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This isn't actually a question, it's a compliment. I just recently found your Tumblr, then your website, and I'm impressed as hell that it's all run by a single person. I especially appreciate that it's a curated list instead of the "publisher says this has an LGBTQIA+ character, that's good enough for me!" type lists that I'm used to seeing. I've bookmarked the website in my "Readers Advisory" folder (I'm a librarian) and will be recommending it to my queer friends. Thanks for your hard work!

That just absolutely made my day, thank you!! The whole curation/being certain it has a queer character with a POV part was really important to me. I get very ragey when I see LGBTQ lists that have books like Winger on them. THAT’S NOT WHAT PEOPLE LOOKING FOR REPRESENTATION ARE LOOKING FOR. *ahem* I mean, thank you :) I’m so glad it helps and thank you for recommending!

Have you read any good books lately?[work edition]

Yes. But nothing I can recommend to you, I’m afraid. Unless you like graphic novels, horror, YA or middle-grade books…

I work mostly as a librarian towards kids and young adults, so when an older patron asks me about book recommendations I usually stand there like a question mark.

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Seven rooms in an infinite library

1. The room that has slowly grown back into trees and skin. The trees have not yet shed their ink so you can enter into their crumbly trunks and read most of their secrets still, although you will need a torch and some patience and to know the right song to open the tree back up should it slam shut on you. The skin is mostly confused; it has formed back into limp, meatless cows which flap in the breeze from the air conditioning unit.
2. The toilet. Legend has it that there is only one toilet in the library; it is merely very busy in space and time. This is why there is always the same dog-eared book of cartoons on the shelf. Enterprising explorers have been known to stash energy bars in the cistern for emergency retrieval once lost in the booky depths.
3. The room you get into by opening that very small book on the bottom shelf and reaching your hand into the hole on page twelve to flip up the latch in the room beyond, after which you can open up the large book on the stand and enter through any of the doors on pages six, twenty-eight or one hundred and sixteen at your leisure. I do not know what is in that room, because my hand is too big for the hole in the small book. But yours may be smaller.
4. The large large print romances section. No, larger than that. Larger than that, too. It is not so much an area for the partially-sighted as a lobby for massive letters to hang around in, posing and slouching and occasionally making words, but mostly making out with each other. At least one of them is probably a colossal squid and not a letter at all, but every time it faces suspicion it covers itself in ink and that will do, for this place at least.
5. A room of propaganda. It has a number of entrances; based on certain aspects of your appearance and personality, the librarian will recommend an entrance for you if you want to first be exposed to propaganda only against them and not you. But the room is so designed that you can always look up and see them as they sit and read texts about you. Given the vast asymmetry in the amounts of propaganda available, its geometry is a marvel to behold.
6. The room where they keep the books that you write in your dreams (not the ones you would like to write; the ones that you write in your dreams). You may not remember the dreams, but there they are. It is a round room with one great spiral shelf, starting with the tiny books you wrote in infancy and progressing onwards and upwards through taller and thicker tomes. There is a ladder, should you need one. You are not sure if they stop at now or not.
7. A room of infinities and of their puzzles and paradoxes. Perhaps surprisingly, this is right at the entrance of the library. Of course, the way back out from there is infinitely long. There is a sign stating this at the entrance of the room and for some reason, perhaps some slavish devotion to conventional notions of space and time that we in the library have quite transcended, nobody takes it seriously enough. Anyhow, there is a mirror in there where you can find your other sibling, the one who always when you never and vice versa and so on.

Hogwarts! Joshua

Requested by anon: “can you write seventeen hogwarts au? Joshua is possible?”

