing company may give a book a little push with extra marketing money and publicity based on those numbers.

2) Show up. If your friend has a reading or something, go to it. “But I went to it once for another book!” That’s great! You are a supporter! But, every book is a whole new thing! (Go to their rock show! Play! Art gallery opening! If your friend is in a film/made a film go opening weekend, that’s when the box office counts. Or order it on VOD the week it drops. Or buy the game the week it comes out. You get the idea.)

3) When you are there, buy the book. “But I already pre-ordered it!” Yeah, I know. But buying it at the store or the reading helps the bookstore and the numbers and will help your friend do another reading there the next time. This is especially important if your friend is doing a reading not in their hometown. (If your friend is a musician, buy merch because that might be how they are paying for gas. If your friend is an artist, buy a piece of art because that might equal a bag of groceries.) (comics peeps put your pals book on your pull list) (etc)

3a) “But argh! This is not my kind of book. I don’t read that genre. It’s not for me. I’m not a kid/teen.” Sure, that’s fair. The book might not be for you. But I bet you one million dollars that you know somebody that the book (or other thing) would be perfect for. Maybe a strange aunt? Maybe your weird nephew? Maybe your co-worker? And remember the holidays are always just around the corner! Why not get it signed? Think of it as a back up present. You can give it at a white elephant exchange. If all else fails, get a copy and donate it to your local library or if it’s a kids book, to the school library nearest you.

4) Signal boost it. While it may look to you like everybody knows about your friend’s book, they probably don’t. Remember that we are all kind of in a bubble when it comes to social media. Authors (and artists of all kinds) are always looking for new readers/audience and you totally have a bunch of friends that your author/artist friend doesn’t know. And those friends might have never heard of your friend’s book, movie, game, music and it might be right up their alley. And those friends have friends that you don’t know. And so on. And so on. So every once in a while, if you like and in a way that you are comfortable with, an easy Art Ally action is to Tweet, Instagram, Pintrest or Facebook (or repost) something about that person’s art thing on the social medias! This signal boosting helps to get new eyeballs on the book (or art thing) that your friend is doing.

5) Review it / Rate it. Perhaps you are on Goodreads? Or perhaps you frequent Amazon or B&N or Powells? If you really are a fan of the book (or art thing), a simple way to help boost your friend’s work is by giving it a star rating or a review. (For musicians you can do this at those places as well. Also you can add their album to your streaming site and rate it! For films rate it on Netflix if it’s there! For games there are places to do this too!)

5a) For books, on Goodreads it’s also helpful if you add it to your to read shelf. It’s both helpful before the book comes out and when the book comes out. So if you haven’t done it already, go to it! Add all your friends books to your to read shelf. It’s not too late!

6) Make sure that it is in your local library branch! Libraries are the biggest purchasers of books! An author wants their book to be read! Libraries help with that! Maybe you are librarian? Or someone super close to you is a librarian? This is where you can really help to get it on the library radar by making sure that it is on the order list for your branch or for your system. Sidenote: Many libraries are too poor to purchase books this is a great place for you to donate that extra book!

7) Many books have reader guides or teacher guides. Are you a teacher? Or is someone super close to you a teacher? If you love the book, consider using it in your class! Or if not that, you can donate the book to your (or your teacher pal’s) school library or classroom library for students to enjoy.

8) Book Club it. If you have a book club, suggest your group read your friend’s book. Or maybe just have a one-off book club and get a group of your friends together to read your friend’s book. If your friend writes for kids, do a mother/ daughter or father /son book club with a group of people. I’m 100% certain that your author friend would be delighted to come over (or if they live far, Skype) to discuss their book with your book club. (for musicians you could host a living room show at your house)

9) Ask your art pal to come in and speak! Maybe your school or library has a budget to bring in a variety of guest speakers for classrooms or assemblies? Your friend would be perfect for this. If your institution has no budget, you can still ask your friend to come and speak! Lots of authors have sliding scales and can organize a way to sell their own books and that can offset a pro bono visit. Also, it will help them to get new readers. Being an art ally is all about getting new audiences for your arty friends. (Your other artist pals would make great classroom / assembly visitors as well.)

10) Vote and Nominate. It’s possible that there are lists that you can vote on or nominate your friends for that they may be eligible for and deserving. This could be anything from your local publicly voted on thing to a list that is for professionals which you might be. It’s easy for everyone to remember to nominate the big best sellers of the year or the debut books that are getting the big pushes. But there are many midlist books that are wonderful and get lost in that shuffle. Make sure to champion the midlist! They really need help to be seen! (This is the same for all of your artist friends. There is always a thing that is going on where they can use your vote or nomination. You’ve gotten those emails / updates.)

11) Hand sell. Maybe you are a bookseller? Make sure that the book is on the shelf. And then, when and if you love it, hand sell it! You can also help by making sure that the book is still on the shelf once it’s sold. Many stores don’t automatically re-order a book if it doesn’t sell more than a certain amount. If you are not a bookseller, you can still hand sell by just talking up the book to people. (Talk up their music, game, comic, play, and movie.)

