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Where did all those feelings go? People spend their whole lives looking for love. Poems and songs and entire novels are written about it. But how can you trust something that can end as suddenly as it begins?
—  Nicola Yoon, The Sun is Also a Star
The Permission Slip

Because @anghraine mentioned PTA AU, and her brain went one place and mine went another.

The Permission Slip

Jyn opened the door as quietly as possible and slid into the school library. Not that she really should have bothered with stealth. The big room echoed with chatter and laughter and suddenly, happy shrieking as something went pop!

She leaned her back against the wall, looking around. She vaguely remembered coming here on a long-ago Parent Night. At the time, the posters had been dusty and faded, the shelves looming, and the tables dirty. Not to mention a sour librarian who’d been quick to tell her that Lyra refused to stick to books at her grade level, and hadn’t taken it well when Jyn had snapped back that maybe the librarian shouldn’t be giving her kid boring-ass shit she didn’t want to read.

Now it looked bright and warm, the tables all pushed together at one end, sunlight streaming in through the windows. The new librarian had been making changes. Impressive considering he split his time between here and the high school.

The top half of the shelves were empty, all the books moved down. She wondered where the rest of them had gone. Still, there were enough books to make her itchy. She’d kicked the dust of school off her Doc Martens ten years ago, and while she’d gotten her GED, she still wasn’t a fan of scholastic environments in general.

Lyra, she reminded herself. She was here for Lyra. For Lyra, she’d walk over hot coals and swallow live scorpions and -

And take the afternoon off work to tell her kid’s school librarian a thing or two.

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Quick request!!

Heyo!! Admin Kai here! 

As you guys probably know, we have a library of klance fics up for you guys to check out if you’re looking for good klance fics, which is updated regularly whenever we’ve read or are rec’d new fics. In addition, there are monthly posts listing the new fics added each month to keep you guys updated (and for easy access too). Usually about 20-30 new ones get added monthly, and a sizeable amount are those that I’ve personally read and enjoyed (the others are fics that we share on our chat, or those submitted to the net!!). 

However, recently there’s been a load of stuff happening in my life and it’s been kinda a mess + I’ve been super busy, so I haven’t been able to find much time to read and rec fics, which I’m really sorry about. I still want to be able to add enough fics to the library though, so that we can still make a good ficrec at the end of the month. 

So if you have any good klance fics to recommend, please please please submit it to us so that it can be added to the library!! It’d be really great if you guys could help contribute to the library and share your favourite fics, and it’ll also be good as it would be more of a mix of different preferences for everyone to enjoy! More info about the library/submitting fics can be found here

Thank you in advance for helping us out, it’s really appreciated! :-) 

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callout for taako: calls me a nerd every day without fail, keeps rearranging the books in the arcana section in an incomprehensible way (perhaps unintentionally but still bothersome), never stops yelling no matter how many times i tell him to quiet down(he's still not quite as bad as magnus about that though), brings baked goods into the library for me to try (not that i don't appreciate it, but food isn't allowed in here), and i'm pretty sure he thinks i live in the library. -star the librarian



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Always Read the Margins

Chapter 4 here, all parts here

Genre: Chaptered. University AU, fluff, eventual relationship that can be taken as either platonic or romantic

Summary: Fiction. Phil is a master’s student, Dan is a nervous first year. Phil is in the library when he has to look up a reference in a law textbook, and there is a scrawled note in messy handwriting down the side that makes him laugh. On a whim, he scribbles a reply, but he doesn’t expect to get a response…

Warnings: Some swear words, nothing else

Word Count: Around 3-4000 per chapter

A/N: It’s been a while since I updated, sorry, uni got busyyyyyy. I’ve finished term now though, so in the spirit of Christmas, have another chapter ^_^

Chapter 5

Dan flopped awake with a low groan, squeezing his eyes shut. The incessant beeping of his alarm refused to leave him alone, but he ignored it, his body aching far too much to even think about actually moving. A few blurred memories from last night chased their way across his skull, faded behind a screen of alcohol-induced fervour. He could barely remember making it back.

On second thoughts, Mondays probably weren’t the ideal night to go out. Especially when he had lectures Tuesday morning.

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@nattjeger || grace of a family 

College was truly a blast for the blonde haired woman, even if she was away from her family a bit more than she wanted to be. She knew that should she truly need them they could be there in a split second should they wish it… but this was a part of growing up. She knew that, but that didn’t mean her deep connection with the angels that were now her family didn’t lessen. It was because of the grace Rhamiel, her Father, that she was alive today. Though of course not without her own set of struggles. 