  • everyone knew about Joshua Hong 
  • the perfect perfect
  • he was a fifth year Hufflepuff 
  • same house and year as you 
  • so you saw him often as you both shared classes 
  • it came as no surprise when he was chosen as a prefect 
  • but he was surprisingly cool, letting minor things go if it didn’t endanger anyone or if it was for special occasions 
  • especially if they were his friends, he just couldn’t say no to them 
  • everyone’s favorite prefect because he was so nice and liked giving warnings rather than punishments 
  • caught out past curfew by a few minutes, 
  • he’d show you a secret passage to getting back to the dorms without running into teachers 
  • if you passed him on the train, he’d stop to compliment you after asking you how your summer went 
  • and no surprise he knew the lady pushing the trolley around on a first name basis 
  • and asking her how her family was and everything 
  • and complimenting her uniform
  • she always slipped him chocolate frog cards he didn’t have for his collection 
  • and he’d thank her and buy out half the trolley before sharing it with all the kids in the next few carriages 
  • Joshua was good at everything, smart and friendly too 
  • not a single person could find something wrong with the guy or criticize him in any way 
  • no matter what house someone was in, they new Joshua Hong
  • because the guy did everything 
  • perfect exam scores in charms, potions, DATDA, transfiguration, herbology 
  • you name it, Hong Jisoo did well in it 
  • and he was so nice to everyone and a gentleman wherever he went  
  • holding open doors to classrooms for people or picking up fallen quills or books that people dropped and returning it to them with a small smile 
  • one time a girl accidentally set the quill she was writing with on fire from a wayward charm 
  • Joshua had quickly extinguished it with aguamenti and gave her a new quill 
  • suffice to say, plenty of witches had crushes on him 
  • and no one could hate the guy for anything 
  • literally, if you tried hating him, Joshua somehow managed to make you like him 
  • disliked him for being too smart? 
  • he’d say he wasn’t really smart, he just tries hard to study his best and he has smart friends who show him how to do stuff 
  • and then talk about some random episode of spongebob bc it’s Joshua
  • which plenty of people wouldn’t understand except the other muggle borns 
  • he’d be a huge dork quoting random episodes and just being a meme 
  • everyone was always asking him for advice or to look over their homework for them 
  • and although he never lets anyone copy his 
  • goody two shoes you know
  • he somehow had the time to always give advice to everyone and save their grade 
  • he played as a chaser for Hufflepuff’s Quidditch team too 
  • it wasn’t enough to be intelligent, he was athletic and dedicated too
  • spending even stormy days out in the field practicing long after some of his teammates had called it quits 
  • looked damn fine in quidditch robes too yes 
  • in his third year, he had led the Hufflepuff team to victory 
  • scored 30 points in the last minutes before their seeker finally caught the snitch, bringing the score to 270-300 
  • he was every teacher’s favorite too 
  • they couldn’t help it 
  • he was always offering to help out teachers with anything they may need 
  • although he didn’t sit in the front of any of his classes 
  • and he was too quiet to raise his hand to answer any questions sometimes 
  • if a teacher ever made the mistake of assuming Joshua wasn’t listening to the question 
  • they got roasted as Joshua Hong not only got the question right, but probably corrected some error they made in their lecture earlier 
  • which he would only point out in the most respectful and polite way
  • “Professor, did you mean to say aconite or monkshood instead of mandragora?“ 
  • and if no one knew the answer to a question 
  • all Joshua needed was a glance from the teacher and he’d have the correct answer ready to go 
  • the boy sang in chorus too 
  • his voice was heavenly 
  • some magical entity had to have graced Joshua with every goddamn talent in the universe 
  • he supposedly played guitar amazingly well 
  • only his dorm mates knew though, he always packed his guitar in his trunk somehow 
  • and brought it out to play sometimes 
  • it always surprised everyone when they found out he was muggle born
  • like he was too good at everything wtf how have you only been doing magic for a few years 
  • but no one dared say anything about it 
  • bc he had so many friends from all the houses 
  • say something mean about Joshua or just something even remotely critical 
  • and like five different people will interject saying how he’s basically a human unicorn 
  • and how dare you call Shua anything but the perfect prefect 
  • and he could easily beat anyone in a duel if his friends dragged him into one 
  • and probably profusely apologize while bowing at ninety degrees and helping bandage and heal any injuries he may have caused 
  • it was theorized he might have a time-turner 
  • how else could he get all his papers done and still manage quidditch practice and chorus? 
  • and also reorganizing textbooks in the library with his wand while the librarian recommended him books he hadn’t read before since he had read many of them 
  • and helping the kitchen elves by explaining the concept of lactose intolerance and gluten free and other things that helped people with dietary restrictions and food allergies feel comfortable eating all food 
  • he also helped an elf who once tripped over the recently mopped floor
  • Madam Pomfrey was always glowing about Shua bc he always brought students who were sick flowers and books to read and always gave her chocolates 
  • he also was often seen consoling random paintings and ghosts in Hogwarts and he knew all of them by their first names 
  • and while some people wanted to hate Joshua 
  • he could say a few words and any negative feelings you had toward him were gone 
  • “You really deserved that win, you guys have been practicing so hard lately on the quidditch field, good job!“ 
  • "How did you you come up with a way to start your potions paper so well? I should be asking you to edit mine." 
  • "you have to show me that spell you did the other day with the lights and confetti, I want to use it for a friend’s birthday.”
  • “My owl? Oh his name is Flufferson, I have a picture do you want to see? He’s probably somewhere flying around, enjoying the fresh air, the cutie.”
  • “I have a puppy at home, it’s a Maltese and I named it Sebongie, I think it’s a cute name." 
  • on weekends, you could probably see Joshua buying sugar quills for some third years who had forgotten their silver sickles or bronze knuts
  • or in the common room teaching kids how to use his iPhone to watch YouTube and anime 
  • always with his group of friends from all the houses 
  • his group of friends was big, 13 of them in all 
  • his best friends were Jeonghan from slytherin and Seungcheol from Gryffindor since they were all the same age 
  • one time, Jeonghan had tried to prank some Hufflepuff students by hexing their book bags into releasing a bunch of little rubber snakes 
  • but he was caught by Joshua 
  • and Joshua made him apologize 
  • you don’t mess with Joshua’s kids 
  • the next day Jeonghan’s clothes kept dropping rubber snakes everywhere
  • Joshua would hide his laughter behind his hand and then compose himself 
  • “That should actually keep you awake in potions then." 
  • and everyone around them would be dying from laughter and patting Joshua on the back 
  • for a gentleman the guy knew how to be savage sometimes 
  • ofc as a fifth year in Hufflepuff you knew Joshua 
  • you even sat pretty close to him in charms 
  • and although you couldn’t hate the guy 
  • it gets low key annoying when your friends always act like his biggest fan
