“Once upon a time there were four little Rabbits, and their names were–Flopsy, Mopsy, Cotton-tail, and Peter. ”
The Tale of Peter Rabbit, Beatrix Potter

As part of our weeklong celebration of children’s literature, every day we are featuring some classics and undiscovered favorites from the DPLA collection. Access to ebooks for youth is at the center of DPLA’s new partnership with President Obama. DPLA will work closely with the New York Public Library, First Book, and the Institute of Museum and Library Services to help connect children to ebooks and libraries nationwide.

Enjoy these classic children’s stories by Beatrix Potter, The Tale of Peter Rabbit and The Tale of Tom Kitten, from HathiTrust.


Got up early today and was at the library just at 9 am. Three pomodoro sessions in, I took a coffee and pee-break. Later on my mum will come to the university and buy me lunch, which is a good incentive to get work done! Hope you’re all having a good day. Remember, everything you do, no matter how small, will help you in the long run. So get to it, friends! 👊✏️📚


Allerneuste beschreibung der provintz Carolina in West-Indien by John Lawson, translated by Ludwig Friedrich Vischer, printed in Hamburg, Germany in 1712.

This beautiful book is a German translation of John Lawson’s “A New Voyage to Carolina,” originally published in London in 1709. Months after arriving in the North American colony in 1700, Lawson was commissioned by leaders to take a small expedition to explore the Carolina colony. After completing his expedition, Lawson settled on the Pamlico River near present-day Bath, North Carolina.

In 1709, Lawson published his book, A New Voyage to Carolina, in which he described the native inhabitants and the natural environment of the region. The book was instantly popular, quickly spawning French and German translations. The success of the book ultimately attracted many immigrants to settle in North Carolina.

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anonymous asked:

Can you please write this one? You're amazing. Love your writing. "Sorry but this is the silent floor of the library and if you don't shut up I will yell at you and get us both kicked out"

Sorry this took me forever to get around to. I did not forget about you!

“Are you unfamiliar with the meaning of the word silent?”

“Excuse me?” 

Lexa glares at the blonde girl looking up at her. The hint of amusement in her eyes and the little smirk on her lips are even more maddening than her inane babbling. She should not look amused. She has no right to be amused. Not when she is disturbing Lexa and everyone else on the floor. To her credit, though, the blonde at least has the decency to hang up her phone call.

The fourth floor of Jaha library is Lexa’s second home during exams. It is the only silent floor of the library, and it is very conveniently open 24 hours during exams. Lexa needs dead silence to be able to focus on her readings. She is far too easily distracted when there is mindless chatter going on around her. Hence her problem with the blonde.

Her first exam is in just two days, and Lexa is woefully unprepared (It’s Anya’s fault, really. Why would she introduce her to Orange is The New Black the week before exams? Who does that to someone they call their friend?). Lexa cannot afford this added distraction.

“This is the silent floor. As in, no talking. Actual studying happens here. You can head down to the learning commons on 2nd if you want to continue your conversation. You’d fit right in in that mad zoo down there.”

“I might be missing something here, but did you just call me a zoo animal?” the blonde asks with a quirked eyebrow.

“Perhaps… Though I was fairly certain the insult would fly right over your head.”

 “Okay, and now I’m pretty sure you just implied I was stupid.”

“Yes, well done, Sherlock. I’m impressed. Now, please be quiet, or leave. Some of us are trying to study.” Lexa is already turning away, satisfied with how the conversation went.


 Lexa turns around slowly. “Excuse me?”

 “No. I have every right to be here. I don’t see why I should have to leave.” The infuriating smirk is still present on her face.

 “Look here, blondie,” Lexa says, her voice rising in anger and frustration. A few people raise their heads at this and begin watching their interaction. Lexa remains oblivious to this.

“Uh, you should really keep your voice down,” the blonde says in a stage whisper. “This is the silent floor.”

Lexa’s eyes widen and her anger rises even further. It might just be the stress and general lack of sleep getting to her, but she thinks she might want to punch this girl in the face. Before she can even really register what happened, both of them have been kicked off the floor by the librarian.

Lexa is positively fuming as she storms out of the library, accompanied by the still-amused-looking blonde who brought about this predicament.

“You don’t get to keep smirking like that,” Lexa nearly snarls, turning and walking closer to the girl in the hopes of intimidating her. Unfortunately for Lexa, the girl holds her ground, and now they are left standing uncomfortably close.