That night she was walking from her small, temporary job at the college campus library, exhausted and in need of a good, long, steaming hot bath. Though she would never have expected a man to come along and walk with her. At first she thought them to be walking in the same direction, more than willing to make the conversation with him… until suddenly she was being drawn into a darker area of the campus along the building. Making a noise of fright, she tried to get away… but she knew better than to try to cause a fight. She had to do this in such a way that she could lay out a heavy blow and get away. 

A full on fight? That would be devastating on her body. 

Calvin X Reader - Distraction - Chapter 1

A/N I would like to thank you guys so much for 200 follower and I hope you enjoy this cute little fluff oneshot!

Approaching the classroom, you looked in through the tiny window on the door, clearly seeing a teacher standing in front of a large group of students. You inhaled deeply before knocking, and looked as your shoes as you waited for someone to open the door.

When someone did come, you were met with the warm smile of the man you had seen at the front of the class.

“I’m Mr. Myers. Come in,” the man introduced, stepping aside for you to enter.

As you did you found yourself standing in front of a sea of desks all filled with other students. Some looked happy and peppy ready for anything, while others looked half asleep, ready to pass out.

“Please take a seat in the back,” Mr. Myers cooed, pointing to an empty desk in the corner next to the window.

You did as you was told and walked to your desk, scanning over all the students as made my way to the corner. Some of the students stood out more than others, and those you looked at a second longer.

Once seated, you drew your attention back to the front of the class and watched as Mr. Myers went back to teaching his lecture.

As it was your first day, in the middle of the year, you had no idea what was being taught or where to pick up. Feeling anxious you looked around confused, trying your best to find some answers without bothering anyone. 

 As you were becoming low on resources you leaned back in your seat and looked at the whiteboard, Mr. Myers spewing facts that sounded more like a foreign language. Still struggling, you began to doodle, deciding to ask Mr. Myers about the lecture afterwards. 

 In the middle of your drawing you felt a slight poke on your back but chose to ignore it, seeing as no one had a reason to talk to you since you were new. 

Again the poking persisted and after about the fourth poke you turned around, faced with a warm pair of brown eyes. 

 "What?“ you spat, more sourly than you intended. 

 Getting a good look at the kid you noticed a SnapBack pulled over his head that covered a fringe that looked a bit long, as it framed his face. He also sported a loose t shirt and a pair of headphones that hung from his neck. Looking thin you wondered if actually ate, but assumed he did as his cheeks were chubby and he didn’t look too sickly aside from faded dark circles under his eyes. He was actually quite cute when you put all of him together, and that made you a bit nervous. Blushing lightly, you directed your attention back around the room noticing you were starting to stare, and didn’t want to make the situation weird. 

 The boy looked almost offended by your tone before pointing towards the board, “Do you know what we’re talking about?” he asked, practically reading your mind. 

 You shook your head and shrugged, hopeful for some answers from him. 

 The boy turned his notebook around so you could see his work before he explained, “Yeah, you looked confused. We are talking about Russia during the 1860s. Did you learn about that where you came from?“ 

 You muttered a no before drawing your eyes away from his and back to his notes, reading them carefully, taking moments to glance back up at boy. 

 "I have no idea what’s going on. The school put me in this class but I think they made a mistake,” you admitted, more clueless than before.

 "It’s just world history,“ the boy chuckled, flashing an adorable smile, “It’s all good though. Meet me after class in the library and I can catch you up to speed. If you want that is.“ 

 You thought about what you had to do after this class but decided a little catch up with a stranger wouldn’t hurt.

 "Yeah, that’d be cool. I appreciate it,” you thanked with a light grin, turning back in your seat to face the teacher who was now on a whole new topic.

 Not 30 minutes into the first class and you were already confused and captivated by a boy you had just met. Though he seemed kind, you didn’t feel like you two really flew with the same crowed and felt the friendship wouldn’t grow as much as you hoped. You were more on the quite side keeping to yourself, just trying to make it through the day, while he seemed quite open and lively, not that there was anything wrong with that. You just hoped maybe he’d be someone you could talk to when you needed help, like now.

 Starting back on your incomplete doodle, you felt another tap on your back, to which you turned around once again, this time without a snark remark. 

 "I’m Calvin by the way,“ the boy introduced, waving his hand lowly.