  • "Shua’s practicing down at the quidditch field, GET THE SIGNS GIRLS!" 
  • "We have a transfiguration exam y'all what are you doing?" 
  • "Supporting our Hong Jisoo, y/n. The quidditch match is next weekend and we want to beat the slimy smiles off of those Slytherins’ faces." 
  • one day in charms the professor had to assign a partner project 
  • naturally everyone paired up 
  • and you’re like chill I’ll just ask
  • you look around and all your friends are already paired up 
  • and of course you’re like great forever alone that’s me I need to get me an even number of friends… 
  • "Y/n do you need a partner?” Joshua asks you from the seat two students down from you 
  • and everyone goes quiet
  • because Joshua usually always partners up with one of his friends 
  • and you look to his normal friend group 
  • and see sure enough all of them have partners too 
  • “Sure, Joshua.” You say scrunching your nose
  • at least you’ll actually have a partner who tries and doesn’t make you do all the work by yourself (LIKE LAST TIME COUGH COUGH YOUR FRIEND) 
  • you both decide to meet at the library the next weekend to work on it 
  • “OMG y/n Joshua never asks anyone outside his friend group. What if he likes you?!?!? You guys would be such a power couple ACK." 
  • "Shut up.” you laugh and playfully hit your friend’s arm while packing your book bag 
  • “I’m not pretty enough for everyone’s golden gentleman Joshua, he was just being nice because you all ditched me." 
  • "I’m glad we did, make me the maid of honor at your wedding and thank me later." 
  • when you reach the library, Joshua is already there talking to Jeonghan 
  • "The girl in your charms class? Well whatever we can hang out next weekend. But Shua that assignment isn’t due in weeks… makes sense the both of you are smart aleks." 
  • you clear your throat 
  • "welp bye Joshua, oh and we’re all getting butter beer later at hogsmeade don’t forget." 
  • Joshua laughs and waves Jeonghan goodbye 
  • "it’s a nice day, should we sit out by the lake and say hi to the giant squid?" 
  • "sure I guess" 
  • you didn’t want to have a crush on Joshua 
  • bc then you’d be one of those girls, the ones always trailing behind him and trying to get his attention 
  • and walking by fluttering their eyelashes and saying "Hey Joshua." 
  • but as you were both crossing the grounds to the lake 
  • you kept giving him sideways glances 
  • the way his light brown hair became lightly tousled in the breeze - or his small smile 
  • or the gentle humming of a song you weren’t familiar with 
  • Focus you’re working on an assignment geez 
  • you both sat down at the edge of the lake and brainstormed ideas for your project 
  • and somewhere along the way the convo shifted to just talking about summer and your home 
  • "You’re muggle born too? Then have you ever watched Naruto?" 
  • Joshua was a dork you realized, a cute one 
  • "Sebongie? Yea I miss her like crazy, I was tempted to bring her in my trunk but I have Flufferson already." 
  • ah shit 
  • you were starting to like like Joshua 
  • he was too nice and cute especially when talking about his pets and how they brightened his day 
  • or the many hilarious adventures he had with his friends 
  • or how he missed his family 
  • he was a good listener too 
  • you talked about your hamster at home 
  • it loved eating carrots and you had originally wanted to name it mochi 
  • but you had settled for Carrot after it’s favorite food 
  • and you told Joshua about how you had always loved playing quidditch with your family but you never tried out for the Hufflepuff team 
  • his friends must have caught on to your feelings before Joshua did, Joshua was kind of clueless about all the crushes people had on him
  • Jeonghan ended up putting his arm on your shoulder while walking to the library to meet up with Joshua 
  • "You should just tell him you like him." 
  • "and get a pity rejection, lmao in what world would I do that Jeonghan.”
  • “Suit yourself.” He said giving you a sly smile 
  • right before shoving you into a broom closet 
  • and locking the damn door behind you 
  • "You should thank your friend later, she told me about your little crush on our Shua, luckily for you I approve." 
  • you tried unlocking the door with your wand but to no avail 
  • you even tried picking the lock with a hairpin 
  • "Hey y/n listen to this." 
  • "Jeonghan I’m telling the head of slytherin later get ready for your ass whooping." 
  • but you hear someone running down the hallway outside the door 
  • "Jeonghan what do you mean y/n got in an accident? Where is she?" 
  • you go dead silent, it’s Joshua 
  • "Yah, look you came running and everything if you like her just tell her geez." 
  • you hold your breath as you hear what Joshua says next 
  • "She probably doesn’t like me back ok? I’m not good at these things, she’s cute and interesting and I’m boring and I don’t know ok Jeonghan, just tell me where she is no time for jokes we have to work on the project.”
  • “alright, I’d like to just say that you brought this upon yourself and you can thank me later." 
  • "what are you talking about Jeonghan-" 
  • and the closet door clicks open and Jeonghan pushes Joshua, where he bumps into you sending the both of you sprawling on the floor and the door slams shut yet again
  • Joshua picks himself up and helps you up 
  • and even in the dim closet you can see him blushing like crazy 
  • you’re probably no better you feel like you have a fever that won’t. go. away. Goddamnit. 
  • "Jeonghan underestimates me.” He said giving a nervous chuckle and reaching for his wand 
  • he easily unlocks the door 
  • and Jeonghan is out there bending over dying of laughter 
  • and both you and Joshua are just blushing like crazy and awkwardly standing next to each other 
  • “Did you hear everything?” Joshua says so quietly it’s almost a whisper - “yes?” You say 
  • Joshua’s eyes widen and he gives Jeonghan (who’s still laughing even harder now at the sight of the two of you) a glare 
  • Joshua points his wand at Jeonghan LIKE boi I’ll be seeing you later - Jeonghan runs away cackling down the hallway 
  • “You can just pretend it didn’t happen.” Joshua says flustered looking everywhere but your face 
  • “I’ll understand if you don’t like me ba-" 
  • "It was driving me crazy did you really not know I like you too Joshua?” Wow did I just say that, stupid stupid stupid whyyyyy you think to yourself
  • he looks up at you in surprise 
  • “Wait really? Jeonghan isn’t paying you to say that right?" 
  • "lmao no I’m going to murder Jeonghan after this." 
  • "I’d help you but he’s my best friend so…" 
  • "Do you want to maybe just get a butter beer at Hogsmeade instead?" 
  • "I’d love to." 
  • and from then on you two were known as darling couple 
  • Hogwarts’ gentleman Joshua and you 
  • basically everyone’s relationship goals 
  • and your friend groups both took responsibility for getting you two together
  • Joshua would send you little notes that were folded into cranes and bewitched to float over to your desk 
  • and everyone would sigh and think how sickeningly adorable seeing you read his message 
  • and looking at all the little hearts he had doodled during class 
  • "Joshua Hong, let me repeat the question.” The professor would say 
  • “I never usually have to ask you twice what’s wrong?" 
  • "Joshua got a girlfriend, professor." 
  • and the whole class would burst out laughing with you and Joshua blushing like crazy and his friends wolf whistling 
  • you’d walk with each other to your next class with your hand in his 
  • "Get a room Shua, no one needs to see this.” Jeonghan smirked as he walked towards the potions classroom in the dungeons - you and Joshua both just ignore him 
  • “Let’s hex his clothes again with those snakes." 
  • "Better yet, can we lock him in a broom closet?" 
  • "Deal." 
  • and you both walk into your next class, plotting Jeonghan’s imminent doom together

