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Hotel Hightower” Dan Goozee, 2003

Cloning has always been a much-debated concept within the world of theme parks. Purists argue it dilutes a brand, while supporters believe guests like familiarity, (and that bean-counters love lower R&D costs.) Tokyo DisneySea’s “clone” of the classic Tower of Terror attraction is one that satisfies both sides of this debate. Instead of theming it to The Twilight Zone TV series, which would have been expensive and unlikely to be embraced by the Japanese public, an original storyline was dreamt up involving a greedy millionaire, a cursed artifact, and a turn-of-the-century Moorish Revival New York masterpiece. Guests are welcomed to the abandoned Hotel Hightower, which has recently reopened for tours following the mysterious disappearance of its owner, Harrison Hightower III. Along the tour through the lobby, offices, libraries and artifact storerooms, they learn that Hightower’s final acquisition, of an African idol named Shiriki Utundu, may not have been acquired under moral circumstances, and that the cursed idol may have his own nefarious revenge plot in store for them all.

Art ©️ Disney

poll: Volturi “stuff”?

Poll time again!  In my fic we’re about to get the “grand tour” of the underground castle and tunnels and such in Volterra.  I’m looking for any and all ideas to help flesh out the Guards’ living space (not the Coven, Jasper doesn’t have that level of “clearance” yet) and also the more “headquarters”-type settings.  

I have a few ideas: a music room (instrument, awesome acoustics), a room where they have games, radio, etc, a reading room where they have shifts reading through newspapers and other media from all over the world looking for danger signs, offices, fifteen a couple libraries, treasure/artifact stashes, etc.

But I need more!  I’m especially looking for things that portray that profound sense of loooong immortality, as they travel through history. Kind of like how in film!BD the Cullens have that graduation cap thing.  All I can think of is a collection of world maps from different eras or other museum-y collections, but I also like the art angle. Thoughts?

Thanks for the prompt @midnight-on-dathomir !!!

Obi-Wan climbed the final set of stairs. What had started as majestic stone steps had slowly become little more than rickety durasteel ladders. He had long since passed the doors that lead to the restricted libraries, private artifact collections and deep meditation chambers for the masters. Now all that surrounded him was maintenance hatches, control boxes and endless coils of wire. A small glimpse into the complex mechanical network that kept the Temple shielded, its communications secure and the holonet running.

Obi-Wan was exhausted, he had taken the lifts as far as he could. But more than half the tower remained, designed for maintenance droids who didn’t have aching legs or short breath. Finally. Obi-Wan was forced to pause and breathe.

The petition had not gone well. The Jedi rules were very clear, the council had said, no exceptions could be made. But this was already an exceptional situation, there was no precedent for a young Sith, hardly  padawan age himself, rescued (or more accurately captured) by the Jedi and raised in the Temple ever since. It had been more than a decade since Maul had arrived, small, malnourished and ready to bite any hand that tried to feed him.

In the time since, Obi-Wan had been knighted, taken a padawan of his own, and been honored with the title of master. Meanwhile Maul had…

Obi-Wan shook his head. The council maintained that they were being more the generous. The Republic would have seen the child Sith spend the rest of his life in prison, or worse. But the Temple took him in. He was given food, a bed, work to do- what more could be asked for?

But Obi-Wan knew Maul, knew what Maul thought of the council. The Temple was little more than a prison. He was not allowed to leave and expected to work for no pay. Provided with a food and bed, but separated from the rest of Temple inhabitants. Maul was not  a Jedi, and even years of living in the Temple later, he was regarded with suspicion at best and thinly veiled disdain at worst.


Obi-Wan finally broke through the last door, rusty on its ancient hinges and stiff from disuse. The cold acrid wind of Coruscant’s recycled air hit him immediately. He was standing on top of the West Tower, already thousands of feet above the ground, the courtyards and garden of the Temple below almost invisible from this height. Beyond, was the cityscape of Coruscant caught in dark shadows and orange glow from the setting sun.   

Obi-Wan still had more to climb.

