Evidence that the wave is breaking? Of course, the second and third books were never as in-demand as the first (this one has still gone out ten times since being added last year), but the number of holds on Fifty Shades of Grey has dipped under 100 for the system, and there are actually copies available at our library and branches.


So @booksnyarn and I delivered our presentation this morning on “Erotica in the Library” at the FDR library and museum.

A conference goer just came up to us and told us that she overheard the park rangers at the front desk: “Do you know what those women were talking about???”

In the car

I was listening to the radio, which had a little spot with an excited person (or “person,” who knows) saying something along the lines of “I just love the radio, that’s how I discover new music!”

Libraries are the radio of books.* Except with better stations.

*“Books” meaning stories–content in whatever package you choose to put them in.