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A tale of two books…Outlander and Cold Mountain

This week marks 18 years since I completed treatment for non-hodgkin’s lymphoma. On May 11, 1999, I received the last of 30 radiation treatments, following several months of chemotherapy and 2 surgeries. In the fall of ’98, while in graduate school, I had symptoms I kept trying to explain away with excuses such as “every student is exhausted,” “it’s the altitude” (I was living in New Mexico), “I’ve developed an allergy,” and my most common excuse “I’m just depressed” (my Mom died 5 months before the onset of my symptoms). But lo and behold, the day of reckoning arrived, actually moved in like a severe thunderstorm, and I could no longer ignore how I felt. After an initial evaluation in Albuquerque, but before having a definitive diagnosis, I returned home to Kentucky when it seemed my situation was quite serious. Into the hospital I went for what was supposed to be an outpatient biopsy. The best laid plans of surgeons and patients do not always turn out as hoped. During the procedure to biopsy the mass in my chest, two very serious complications occurred and I wound up in the place I always said I never wanted to work - the surgical intensive care unit. A week later, after falling victim to the “more than 7 tubes” rule, ie if a person has more than 7 tubes inserted in their body they are usually quite ill, I was moved from the ICU to the cancer floor. If I was previously in denial about my diagnosis, moving to the “cancer floor” hastened my reluctant acceptance that I did indeed have an illness that fit under the cancer umbrella.