 "I’m [Y/N],” you said watching as the once confident guy you had just talked to looked more shy and warm.


“Okay, class. Read pages 234-244 for homework and be ready to discuss tomorrow,” Mr. Myers announced as the class stood up, hearing the bell sound. 

You started to collect your things, throwing your binder and pen into your backpack, along with a large history book. 

Slinging the heavy bag over your shoulders you started to walk towards to the door, but suddenly you heard someone call your name, causing you to turn quickly.

“Hey [Y/N],” said a familiar voice, “You still up for studying in the library?”

You waited for Calvin to catch up before walking again turning as you existed the room, “Yeah. Of course,” you exclaimed, turning to look at him, seeing him tower over your small form. 

When you had been sitting, Calvin hadn’t seemed near as tall as he did now, though you really didn’t mind.  

As you walked the two of you were silent, but comfortable till Calvin finally spoke, nudging you to get your attention, “So why’d you move?” 

You looked to your right as you passed a wall of windows that looked out into the campuses courtyard. “My dad get a job here. We weren’t supposed to move till next year but I guess it couldn’t wait,” you explained, looking from the floor up to Calvin, “I didn’t really get to say goodbye to anyone, which sucks. But its cool to see someone here wants to talk to me.”

Calvin smirked at your comment nudging you again, “I mean you looked like a pretty cool girl who needed some help. I wasn’t going to just let you struggle.”

“Well I appreciate that,” you confessed, walking up a large white staircase, scanning over kids sat on the steps, nose deep in text books. 

“The library is right here on your left,” Calvin pointed as the two of you reached the top of the steps, making your way towards the large room.

When you walked into the library the room smelt of paper and printer ink, and all you could hear was silence. The room was lined with rows upon rows of books, a library desk at the front, and a few tables scattered around. You and Calvin made your way over to one of the smaller tables in the back were he dropped his bulky black book bag, and took a seat motioning for you to do the same.

You sat down across from him and watched as he grabbed his large history book from his bag and opened it to the assigned pages. Looking from his eyes to the pages, you awaited the start of this study session. 

“So where should we begin?” he asked, looking up at you for guidance. 

The warm smile in his eye made your stomach turn and your cheeks flush but you pushed past these feelings, desperate to remain professional. 

“Uh, from the beginning I guess,” you stammered, clueless as to what the content consisted of. 

Calvin nodded began to talk about Europe and their economy, as the US was now in a Civil War, but soon after he started talking you zoned out, watching how he moved his hands as he talked, and how his mouth tipped at one end causing him to have a cute goofy grin.

Though you weren’t listening you nodded as he spoke, hoping to play it off as you were hearing every word. You also tried your best to seem interested, moving your attention from his eyes to the book every few seconds, but still there was no doubt that you were more interest in the brown eyed boys face than his text book. 

You were snapped back to reality when you heard your name being called and you looked to Calvin, your name coming out of his mouth. Though Calvin didn’t say your name any different than any other person, you loved how it rolled of his tongue and into your ear.

“[Y/N], are you even listening?” Calvin asked, looking a bit ashamed of you. 

You instantly felt bad, biting your lip. Calvin was taking the time out of his day to help a stranger get everything figured out, and you chose to stare at him rather than listen.

“I-I’m sorry,” you stuttered, with darting eyes, not daring to look back into his, “I’m just not concentrating that well. I’m sorry.”

The boy sighed and leaned back in his chair, stretching out his arms, “Well why don’t we talk about something more interesting then. Like you. I mean history isn’t the most entertaining thing to listen to so maybe this will help you concentrate a bit more,” the boy suggested with a smirk.

You blushed lightly, nodding at Calvin’s proposal. Though you didn’t want to take up his time talking about yourself, he offered and you weren’t going to turn down an opportunity to get to know him.

“So what do you do in your spare time?” Calvin asked, propping his hand underneath his chin, looking at you ready to listen.

You looked from Calvin down to the table thinking about what you did, not having to answer like this very often.

“I like listening to music I guess, and watching YouTube,” you answered, fiddling with the pencil in your hand.

Calvin’s attention seemed to be caught by your response and he leaned closer as you hear you better, “What kind of music you like? I personally like remixes and stuff.”

“Remixes are good, but I also like stuff they play on the radio sometimes. Depends really.” 

Calvin smiled and took his headphones off of his neck and handed them to you.

