library and mlis posts

I listened to an audiobook at work for the first time yesterday. Observations:

1) I don’t know if it was the heat or the book, but I was way slow yesterday. I think this needs further investigation.

2) The man reading I, Claudius’s Claudius voice sounds exactly like Derek Jacobi’s Claudius voice. I don’t feel like this is a coincidence.

3) It is amazing how quickly you get used to silly lady voices. The first time he did his weird high-pitched breathy voice for Livia, I was like, “Really? You’re going to do that every time Livia talks?” but after about an hour I stopped noticing how dumb it was.

4) I think I’m going to go on a tour of libraries looking for audiobooks, because I feel like even if I’m a bit slower, getting some literature or education in my system has to be better than than listening to the entire Beatles catalog on a loop every day (which I have been doing for a month now without getting tired of, and which needs to stop before something in me snaps and I suddenly hate the Beatles). This is probably not an assessment the boss lady would agree with, but they don’t like the headphones to begin with, and I will use them unless they are banned.


These are the Rainbow Magic books. These things are just … I don’t know what to say about them. There are approximately 1683315869 of these, they all look like that, and for some reason, little girls cannot get enough of them. It’s so weird. It’s like, about little girls who talk to fairies and help them with stuff? I don’t know. Anyways.

Okay, so this is it. I'm moving my library/MLIS/book stuff over to a secondary blog.

I’ve had this blog for about 2 years now, which is about twice as long as I’ve been in an MLIS program. The result of that is a lot of blogging about my classes and librarianship on my personal blog, and I’m realizing that that isn’t where I want to do it. I do want to talk about library stuff and books and YA issues and my coursework and all that, but I am also not going to stop reblogging gifs of dinosaur fights and composing rants comparing regional grocery store chains, a fact which has held me back from participating in the tumblrarian community as much as I’ve come to realize that I would like to.

So I’m moving. I’ve gone through and done my best to tag the MLIS and library-related stuff on my personal, but from now on, I’m moving that part of what I do over to I know some people who follow me here would probably rather follow me there, and some people who follow me here probably are not at all interested in what I’ll be doing over there but might idly wonder why I stopped posting so much about children’s books, so this is heads-up.

Maybe I won’t like this change; maybe I’ll switch back. I’ll definitely forget where I mean to post things and cross post some stuff. But this is something I am going to try.

The handstamp at the library today was a cute little mouse, so I stamped this kid’s hand and he said, “I have a mouse on my hand!” so I answered, “Why yes, you do!”

Only he actually said, “I have a mouse at my house!” and then continued to tell me that they put out traps but the mouse was very clever, and then his mother dragged him out.

Finally finished Ash. Malinda Lo gets 20 points. 10 because Ash is a protagonist who happens to be gay without that being the entire point of writing a story about her, and 10 because she absolutely understands how to write a fairy tale. Even without using the Cinderella plot literally, the elements of Donkeyskin (it doesn’t go all the way there! I promise!) and the Annwfn-ish stuff are awesome and absolutely fairytale.