The only book I brought into the hospital with me was Cold Mountain. I had about 50 pages to read at the time of my intended 23 hour admission. Rarely does someone in the ICU have the energy or inclination to read - and for the first time in my life, I found myself having no interest in reading. Nor did I want anyone to read to me. But after getting settled in my room on the cancer floor, I finally did have a small spark of desire to read. I finished Cold Mountain with some trepidation - a part of me wanted there to be a beautiful happy ending, while the part of me that was accepting the seriousness of my illness wanted only sadness and heartache for the protagonists. At this point, I was still compartmentalizing my life. I had great clinical interest in non-hodgkin’s lymphoma, but I was approaching it from the perspective of being the health care provider rather than being the person who was now living with a disease that could lead to my death. Even my belief in the light of eternity, even my faith, provided little comfort or consolation. I found myself re-reading the sad parts of Cold Mountain. Others have suffered too, I reminded myself, and they have gone on living.

One of my sisters went to our local public library and asked for a recommendation of a novel,  historical fiction. The librarian recommended Outlander. I rolled my eyes when she came into my room with such a massive book - I did not yet have the energy to get myself out of bed - how was I going to hold a book that seemed to weigh ten pounds?  After propping the book up on pillows, I started reading and I kept going. The book was so engrossing that I read late into the night, much to the dismay of my nurses and family member or friend who were with me for the night. Initially I was afraid to be alone at night, but after I got caught up in the story, I told everyone to go home in the evening, so eager was I to read, actually to devour, Outlander.

So began my connection with the story that weaves the lives of Claire and Jamie together in a beautiful tapestry of love, sadness, joy, pain, separation, reunion…I have learned much from their story, and now with the TV series, the learning continues in new and varied ways. Grateful for the many designs of Providence active in my life, I have a lovely new circle of friends now - all of you. I celebrate the friendships formed here and look forward to new ways that the story of Claire and Jamie will inform and shape various aspects of our lives and world views. My greatest hope is for all of us to celebrate life and find things which engender gratitude in our hearts, even as there is pain and disappointment. Thanks, friends, for being here! No one else but all of us together would understand, dare I say even could understand, our connection with the Outlander saga. 

“Two of the chocolate croissants.” Y/N nods toward the pastries behind the counter, where a light is shining on them from where they rest on shelves.

Edward squints his eyes a bit to see what she’s talking about.

“Hungry, are we?”

“No,” Y/N bites her lip, humming as she explains, “one’s for my friend.” And then she gestures toward Ben, who’s still getting work done on his laptop like he always does whenever they go out. He hasn’t seemed to have noticed her interaction with Edward yet, too lost in what he’s doing to bother with it, even though Y/N knows that that’s his entire purpose in being with her, to make sure she doesn’t get into any trouble.