“Why? Does it bother you to see people smile?”

“I swear on all that is holy, I will wipe that smirk off of your pretty little face.”

The smirk only widens and becomes more teasing as the blonde raises an eyebrow. “You think my face is pretty?”

Lexa blinks. “What? That’s not what I – That’s not the point.”

“I don’t hear you denying it.”

“You are infuriating. I don’t have time for this. I have an exam in two days and now, thanks to you, I need to find another quiet place to study!” With that, Lexa marches off, already going through a list of possible spots in her mind. Most of the places she can think of will be closed, considering it is almost midnight now. 

“Wait up,” the blonde calls out from behind her. “Hey, look, I’m sorry. Really. I’m sorry for getting you kicked out. I know a place we can go to study.”

Lexa stops and turns to look at her suspiciously.

“It’s quiet and well lit. Pretty much nobody goes there. There’s wifi and plugs for charging stuff…”

Lexa hesitates, debating whether she wants to take this offer. On the one hand, she does not want anything to do with this girl any more. On the other hand, she really needs a place to study.

“Come on, it’s the least I can do.”

Lexa finally agrees. “Very well.”

“I’m Clarke, by the way,” the girl says, smiling and extending her hand. Lexa looks at it for a moment before she reaches forward with her own hand.


“It’s nice to meet you, Lexa.”

“Lead the way, Clarke.”

Lexa soon realizes that Clarke is headed for the student centre, and she lets out an unimpressed little huff. 

“The student centre? Really? That place will be packed with people studying.”

“Just trust me, will you?” Clarke says.

Lexa has absolutely zero reason to trust Clarke, but for some reason she continues to follow her into the student centre and up the stairs to the top floor. She only hesitates when Clarke heads towards a window and proceeds to pick the lock that keeps it shut.

“What are you doing?”

“Opening this window.”

“Yes, I can see that. Why are you doing that?”

Clarke does not respond. Instead, she pulls the window open and climbs up onto what appears to be the roof of a lower part of the student centre. She turns around once she is safely up and looks at Lexa expectantly with a hand outstretched.

“Come on, give me your hand.”

Lexa hands Clarke her backpack instead, and climbs out of the window on her own.

“Welcome to the roof of campus, Lexa,” Clarke says as she walks backwards with her hands spread out, as if she is showcasing the roof for Lexa. “At least, that’s what I like to call it.”

Lexa has never been here before. The first thing she notices is that there is a lovely view of campus from up here. There isn’t any kind of desk, but there are cushions lying on a rug, and it looks rather comfortable. Lexa sees an extension cord, and plugged into one of the sockets is a lamp. There are various plants growing all around the place. It’s rather beautiful.

“What is this place?” Lexa asks in wonder. “Who put all of this stuff here?”

“That would be yours truly,” Clarke says. There is the slightest hint of pride in her voice. “I came up here a lot once I discovered it in first year… and I figured it needed to be spruced up a bit. The maintenance guys know about it, and they don’t seem to mind. Heck, they even offered to give me a key for the window, but I prefer opening it the old fashioned way.”

Lexa is impressed, despite her best efforts not to be.

“It’s… very nice,” Lexa says reluctantly.

“Thank you. Coming from you, that’s the highest form of praise.”

Lexa rolls her eyes and does not respond to this.

They study together for a few hours. Lexa is grateful that Clarke is able to remain mostly silent for the entire time. At least, she tells herself that she is grateful. For some reason, she finds herself glancing at Clarke and wanting to talk to her, to know more about her. She wonders why Clarke felt the need to make this secret little sanctuary for herself. She wonders if Clarke likes to be alone. She does not know how to bring any of this up without seeming strange, so she does not say anything.

It is nearly 4AM when Clarke finally stands up with a groan and cracks her back.

“Okay, I’m calling it a night.” Clarke announces. “My brain can’t function anymore. I need sleep. You should probably get some rest yourself.” 

“You are probably right,” Lexa replies, stifling a yawn as she begins to pack up her things. 

They both then stand facing each other somewhat awkwardly, neither one of them moving to leave.


“Excuse me?”

“That’s my number,” Clarke clarifies. “I thought I’d save you the trouble of having to ask for it.”

“Well, you certainly are sure of yourself, aren’t you?”

“Yes, that’s one of my best qualities. Now, are you going to put my number in your phone, or do I have to do that as well?”