In the center of the tower top, was the single point spire. Several dozen feet ever higher, and atop that a thick antenna climbing ever still further into the sky. At the base of the antenna, where  human or droid could stand to do maintenance, was a familiar silhouette.

Obi-wan started the climb, clambering up each ledge, using the built in rungs when he could. He hadn’t done this in so long, but his hands remembered where to hold, his body moving on instinct and memory. Finally a hand reached down and Obi-Wan gratefully held on tight, as he allowed himself to be pulled onto the last out cropping.

Maul moved to give Obi-Wan room to sit next to him. Their legs dangling out off the edge and into the nothing of the Coruscant city scape below. They sat in silence at first. Obi-Wan didn’t want to talk about the council, about the Jedi… And he suspected Maul didn’t either.

Instead Obi-Wan said… “Do you remember the first time I found you up here?”

Maul cast him a look.  “You nearly vomited. I remembered wondering how a Jedi could be so scared of heights.”

Obi-Wan smiled faintly, letting the insult roll off. It had taken many years, but Obi-Wan could now tell that the jab was good natured.

“You had just arrived at the Temple.” Obi-Wan continued, “Climbing up here was the first thing you did when you slipped your escort. I managed to track you, Master Qui-Gon had said not to let you out of my sights.”

“You can probably stop now, it’s been fifteen years.” Maul countered, catching Obi-Wan’s eye, he was smiling.  

“I remember,” Obi-Wan started again, “Looking up, seeing you balancing at the very top of this antenna.” He gestured upwards to the antenna above them  “So precariously balanced and so unafraid.”

“Really, because I all remember is you shouting ‘what in the Force’s name are you doing’.”

Obi-Wan chuckled, “That sounds right. But do you remember what you said to me?”

“I told you to throw yourself off the nearest ledge.”

“After that,” Obi-Wan pressed.

Maul shrugged, unsure, or perhaps unwilling.  “Remind me,” he said dryly.

Obi-Wan took a deep breath. “I climbed up there after you and I asked what you thought you were doing.  You told me this was what sustained you. The emotions, the fear, the excitement. The precarious feeling of standing on the edge, about to fall. It was adrenaline and rapture and terror. That you were fearless because you were afraid. Strong because you confronted your mortal weakness head on.”

“I really doubt I was ever that eloquent, Kenobi.”

“Well, I may have been paraphrasing a little.” He smiled, “I had never connected to the Force in such a way until that moment. Clinging to this antenna with you, terrified but… excited.” Obi-Wan shifted a little closer to Maul. “And that wasn’t the last time we did something terrifying and exciting.. and wonderful up here.”

Maul finally laughed. “No. It certainly wasn’t.”

They returned to silence for a moment.

“I’m sorry about the council,” Obi-Wan said at last.

Maul sighed. “Don’t be. They were never going to allow me to train.” Abruptly, Maul stood up, ending that conversation and moving to the very edge of the platform.

Obi-Wan stood up as well. “Do you still feel it?” He asked.

Maul took a deep breath, looking down into what had become inky darkness below them. The sun was well set and dusk had cast the world in shadow. Maul stood with his feet on the edge, winds catching at his robes and threatening to knock him off his perch with one strong gust. Adrenaline spiking in his veins as he rocked on the edge.

“I have always felt it,” he responded solemnly. “Do you?”

Obi-Wan caught Maul’s gaze, looking into his eyes instead of into the abyss below.

“Always,” Obi-Wan agreed. 


EFES CELSUS LIBRARY by talip çetin
Via Flickr:
Efes Celsus Kütüphanesi, Selçuk / İzmir / TÜRKİYE

AU Where We are All Spies

@trialless is the stealthy one who loots and takes out guys who need to be “taken care out”.

@ghost-nettle is the one who gets us fake IDs, Passports, tickets and has an extensive collection of maps, blueprints, and building layouts.

@brynjarain is the one who talks us out of bad spots and bribes or blackmails the people who need to give up info. She also keeps us from getting into too much trouble…. Usually.

@naryamirie keeps us looking STUNNING but also helps with undercover looks and keeps the grunts on their toes and in line.

@korrigu is the one who deciphers all the codes, cracks all the puzzels, translates all the languages and never sleeps.