“Boyfriend?” Edward follows Y/N’s gaze toward the man across from an empty chair, her book left behind on the table. “Bit old, isn’t he?”

It’s kind of a weird thing to say, especially to a stranger, but Y/N doesn’t really dwell on it. She kind of likes that he’s bothering to ask about who she’s with, like he’s genuinely interested in her life, and maybe hoping that she doesn’t have a boyfriend.

Y/N shakes her head politely. “Nope, just my dad’s friend.”

or a cliche au where Harry’s the leader of a gang and kidnaps the daughter of the leader of a rival gang. 

(btw it’s explained later on, but just know that Edward = Harry)

18k+ words

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Moonie Ch. 3

Hello, lovelies! I’ve posted this on my blog, but I thought I’d put it here in case my post got lost in the ether. This community is so fun and inviting. I hope you all enjoy!

Click here for Chapter One!

Click here for Chapter Two!

It isn’t hard to get lost in the Elsewhere University Library.

One minute, you’re looking for a window seat on the second floor. The next, you discovered a staircase you hadn’t noticed before, and find yourself in a maze of unfamiliar offices and bookshelves that aren’t organized in any particular way. It’s just something about the library. The layout makes no practical sense. If you don’t stick to the well-tread paths, you wind up finding a table with a wobbly leg squeezed inside a tight maze of bookshelves.

That’s where the Librarian had sent me.

The shelves of the northwest corner on the third floor were packed so close together, I had to take my backpack off so that I could slip between them. Books filled every inch of space, forming solid walls of written knowledge. It was as if I were entering some fortress of learning, or the Temple of Doom. I began to wonder why the Librarian had recommended a spot so secluded. Were my scattered thoughts so apparent?

As I slid through the narrow opening between the shelves, my nose passed inches away from a row of books. I squinted at the unusual titles. The Thirteen Principles of Wish-making, Faire Folke and Luminous Beings, Metallurgy for Auracular Protections, Wylde Gentrye… Some of the titles weren’t even in English. Some weren’t even in any recognizable form of language. Strange symbols whirled across their antique covers. I blinked and pushed my glasses back up to the bridge of my nose. The whirling stopped.

When I set my bag down on the nondescript-green painted table, it rocked to the side, threatening to topple over. I scowled in frustration. Stupid table. Stupid library that makes no sense. Stupid librarian telling me to sit at the shitty table. I hefted my books from my bag and spread them out across the surface.

About fifteen minutes into my Calculus homework, thick raindrops pattered against the window behind me. Absently, I checked the weather app on my phone. Sunshine all week, yeah, right.

Another hour later, I was bathed in golden light as the sunset poured through the window. At least, I thought it was an hour. It couldn’t have been much more than that as I was still slaving away over my Calculus questions. They day was flying away from me. As the moon peeked out over the tops of the buildings to visit my hidden corner, my head began to feel heavy. I blinked the sleep from my eyes. Blurry numbers smeared across the pages of my notebook. I gave myself a light slap.

Leaning back, I stared at the walls of books around me. Had the Librarian sent me to the Children’s Books section? Thin, brightly colored tomes lined the shelves. I pulled myself out of my seat and strode around the table. I reached out my hand and slid a book from the stacks at random. The Good Neighbours. I fanned the thick parchment-like pages through my fingers, stopping just to examine the pictures. A tall man with horns and hooved feet carried a girl away into the woods. Men and women wore heavy rings on their fingers and on chains around their necks. Milk and bread left on plates outside of doorways. A man ran screaming from white creatures on black horses, their hounds snapped at his heels with jaws like bear-traps. It was all so horrifically familiar. My hands quivered, but I could not stop turning the pages.

It all began to make sense, in a fantasy sort of way. Fairies. Goddamn fairies were stalking the edges of the university. Whoever had taken Jenny from Lot C was not a Someone, but a Something. Frigid sweat beaded on the back of my neck at the thought of the boy with the jagged, broken smile. I wasn’t paranoid. I had been right all along.

I spent the night skimming through pamphlets and old books. I took pages of notes. There were spaces between things, where time and dimension could Fold over on itself. Things that came through these Folds were glamouredto the human eye. There were ways you could see them. You didn’t want to see them. Protection, protection, protection.

It was dangerous to make deals with the Fair Folk. They could take things you didn’t know you could give, important things. Their gifts were impossible, beautiful, and terrifying. Those who managed to make a deal were forever changed.