"Listen,” he dead panned, pulling out his phone that seemed to be connect to his headset.

You did as you were told and put them on your head, feeling a bit like you were invading his possessions. Soon music began to flow through the speakers and you listened as a remix began to play. Though it wasn’t exactly your taste you did enjoy the song and listened to it all the way through, making comments on part you enjoyed the most.

Calvin continued to talk about your life and interests after having finished the song, to which you willing spilled, enjoying the company and conversation.

Soon the boy had covered every topic from your past to your present, to your past relationships, to your current friendships, to which he gave his own responce to each topic topic.

It was getting late now and you felt like you had known Calvin for years.

As it was close to 6 you began to pack up your things and stood with your bag in hand.

“I hate to skip out on you, but my mom probably wants me home soon,” you admitted, looking at your shoes, “I really enjoyed this though. It was nice getting to know you.”

Calvin stood next to you and shrugged with a grin, “I mean like I said. You seemed like a pretty cool girl, and I can say now I wasn’t wrong.” 

Looking around the library and it was mostly empty now seeing as it was close to closing time. All the surrounding tables were empty, and only a few in the back were occupied by what looked like a few teachers.

“So,” Calvin spoke up, grabbing your attention, “Would you like to go get some coffee sometime?” the brown haired boy asked, scratching the back of his head, “Maybe we can actually work on some history then. Or if that still doesn’t interest you, we can just talk like today.”

Joy sparked through your body and you turned your eyes from the door back to Calvin once more, “Yeah, I’d like that. Tomorrow after class?”

“Sure!” Calvin confirmed waving slightly, “See ya’, [Y/N]. Get home safe.”

You smiled and started to walk towards the library door and called back, “I will. Thank you.”

As you made your way out to the student parking lot, you couldnt help but smile from ear to ear thinking about the next time you and Clavin would be spending time together enjoying a nice cup of warm coffee.

Scarlett (ft. Rap Monster)

A collaboration fic, by the awesome Blizetta&Mei duo! Enjoy it as much as we did :>

  • Smut warning!
  • Word count: 3136

Every day.He is there every day, in his usual sit, all alone. You have always wanted to ask him what he was doing here, since he doesn’t look like someone, who is into reading. Not these kind of books anyway. The books, which you usually read were anything, but compatible with his looks. If you were to choose, you’d say crime stories describe him better. And he wouldn’t necessarily be on the good side.

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person A who sits in the back of every staff meeting and makes snarky comments under their breath about everyone the whole time and person B who arrived late and sat next to them and can barely hold in their laughter (klaine, and it's pretty obvious who's who, right? lol)

Right ;)

Usually, Blaine arrives at the meeting long before they start.

Usually, Blaine doesn’t press the snooze button either.

He’s not “late”, not exactly, but everybody is already seated and there is only one chair left and Elliott was already on his way to stand up to call for attention, and he gives him an ironic raised eyebrow that doesn’t bode well for Blaine’s ego afterwards.


Long story short, Blaine usually doesn’t sit at the back of the table next to the Archivist.

Yes, the man deserves a majuscule to his title, and even if Blaine knows his name–if only because he sends him a message every now and then when a particularly stubborn visitor asks a particularly obscure question–he likes to call him by his occupation.

He wonders what Mr. Kurt ‘Archivist’ Hummel calls him in the privacy of his Tower.

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Miyuki blinked a few times. It was sunday and she was in a bit of a pinch.

The heroine spent all of her time slacking off and reading books, plus playing online with Yayoi… And she still wasn’t done with this big essay she had to end to her english teacher, Miss Sakaki, who was also her homeroom teacher.

She finally got a good idea!

“I’ll just use the mysterious library!” She though, as she entered her and her friends’ hideout. She immediately turned to a random bookshelf and pushed the books in a specific order, and wished with all her might.

I want to go where somebody will help me with my english homework!”

Miyuki herself must haven’t been good with english, but the library can brings her to those who are.

She expected to arrive at Reika’s house. Maybe Komachi’s. Honoka’s… Anybody would be fine really!

Miyuki was sucked into the bookshelf.

When she finally arrived somewhere, she looked around.

“….Uh? That doesn’t look like a place I know!”

Perfect Evening

Alternately titled “John might be nonbinary, a JohnDave epic.” I threw this together during my little hiatus. It’s mushy and dorky. Enjoy.

Content warning for mild sexual themes and shoplifting. Inspired by this picture here.

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