@eldritch-augur is the one who brews the venoms, enhancements and elixers from exotic plants and animals. She also helps off road on survival missions and the like.

@bibliophilicwitch is the master librarian who has an expansive library with priceless artifacts and books upon books and several library cats.

@sylvaetria is the one who does the briefing and gives us the specs on the jobs as well as info on the area and what we need to do.

And I am not allowed on spy work for I am clumsy and loud. So I stay behind until we need a clean up crew or a wrecking ball to wipe a location out with high grade explosives.

The great thing about Standard Showdown is that you can build all kinds of flavorful decks. Nahiri reaches her ultimate quickly, allowing you to rip Emrakul right out of your library! Aggressive artifact decks can crew Vehicles! Aetherworks Marvel can…summon the dead Eldrazi!? OK, so you can build some not-so-flavorful decks too. Whatever.

yuri-puppies  asked:

The Librarians/Leverage timeline-handwaving crossover where Ezekiel Jones is actually one of the OT3's fosterlings. Or anything with the OT3 and their many eventual tiny thief fosterlings, really.

There is also a cameo from someone else you will recognize, because for some reason I really could not help myself.

Ezekiel has been summoned.

It’s not like he didn’t see this coming. He knew the second he realized he was in the Portland area that it would come up sooner or later, probably sooner, because nobody can avoid traffic cameras forever if the people they’re with don’t know they’re avoiding them, but he was sort of hoping he could get away without it.

But he got the text, and here he is, knocking on the door, story already rehearsed.

Nobody, however, can prepare for Alec Hardison, and the way he props his hands on his hips the second he opens up the brew pub door and says “You had better not have been in Portland for very long, you know the consequences of missing Sunday dinner when you’re in town.”

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“Shakespeare used his magic pen one last time, writing the story of how a dashing Librarian and a gorgeous Guardian were transformed into a statue, to be awoken by the sound of Cassandra’s voice. And then he shipped us to the Library, labeled as dangerous artifacts, along with a letter explaining how to magically seal us in. Just your average slice of incredibly complex causal cake.”

Around the World in 80 Minutes: A Librarians Fanfiction

Oops, I wrote another one :-) Find the full story here, or just keep reading!

Ezekiel Jones was bored, and nothing good ever really happened when Ezekiel Jones was soul-crushingly bored, especially not when there’s a teleporting door at his disposal and no one but Cassandra to keep him in line.


Ezekiel Jones was bored, and nothing good ever really happened when Ezekiel Jones experienced the soul-crushing boredom that he was experiencing at that current moment in time. The Annex of the Library was almost dead silent, a rarity for the normally bustling location. His sole companion, Cassandra Cillian, sat across from him at the center table, happily reading about astronomy and charting constellations. The tranquility was only broken by the occasional mutterings from Cassandra’s lips as she worked imaginary equations in front her big blue eyes, but unless she suddenly hit the floor, watching Cassandra hallucinate was only mildly entertaining, and watching her chart stars was about as exciting as he imagined watching paint dry would be.

Stone, after a little too close of a near-miss with death on their last big case, had finally decided to go home for a weekend and check in with his family. Jenkins was surprisingly nowhere to be found; Ezekiel thought he was off in the main library somewhere. Baird and Flynn had left on a case that morning, and, despite the younger Librarians’ protests, they had refused to let Ezekiel and Cassandra join them. That made Ezekiel think they weren’t really away on a case at all, but he hadn’t shared his growing suspicions with anyone yet. These circumstances had left him with nothing to do but idly spin Cassandra’s constellation globe around, which was, again, about as exciting as he imagined watching paint dry would be.

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What a Hot Mobile Device from the 16th Century Tells Us About 2014

This miniature book was meant to be worn like a holstered Blackberry. Those two holes across the top were for the string that would attach to one’s girdle or belt. The book provided the Psalms in English, courtesy of translator John Croke. It measures 1.6 inches by 1.2 inches.

The illustration of King Henry VIII is the main decoration on this British Library artifact from around 1540. 