When I squeezed through the gap in the bookshelves and returned to my dorm room, I had somehow missed the entire weekend and was running late for Chemistry 101. My greasy hair stuck up in all directions. Dark circles sagged under my eyes.

The Librarian smiled and waved at me as I jogged out into the morning mist. “Hope you found what you were looking for!” Her thin voice rang in my ears.

For the next four days, I was possessed by an unholy desire to Know. I searched for a Fold with single-minded clarity. If I could speak to one, I could find Jenny.

The nightmares got worse. The blaring of horns and yowling dogs got louder.

Last night I woke in the small hours of morning, drenched in salty sweat, and Something was sitting on my chest. It was the size of cat, but much heavier. The space it occupied was an inconceivable black mass in the darkness. The blurry, pale glow of my laptop screen was lost in its depths. A tiny black hole rested on my chest. I squeezed my eyes shut and reached for my glasses. My fingers pawed blindly at the table until they rested on the round plastic shape of my glasses. I stuffed them onto my face.

The Thing had gone. The weight, heavy and warm, remained. I gasped for air. Panic clutched at my lungs and stomach. I grasped my chest and felt something in my hands. It was a rock the size of a baseball. A dark brown coating of rust clung to its surface. No, it wasn’t rust. As I flaked a piece off with my fingernail I stifled a scream. 

The rock was coated with dried blood.


Show Recommendations

Since a lot of my favorite series are beginning to come back for Fall, I thought I’d give you a list of some of my favorites if you’re looking for something new.

The Good Place

Why you should watch it:  It’s absolutely hilarious, the premise is pretty original (trying not to give spoilers here), and my mom will watch anything with Kristen Bell.

The Librarians

Why you should watch it: Again, very witty, charming, bookish humor in this one.  Good for fantasy lovers and classic lit fans alike. 

People of Earth

Why you should watch it: Okay, so this one recently ended, but I watched a good chunk of it in just one day so boy, is it worth your time.  It’s funny, has hot guys, and you quickly become attached to many of the diverse characters this series has to offer.

Others you might have missed:

The Night Manager - Hugh Laurie and Tom Hiddleston.  Need I say anything more?

Over the Garden Wall - The only cartoon on this list.  Perfect for October, and has Elijah Wood.

  • Read a history book about your favorite historical character
  • Read a history book about the period you haven’t been interested in
  • Read a history book about an event that took place in your country
  •  Read a history book in your target language
  • Read a history book that is somehow connected with your family’s history
  • Read a history book you’ve previously abandoned
  • Ask your teacher/advisor/librarian for history book recommendation and read it.
  • Read a book about the history of country you’d like to visit
  • Read a history book about your favorite event in the history
  • Read a poetry collection based on the historical events

Use the tag #historybookchallenge or tag me in your posts also: spread the word, message me and add on Goodreads!

Let me know if you’re interested!

Introducing the Soukoku Library’s Fic Recs! Once a month, every librarian will highlight a few fics that they personally recommend. Each recommended fic gets a review from the recommending librarian and each post will be linked on the library’s main page. Next week: Mod Rika’s Recs.

This Week - Mod Dessa 

There’s always so much amazing content being produced within the Skk Fandom and that is doubly true thanks to the recently ended Skk Week! As someone who loves reading fic I’d like to thank all the writers for blessing us with your writing! For this month, I decided to pick one rec for the following genres: fluff, angst, and smut. Enjoy!

A Quirk by underneathestars

Chuuya never knew guessing Dazai’s password would lead to all of his current dilemmas.
Rated: T - WC: 3k - Oneshot - No Major Content Warnings

Character birthdays always provide gems in terms of fandom content and this fic is no exception. Written to celebrate Chuuya’s birthday, this fic has dashes of humor, angst, and fluff. There were lines that made me legitimately laugh out loud and the premise behind the fic (and the way Chuuya handles learning about Dazai’s password) is extremely entertaining. If you’re looking for a relatively quick read that will put on a smile on your face, this one is for you.

The City Where Wind Blows by Raven_Rein

Dazai has long since known that he’d die either by his own hand or Chuuya’s.He just never thought the end would come like this.
Rated: M - WC: 26k - Complete - Major Character Death

I read this fic almost two weeks ago and I have yet to shut up about it. I’m not usually a big fan of MCD fics mostly because I cry a lot when I read them, but I absolutely have to recommend this to everyone I speak to because it is so beautifully written. The author handles the subject matter incredibly well, while reading it is obvious that a lot of care was put into a sensitive topic. The way Dazai and Chuuya’s relationship is depicted is both heatwarming and heartbreaking. Make sure to have some tissues handy if you decide to read.