11a) If you work in retail anywhere and your pal is a musician and you like their music: Try putting their album on at work! Who knows? Maybe someone will ask you who that swell band is? Your pal may gain a new listener!

12) Support their Indiegogo or Kickstarter or Patreon. For your other artist friends who are making movies, plays, albums, comics, indie video games support their crowdfunding or patreon effort. Really. You can totally afford the $5-10 level (even if you think the project is lame.) for a crowdfunding and $1 for patron. And it will really help them and boost morale.

13) Be a good literary citizen. If you are an author, remember to be a good literary citizen. Promote yourself, but also do stuff for the larger literary community. Participate and include others. There are many things you can do. You can organize events. You can pitch panels. You can show up to things. You can volunteer to be a judge for things or to moderate panels (be a good moderator if you do.) You can write essays about other works. Remember to extend past your own inner circle of friends to include people who you might not know. Being an artist is very hard. There are many ups and downs in a career. At some point everyone goes through a hard time and needs help. Avoid the cool kids table mentality. Be kind. When you are on the top, don’t forget to keep helping your community. Diversify your literary and artistic world. (Other artists, you know what this is in your own field. Art citizens for the win!)

14) Invite your friend over to dinner. Or buy them dinner. Or have a potluck. Everyone could use a good night out with friends and conversation. It’s a spirit booster. No lie.

You have the power to be a great ART ALLY! Champion what you love. From all artists everywhere, I thank you for your support!
Paul Ryan: Listen to your voters, they value their libraries
OPINION | Libraries still matter in Wisconsin and across the nation. Will Paul Ryan listen?
By John William Templeton, opinion contributor

“An angry taxpayer called Wisconsin Public Radio on Take Action for Libraries Day as I appeared on the Joy Cardin Show on Wisconsin Public Radio.The form she needed was not in the booklet she’d received. She called her branch library, which made the copy for free and allowed her to send in her tax payment on time.During the hour, listeners shared how many ways libraries are such a good investment that the federal government should increase the $230 million it currently provides, instead of zeroing out that funding as Speaker Paul Ryan, R-WI and the Trump administration favor.“

19.6.17 // Some pictures of the Lecture halls at Humboldt-University Library in Berlin. There is a wide section of chemistry, biology, nutritional and sports sciences but also pedagogy and, surprisingly, English studies.   

The room was bright and well provided, with computer desks and comfortable seats. And I definitely loved the periodic table of elements hanging on the wall!

Branch Library North Campus
Zweigbibliothek Campus Nord
Hessische Str. 1-2, 10115 Berlin

Returning Home to Santa Fe Drive

I like to return Home
To Santa Fe Drive…..
The Arts District.
That’s where I feel free
And inspired.
Alienation is the norm for me
In Denver.
I’m not part of the Rat Race.
I am not among
The Chic and Trendy.
On Santa Fe Drive,
I always find interesting,
Beautiful People
Who are interested 
In What I have to say
Or my writings.
I recall seeing a Cooper’s Hawk on the Roof last
As I was leaving the Byers Branch Library
I walked back into the Library
And the Librarian pointed out the hawk
To the Mexican kids
I considered this small Bird of Prey
To be a good omen.
In the Inner City, 
There is still Life.

“Public libraries are the only place for high quality, free computer training. This is a critical knowledge gap for many working adults. I once worked with a construction manager who had been laid off during the recession, but was having trouble apply to jobs online. He was extremely skilled and very experienced in his field but was losing out on jobs to younger, less experienced construction workers because he had never been required (in life or on the job) to learn to use a computer. Without the library, he may never have gotten another job.
I helped another person learn to use computers so he could communicate with his customers. He owned a home painting business, but lost a lot of clients because he didn’t know how to email them pictures of some of his previous work. His wife came in on his behalf to learn to take photos and email them to clients, and she felt like the library saved her husband’s business.
These are just two examples of what happens every single day a public library is open. Eliminating funding is a short-sighted way to save a very small amount of money in the short term. The return on investment, a phrase this business oriented administration ought to know well, is high for public libraries. It’s like not investing in your 401K…very shortsighted and dangerous.”
— JoLynn Holcomb, Library Manager II, Chesapeake Public Library, Russell Memorial Branch


Today was the first day in a long time where I actually drew w/ pen and paper for more than half an hour. I was invited to be an artist to draw sketches for kids at the Berkeley Library North Branch for #FreeComicBookDay, with my friends @umicorms and @redgoldsparks. I probably spent too much time on each drawing, lol. I really how these turned out, though, so I made sure to take a picture. 

First one is Chell from Portal 2 and I spelled Aperture wrong :( “APAture” is an Asian American arts festival I participate in and they’ve ruined my brain with that spelling :(

Second one is a woman gardening.

Looking at these now there are egregious anatomy and rendering problems I wish I could change but oh well.