Girdle books, as these miniature tomes were known, are the subject of ongoing scholarly interest.

Read more. [Image: British Library]

Taste the Multiverse One-Ofs: Nahiri, the Harbinger

As you all know from following my blog, I love translating mechanics into flavor! Taste the Multiverse began a while back as an analysis of planeswalker abilities, so I decided to take a break from the Legendary Creatures and return to where it all started.

+2: You may discard a card. If you do, draw a card. 

Reshaping material into more useful material is common for artificers. Nahiri would normally be limited to stone, but her new card has been given a mechanical bolster by being allowed to reshape any material and not just artifacts. This ability may also represent Nahiri’s push towards a more rash nature, taking less caution and care in order to make Sorin pay for…something. All will be revealed in time.

-2: Exile target enchantment, tapped artifact, or tapped creature.

Let’s break this one down by each of the three things Nahiri can exile.

-Tapped Creature: Removing a tapped creature has been traditionally used on white cards to represent justice, at least in the eyes on the dealer. In her mind, Nahiri is righting an evil.

-Tapped artifact: Nahiri is able to purify raw earth and stone into mighty weapons. It stands to reason she can reverse the process, turning lethal weapons back to barest materials. Yet, she interestingly cannot remove most equipment.

-Enchantment: This just seems like a standard white ability for now, but I feel like this ability will be explained in coming installments of the Magic Story.

-8:Search your library for an artifact or creature card, put it onto the battlefield, then shuffle your library. It gains haste. Return it to your hand at the beginning of the next end step.

This ability is a doozy! Nahiri has been using the cryptoliths to channel the plane’s mana for a singular purpose, and her ultimate ability would suggest that this purpose is awakening/bringing something very nasty to Innistrad. The “return it to your hand” portion of the ability may simply be included to keep the card from breaking the color pie, but it could yet suggest that whatever threat Nahiri sets upon the plane may be driven off by a heroic force or two…but not before it deals some serious damage.

As more plot is revealed, these abilities may very well take on new or expanded meanings.

guftders  asked:

**SPOILERS** Regarding the recently revealed Tezzeret, what about him makes him Blue or Black? He ramps, he pumps your creatures (although occasionally killing things), and then gives you more creatures for free (rather big ones by blues standards)... My general impression was that he's extremely Green for a Dimir Planeswalker.

His second ability +N/-N is a Black ability and his ultimate turning artifacts into 5/5 creatures is a Blue ability. The bend is clearly the first ability.

Blue can both play artifacts from the library and create artifact tokens and tapping for one of any color is something we do all the time in artifacts, but yes, it’s a bit of a stretch for Blue. It’s a bend though and not a break.


What Was In Lincoln’s Pockets The Night He Was Murdered?

When Abraham Lincoln was shot at Ford’s Theatre in Washington, D.C. on April 14, 1865, he was carrying two pairs of spectacles and a lens polisher, a pocketknife, a watch fob, a linen handkerchief, a brown leather wallet containing a five-dollar Confederate note, and nine newspaper clippings, including several favorable to the president and his policies. 

Given to his son Robert Todd upon Lincoln’s death, these everyday items, which through association with tragedy had become like relics, were kept in the Lincoln family for more than seventy years. Because it is quite unusual for the Library to keep personal artifacts among its holdings, they were not put on display until 1976 when then Librarian of Congress Daniel Boorstin thought their exposure would humanize a man who had become “mythologically engulfed." 

Magic: the Gathering - Inventor’s Fair

Inventor’s Fair
Legendary Land, Rare
At the beginning of your upkeep, if you control three or more artifacts, you gain 1 life.
t: Add C to your mana pool.
4, Sacrifice Inventor’s Fair: Search your library for an artifact card, reveal it, put it into your hand, then shuffle your library. Activate this ability only if you control 3 or more artifacts.

The copyright line at the bottom has an interesting notation - “Story Spotlight 1/5”, we should expect four others.

Also - pick up those Thalia’s Lancers to tutor this thing outta your standard constructed deck.  Beyond standard, a lot of Commander players should be happy with this card.

MaRo - ‘This is totally not metalcraft’.