Role Model by Tiramisseun

All Chuuya wanted to be is to start being the role model a vice president of the student council should be. To be fair, this is not how Chuuya expected his night would go.
Rated: E - WC: 3k - Oneshot - Explicit Sexual Content

This is hot, which is the biggest selling point for any smut fic. I really enjoy the author’s writing style and how it borders on stream of consciousness. It’s fascinating to be completely inside of Chuuya’s head as a reader and I think it helps make the smut more realistic. If you were a fan of the April Fools official art, this fic could easily take place in that verse. Overall a rather underrated fic for this fandom but also a favorite!
How to Raise a Reader
The benefits of reading at every stage of a child’s development are well documented. Happily, raising a reader is fun, rewarding and relatively easy.

While this “guide” is wonderful for parents, I am frustrated by the fact that librarians are mentioned twice and libraries only a handful more as a place to visit and a library card as a milestone.  This would have been a lovely chance for the publishing/editors and library worlds to collaborate.  Once again, the reviewers refer to the ALA’s awards as the gold standard for books, but we are a mere side note in the actual fostering of readers.  This would have been a great chance to highlight the wonderful work of school librarians and how hard we work to foster the love of reading in all of our students.  Raising readers is a community business and should be the goal of all adults in a child’s life.

Also this: When you purchase a recommended book through our site, we earn an affiliate commission. 

You’ll never find a librarian/library recommended reading list pushing books for commission no matter how good they happen to be.

ALSO ALSO- Never say research shows without backing it up with the actual research.  You are a news organization.  Provide facts and proof please.

And yes, I took the survey in the guide to tell them this as well.

anonymous asked:

I recognize that you're on the feeder side of things, but what would be your best advice for a beginner gainer?

5 Things to Keep in Mind When You’re Starting to Gain.

But first, we need to clear up something. There is no such thing as a beginning gainer–any more than there is such a thing as a beginning homosexual. I have found that gaining/encouraging is most accurately thought of as a sexuality, as a constellation of images or ideals that make your dick hard. It is not a hobby that one takes up or begins. You’re not a beginning gainer, you’re a gainer who’s beginning to gain. In fact…

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It’s September, which means it’s time for another around of the Soukoku Library’s Fic Recs! Once a month, every librarian will highlight a few fics that they personally recommend. Each recommended fic gets a review from the recommending librarian and each post will be linked on the library’s main page. Next week: Mod Dessa’s Recs.

This Week - Mod Kelly

This week I’m going to share two fics I’ve read recently that managed to drag me headfirst into the Kitsune! Dazai AU. I’m hoping they’ll trap you too and we can all drown in this AU together.

The days I spent with you… by AnonLearnsToWrite

The first time they meet, a promise is made. It’s the one promise Dazai intends to keep.

“If you’ll let me, I’ll stay with you forever.”
Rated: General - WC: 5k - Oneshot - Major Character Death

This fic hurt, but in such a good way. The beginning was so touching and domestic. I love fics that let Chuuya be an equal to Dazai, someone who can challenge him and treat him like everyone else. That dynamic was written into this AU so well. The whole fic is heartbreaking, even more so when you feel it coming. Make sure to follow it with the sequel, to help ease the pain.

In this lifetime and the next by AnonLearnsToWrite

Chuuya never realized how much his world would change when he picks up a stray animal off the streets. Does he regret it? He’s not really sure. All he knows is that his days will never be boring with a supposedly powerful kitsune hanging around. He wonders if he can even survive the insanity.

“In this lifetime and the next, I love you always.”

The fluffy sequel to “The days I spent with you…”
Rated: General - WC: 11k - Oneshot

I actually stumbled upon this fic first, and I fell in love. The writing is done so well. The characters are fleshed out and realistic. I love that it shows bumps in their relationship but also shows them forgiving each other. And Dazai. The way Dazai’s qulities show through in this AU is amazing. Despite being happy and mischevious he still has his walls up and is hiding so much pain. Watching him start to open up with Chuuya just made me feel so much becuase you can see how scared he is. The fluff and warmth in this fic makes a good compliment to the angst in the prequel and gives your emotions the change to heal.